Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dominic used the POV! Jordan replaces Adam & Dominic with Shelly and Cassi! *Updated*

12:35pm Dominic used the Power of Veto! Jordan replaces Adam and Dominic with Shelly and Cassi. Jordan has Cassi and Shelly are talking out on the backyard couches. Cassi says that if this isn’t the bone she is thrown… there will be another one. Shelly says there will definitely be more for you. Both Cassi and Shelly are crying. Meanwhile, Rachel is up in the HOH room with Jordan and Jeff. Rachel goes to the bathroom in the HOH bathroom and says thanks for letting her …she hates going to the bathroom in the downstairs one because people can hear her. As Rachel leaves the HOH room she tells Jordan and Jeff thank you for not putting me up even as a joke … because of the way she acted the other day. Downstairs in the kitchen the other house guests are making lunch and talking about random things.

12:50pm – 1:25pm Dominic comes out into the backyard and ask if he can hang out with Shelly and Cassi even though they aren’t in cool club anymore. Lawon tells Cassi that she has his word that he will take care of Shelly if Cassi goes home. Lawon says it would be great if she won. Cassi says that if she makes it to the end would make it all worthwhile. Shelly says Jordan was so upset and she felt bad for her. Shelly says that Jordan is a real sweetheart. They talk about how it’s a game, but that you meet people you bond with and it’s impossible not to take things personally. Cassi talks about how Rachel exaggerated how Cassi treated Porsche. Lawon talks about his first impressions being the best impressions even in a game. Cassi says that she won’t campaign against Shelly. Dominic tells Cassi that it’s obvious why Cassi is the target ..its because she is the strongest competitor and that she has the most ties.. Cassi talks about how she will have to hit the gym hard when she gets out. Lawon says no’re going to have to go eat a motha BLANK hamburger and a margarita.. Cassi brings up the conversation she had with Brendon this morning. Dominic asks what conversation? Cassi then tells Dominic about the confrontation she had with Brendon.
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1:35pm Cassi says that after her fight with Brendon this morning …she had before thought how is a guy like that with a girl like that.. and then she realize what Brendon is really like and knows why they are together. Cassi says that Shelly keeps encouraging her to campaign. Cassi says I don’t know why I am leaving anyways. Dominic says that you might regret it not campaigning. Cassi says that she has nothing to offer that everyone thinks she is a liar anyways. Cassi says that maybe she can force feed Rachel so that she will get a penalty nomination so that her vote won’t count.. Cassi says that maybe they should all have a little date out in the backyard. Adam asks ..a little slop date? Meanwhile, Shelly is crying all alone in the HaveNot room..

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its a shame cassi is going home…..


cassie will be back in the house,i got a feeling bb will bring her back when someone opens pandoras box r america votes for someone to come back in the house.after the keys cassie will return,just to see rachels face.

The Watcher

Yeah, this season still has plenty of eye candy left. Cassi wasn’t gonna win anything anyways, just taking up space on the couch.




OMG I cant stand her what did they see in Rachael to cast her in BB in the first place. She is butt ugly and those zits look like Herpes 2 and she is dumb as a box of rocks and that hair color what is that called homemade cuz she spends all her money on tacky outfits


Not surprised here… so it’s back to team Adam for me.

Now just watch B/R or Dom will win HOH next week put JJ up Jeff goes home and then gets voted back in due to some ‘twist’


br should have been up


My only hope is that Rachel pisses off people so much (and we know it can happen) is that people vote to keep Cassi in out of spite or if the noobs find out that Shelly backdoored them from the start, they could turn on her in an instant.


hope they do that for cassi in the next few weeks.


Can anyone else hear Jeff in a few weeks saying, “God, we were so stupid for not back dooring them when we had that chance?!?!” blah blah blah. another missed opportunity. typical on BB

Dark Horse

Yup, can hear it now. Yup so typical – smh!


I couldn’t agree with you any more! I understand why they did what the did, but they should have back doored brendon and Rachel. Theyll rrgret it.


Shit I’d(almost) pay to see the look on Jordon’s face when she realizes she literally handed Brenchel the 500k.

Brenchel are playing the same social game they played last year.,but this year the have more people on their side protecting every idiotic thing they do, they will never suffer the consequences of their actions like they did last year.

Jeff and Jordon won’t be handed a special power to save their asses from losing.

OK let me predict the rest of the season every other week Repeats will win HOH taking out the rest of the newbes then soon as it;s just them(Dani,Brenchel,JJ) left they will dominate, and everybody left in the Jury will vote Brenchel…..


Huh?!! Really?! Jordan is keeping the biggest two targets in the house besides themselves. Sadly J/J need Brenchel cos if they break them up, they’re next. You would def suck at this game mate. J/J don’t want to be aligned with B/R but they dun have a choice. Sucks to see Cassi go but trust me, B/R won’t make it close to the final 4.


Absolutely no backbone or mind. If she backdoors B/R, she gets rid of one of her strongest competitors as well as getting most of the house on their side (Dani and Por being the only wild cards). Most of the other houseguests can’t stand B/R and only deal with them because they feel that B/R are the puppetmasters (even controlling J/J… and J/J is actually proving them right).

I think my only interest in this season if (when) Cassi goes is keeping track on the boards to see if B/R, Por, Shelly (Cassi wouldn’t be going if Shelly decided not to backdoor her), J/J, L/K are going home. B/R make the show unwatchable for me.


Cassi the amazing player is out, Rachel the bitch is in.OMFG that´s shit


dumbest move jordumb and jerk made. brenchel should have went up. now that would have stirred the pot in that house up LOL
after it gets t o final 10 its gonna be singles again and a HG will be brought back that was evicted so that’ll be when brenchel will start to get nasty with everyone including jordumb and jerk then I can just hear jerk saying to jordumb “we should have back doored them when we had the chance”

Dark Horse

I realize that living in the BB house is stressful but who [aside of me] would have put either Brendon or Rachel on the block?
Wouldn’t it make sense to backdoor them now, while already having a plan to jump ship, of course.

Dark Horse

*Brendon AND Rachel*


I hope Adam wins HoH this week. He won’t bullshit around and will get the job done by putting up Brendon and Rachel. At least I hope.


I agree. I hope he wins hoh and doesn’t wimp out. as it stands i’ve stopped watching live feeds and the show until the power shifts or someone grows some balls.


Why OH Why!? This just helped Dani get a bit farther in the game. I swear, this move is going to kill J/J’s game play. I wish they would have known there is another alliance that exists.


Cassi is being evicted b/c Rachel feels threatened b/c Cass is very pretty and Rach’s face looks like plastered drywall….really?? The only reason I make fun of her appearance is because she is so hideous on the inside that I believe it’s justifiable to criticize her flaws on the outside as well.

Why is Jordan not deciding who to put on the block/evict rather than Rach deciding? Jordan is HOH, right?? And did Jordan decide who to put on block last week when Rach was HOH? No. Again, Brenchel is running the house by being bossy and emotional to control people….although no one likes them, no one has balls to stand up to them by actually playing the “game”. It’s looking less and less like a game and more and more like a pointless prime time soap. I just lost respect for Team J/J. Alliance Shmalliance, you’re not here to be bffs – you are here to be brutally ruthless to win a show on national tv.


Just wait until Rachel gets out of the house and googles Cassi’s name. Her pictures are incredible, she has been in music videos and the fact that she makes 6 figures a year modeling proves that she doesn’t need to find someone to take care of her like Brendon claimed. If Rachel wins the money, it’ll all be gone in an instant getting plastic surgery. And the fact that she even said she wanted that proves how insecure she truly is.


Anyone saying rachel is ugly is prob ugly too she’s very competitive and I love that bad move for J/J for not backdooring rachel well now let’s go brenchel backdoor j/j


guy: I think she is quite ugly and I’m not ugly at all. In fact, I am fabulously amazingly beautiful…so much so, sometimes I just stare at myself in the mirror for hours on end. I have photos of myself in various glamorous superstar poses all over my house, too. Yet Rach is still poop IMO. xoxo


Rachel is a nasty person even IF she was pretty (but she isn’t pretty, she is average at best)


I’m sure Rachel is quite pretty when she piles pounds of makeup on


Only a couple weeks in and I am about to be out on this season of big brother. This was a real chance to get that annoying Rachel out. Now I have to put up with continuing to see her? And the only female houseguest worth looking at is going home? Looks like I will need to find something else to do with my time.


Great move by JOrdan! J/J will become target number 1 if they backdoor B/R but with B/R still in the house it takes some heat off of J/J

Rachel Lover

Rae Rae rocks!!!

Dark Horse

Ummm Rachel IS Ugly, every other girl in the house is better looking than her.

Now J/J will get what they deserve, I was rooting for them now F ’em,
Now Rachel and her girlfriend Brenda will skate to the finals


its still early in the ball game
they’ll both get nom when there is ten or less ppl.

Dark Horse

we’ll see
its almost like last year tho


its not a beauty contest bye bye assie


Tell that to Rachel

Dark Horse

already knew that. Rachel’s still ugly
your still goofy??


Hate to see Cassi go! I really like her. The real question is…was Jordan HOH or Rachel…


Rachel was HOH for 2 weeks, they just gave the title to Jordan


Maybe someone finds out that Shelly has voted with the veterans, the only chance of Cassi.


That will not make a difference at all. The vets know Shellie voted for Porche to stay, and Porche is not going to vote to keep Cassie. The only ones that will be ticked (Adam, Lawon, and Dom) will not have the votes to keep her. Cassie is going home on Thursday. Hopefully, as people suspect, she will join Keith in sequestration and America will vote her back into the house.


i hope Rachel and Brendon win the next HOH and put up khalia and lawon up
lawons diary room scenes are so annoying, he trys way to hard to be funny and it always looks like he’s reading off of something

Zach J

That’s how I felt about Porsche’s diary room scenes….it seems like a lot of that talk is scripted (not just Porsche’s), which I don’t like….


Jeff & Jordan, did the right thing they kept the bigger target in the house – Rachel- her true self is coming out. She is so fake about as fake as her chest. Are we even sure she is a girl? And for someone to be such a smart guy WTF is up with Brendon? Jeff & Jordan & Shelly Final 3!!!


I’m still up in the air on her being a female or not, she resembles Boy George and Divine form pink flamingos too well, not even trying to be mean but ANY women that looks like a drag queen is not good.

last night we saw her true face for the 1st time and WOW, brendon should let her get as much surgery as she wants, she gone need that whole 500k

Dark Horse

its not a beauty contest bye bye assie

Zach J

No, but being pretty on the INSIDE could help you in the game, and being a bitch gets you a lot of heat (doesn’t matter if it’s Rachel or Cassie or whoever).

The Watcher

Right, and Cassi’s issue is, she’s just as ugly on the inside as Rachel is. I know she referred to Porsche as the C word, I believe she said the same about Rachel. And as emotional and out of control as Rachel can get, I would suspect that its really hard not to take the high road with her. I mean seriously, it shouldn’t be hard to come off as the better person than Rachel, but Cassi isn’t really doing that.

Dark Horse

I know that.
I needed to give ‘name’ the same respect that was given to me.
Beauty on the inside is key.


It doesn’t matter if Adam or whoever wins put the Brenchels or not, they will win the Veto competition and get away with it.. most likely they will win HOH again. The chance to break them was now, Jordan missed a great oportunity, she’ll be sorry…


Brendon also said that Jeff/Jordan aren’t “smart players”, because they got taken by Kevin in their season.

and Brenda got taken by the entire Brogade, What’s the difference???

brenchel are the biggest idiots, they never will accept that THEY are the only reason they had trouble i their season.


Hmmmm, Shelly crying alone? For all her shrewd BS, maybe she has some conscience.


More likely putting on a show for whoever might come in and console her ;p

The Watcher

I am with you on that. Shelly is playing the game. She might be crying because she misses her family, not because she is sad that Cassi is going home.


i think 1 of the first 4 evicted houseguests will most likely return.. the jury will be eveen if they dont bring someone else back…i think cassi coming back would be ammmazzing!


Shelly needs to be crying that back stabbing B&%#H!!! I hope B/R blows her spot up and tell every1 that SHELLY sold them all out


Agreed, but I’ll go one step further. Jordan is neither smart nor skilled, so her best bet is to keep B/R around for as long as possible. They’ll be the bigger threats, so either the house will target B/R first, or if B/R targets them J/J, J/J can flop and join the new players. Jeff will be collateral damage in getting B/R out, and Jordan will coast into final 4. I don’t like it one bit, and Jordan wasn’t — and still isn’t — smart enough to realize this is her best bet, she just normally coasts in life so she’ll probably end up doing something like this and getting a free seat in the final 4 once again.



Haters gonna hate

What was the point of that group? Regulators…hahaha. Miscalculators would be more fitting.


I have this feeling that Shelly is going to out herself.


The newbie lost control of this game, because they all throw the first HOH and turned on each other week one. Then week two the only newbie to really play for HOH was Dom. The only way the newbie end the Vets run is to rally together and win HOH. The real question is will week three be the same or different. Shelly and Kalia are the reason cassi going home. Shelly backstabbed her and Keith paranoia that flipped Kalia week one. If those key events didn’t happen Porsche would have went home 6-4. Then week two would have been 6 newbie against 4 vets playing for HOH Week 2.

Haters gonna hate

Don’t hate Rachel because she’s more popular and goes to much better parties than you. She may have her issues, but at least she’s out front in the public eye, not sitting behind a screen name and a keyboard hating on her. She’s living a life that these haters only wish they could.

Keep on hating, she’s gonna keep on living a better life than you are.


And has anyone actually seen/heard/cared about her outside the Big Brother house? For someone who’s out in the public eye, she sure isn’t known for anything except for being locked inside a house and acting like an insecure brat.


jordan’s a sweetheart! i think it’d be a good move to backdoor b/r, but they’r right it’s too soon. if they take out b/r, the one left is gonna be fuming, and also jj need b/r to win the comps. they should wait for the pairs to be over, or for a noob hoh to put them up


Consider CBS developed the ‘Twist’ concept and offered 5 repeat duo’s to come back for BB13. They got 2 confirmed and out of desperation they had to accept (cut a deal with) B/R. Brenchel could have a minimum $50k deal if they don’t win or get most popular vote. B/R need $$ for the wedding and school and would rather go back for BB13 than to be poor since BB12 got them nowhere financially. IMO


How can you so passionately want someone back in the yet can’t even spell his name correctly?


i think that this is the biggest mistake in the game, besides keeping portia. I like Cassie, she is one of the few people who seems like she wants to play the game 🙁


Wait, why is Shelly crying?!?! Everythings going perfect for her… Maybe her conscious caught up with her.