Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Shelly’s Got Game: “As soon as we get to Single Fu**ing Cutthroat BABY”

8-9 HOH Jordan and cassi Jordan are having a close conversation about family, country music, boyfriends . Rachel goes in around 8:30 to hang out with them. The mood becomes awkward but everyone is nice to each other. rachel leaves and Jordan and Cassi get back to their previous conversation. Cassi sits on the bed with Jordan and they chat it up like friends. Around 9:30ish Rachel comes back up and they decide to leave the HOH Cassi heads to the kitchen to chill with Shelly and Rachel goes with Jrodan to the hot tub. Jordan asks Rachel if she’s done something different.. Rachel says yeah she put makeup on thanks.. Jordan ohh I knew something was different.

9:34pm Kitchen Shelly and Cassi Shelly asks her how it’s been. Cassi says she’s been hanging out with Jordan upstairs. Shelly: “Kalia was doing the dishes and then she stopped at the greasy dishes.. She’s so lazy piece of crap” Cassi: “Where is she” Shelly: “Oh I dunno sleeping probably”
Shelly: “We got our pony lets just ride it.. as soon as we get to singles BLANK cut throat baby”
Shelly tells her not to get caught up in the hoopla, just get out of rachel’s and Por way until we get to single. Shelly says she thinks
Shelly says she know lawon flipped the vote she’s talked to Adam and she believes him, “he’s Shady.. He repeats everything 15 times saying i’m going to play it my way i’m honest.. This means he’s got somehtign going on”
Shelly says that JJ told Adam that he’s safe this week as long as he doesn’t put up any of them until final 10.
Cassi “so dom’s gong home”
Shelly: “unless he gets the POV ”
Shelly asks about Dom if he’s doing alright. Cassi thinks he’s fine a little down though. Shelly says she was worried about him playing this game because he has that thing for Cassi.
Cassi says it’s amazing how fast the newbs crumbled Bravo to the repeats they did it in 2 weeks.
Shelly: “their experience is what held the together”
Cassi: “yeah they had that one person that they could trust”
Shelly thinks the reason why JJ told him Lawon isn’t honest is because they had made adel with him to vote out Keith. Cassi says she feels bad about how she treated Adam these last few days.
Shelly asks her if they’ve been saying anything about her to Cassi, Cassi says no.
Shelly: “I just don’t want us to get played.. they told me they want to take us to final 4”
Cassi: “Really”
Shelly: “Yes this morning”
Shelly says she can stand porsche and rachel there so insecure and disgusting they are mini me of each other and Porsche’s latched onto rachel “BLUGHS” (Shelly pretends to puke)
Cassi points out that Dani makes fun of rachel to her face.. Shelly knows, warns cassi so stay out of Rachel and Porsche’s Drama.

Cassi  Big Brother 13

10:13pm Backyard Couch Hottub etc All 4 cams general chit chat

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OK I want to go on record and say that if Jordan wins BB13, I will never watch another season of this show. I’m not just saying this because she’s HOH, I actually said it — and feared it — while watching the first half of Tuesday’s episode where Shelly makes a connection with her and Jeff. Her position in the house is phenomenal, and I’d be shocked if she doesn’t make it final 4. Why? Because she’s a pathetic floater, and doesn’t deserve to win. She will make it to halfway through the season, and then for maybe the first time ever, we’ll see a floater duo (Jordan and Shelly) and Shelly’s mom hormones will kick in and shoot herself in the foot, so that means Jordan will progress, and when she’s all alone she’ll jump from alliance to alliances as a swing vote that can be bought on lies. She’ll be brought to the final 4 because she’s not a threat, and then if she happens to win one important end competition she will make it to final 2 again, and then because the jury picks she’d most likely win again just because it would be cool to say someone won the game twice. She’s worse than Kathy, because Kathy didn’t have a male carry her dead weight every week. In that aspect, I’d much rather root for Rachel over Jordan; at least she tries. If floating has truly become the best strategy in Big Brother, then BB14 won’t be worth watching. The same goes for Survivor. This is an era of BB I don’t like.


Jordan’s strategy is clear – be charming and good looking. Does having Jeff in the game benefit her? Hell yea, but the same could be said for Rachel. Jordan is smart by staying out of drama and be likable, that’s why Jury members vote for her…if you think about it, its the smartest way for her to play the game.


Ummmmm………………………stop hatin on jordan she did good in hoh comp ,


I don’t agree with your prediction at all. I strongly doubt Jordan would get jury votes just because “it would br cool to say someone won twice”


Let’s go through all of the incorrect points you made. Others are floating? Agreed. Why am I convinced there’s a difference? because B/Rachel will target other floaters, as will Jeff, while Jordan gets diplomatic immunity for floating. Which leads to: “Jordan has made strategic alliances” — false. She didn’t make the alliance; Jeff did. And that’s not even meant to steal the credit from Jordan. All the veterans teaming up is hardly an advanced strategy. There’s nothing to be proud of there. It’s like applauding Americans for righting wars with other Americans . . . um duh . . of course they fight together, that’s not something that’s clever. “She won HOH” — even you agree the contest was thrown by 2 other strong competitors. Sure, she beat half the house fair and square, but let’s not forget even SHE was surprised she won, and admitted that it’s practically the first time she’s won anything. Then you go on to admit she won because she clung onto the man who carried her to the end. Again, that’s support for my argument, so asking “who gives a flying ass?” is a stupid question. Obviously I do, because she didn’t deserve to win. Then you go on to say Jeff is more dominant and intuitive, and has a better understanding of this game. Again, you are supporting my argument; you don’t have good logic, do you?

Then you finally get to the crux of it, which I already stated up front because I don’t deny: whatever wins the game, wins the game. So it’s reflective of the game itself. If being a floater is the best strategy for winning, then that’s a bad design for a TV show. That means actually TRYING to win the game, is a bad strategy. Yes, there will be attrition in any season, and the strongest and wisest rarely ever win, but my point is that it should be a special ratio/balance. Someone who is strong in some areas, and weak in others, but takes advantage of opportunities and takes a risk when they need to. Not being a 100% floater all season and randomly winning 1-2 competitions and having that justify you being worthy of 500k.

As for the other HGs, I don’t like too many of them, but I disagree with you on a few things, but I’m curious if you’ve actually seen the TV episodes? You say the regulators haven’t done crap, but think Jordan has? They, um, made an alliance. Jordan hasn’t; she just went along with Jeff like usual. Did the Regulators fail? Yep, they did. But they at least TRIED. They’re playing the game, and failing. Jordan isn’t even playing. Do you really think someone who doesn’t play is the person who deserves to win? As for Porsche, she proved that she made the wiser choice; her plan bested the Regulators. Now her and Dani are safe for many weeks, which leads to your words on Dani: you’re wrong. If you watched the TV episode, you would know her strategy is now to become good friends with everyone equally so that her options are open. This is actually a great strategy this season since you CAN make tons of friends/alliances without the house entirely turning on you for making alliances with too many people. She can actually experiment with her strategy for several weeks, so I’m eager to see how it works out for her. Also, please don’t forget she IS an amazing competitor. She dominated in her season.

Lastly, I’m not disappointed in anyone’s dominance. I said I was disappointed in Jordan. The season is young, and anyone can still win it. My point is that I don’t foresee any chain of events that will get Jordan out of the house before final 4. Whereas that would normally just be a floater, she’s a power floater because the second she IS a target, Jeff falls on the blade for her. She can, has, and will once again, use him as a shield that propels her into the finals. That means her entire strategy can be defined as “stand on the shoulders of a better player, and have him throw me into the finals and hope I’m lucky enough to win one competition after a season of doing nothing.” And hey, if she wins a few competitions this year, I’ll not only admit I was wrong, but I’ll be happy to finally see her actually try. But I don’t think she’ll prove me wrong. No one should ever be able to win any show for doing practically nothing while everyone else tried really hard, and that’s exactly what happened when she won her season. Including every season of Big Brother and Survivor, only one season has ever been more pathetic in its outcome. Jordan is one of the most undeserving winners in TV history, and I’ve used literally a page of logic to make my point. Feel free to stop using examples that help my side, and finally start using some logic of your own. if you do though, please keep in mind that just because you like someone doesn’t mean they deserve to win or lose a game. You’re entitled to root for whomever you like, but if you’re going to debate, then please actually use logic instead of childish rebuttals.

Big Brother fan:)

You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…I love Jeff and Jordan And Brendon and Rachel There my favorites this season Jordan is going to win again.And Big Brother is way diffrent than Survivor.In Big Brother they live in a house in Survivor they live on land outside.But the only thing that is true is they both have comp. where they win.But I got to say your WRONG:)


lolz u just ripped him………..


Thinks QAZ is most excellent in my book. I agree.

I think peoples opinion on floaters and what makes a floater is a little twisted and incorrect.

You must be a floater if –

your alliance keeps you safe throughout the game.
you do nothing all summer and win a game out of dumb luck
you annoy the BLANK out of people and that is your only form of game play

You are not a floater if you win competitions, HOH, POV etc.


Tanner, you misread my comment: “If floating has truly become the best strategy in Big Brother, then BB14 won’t be worth watching. The same goes for Survivor. This is an era of BB I don’t like.” I didn’t say “that floaters always win and is the best strategy”, I said that it looks like it has become the predominant strategy in recent years. The ideal strategy in the current way the game is played. So I think you just misread my text. They keep casting more and more clashing and conflicting personalities so that fights break out faster and stronger than in earlier seasons, which means floaters get the advantage by laying low. Using your own season by season analysis — which was pretty damn good — let’s take a look at what I’m talking about:

Season 8. Dick had MASSIVE help from twists and production interference, but even then, no, not a floater at all. Not even close.
Season 9. Yes, floater. To be more specific, the “fun floater” who is not only “not a threat”, but also fun to keep around for the jokes.
Season 10. Not a floater, but a spinoff of the floater: swing vote. By having the house blow up on him early on, he embraced the “there’s no way I can win, so keep me around” card, and once that didn’t work he was able to be the swing vote for whichever side needed him. So he eventually did use floating. Honestly, I’m OKAY with that. His original strategy blew up, so he adapted. That’s far, far better than just being a floater 100% of the time no matter what the circumstances.
Season 11. She floated, then she sacrificed Jeff to shield her and propel her into the finals. It’s INCREDIBLY chivalrous and Disney-rific, but you don’t deserve the prize when your partner did everything except the last step. She hadn’t been throwing competitions, she wasn’t floating by choice; she’s just like that. I saw a few episodes of them on the Amazing Race and I can’t even tell if she was being normal or CBS was paying her to be extra ditzy/weak/pathetic/useless for the ratings. Jeff literally dragged her across the ground in one challenge. She was really pissed at herself because of how much she let him down.
Season 12. Not so fast. Good alliance, some bold moves early on, and definitely capable of winning when he wanted to, but still a hybrid floater. Once the alliance was established, Matt did most of the work, the other dude was playing Britney, Enzo was being a total floater, and Hayden laid pretty low most weeks. Not a floater by nature, but since he did it to adapt some weeks (wanted Matt to have the blood on his hands, etc), I’m okay with that, but floating is still floating. And let’s not forget who he sat next to: Enzo, a huge floater. So a hybrid floater beat a floater.

Side support: Until very recently, floaters have been seeing great success in Survivor due to bitter juries.

So again, I only said floaters were a rising strategy in the recent era of BB, and that I don’t like that, because you shouldn’t be rewarded for not trying. I get how it can be vital some weeks, and for people like Dan it’s sometimes necessary just to survive, but Jordan doesn’t float to survive, she does it because that’s all she can do.

@Rastin: No, he/she did not rip me. Did you misread my comment, too?


Dude respond to my big comment, but I know you just can’t. so you chose to ignore it lik an ignorant donkey.

Lennon's Ghost

QAZ – Did you break into Allison Grodner’s private magic mushroom stash and eat them all?


I gotta agree with Rastin. Jordan may not be the best tactician, but she is a good strategist. Get the powers that be (the Jury House) to love you and you get to win the final blow if you make it that far. Say, what if it were the unlikely duo of Jordan v. Porsche at the final 2? Ha! That one’s in the bag, unless production gives Porsche a lobotomy in the next few weeks. Even more likely, Rachel v. Jordan. Knowing Rachel as we do, she’s seriously going to piss off a slew of people before the finale, so Jordan would likely win in this instance. I can’t blame the girl for milking her natural geniality as a selling point. Now, if Evil were still in the game, that would be a totally different story, because that guy has less scruples than any of the rest of the house. The dude must have a heavliy dog-eared copy of Sun-Tzu’s “Ancient Art of War ” in his back pocket. He won strategy in Season 8 because he ALWAYS thought 3 steps ahead. Not too many steps, but not too few (unless he got thrown for a loop, then he reacted as best he could). He’d recognize that Jordan is capable of and would be certain to knock her out before Final two. He would know that he couldn’t win over the Jury against her. She isn’t a milksop like Zack.


yeah, she floated through bb11, but she definitely had the best social game. probably the best social game ever, because everybody loved her (except lydia who was crazy). but i don’t think we should be accusing anyone of floating YET, cuz it’s only week 2. only 2 people have won the hoh right now.


Ummmm-What was the last comp Jeff won?? Right, I don’t remember either. All this talk about her riding his coat tails would be fine if he was a strong player, but he is not! Not a big Jordan fan, but give her credit. Even Dani wishes she had the type of social game Jordan does. As you know those with the best social game stand a better chance of advancing far in all of these shows. Who wants to live with assholes? I think Jordan is smarter than you give her credit for. She definitely deserved the money over Pig Pen and the ultimate floater, Kevin!! Neither of them won a damned thing. Pig Pen did not win one comp and Kevin only won one when nobody else was in the house and still couldn’t win the money as he lost the most important comp to take him to the end thus leaving his fate in Jordan’s hands. Floating is fine as long as one wins when it counts and doesn’t rock the boat in the house. There is something to be said for playing a good socials game. See Sandra Diaz Twine.


I think you drank abit too much HATERADE. Seriously, Jordon is the sweetest and deserved that win


Being sweet means you deserve to win? Does being sexy make you deserve to win, too? Being tall? Being born on a Monday? If your parents were on Big Brother, would they “deserve” to win just because they were your parents? Less emotions and more logic, please. No one “deserves” to win or lose just because others like or dislike them. If you actually harbor that mentality in real life, then you’re mentally flawed and harming our species’ reputation.



People seldom read through a comment, especially if it has more than 2 sentences, UNLESS, of course, itd their own comment!. Next time post a video using handpuppets, some mean graphics and maybe some half-naked ladies (maybe AG will volunteer) in order to get your point across.

I agree whiole-heartedly with what your saying! The person most deserving to win any competition is the one who worked the hardest to achieve the win! I know a lot of times I’ve based my decision of who should win based entirely on an emotional/physical reaction to the player. I was for JJ on BB11. Seeing what an A+HOLE Jeff really is in this season, looking back, I realize that my decision was based on both emotions and attraction. Natalie should have won because she “played” the game and everyone in the house “hard”. It likes saying the teams with the prettiest uniforms should wiin, or who have the nicest, best looking guys/girls – regardless of how they played! If “floaters” or people who done gib=ve ittheir all are rewarded instead of those who truly played the game, then what king of message is that sending out! Certainly not right one!



Agreed about long posts


I for one would appreciate a described video from QAZ. porn or otherwise.


You’d be surprised how far being simply tall and good looking will get you.


Jordan won because she is sweet and honest and everyone like her. She hides Behring stronger players and lets them do the dirty work so she always seems sweet and innocent. That is as much of a strategy as lying and sneaking around and playing both sides. Her strategy obviously worked because it won her $500,000 and she didn’t have to stab people in the back to do it. She deserved to win that season.




Being sweet does not necessarily mean she deserved to win but being a likeable person got her the jury votes she needed to win


What? Lol. What are you smoking?


Brendon looks like he’s having more and more fun without Rachel, she doesn’t seem happy about that


Brendon looks like he is getting closer to Dani. I have seen him do more flirting with her than with Rachel… Yeah, him and Rachel got it on in the HOH, but other than that, all he does is criticize how she walks around calling him pet names and telling her to stay in her room while he goes and talks game. I mean, if she even says hi to someone, he pulls her off to the side and asks her why. I really think that if Rachel gets the boot before Brendon, that Brendon may get a little too close to Dani. But really, the only reason for that would be that Dani wanted to get ahead in the game.


QAZ I love you. Thanks for proving a valid point. It’s hard to prove a valid point to narrow minded people like some of the commentors on this bored.


Agree. Some of the people who post are worse than (dare I say it?) Rachel sometimes.


All you say is that you agree but you dont state why we are wrong? your just following and equating us to another human being whom you believe is bad. its pathetic. ur username demonstrates your immaturity and ur lack of some conscience


I dont believe I mentioned names. I meant it generally. I didnt know we were not allowed to agree with others without justified reason and an argument? My username is meant to be playful and in no sense is anything literal. But thanks for trying to make me sound like an idiot. I think all you really did is make yourself look like a pompous ass.


Wow…that’s pretty rude and uncalled for…it is just a difference of opinion…that doesn’t make anyone from either side “narrow-minded”. And QAZ did make good points. I just like Jordan’s personality. I really want to see Dani win this season anyways! Go Dani!


Jordan is a nice person which is why it doesn’t bother me at all if she wins but come on the girl is just dumb and has no skills. Jeff has to pretty much outline each move in the house for her and now he’s been reduced to monitoring what she says to people. It feels like Jeff is playing two spots in the house. The difference with B/R is that Rachel is actually a good competitor and has better instincts than Brendon (though she may be starting to doubt herself bc he is so abusive). It serves her better not to listen to him. So I don’t know if Jordan is floating bc I don’t even if she is playing. For that reason, I would rather Rachel win.

and i know this is off-topic but am I the only one who doesn’t think Jordan is that pretty. She has the weirdest body shape.


I wish the newbs (and by newbs, I mean Dom, Cassi, and Lawon) would just confront Adam and ask him who he voted to evict; give him the opportunity to defend himself and prove he’s been telling the truth. If that were to happen, all Adam would have to say is, “I voted to evict Porsche. I even told her myself. Go ask her. Why would I tell her that if it wasn’t true?” I don’t see any reason why Porsche would deny that Adam revealed his vote to her, so, if the newbs did that, then they’d finally – and definitively – be able to scratch Adam off their suspicion list and move on to Shelly. But, it seems they aren’t even smart enough to do that…


Commentdom or adam win pov put br up send rachel home let the shit hit the fan

Monika Wu

Shelly is the real Mastermind in the house. She will win. Watch. I do like Jeff and Jordan and Brendan and Rachel. I wish Dick was still in it…but for now I am rooting for Shelly.


Wow! Very strong and much thought out opinions for a TV show! Let’s see, if I were on the show what would I do? I would take an interest in all the HGs and get to know them. People do love to talk about themselves. When people are comfortable they then become vulnerable and open to your ideas/ strategies, etc. The second thing is I would “try” at all the competitions, but try to stay out of the top third, be kind of in the middle. Reasoning is I wouldn’t be considered a “threat”, and hopefully not a “floater”, cause it looks like I’m “trying”. Third, after evaluating the HGs, (remember, I’ve worked on getting to know them), I’d surround myself with those players that bring out the best in me, and where I bring out the best in them. These things I would call “best” would be physical endurance, good observations, good with puzzles, someone “fun” to be around, ability to “read” others, etc.
Since all of this particular strategy is dependent on ALL the HGs bringing something to the table I’d have to monitor and adjust my gameplay accordingly nonstop. It’s all about perception, and I have to work very hard at it. It is, after all, more of a “social” game cause that’s 24/7.
Pull for whatever strategy you like and condemn others who don’t agree with you if that’s what you want to do.