Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dani to Rachel: “You’ve been Strange lately whats wrong” Dom: “She’s not drinking”

10:10pm Jeff and Jordan on Hammock They are talking about Porches doing a lot of cooking around the house. Jordan says that Porsche’s been saying that she just started and she wants a cooing show. Jeff says he wants a cooking show but not really a cooking show but a show. Jordan says maybe thats why she’s “____” so much here.. “ohh my god i’m such a meanie” ( I think she said “Maybe that’s why she eats so much here” Por has been pounding it back)

10:32pm Kitchen Cassi talking to Kalia about the house and life..

10:51pm Bocci ball, Drinks and stupid stories

11:00pm Jordan, Kalia, Cassi there talking about periods, tampons, and getting rashes by leaving your tampon in too long (They really are)

11:15pm They’re all drinking it up, Jeff and Brendon are pretty close, Porsche is starting to act Drunk when asked she says “I only had 2 beers i’m not drunk”

11:19pm Kalia is talking about people in the house starting to go crazy because they haven’t “released”. Jordan thinks she should hold out on that because you’re never truly alone here. Kalia is saying she already promised her boyfriend, she thinks she can resist. Jordan adds that rachel says she was having trouble get a job because of the things that happened in the Big Brother 12 House. Kalia is saying she wishes Cassi would stay because she the only other person they can trust. Kalia is worried that someone she trusted may be going to back door her. She adds that rachel is talking to Dom and acting strange around them all. Kalia ask if she thinks people will vote out shelly? Jordan doesn’t really answer.. Kalia adds that she really wants Lawon gone but for some reason Lawon thinks he’s “good” with her. Kalia says she thinks Shelly won’t mind to go home . She says I hope I win enough for my boob job. Jordan says she’ll get them. (LOL) Kalia: “Please Jordan don’t put me up when we’re in singles” Jordan says she doesn’t need to worry. Kalia: “I swear I won’t put you guys up”

11:36pm Kitchen Dani, Jeff and Rachel Rachel just made some tea and dumped a bunch of fibre in it. Dani tells her not to drink it it’ll make her sick, “Thats why you’re so gassy”. Dani now offers Jeff her Alcohol tomorrow if he give her his alcohol the time after that. Rachel says that they will only

Dom walks in and Dani and him start ripping on Rachel for having bad gas.. Rachel: “you’re lucky he’s not offended by that”
Dani: “you’be been strange lately why’s that”
Dom: “She’s not drinking that’s why”
Rachel: “I’m not trying to be all cute and bubbly and get on people nerves”

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BREAKING NEWS! Big Brother 14 cast announced: Allison Grodner plans on filming it inside a prison and has already signed the BB9 winner who used his $500K prize money to deal drugs until he got caught and sentenced. Evil Dick considering committing a felony to get on the show. More details later.


Matt from BB9 is also in Jail


Yep, but he refuses to sign a contract until they assure him Natalie can’t enter the show by committing a crime.


here is what will happen in the coming weeks…. cassi leaves this week and shelly becomes golden key #3… with B/R, dom and adam, kalia and lawon, and Jeff playing in the “america’s opinion” HOH comp most likely B/R or Adam wins… no mater which of those 3 wins its Kalia and lawon on the block… POV comp has only J/J, B/R, Adam and Dom or Kalia and Lawon who can even play in it, so nominations stay the same unless Adam is the HOH and he wins the POV in which case I predict that B/R get back doored (only way that we dont see Lawon going home and Kalia getting Golden key)…. but most likely it is Lawon who gets golden key #4….. It then is announced that everyone is now playing solo and all golden key holders are back competing…. for the top ten HOH comp I predict an endurance comp which sees Dani winning and that is when things get fuzzy…. however I predict that after the house goes solo and the couples are split that a pandoras box comes into play and one former houseguest is brought back by Americas choice but i see this after the 10th person is evicted and they do it big brother 9 style like James and the house votes to chose between bringing back mystery HG or 10th person evicted!

To sum it up…
-cassi evicted
-B/R or Adam win HOH
-Kalia and Lawon Nominated (by B/R or adam)
-Lawon goes home (unless Adam is HOH and wins POV then brenchel gets back doored)
-couples get split and golden key holders are back in
-Dani wins an endurance HOH
-after 10th HG is evicted the house chooses between bringing back mystery HG or 10th evicted


*****Kalia gets golden key #4*****


Dani, Dom, shelly or Dani, Adam, jordan…. not sure really, its still very early considering really only one person has been evicted so far


and with the way the game looks now i know its weird to not see Brendon or Rachel in anyones top 3 guess I think that at some point (in 2-3 weeks) one of them will be booted and the other will be left pissed off at their alliance and will soon fallow out right behind the other


For some reason, I do not think that Adam would put up Lawon and Kalia. I think he would put up Rachel and Brendon. He agreed with Dom yesterday that he would put the last pair of newbies up, but I can’t help but think that was just lip service. If he does put K and L up, he’s an idiot.


If this is going to become the Rachel show you have lost a viewer. No one liked Rachel the first time and ditto this time. Boring!!


Honestly, I think Rachel is the most grating and insufferable woman I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing in my life. Brendon has lost anyone with a brain’s respect because he tolerates and encourages it.

Anthony Tarantino JR

shouldThis season sucks whom ever thought of this stupid idea of bring back those losers should be fired, CBS, this is the worst one out of all the past ones. Nothing exciting because we know all about ms Rachet and her gay boyfriend. This season just Burn the house down and save money and Do it right next time. Fire the writer , producer director. My Cuz could do a hella better job, time For Julie Chu [sorry Chan Cho VUe Chue Chen there all the same]