Big Brother 13 Spoilers: The houseguests have a pillow fight and Cassi may try and fight to stay in the big brother house..

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12:10am Cassi and Lawon are talking. Cassi tells Lawon that about two hours ago she decided that she was going home and that she accepts it. Lawon encourages Cassi to keep fighting to stay in the game. Cassi tells Shelly and Lawon that Rachel has been nice to her today. Shelly tells Cassi that Domininc has been hanging out with Rachel a lot lately. Cassi says that she couldn’t blame him we certainly know what happens to people that get on the wrong side of her.

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12:40am – 2am Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Adam, Dani, Dominic, Kalia, and Porsche are all in the lounge room playing and joking around. They are trying to get Shelly and Cassi to come play. The Houseguests are have a pillow fight in the lounge room. One of them knocks over a lamp and big brother tells them to stop that! The houseguests start talking about Thursdays show. They talk about how they will all say gibberish to Julie Chen when they are live. Meanwhile, Cassie and Shelly are having a smoke outside with Lawon. Shelly says that she thinks Dominic will align with Brendon and Rachel and that the vets don’t trust her. Cassi says they were so close to making it further and Shelly says she is aggravated. Shelly says that she felt like an idiot in the diary room because she was crying earlier about Cassi going home. Shelly says that she doesn’t want her kid to see her crying on TV. Meanwhile, Jordan is out in the backyard doing laundry. Cassi joins her in backyard and tells Jordan to watch out for the pillow fight in the lounger room. Cassie heads back outside. The houseguests in the lounge room are talking and joking around about random things. They start telling scary stories to each other.

2:10am Lawon and Rachel are talking. Lawon asks Rachel how she feels about the game. Rachel says that she feels she has huge target on her back right now. Lawon says that he doesn’t need to talk to her for hours. Lawon says that he knows how him and her roll since day one. Rachel says that she really wants to win HOH. Rachel says that Lawon knows she likes him. Rachel asks Lawon how he is voting. Lawon says that he doesn’t know but that he will do what they want. Rachel says that she is thinking of evicting Cassi and she thinks it will be a unanimous vote. Rachel says that she hasn’t talked to Jordan about it yet and she’ll let Lawon know.

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3am Out in the backyard, Cassi is on the couches talking to Jordan. Jordan is talking about her and Jeff moving somewhere together. Jordan talks about wanting to move to LA. Jordan says even if she moved to LA with Jeff and he got a job like Around The World, she thinks that she would be left alone a lot. Jordan says that she would feel so far away from her mom, her family and friends if she lived in LA. Cassi asks her if she has ever thought of moving to Nashville and Jordan says that Jeff doesn’t like the country music scene. Cassie says that they have a rock scene there too. Cassi and Jordan are coming into the house from the backyard. Jordan goes into the lounge room where the others are still telling scary stories. Kalia is talking about relationships now.

Jordan decides to heads upstairs to the HOH room. Jeff is in bed with the lights out. Jordan gets ready for bed and tells Jeff that she didn’t realize that he was up there sleeping. Jordan sits down on the bed next to him and he asks him what’s up? Jordan tells him that Cassi asked her if it is even worth it for her to try and campaign for votes. Jordan says she didn’t want to tell her no, and says that she told her that it isn’t over till Julie tells you it’s over. Jordan tells Jeff that if he wins HOH he should put up Lawon and Kalia and then backdoor Dominic and Adam. Jordan says that she is thinking that she should have put Shelly and Cassi up to start. Jordan say that with and then Adam and Dominic wouldn’t have been able to play in the veto and they could have put them up as replacement nominations to send Dominic home. Jeff says that he wishes he would have tried harder to win the power of veto so that they could send Dominic home. Jordan tells Jeff that he needs to win HOH so that they can back door Dominic next week. Jeff says that he is disappointed they are sending Cassi home just to give Rachel her way. Jeff says that he wonders if Brendon and Rachel are acting weird because they think Jeff and Jordan could still swing the votes to keep Cassi. Jordan says that she can’t stand playing the would you rather or the who would you rather game that they play. Jordan says that’s why she went outside with Cassi.

3:30am – 4:15am Cassi heads into the bathroom with Lawon to talk on the bench. Cassie says that she has been wrestling all day with the fine line between staying loyal to Shelly versus her fighting for her life to stay in the game. Laaon tells her that Shelly won’t take it personal if Cassi campaigns to stay. Lawon says that his advice to her is to think about how she wants to play when the couple are over. Lawon says that they only have another week of duos. Lawon talks to her about what kind of things she should say to plead her case to the vets to keep her. Lawon tells her that Shelly is not going to campaign against her. Cassi says that she is worried she will feel guilty if Shelly does leave because she campaigned against her. Lawon tells her that if she ends up leaving she’ll wish she had tried harder to stay in the house. Cassie agrees. She says that she thinks the minute she walks out the front door of the house she will regret not campaigning to stay. Cassi tells Lawon that she was trying to justify to Shelly going home because she thinks Shelly would be happy to go home. Lawon says that’s natural to try to justify your actions to yourself and of course everyone wants to stay but she is a mother and would probably be happy to go home to her daughter and husband.
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Lawon tells Cassie that tomorrow when they wake up she should go to Shelly and tell her how badly she wants to stay in the game. Lawon tells Cassi that Shelly isn’t going to be mad. Cassi and Lawon are talking about how they don’t think Shelly would mind being sent home. Lawon thinks that the most important thing she could say to the vets is that she wants to stay and compete. Lawon says that he thinks if she shows that she is willing to fight to stay that she will gain the respect of the vets. Cassi says that Kalia was the one who got her wheels moving about trying to stay because she told her that there is always a chance to stay, she would only need five votes. Cassi says that she never expected to hear that from Kalia and says that she never knew if Kalia even liked her and now she was trying to encourage her to stay. Cassi says that it’s not about the money she just wants to be here. Cassi says that she would be fine going home and going back to her life but she thinks her dad would be devastated to see her leave this early. Cassi tells Lawon that its all her parents have to be excited about right now. Cassi says that her brother is in jail. Lawon says that they only has a few more weeks as a couple and then it’s on! Lawon says that in two weeks, you’re going to say this mother BLANK is crazy! Lawon tells Cassi that if she can get through this week then they only have one more week as duos and then its game on for them. Cassie says that she just wants to get to the jury house. Lawon says that he does too. Lawon says that he wants to have a say in who wins, if he can make it to jury then he’s won. Cassie says that she can’t wait to hear his speech to the final two on finale night. Cassi says that she would take slop and cold showers for the rest of the game if she could just stay in the house. Both Cassi and Lawon head to the bedroom to go to sleep. All the other houseguests are now sleep…

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

7am – 9am Shelly awakes up has her smoke, and then has been cleaning the big brother house inside and out… Then she goes and lays out on the backyard couch. All the other houseguests are still sleeping..

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Dang. Cassi wants to stay so so so so so bad and it kills me that she’s getting sent home before a twat like Porsche. and is it just me or is porsche getting a wee bit bigger?


A wee bit? Semi instead of Pinto.


Porsche has a square ass.


I hope Cassie does not try to campaign to stay…….she has no chance of swaying people, it will be a unanimous vote (Dom and Lawon will have to vote with the majority for their own gameplay). It will just be more laughs for the likes of Rachel and Porsche if she pleads her case to people. I can only hope that the theories that Keith is being sequestered is a ray of hope that one day Cassie will be given the chance to re-enter the Big Brother house, if not, it seems as if she has a really good life in the outside world.


Cassie should try to campaign to Adam, Lawon, Dom, Dani, and Kalia. Say that keeping her would immediately split the vet couples, by making Brendon and Rachel think that Jeff and Jordan swayed the votes to keep Cassi. You can already tell they don’t necessarily trust each other, and Rachel would go ballistic and I would be willing to bet they would go after each other. Plus, with Cassi as a golden key, her vote would offset Porsche’s puppet vote that always goes with B/R. Unfortunately, Dani is the one who has no reason to accept the deal, but would be a smart move I think


Its amazing that they are not spending some of their time strategizing every possible outcome! The only was Cassie will stay is if Shelly tells people to vote to keep Cassie.


Jordan can not vote only if its tied


by “swayed” I mean that it will look as if Jeff and Jordan talked to all the other houseguests and influenced them to vote for Shelly to be evicted instead of Cassi. If all the above 5 voted to keep Cassi, final vote would be Adam, Lawon, Dom, Dani, and Kalia to keep Cassi, and Jeff, Porsche, Rachel, and Brendon to evict her. However, Rachel and Brendon would think that it was Jeff who flipped and voted to keep Cassi, not Dani


Shelly is going home because maybe jordan wants to give her the gloden key


Hell yey! I would love to see that happen! That would be one episode of big brother I would not want to miss!!!


I really feel that it was unfair from the get-go that there were “veterans” in the house to play against the “newbies”. That being said, when Dick was removed from the house I felt that the playing field was leveled somwhat. I cannot believe that the newbies did not understand that they MUST stick together and try to get the vets out. I guess that when Adam, Porsche, and Shelly were approached that they felt a little star struck and flattered that the vets would welcome them into their circle. Doesnt Porsche and Shelly realize that if the control the game with the vets that they will be low man on that totem pole once things get down to final 7 or 8? I am not sure that the vets will turn on each other until that time. I mean why would they want to rock the boat and/or create drama until then? Am I wrong about this?

chick from louisiana

Everyone seems to like Shelly, and I really don’t see people voting her out and keeping Cassi. This is all J&J’s fault for allowing Brenchel to keep running the house even when they are not HOH. Now they are gonna loose someone who definately would’ve teamed up with them because she obviously doesn’t like Rachel. They are too stupid to think that the vets are still together when clearly rachel is already securing people for her and Brendon. They will regret this later. J&J are gonna be the loners soon. They are making decisions to help the vets as a whole, when they need to be making decisions to help themselves and only themselves.


Jeff & Jordan do better as loners, if you remember season 11. Jeff needs to win a POV soon so JJ can turn into floaters, but both have won something to show that they are semi-competitors.


Can Cassi stay if she gets Dom/Adam, Kalia, Dani and Jeff to vote out Shelley. Jeff would have to come to his senses and drag Dani along
Is this still possible and not piss off Brediot and Miss MachTruck? Oh well piss them off anyway and make a game of a pitiful BB13.


I really REALLY do not think Kalia is going to vote against the vets (despite the fact that she is the one motivating Cassi to fight to stay), and I can’t see Jeff or Dani doing that either bc it doesn’t help their game to keep her, it only hurts her…Cassi made too many mistakes and I think she is just now realizing exactly what they are, too bad she didn’t come in thinking and seeing things like she does now but you live you learn


I agree with Crissy. It wouldve been BR on the block but she let the tension between rachel and her escalate instead of playing it cool and making deals.


Dani will not go along with this because she has a little crush on Dom and Cassi is in the way


Does Dani really have a crush on Dom or is she playing him for the little boy that he is??? I think the latter


I tried downloading flash player or Adobe or whatever on CBS and it still didn’t come up. Do you know anything about that?


I couldn’t vote when I tried to open it on Internet Explorer, but could when I opened it through Firefox.


Cassi just has a little devil on one side and a little angel on the other in her mind. The little angel is giving her irrational reasons not to campaign for herself. The little red devil is telling her what she really wants to do. I think she should at least try since it is a game and an opportunity many people would like to have. Shelly gave her the co ahead. She doesn’t have to throw Shelly under the bus. All she has to do is talk about the benefits of her staying. But of course I know that’s easier said than done especially since she “loves” and respects Shelly .She’s fighting her own principles that the game doesn’t care about since the game that have a God or have a moral code. It just has rules. I don’t know if any of you has ever watched the movie Exam. But it kind of reminds me of the same type of thing in the BB house.

I can’t imagine Rachel allowing Jeff and Jordan to run her vote if she was HOH. That I will say about Rachel. So J and J better hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass later because Cassi would be on their side later in the game.


I think after duos is over they are going to have America vote on who returns to the game and Cassi will have a good chance to come back


The way things have been going the past 12 hours or so, a lot of the HGs are thinking about keeping Cassi around but no one has actually mentioned it out loud. If it slips out some time within the next 36 hours or so that Shelly aligned herself with the vets on Day 3, she’s goner than gone.

Then again, I’d love to see Cassi do something like this:


Chilltown, baby!!!! Loved their DRs!!!


this scenario with Cassie is remarkable familiar…Rachel is jealous (of Kristen) and sending her home because of it. I sure hope Cassie has better luck than Kristen did last season…or if she leaves she gets the chance to return. I also hope CBS is as over Brenchel as I am.


Johnny, you are so dead on correct! The newbies were star-struck, making deals so quickly with the Vets and not thinking this through, as Dominic tried to tell them! They would’ve had the #’s and it would’ve been a great competition to watch. Now, they’re just waiting to be “eaten” by the vets and they are the low people on their totem pole to be easily picked off. People got scared too soon and jumped to the vet’s ship! The vets are also trying to appease crazy Rachel! That is ridiculous to me! Get the drama queen and her gutless man out of that house!! Jeff seems to be the only one who truly “gets” what is going on with Rachel, but doesn’t want to rock the boat yet. She’s not a fun trouble maker to watch like Dr. Will or Evel Dick – she is annoying and I have to fast forward past her, which is a shame, but I do love intelligent game-play, of which she has none, she totally runs on emotions/drama and manipulation of “her man”! I hope JJ backdoors them soon!


I do see JJ painting Brenchel soon, but I think they want to wait a bit. I disagree with them doing that. It would be best for Jorjeff to campaign to knock out Brendan first. like NEXT and then Rachel is pretty useless from there on except for social and maybe quizzes. Then Jorjeff follows Evils’ original plan of picking off floaters one-by-one. Pow! Pow! Pow! I disagree with the get rid of floaters first strategy. Keep all the useless sycophants on board like Porsche and Adam and sweep up house easily at the end.


While it is true Rachel wants Cassi out for personal reasons, she seems like a good choice to take out. After all each need to be evicted eventually. I hope Adam wins for us super fans even if he is an idiot.


Am I the only person who doesn’t get all the hatred towards Porsche? Other than being Rachel’s puppy she seems like a nice girl and everyone’s underestimating her. She won’t go all the way but somehow I see her in the top 5 if she wins a couple of comps.


Apparently the Coup d’Etat was brought back and given to Rachel this week. Everyone is talking to her like she’s still HOH, telling her they will vote how she wants and that crap. That’s why JJ should have backdoored BR, just for basically usurping their HOH.


Hey simon, make sure you keep us posted on Dani and Dom moments please. Your doing a great job!


Cassie!!!!! Of course you should campaign to stay, this is BIG BROTHER, you do have bad game play, Rachel was right, you are a snarky BLANK and you have more in common with Rachel than you might like to believe….put your big girl panties on and realize that your “partner” Shelly, is not that at all and is in another alliance and didn’t clue you in on the last vote…Get with the program. You deserve to go home.


Yeah, I know Dick won, but I found it hard to watch him sometime, sort of like Ragan last season. Dr. Will on the other hand was probably the most charismatic personality that BB ever had, but his practice is established now and his skin care line is doing well so he does’nt need BB anymore. BR are targets and they’re probably the most loathed players ever in BB history so whoever goes to final two with ether one will win. I’d like to see Dom win, but Dani is not going to go final two with him. I wish Shelly would DOR at elimination-that would be awesome!


Dr. Will was probably the best gameplayer ever.


I wish BB would do a better job of screening contestants. I’m tired of hearing these lazy bums say they don’t want to win or they only want to play long enough to get to jury. I would believe its only psychological game talk to seem less threatening if they didn’t all play so horribly.

I don’t like Rachel and Brendan at all, but I do respect the fact that they play hard in the game. Everybody else is is doing the bare minimum to squeak by so they can get in jury. Pathetic.