Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachels Fake Boob Alliance and Brendon: “I just hope by the end of the season Jordan can remember my name”

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5:20pm HOH Dani, Brendon and Rachel Dani says that Jeff poop a lots here he’s gone like 6 times. Rachel brings up the conversation she had with Porsche when she said she’s positive she has the votes. Dani asks if she was cocky about it. Rachel says she was. Rachel: “Have you noticed she is trying really hard to be our friend” Dani: “Well yeah what was last night all about” Dani then says she doesn’t like how Porsche acts like a know it all (LOL this is coming from miss know it all her self). Brendon comes in from the HOH washroom. Dani: “That was quick was it already poking out? .. i didn’t hear you wipe. ” (apparently brendon had a quick poo). They tell him about POrsche being cocky about having the votes. Brendon: “I’ll break her down to china town”. Dani says she really like Porsche but she’s gotta go. Brendon brings up about Porsche saying her dad would get mad at her if she dated a black dude.. he mentions that Porsche said he was from Detroit.

Dani asks Rachel if she is in a fake boob alliance. rachel giggles, somewhere Keith is brought up and Rachel calls him a reality TV BLANK because he’s been in 2 reality shows. dani: “Wait what about you two”. Brendon starts bashing Cassi, he says her conversation outside with her was painful she keeps dropping names of singers she knowsand places she use to live in. (LOL coming from brendon this is classic) Brendon says that Cassi is probably rich because teenage models can make a lot of money. Dani isn’t sure about that. Brendon says he’s just going around talking to people trying to figure out if their stories are straight. He doesn’t think Cassi’s modelling story is correct, she told them she quit at 17 but then later today she told him 18/19… Feeds cut

Rachel: “I was a virgin until I met Brendon” dani: “Yeah right”. Dani is shocked that Kalia says she only had sex with 10 guys.. Brendon: “She always talks about sex, She’s looking at a pita pocket and she thinks of sex” They can’t understand why she would lie about her sex partners seeing as she talks about sex 24/7. feeds cut.. when they come back Rachel: “maybe she is a model and just doesn’t want people to hate her guts” Dani: “People think Models are stupid and good for nothing.. I think Adam is a model”. they all agree that Dom and cassi are working together big time. Rachel and Dani are positive that Lawon will not vote for Keith to stay .. Brendon isn’t so sure. Dani and Rachel are sure. Brendon: “I just hope by the end of the season Jordan can remember my name”… dani:”ohhh “.. Feeds cut

Jordan enters.. they start talking about Adam, the girls think adam and Dom are an alliance. Brendon doesn’t think so Brendon: “If Adam is even a remotely intelligent player he knows he’s not our target for a long time” dani: “I think you guys are giving adam too much credit he’s talking game with Dom all the time” . They all agree that Dom, Cassi and Adam cannot win HO next week. Rachel says Kalia is a super floater and will not even try to win any comps. Dani thinks they should get her scared and make her think the other side is going to put her up so then she fights for the HOH. Jordan is super worried that DOM is going to win the HOH and put her and jeff up.

Brendon tells them they need to study for comps, he points out that last year that’s all him and rachel did. (and we all saw how that turned out) They start going through all the comps from BB11 and BB12 Rachel thinks next HOH is the Eliminator comp….

They start talking about the possibility that cassi and Dom get the votes to keep Keith. dani counts the votes “Jeff, Jordan, Lawon, Dani, Brendon, Kalia and Shelly”. Brendon :” I promise you all those people down there are chicken shit once they find out we have the votes it’ll 10 votes to evict Keith”. Brendon: “they will not get shelly to flip shelly is solid Dick was smart to plant that seed in her head”….”Shelly wants to get the hell away from cassi” (In brendon’s world they run the house and the vets are going to final 5) They all seem convince that it’s elimination. Jordan says it’ll be nice if it all 4 of them left and they just through the HOH to them. Dani Leaves… They keep rehashing past BB comps. .. Jordan brings up how boring the live feeds are (LOL when you lot are on the show it is πŸ˜‰ ) they all can’t believe people watch the feeds .

Brendon and Rachel are only worried about Adam and Dom and even they aren’t much of a threat to them. They tell Jordan that they are basically the best players in the house right now (6:08 Cam 2 July 10th listen for yourself) . Brendon says that he’s physically better than Adam and DOM and Rachel is better in the mental then all of them.. (Brendon and rachel are so sure they have this game in the bag.. Jordan isn’t she’s not as optimistic)

6:00pm Fortune Room Lawon and Dani Lawon is saying he’s done with Keith he wants nothing to do with him. There’s no way he’ll be voting to keep Keith after what he did.. he doesn’t play he said she said.. Lawon:” I’m glad the older folks are here like Kalia, adam and Shelly cause i feel like this is high school” Dani: “Yeah totally” Lawon: “good so i’m not tripping” Dani: “No not one bit” He says he usually listens to his gut and his initial feeling was wrong about Keith. Dani understands thats happened to her before. They hug it out and leave the room.

6:15pm Backyard most the houseguests They are all talking about which CD’s they requested for their HOH baskets.

6:40pm Houseguests laying around or working out

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dom or cassie will win hoh, jordan isnt winning anything and jeff isnt exactly a great at mental comps


where are all the BB fans? last year this site had 100’s of comments per hours after the show on cbs aired πŸ™


ok i just enjoy reading all the funny comments from al the other fans.
no worries
peace n carrots
D πŸ™‚


Don’t you worry the fans will come once Dom/Cassi start droppin mad grenades yo


Calm down, this place will be rocking within the next few weeks and you won’t be able to keep up.


Hello. It does seem to be empty here.

Hey, Simon.


I’m more of a reader than a poster but I’m always here πŸ™‚


I am with tele! I rarely post unless i get confused but I check the site probably 100 times a day!!


for kiklias pic it should be oprah since she looks like her and talks like her.


Rachel: β€œI was a virgin until I met Brendon”

Sure Rachel, and “Cows used to produce chocolate milk”, I’m sure this ho lost her innocence before the age of 17, maybe sooner.


no she did not say she lost her virginity to brendon? when did she tell that bold faced lie? she probably lost her virginity in kindergarden. and she wears a t shirt that says ” I am a virgin” but on the back it reads “not since kindergarden”


i know i definitely didn’t start commenting till halfway into seasons 11 and 12….when people in the house start making moves and the game gets going, people (the viewers) will start to react and their emotions will get the best of them and they’ll probably want to express them in the comments…last time i checked, the cbs site’s comments weren’t too overwhelming either


Could somebody explain the theme of the rooms and if there is a special meaning? Just getting up to speed and getting to know who’s who, but didn’t Rachel have red hair coming in and now it’s dark brown … already? Also, why was Brendon wearing a superhero costume, and then Rachel had the red cape later. During BBAD they played to the cameras and so the communication seemed artificial the past couple nights, but I can’t fault them for trying to make something happen. Thanks for this site.


Oh, so they don’t have to wear them as punishment?


Brenda is enjoying his spandex a little too much. Although I did enjoy Him & Dom on BBAD doing the superhero show.


Sure Brenchel are the best players, yet last year everything they did lead to their eviction yea, GREAT players they are….. They dominate in comps true , but they are ALWAYS dominated in social game , and that has not changed a bit.


Maybe I have missed reading something here. BUT, why is evil Dick greyed out. Did he leave the show? And how did Dani get the golden key?

Big brother fan:)

Well I guess your going to have to wait and see on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY nights show.

c craft

What Happened to Dick? Why did he leave the house?


I dunno, but he was looking like The Ogre from Revenge Of The Nerds.


Simon what do you see the votes going at earlier because on an earlier thread when Lawon, Dom and Cassie were talking it sounded like they were all still voting to keep Keith? Even Lawon


Ok Dick now would be a good time to jump out of that closet we all hope you’re hiding in….PLEASE!


Evil dick will be posting a video on soon about what happened.


Ok so has it occurred to anyone else that since Dick’s gone there will be no eviction this week?


Or worse Brendon or Rachel CBS seems to love them ugh. Okay thanks for the answer. Love the site by the way.


See?! I’m not the only one who expects Allison Grodner to cheat at this point!


you haters you guys know that brendon and rachel are really strong in fact they were so strong that last season they got rid of them because of that to me right now the strongest players are rachel,brendon and i think dani is good too but sorry you guys the newbies are not good at all…………………………….i have a question i know rachel won hoh but will brendon be able to play for hoh next week ????


The network plans everything to keep jerks like Rachel and Brendan to try to improve TV ratings.
They want controversy to keep viewers interested. Everyone knows that!!! πŸ˜‰


can brendon play for hoh next week ?


what’s going on with my comments ??


Brendan was Rachel’s first…..YEAH RIGHT!


whats going on with evil dick being gone… did they say yet?


Theres a video on where Dick addresses his departure.


I have a phone connection to the internet, and can’t watch videos, so can you please summerize why dick left the show?? thank you, cathy


Brendan and Rachel change their opinion on the newbies every second. One minute it’s “Adam is solid, we can trust him” then it’s “we can’t let him win HOH, keep an eye on him” back and forth a million times.. They need to just chill out!!! They are over thinking everything!


Rachel is so freaking annoying? Wish Jeff & Jordan would have backdoored her!