Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam goes to war: “The SUN is evil F*ck the SUN.. I want to Blow Up The Sun”

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3:42 Backyard couch Cassi, Brendon, Adam

I get so much of my live back from not watching football .. I save 20hours a week by not watching football.. I can do so much in 20 hours, brendon: “forget Football i’m getting my PhD 20 hours is a lot” He brings up the guys that have fantasy leagues and pre-game shows

Brendon asks Cassi if she played sport when she was a kid. Cassi says no she got into modelling when she was young and never had time.

Brendon I’ve been around the LA scene a bit in LA and it pretty messy with the drugs in modelling from what I’ve seen in the modelling industry it turns people ugly. Cassi says that she’s never taken any drugs and actually has never seen a “Coke out” Brendon is surprised from what he’s observed int he LA Scene its common (Yeah Brendon plugged into the LA modelling scene) Cassi lists off the places she’s live “Honk Kong, Milan, Rome” she never even got drunk until she was 21.
Brendon says he wouldn’t let his daughter or niece be a model, he thinks it gives people a distorted view of self image. .. Cassi says one days she got sick of modelling and decided to quit, she didn’t find the work mentally engaging enough and she had problem with her stomach, “hated waking up in the morning and wondering.. is my stomach going to be flat today?” Brendon asks her if she liked the travelling. cassi says she got sick of the travelling the most it made modeling so tiring … she looks forward to just living state side and maybe travelling around the country with a partner just for fun. Porache joins them with one of Jeff’s Coffee Popsicle. They all say they taste very good.

Brendon says he called Matt a midget last year before he knew that midget was a bad term, Adam: “I’m not trying to be ignorant but why is midget a bad word” Porsche says the correct term is little people.. she explains that they are still human “People” they are just smaller than us so a term midget implies they are not “People”. Brendon says matt is a very small guy… cassi starts to talk about her boyfriend who is a musician and the feeds cut….
4:07pm Jeff and Shelly has joined them They start talking about triscuits, Cassi says they are too high in salt, Jeff agrees says he doesn’t eat that BLANK. Adam and Porsche love them, Shelly has never heard of Triscuits. cassi says that if her diet is too high in salt it really bothers her stomach and it bloats out, salt intake is the only thing she has to watch… Adam asks them when they are going to do BBAD ABS (big brother after dark abs) Cassi says that once the back part of the yard is in the shade.
Adam: “The sun is evil BLANK┬áthe sun i want to blow up the sun”, Jeff: “we’ll die”, Adam: “oh well”
Shelly suggests that Adam moves to Alaska. Adam says that it’s beautiful at NJ beaches when it snows. They start talking about High schools, Shelly was a homecoming queen. She says after high school it did a big load of nothing for her, Shelly:” But I was super cool at school though”.. Feeds are cutting a lot… they are talking about making mistakes as kids, Adam: “Hey you gotta make mistakes when you’re a kids it’s better then when you’re an adult” (feeds were cut when adam was talking about the mistake he made as a kid)

4:25 Suntanning pool side, cassi, Lawon, Jordan, Dom, Porsche and dani talking about football. Dom tells them about the snow storm that destroyed a stadium. Jordan says one day she wants to see a Dallas cowboy game. Jordan asks Cassi that she heard cassi was a model but quit because she didn’t like it. Jordan adds that when she first saw cassi she thought she was a runway model. Cassi says she wasn’t tall enough to be a runway model she’s only 5’9″ and most those girls are 6′. Jordan: “When I saw you that other night you were wearign those stilettos and you looked really tall”… (Ohh surprise the feeds cut again WTF CBS really?)

4:45pm Kitchen rachel and Dani random talk about the food, rachel is a bit pissed about the amount of food some houseguests are eating. They go into the storage room and start looking at whats left. Rachel is shocked they have almost drinkin all the Milk. Rachel out of the blue mentions that it’s an election year and she thinks Obama will lower the price of gas to win the election (random talk at it’s best) brendon joins them starts making a pizza.

rachel and Dani are on the kitchen table talking about voting to evict Keith. Rachel thinks Keith would of probably been a nice guy, They think he might be a better person than Porsche. Dani tells them she talked to Lawon and he’s voting to evict Keith for sure. Rachel: “Thats good”. They go back to talking about food and how much fat is in greek yogurt. None of them can understand why people eat that it’s so high in fat(I only eat greek yogurt protein baby) rachel says she likes Greek yogurt she has some in her HOH room (team rachel now) . Doms comes in they all go “HEYYYYYEYEYYEY” Dom replies: “HEEEEEEYYEYEYE” then he said: “My one goal while on this show is not to pick up any of Rachel’s speaking habits” brendon: “But you are” they all laugh..

They all plan to play that Booty game tonight (I miss the pool tournament)

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can rachell get more annoying? anyone wanna see her HOH room (barf).


OMFG Rachel was innocent once? she was a cute kid, what happened?


Rachel gets more pathetic in everything she does, goddamn she’s had 0 confidence in her appearance and that is sad, because I’m sure at some point bfefore she decided to alter herself she was naturally beautiful, now she fake and pathetic for the rest of her life, her daughters are going to have the same outlook on life. Brendomb really knows how to pick em.


Jordan’s boobs are fake…


watching dumb and dumber (I mean brenchel) talk about botox is like watching 2 idiot children in a snadbox playing. (barf again) LOL


I really hope Porsche goes she is real star struck right now TEAM REGULATORS YO!!!


Jordon says, “There is no such thing as space cows.” umm thanks Jordon, because of you I got some schoolin’ tonight


too funny. i dont know who is dumber jordumb or brandumb. rachell is dumb but those 2 probably can’t count to 10 unless they use their fingers. and team regulators what a joke.

T' that's Me!

LOL Rockstar! I’m glad she clarified that there is no such thing as space cows cause I thought they really existed.


I thought so too T… I’m glad Jordon is on this season again. I have so many jokes about my Corky lookin’ cookie dough eating girl. I’ve been saving them up.

T that's Me!

Oh me too! I actually love her mindless ramblings. It makes for some funny moments.


Regulators Yo! LOL


regulators are a joke, just like last year with the brigrades (although a brigrade did win)


simon I dont understand why you have nom next to shelly and cassi’s pics? I just watched the show and only porche (or volkswagen:) and keith were nominated.

T that's Me!

The NOM is over Porsche and Keith’s pictures, which means they are the ones that were nominated.


oh yeah i see the writing is so big it overlaps onto cassi and shells pics
peace n carrots


simon me again, just wondering when you were gonna change the pictures, and when you do are you gonna have a pic of a porche car as porches pic?


20 secs ago
Evel Dick Donato

My recorded statement about leaving the Big Brother house will be posted on after tonight’s episode airs on the west coast

via Twitter

robin 3721

OH MY GOSH BIG BROTHER YOU BROUGHT BACK RACHEL !!!!!!! There had to be another team more worthy.. SHE IS THE MOST ANNOYING AND PATHETIC PLAYER EVER!!!!! I dont think i can stand another season of her and her laugh

T that's Me!

I kept thinking Regulator’s had already been used, but I think I’m thinking of Renegades. Wasn’t that Memphis and Dan??? I swear, these alliance names all blend together after a while.


wasn’t Regulators a name for Billy the Kid’s gang on Young Guns?

T that's Me!

Yeah Rockstar, that is exactly where it came from. Hell, I thought Dom would have been too young for that movie. LOL That was in the 80’s!!!


I thought so T. I can hear them holler Regulators. I love that movie.


It was Memphis and Dan I thought the same thing

Jay L

well, big surprise, rachel has low self esteem. You do realize that is why she went after the women in the house last season when she had power and left athletic guys in the game. Now that porsche is nominated, I expect her to eventually settle on getting rid of her this week. Then the next time she has power, she will go after cassi, and then her own vet alliance afterwards.

If she only had the brains with all those hoh and pov wins that her and brendon will be racking up.


Ok this season disappoints me I HATE Rachel she’s such a joke and Brendon her pathetic worshiper I don’t think I can stand another season with those two. Not really excited to see any of the newbies either. I liked Jeff and Jordan but don’t really want to see them again. The only person I was really excited to see back was Dick and he’s gone now.


I also hate brenchel. I hope the newbies can make some power moves and shake things up.
Matt was brave last year and made the show more exciting. Most players are so predictable.


Agreed Matt was great last year which was another boring season. I really like seasons 8 and 10, I wish we had more of those