Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam predicts an alliance split Jeff/Jordan Vs Rachel/Brendon, Adam Screams out “BROGADE”

brendon Villegas Big Brother 13

7:45pm Brendon and Dani Dani is complaining that the golden key is a stupid twist, Brendon agrees he wishes he was playing against all All Stars. Dani laughs tells him that then she would be playing with all her friends and Brendon would be all alone. Brendon laughs says it would be just like last year. Both of them are having are laughing away very much enjoying each others company. Dani is mad that she has the golden key because all there is for her to do is site around. She also is pissed that most of the people in the house are playing for jury. Brendon: “Of course they do” Both of them don’t want to play with players like that. Brendon tells her she needs to get stuck in with the other players and learn what is going in with them he was hoping Rachel would do that but she’s not she’s sticking with POrsche and unraveling his social game. Dani continue about the golden key saying that because of this twist you are building all the wrong relationships. Brendon: “Yeah it’s like we’re playing 2 games”

jordan lloyds Big Brother 13

8:00pm HOH Jordan and cassi Cassi is telling her that after the food comp Shelly said that Rachel and Brendon are so good in competitions, they are phenoms. After Rachel heard her ways that she told them that they actually “had to stop for awhile” Shelly replied: “Ohh now don’t make me feel bad” Rachel answered that no we did myka (The guy from production that helps with comp) had to adjust our suits. Jordan: “Yeah… I just think maybe they are super competitive and like to win”. Jordan says she doesn’t really want to hang out with the people downstairs lately. She adds that she’s worried they will think she a outcast. Cassi hasn’t felt like that in awhile she’s sure everyone is talking BLANK about her anyways. Jordan doesn’t think so, Jordan thinks everything is going to calm down soon. Jordan proceeds to go into the reason why she put Dom up and cassi says she understands. Jordan says she feels bad for putting Dom up but she relly doesn’t trust him. They proceed to talk about country music for 20 minutes.

8:15pm Porsche working out

8:40pm Storage Room Kalia and Rachel Cassi bashing time.. Kalia says that she’s been upstairs all day and that is exactly what she said pissed her off about POrsche. Rachel agrees says that Cassi was the one telling everyone that Por was following me around. Rachel: “Cassi is so much trouble… so much trouble” Kalia: “I know.. She a person you have to get out early on” Kalia: “I’ve been telling everyone upstairs you should put Cassi and Shelly up you everyone wants Shelly here she cleans the BLANK house.. Dom is so much more pliable if Cassi is gone” Rachel agrees and that is what he was telling Jeff but they disagreed. Kalia: “they really thing Dom is the head of the dragon he’s really not he’s a idiot” They leave the room.

Adam Big Brother 13

8:50pm Backyard Couch Adam and Shelly Adam tells her that the BLANK between Cassi and POrsche is getting bigger and bigger and it’s going to blow. Shelly tells him that he’s fine this week but don’t act like you’re too fine. Adam knows what he has to do.

Adam says what will happen when one of us wins HOH further down the line and put Rachel and jordan up then brendon and JEff will go to war (BB gods let Adam win a HOH in AUGUST) adam doesn’t think this year has started off too big he doesn’t see much good TV but once the couples start fighting it’s going to be massive. Shelly doesn’t think the couples will fight she can’t see Jeff and Jordan breaking up. Adam corrects her when JJ and BR start to fight. Shelly: “Ohhh yeah” Adam explains last year what happened was it started off huge then died off fast but this year it’s starting off slow but it’ll get huge. He continues that once the Brogade was in near the end they jsut took everyone out “BROGADE” jeff walks out to join them

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Lennon's Ghost

Yo! Final 5 – Team JJ, Shelly, Adam, Dani

Day Yum Yum

Shelley has MAD game and “the Creature” Adam has NO game! We won’t need to worry about the Creature winning a comp in August as he won’t be around that long. Every aspect of his game sucks!


Kalia looks like Oprah


you get a car


But almost attractive. lol


I’m sure Rachel wants Cassie out for all the wrong reasons, but it is in the best interest for Cassie to go for the repeats. Dom thinks he’s through, while Cassie is as confident as ever.

Plus, I can’t stand her. She thinks she stands above the rest morally and game wise. She is playing this game hard, but too many times I have seen her alliance talk game right in front of the repeats, I don’t remember if it was her in particuler though.


It would be genius of Dom and Cass to go up together to Jeff and Jordon and propose a secret side alliance with the four of them. J and J know that once it gets to top 10 that Rachel and Brendon are huge competitors and they will need someone to take them out. Dom and Cass can do the dirty work for them and would also be votes for J and J if they’re ever up on the block and furthermore they would never nominate J and J. It seems like Dom and Cass’s only choice of staying in the game together and it would be incredibly beneficial to Jeff and Jordon as well. Its a shame that none of them have thought of it.


I sooo hate Kalia… I really wish she would quit running her mouth! Well, hate is a strong word… I have a strongly dislike Kalia… I hope they get her outta there & SOON!!!