Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon says Cassi is treating Porsche like people treated Rachel last year and that’s what bothers Rachel. *Updated*

8:45am – 9:15am Brendon and Shelly are talking out in the backyard. Shelly talks about how crazy things are and how she can’t stand all the drama in the house. They talk about how the girls are the worse with drama. Brendon asks how Cassi is doing? Shelly says okay considering she’s been nominated for eviction. Shelly says that she hopes they don’t get into it all week. Brendon and Shelly talk about the talk that Cassi and Rachel had yesterday. Brendon says Cassi is treating Porsche like people treated Rachel last year and that’s what bothers Rachel, he adds that last year Rachel had to fight every single day. Brendon says that Rachel should really stay clear of that. Shelly says that Cassi told her that she hates all girls. Shelly says to start Cassi defended Rachel and Brendon. Brendon says Rachel speaks her mind and that can get her in trouble. Brendon says that Rachel is still hung up on last year. Brendon says that he tells her look it’s not like last year. Brendon says Big Brother provides follow up after the show… Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back, Shelly says that she talked to Cassi and she had said that if she is going home this week ..she is going to eat. Shelly says that she told her not to.. that she would regret it and that she doesn’t want to go out like that. They talk about Kalia and how she called in a medic during the Power of Veto competition. Brendon tells Shelly how Kalia came into the bedroom last night while they were sleeping and turns the lights on. Brendon says how do come into a room where people are sleeping and just turn the lights on, “how rude can you get?”. Shelly says that Kalia is the definition of a diva. They talk about how Kalia sleeps 11 to 12 hours a day. They wonder how she can even get anything done in her real life being so lazy. The conversation changes to talking about jobs and how Brendon got fired from a job. Adam comes out into the backyard. Big Brother wakes up the other house guests.

9:35 – 9:45am Lawon and Cassi join Brendon and Shelly out on the backyard couch. They talk about random things. Adam joins them out side. Cassi and Brendon head inside the house. Adam says that if Dominic doesn’t use the power of veto then either he is stupid. or he is on the down low. Adam says it wouldn’t make sense for him not to use it. He asks Lawon if there is anyway senario that he doesn’t use the power of veto. Lawon says he is still thinking about himself. Adam says he is 99.9% sure Dominic will use the POV. Adam says that he is scared if Dominic doesn’t use power of veto then he’s going to be evicted. Adam adds if Dominic doesn’t use the VETO he’s going to flip out and give the live feed watchers something to see.

10am Cassi and Brendon are talking in kitchen about why Cassi thinks she is going home. Cassi is talking to Brendon about last nights cause for Rachel’s getting upset. Cassie tells him that there are people telling lies in the house. Brendon tells Cassi that if she thinks she knows the truth she is wrong. Brendon tells Cassi that the the veterans know all the facts. Cassi says that she is taking the brunt of it. Brandon says that he is not one to hold on to things in the game. Brendon tells her that she can only go off of the averages of what you hear in the game, but at some point you have to trust somebody. Brendon says that it all comes down to Jordan. Cassi says she has heard the decision is coming from Rachel, Brendon says no. Cassi that she is not a liar. Cassi says that she did say that eventually they have to put up a power couple. Brendon says we are smart and we shift through all that is said. Brendon says that she would benefit from help from Dominic and they know that. Cassi says that she has accepted the fact that she is going home Thursday. Brendon says good. Cassi says she won’t campaign against Shelly. Brendon says if Rachel has gotten all the blame for Cassi going then that’s just not true. Cassi says that she swears she never said they all hate Porsche, he will see the footage. Brendon says he in the end will believe Rachel. Cassi says she is not saying she is lying she just mistook what she said. Cassi says that Rachel directed anger at her when she was only explaining things. Cassi says that she has no ill feelings towards Rachel. Cassi says that it is all recorded on tape. Cassi says that she has her suspisions on who lied. Brendon says if she is going to encourage people to put them up then it’s the same as her putting them up. Brendon tells her how deals work, and then offers to draw pictures for her to help her see the truth. Cassi tells Brendon to not act condescending to her. Brendon explaining how things are. Cassi says that she has done nothing I am ashamed of. Cassi talking to Brendon in kitchen, says she made a deal w/them and then a week later she is getting back doored.

10:10am – 10:30am Brendon goes into the candy room and tells Rachel all about the confrontation he just had with Cassi. Brendon tells Rachel that she can’t let Cassi get her mad and that she needs to be strong enough to walk away and come get him. Cassi heads out to the backyard and tells Shelly, Kalia and Lawon about her conversation with Brendon. Cassi says that at least she can leave with her integrety. Cassi says that she told him that he is backdooring her. Cassi says thank god it’s all documented. Cassi says that Brendon said that if he is wrong in the end he will apologize. Cassi says that as Brendon walked away she called him a liar. Porsche comes out and joins them on the couch listens for a bit and then leaves. Cassi says that she is ready to go now.. she just wanted to make her peace with everyone. Shelly says that this is a nut house. Porsche goes inside the house and tells Brendon all about what Cassi was saying out in the backyard about their conversation.. Brendon tells Porsche to just let it go. Porsche says that she can’t wait until this week is over. They wonder if Big Brother will give them a Twist or Luxury Competition soon.

10:30am Lawon and Kalia are out on the backyard couches talking about how catty everyone is being. Kalia says that its sad that this is the way Cassi wants to go out. Adam and Brendon join them out on the couch and they start talking about music…

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35 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon says Cassi is treating Porsche like people treated Rachel last year and that’s what bothers Rachel. *Updated*

  1. Shelly is showing her colors…saying how cassi said she hates all girls…shelly plays both sides and it is gonna catch up to her…

  2. Yeah, it’s just like last year. Week one, Rachel on the block and Brendon threw his first ally, Annie under the bus to save her. Second week, Monet gets evicted because she is pretty and won’t kiss Rachel’s ass. This year Porsche escapes eviction because she is Rachel’s mini me and Cassie will go because Rachel doesn’t like how she plays the game, which translated means “you make me look bad”. I hope Brenchel sucks at the next HOH because I want to see Rachel vulnerable, on slop and on the block. I want Brendon out before jury and I want to see Rachel melt down in a house where only Porsche likes her.

    1. Hey Chloe not sure how into last season you were but at the reunion most of the houseguest were saying Annie appeared sneaky and untrustworthy. Maybe Rachel appeared my trusting and Brendon gravitated to that- as any person would do in a houseful of strangers competiting for money. Just saying!

      1. I agree, but next to Rachel she is a babe. If Rachel had stayed in the game, even Kathy would have been a threat to her self image.

        1. Exactly Rachel knows how ugly she really is and how without make Up it’s either Boy George or Divine from Pink flamingos…. and that eats at her and she finds the littlest things about people to hide the true fact why she wants them evicted and claim that THAT is the reason it;s not about how pretty they are.

  3. Not sure who is worse, brenda or rachel? Brenda thinks he is smarter than everyone and keeps trying to remind them by telling them how SMART he is and how he is a super brain (which I haven’t seen YET – and pretty much am sick of hearing from HIM how smart HE is) Rachel – she is just a jealous skank who thinks she is soooo smart too…lol…I would be embarressed if I was them to even COME BACK from last year) – I wonder if these two have any ‘friends” in real life and I never hear either of them talk about their familys? (Did they disown them?)

    1. I was thinking the same thing today. Why doesn’t Rachel ever mention her family? I’m sure there’s a story there……

  4. if the house guests are that upset about Cassi going home, then vote Shelly out. Simple as that. Somebody has to go home in the game.

    1. sounds to me that it’s all talk. Cassie isn’t making herself look too good. I find it humorous and classless that she brags about being the better person. If you have to brag about it, you’re not.

      1. I just think the “I’m being the better person” is another one of her principles. She hasn’t grasped that it’s a game with a goal and her principles don’t apply. She probably has to act and perform on modeling in ways that she normally isn’t, for the sake of money and her career. But she’s not applying that same logic in the same way to the game. Cassi may be trying to keep an image up and doesn’t want to “come off” a certain way. The principle thing works the same way with why she doesn’t suspect Shelley like I said in a previous comment. She may think she’s ” being the better person” yet she had no problem calling Kalia a fat Oprah etc. So “it” is in there but she’s just trying to hold it in. And because she has those principles it’s going to bother her that someone like Rachel is going to get further in the game, or even Calia. It’s the, “they don’t deserve it” principle.

    2. Unless I’m missing something I agree. But it doesn’t help that Cassi is doing the “I won’t campaign against Shelley” principle. Those principles are great maybe outside the house, but she really doesn’t know anything about Shelley. It has never dawned on her that maybe it was her that voted Keith out too? That false sense of thinking you know somebody is working in Shelly’s favor in this case. Even Kristin campaigned against Hayden to a point and she was making out with him on the sidelines. There some things that I don’t like about Cassi. But overall I like her and I like that she stands up for herself, and I would love to see her stay so her very presence can antagonize Rachel, just how Rachel looked uncomfortable while playing pool last night with Cassi lol.

      1. that is exactly what I was thinking – like why wouldn’t you campaign to stay – this is BIG BROTHER, not Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, what are you doing? play the damn game! exactly, even Kristen campaigned against Hayden lolol and the fact that it’s a given that Shelly will stay reflects how weak Cassi’s social game is (not to mention strategic and competitive games)…i don’t know how old is this girl?? she seems really young or something, like she doesn’t think and is more concerned with doing the right thing to maintain an image that fits the outside world – which is good, but not in this game…..shelly and dani and playing it right

    3. Ikr. Theyre like omfg CASSI WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO HOME and I’m like are Lawon Kalia and Shelly not even in this game. Everyone is always like Lawon’s such a snake. Then evict him. But I cant stand Fatlia anymore. She’s not even playing both sides its just running to both sides and talking about them. And then she eats everythin like a Vaccum and sleeps for 23.5 hours. Jordan is so stupid she’s acting like Cassi is her only choice and she can’t evic BR, which us a gamble If she does put them up because the newbs will say anything and everything that’ll get them into the next week. I doubt that any of the newbs except for cassi will side with Jj if they do evict BR. I am not fond of rachel but if she gets evicted watch everyone be friends and the biggest fight will be between Kalia and Adam with Adam wanting bacon but Kalia just wants to consume every edible thing in the house.

    4. i bet if they told shelly that she was going home,she would have no problem campaigning against cassi. where did BB get these crybabies from this year?

      1. Yeah, I know Chessie_K, she would probably tell secret conversations they had and do whatever it took to stay. Not only would she throw her under the bus she would secretly run her over afterward. I wonder if that has to do with age and/or experience though. I mean on the outside looking (applying real life to the game) Shelly could be considered a snake. She was getting on my nerves initially because I wanted the Newbs to be aligned in the first vote. But after watching more, Shelly may be more concerned in winning the game which benefits her ,her husband and child. So she may be willing to be a “snake” in the game but may not be that way in “real life’ with people she loves. So loyalty to her own life may trump loyalty to a stranger like Cassi . Also I thought Shelly owned a business, or was in business, so she may not mind being more shrewd than Cassi ,who may even put more importance on a friendship or a connection than maybe Shelly would.

  5. I rly hope they bring back Cassi after the golden keys twist is over! Cause now it’s gonna be so boring in the house =( Maybe they will sequester all the HG that are voted out during the twist and bring one of them back *fingers crossed*

  6. I think Rachel is trying to clear out the attractive girls in case she gets evicted and Brendon gets to stay. Then he won’t have to skype he’ll have access to girls and with nothing else to do he might mess around. Once a dog always a dog. Jordon and dani doesn’t bother her because they already have guys. And I still don’t get the connection with Porche.

  7. Highlight of the season so far was watching Jordon tell Rachel about herself. And Rachel boo-hoo-ing all night.

  8. Are Jeff and Jordan ever affectionate with each other? I don’t get to watch the live feeds that often but when I do I’ve never even seen them hug. Just wondering :D

    1. Earlier on they said it was trashy to be all over each other on National TV, it’s called having some “CLASS” and respecting the viewer enough not to make them sick to their stomach.,..

      1. Thanks … I don’t personally find hugs or mild affection trashy or sickening, but at least I now know why they act more like brother and sister than a couple ;)

        Now B/R with all their sucking face and HoH sex are beyond trashy o.O

    1. Britney was funny when Rachel was in the house with all her Rachel jokes but after Rachel left Briney got boring and all she talked about was Rachel

      1. Next time Rachel wins HOH they should have a pandora’s box and surprise Rachel with a day alone with Britt and Moneet… that would make for great TV

  9. I’m betting that before it’s all said and done Cassie will have confronted everyone in the house poorly. She just needs to play it cool and not ruffle feathers, instead she getting involved with drama placing an even bigger target on her back. Dom really wanted to work with her but knows she’s on a sinking ship making Dani his only option. He will not use veto. Adams thanking her for stirring up s*** because he is unsure if he has the votes to stay if Dom doesnt use it. Kalia is hanging around Jordan so much so that she can see who will Jordan nominate if POV is used- she will spend time with Jordan until nominations are in. If her and Lawon are nominated she will be clinging to everyone’s balls to ensure her safety.

  10. As much as I can’t stand B&R, Jordan would be foolish to backdoor them at this point. She would put a huge target on her and Jeff’s back and keeping them keeps the heat off them (JJ) because the house looks at BR as more of a threat. Shelly is playing a good game so far. Everyone likes her and no one has a clue that she was one of the votes to evict Keith on the newbie side. It may come back to bite her at some point though.

    I follow Evel Dick on Twitter, and he said that Adam is extremely annoying to be around. He said he’s not a regular on the feeds because people would probably want to cancel them because he’s that annoying.

    Sofia/Oprah is probably my least favorite houseguest. WTH was up with her hair in the DR scenes on last night’s episode??? She totally looked like Sofia I(Oprah’s character) on the Color Purple.

    1. JJ has to keep BR around b/c as long as BR are there, they are a far larger annoying target and JJ is safe….or are they??? :)

  11. So glad Rachel has matured in the last year – kidding of course. She still acts lik e a 12 yr old brat and Porsche is her side kick

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