Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam’s Gurgles “I am the warrior heart to heart you’ll win”

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7:10pm Bathroom Jeff and Adam Adam is telling him that Jeff and Jordan are the targets for the Newbs. He explains that the newbs are all thankful that Brendon and Rachel did not put them up so therefore they will target J/J. Adam tells Jeff how bad losing Dick screwed the vets game. Adam: “Not only are you down a person for votes you’re down 2 people to play for HOH next week” Jeff: “yeah yeah ohh yeah” Adam says that he’ll vote any way the vets want him to vote, with his vote the vets will have the votes to survive. Adam leaves starts to sing in his soothing guterall Voice “I am the warrior heart to heart you’ll win” (not sure where Adams heads at yet hopefully we learn more about where he stands tonight)

7:43pm HOH Jordan, Rachel and Brendon Jordan is telling them that Adam came up to Jeff and told him he’s voting whichever way they want. Jordan adds that the Newbs are after Jordan because she won. Jeff had told Jordan that they need to convince Kalia to throw the HOH comp. Brendon says that the newbs are just talking Bullshit now. Jordan: “Now i’m all nervous Now I gotta win I can’t get out week 2” Rachel tells her not to worry jordan is going to win.. “even if they do put you up then Me and Brendon’s names are going to get picked for the POV and we’ll take you off the block” Jordan I just don’t want to be gone the second week.. MAN THAT PISSES ME OFF.. If I leave I told Kalia to take my place”

Rachel: “If the power goes to them we’ll see whose working with who right now we have all the power so they’re kissing out butts”. Jordan: “Jeff doesn’t trust Cassi anymore” brendon suggests they tell Cassi something and if it goes back to Lawon then they know those 2 are talking.

7:50pm HOH Brendon and rachel Both are complaining how unfair it is to them that Dick left. Brendon: “We’ve lost 2 players when dick left.. not fair” rachel says they had this entire strategy planned out and now that Dick is gone they had to throw it all out.. and on top of that they are down 2 players to compete in HOH. rachel: “You Jeff or Jordan HAVE to win HOH” Brendon: “Babe I know Babe but we’re just hammering things we already know right now” rachel starts to whine “I just don’t want to go home.. I want to be here and win” Brendon: “Well at least if jeff and Jordan get put up they’re could be a players choice for the POV”. Rachel: “No there’s no players choice this year because of couples he (production staff) told me”

8:09pm Kitchen Everyone milling around making food chit chatting.. Jordan off in a corner looking worried knowing that she’s a target.

8:20pm Bedroom Kalia and Lawon Kalia is telling him that she’s had a conversation with Keith and she told him that she will be voting wherever the house is going. Keith told Kalia that he has the house votes. Lawon: “Did he say he had my vote?” Kalia: “Yes” Lawon: “I told him i wasn’t…I got your back you know”. They both agree to that it’s best to vote with the house because there’s no paper trail leading to them. Kalia tells lawon their best tactic is to play both side of the house so whoever wins HOH next week they don’t get put up. Kalia tells him she will keep him in the loop with whatever she finds out because people are talking to hear about game now and she doesn’t want to see Lawon left behind.

8:26pm Backyard, Jeff, Jordan and Brendon they’re trying to figure out who is on the other side. They are thinking it’a just Cassi, Dom and Lawon. Brendon says that the other group is in a disadvantage because it’s Brendon, Jordan and Jeff Vs. them and they are much stronger competitors. They list off the other players they have on their side, Kalia, Shelly and POrsche…

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I was LMAO when Lawson was in the dr tonight. He turns into Little Richard all I’m
waitimg for him to WOOOOO!


what are you talking about???????


Jordon is a good competitor since when? Jeff handed her those wins while he was in the house and she got lucky in that last HOH comp, and Jury voted for her because of Nastylie’s lie soooo Jordon didn’t EARN shit. so it;s Brendon and Jeff fighting for them, I just hope HOH is mental Neither Jeff or Brendon do well in those. the ONLY way the house will be shaken up is if The Newbs win HOH, this will lead to the separation of Brenchel, I don;t believe they are after Jff and Jordon why would they? we wwatched season 11 they didn’t do shit until they had to,but they need to get Brendon out Rachel will self destruct without him.


I get why Dick left, you can’t turn down people you love that need you, but damn how long we gone have to wait to see him on BB again? I don’t think All-Stars is next year since we got this Returning couples bullshit…


I had to TiVo tonight and wont be able to watch till tomorrow. Why did dick leave?


If you think about it, it can’t be family since Dani would have known too, and had been at least a BIT concerned, if not completely concerned as well. The odds that one of Dick’s friends got into an accident are low, so I think the event with the highest odds is that his girlfriend is clingy and couldn’t bare to live without Dick for possibly months, so she tried to commit suicide, and that’s why they pulled him aside quickly and off camera. That’s the most logical thing I can think of for now.


I hate crazy people like that, that HAVE to be connected to you by the hip every 2 seconds.


thanks Simon

Tyler Kent

So Evel Dick explained next to nothing on his video. He left because someone – who will remain nameless – needed him. Hmm. He left the door open to one day re-enter the BB house but that’s not up to him as he said.


Sparcity? Rachel has to stop making up words. I do not believe she has an education at least not the one she claims to have “Chemist”.


If she has a chemistry degree then it would have to be by one of the schools that advertise during Jerry Springer.


It is weird that no one has called her out on that (chemistry degree). Have you ever met a chemistry teacher like her? Probably not. Because she is dumber than a turd. Literally, I think I’ve dropped kids off at the pool that had higher IQs than her. By kids I mean poop and by pool I mean toilet. Damn she is fn stupid. It’s annoying yet entertaining.


wow, if you are going to comment, please know what you are talking about….SPARSITY is in fact a word and Rachel used it correctly. guess she is smarter than you think and than most people actually are.