Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel tells her proposal Story, Adam: “Did he pee his pants”

2:50pm Havenots Room Keith, Lawon, and Shelly they can hear a conversation that is going on in the other room between Jeff, Cassi, Rachel, dom and Jordan.
Bascially Dom asked Jeff if he went up with Adam if he had Jeff’s vote to stay. Jeff never answers but instead asks dom what he thought of Adam. Dom doesn’t answer tells Jeff him and Adam get along but they have never talked game. Dom asks Jeff why they never talk game and Jeff says he’s tried in the Hot Tub before but then he started hearing that Dom was going to put him and Jordan up so he stopped trying. Dom denies he every said that but J/J do not believe him they say there convinced that Dom had said it. Jeff tells Dom not to worry they all know what Dom is planning. Dom switches tactics asks Jeff what it will take for him to be save next week if JEff wins HOH. Jeff says and agreement that you won’t put jordan and Jeff up if he wins HOH and in return Jeff will promise Dom will not go home but he still might be up on the block. Jeff says they will take Adam out of the game. Dom asks them if Adam has made the same deal with Jeff, Jeff says that he might of he also might not of. (LOL) Jeff explains to Dom that to Dom Adam is 100% expendable but to Jeff he cannot make deals that threaten his partners future in the house.

Keith is telling him that he’s pretty sure the he doesn’t have the votes to stay tomorrow. He’s been talking to people around the house and he’s certain that it could be close but because it’s not close enough he’ll be sent packing. Keith says that The repeats will all vote him out (Dani, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan) and he also thinks Cassi/DOM are going to flip and vote him out. He’s feeling good that Lawon, Shelly, Kalia will be voting for him to stay. He’s not sure were Adam fits in all this.
Shelly Leaves, Keith tells Lawon that he’s done in this game there’s no need for people to be sneaking around. He says that Doms conversation with Jeff that they just heard shows you where Dom is playing and he doesn’t care about anyone else but him and maybe cassi.
Lawon: “Like I said.. I gots you… I gots you.”
Keith: “I trust you.. without a shadow of doubt I do” Keith leaves to tell Adam what he heard
(Keep in mind that the conversation Keith heard while in the Havenots room was very muffled and hard to hear, Jeff was raising his voice at time to make sure certain parts of the conversation were heard)
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3:30pm Living Room Most the house is lingering around bullshitting. Jeff is telling them a story about his friend back home who is a DJ for Italian weddings. They start talking about disciplining kids, they ask Jordan to pretend she’s disciplining her daughter. They all start blurting out scenarios that warrant the Child getting in trouble. Things like coming home drunk, flushing your wedding ring down the toilet etc etc.

Rachel starts explaining when Brendon proposed to her. She says that she knew a ring was purchased because she saw the receipt print outs. He then took her for a “perfect day” they went on a hot air balloon ride, had a nice dinner… Rachel thought he was going to propose to her that night but he didn’t until late when they were at the beach. He sat her down and told her that he’s never meant any one as wonderful as rachel and he cannot believe they met on a show like BIG BROTHER.
Rachel: “Can I tell them what you did Brendon”
Brendon: “yes”
Adam: “did he pee his pants”
Rachel: “He cried”
Rachel continues the story saying that after he proposed she called her mother to tell her but her mother already knew.
Dom: “you went and asked her parents first.. classy”
Brendon: “Yes I did it all”

Rachel says that Brendon’s sisters helped him pick the ring out they were asking Rachel questions for a couple weeks about her favorite ring then they went back and gave Brendon some pointers. Brendon says when he went to pick out the ring he did it by himself because if his future wife should like the ring the husband buys for them. Brendon: “But in all truth she would of liked anything I got her” Rachel: “Yeah”

3:55pm-4:24pm HOH lockdown (all the houseguests are locked in the HOH room while production does something in the house)

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Jeff and Kalia fight over Dumbledore being gay

Jeff doesn’t think a Gay headmaster for little kids is right Kalia does you decide for yourself who is wrong who is right Here is the Flashback time July 12 @ 6:45pm CAM 1-4 Here is the post covering the event you can view the video on

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i did


I voted Dawg :)

Lennon's Ghost

Me too. Go Dawg!


Brendon: “But in all truth she would of liked anything I got her” Rachel: “Yeah”

If brenda would’ve brought her some fake shit she would kick his ass to the kurb golddiggers don’t like marrying for love they do it for the big expensive ring they get, lets be real.


whos dumbodore


LOL he’s Harry Potter’s Mentor


never saw the Harry Potter movies or read the books, but is he a gay headmaster? I mean is it just assumed or actually implied that he’s gay


so jeff the homo phobe jusrt assumed that if a mentor to a young boy is gay he should not be a mentor? I have gay friends and not one of them would ever look at a young boy. just needs to realise there is a diffence between a male homosexual and a pedafile.


Man this poll pisses me off… had it had been Brendon or Rachel, even Dani I would have seen atleast 50% had said that so and so is belligerent, vile, cruel and blabbie blabbie blah. Jeff just gets a smack on the wrist AGAIN!!! People atleast be consistent with your antipathy!!!!

One more thing listening to Adam’s and Porsche’s conversation last night I realized that Rachel came back on the show and changed nothing about her, her laugh, insecurities, or profession of her infatuation with Brendon even after reading all the things that people had said about her.. I’ve got to give her props for that alot of lesser people would try to portary themselves in a different light, i.e. Jessie… good for saying true to yourself Rachel (I still hate that fuxking laugh)


What the hell? People still believe it’s okay to spout off their prejudices and think it’s okay? Geez, I hope we never meet up or you want to try and befriend me. so disgusted with the human race as per usual


I think you misinterpreted what I said… I didn’t in anyway condone what Jeff said but I didn’t like how in the polls almost nobody was disgusted with Jeff’s comment.. and most of these people would’ve be quick to condemn others.
Anyways, Hi, Rockstar if you’re the same one from last year anyways…


I was agreeing with you SHUTDFUP. I just went off on a tangent after reading the poll. and yes, tis’ I.


So far this crew has said some pretty bad things. Porsche and her racist comments about her dad killing her if she dated a black guy, then she made some silly comment about a latino limo driver who punched her in the face in Vegas and now Jeff and his homophobia. Now all we need is a crack on the handicapped and an asian and the circle of hate is will be complete.




Damn I knew they(vets) were gonna be whining, but GODDAMN … OMFG it’s unfair we came into the game knowing everything about it playing against people who know nothing guaranteeing us to dominated and we lost 1 of our alliance members and the world is ending………..

The Whine Team


Love the name “The Whine Team”. I know right. If they know so much how come the only winners on the team are Jordan & Dick, whose not there anymore? Why does Brendan think everyone should bow down to them & vote according to their votes (when they had each of the newbies upstairs). Brendan didn’t know shit about the game the first time & he’s proving it again. He’s riding on his team. Jeff/Jordan & Danielle need to get new allies & dump the other 2.


i can’t stand Keith. Not only is he stupid but he thinks he’s running the newbies. Can’t wait til he is evicted. by dumbass Keith. and jeff boy what a hero. LOL


Best looking POV host ever = Adam


porche is dumb too to not even try to win that pov. does she think she has enough votes? thinking bout and maybe she does. so far only Dom has siad he’d look out for Keith. we shall see tomorrow.


I agree! with Dick gone, Porsche should have known better than to throw the comp cos at least one person cannot vote for her!


There is no doubt in my mind that Keith is a goner. If the Oldies win next HOH then Lawon and Kalia will be on the block with an attempt to backdoor Cassi.


Now Im by any means a fan of Rachel, but anyone else noticing how cbs is desperatly trying to portray her as the bully, or villain so far? From what ive seen on the feeds, that Rachel is a thing of the past.


this is just the 1st week, just wait RacHELL will make an appearance


Wow they really gave everyone the same deal, word for word.


I voted I disagree with what he said but Jeff is still my favorite Houseguest along with Jordan just because you disagree with someones belief is not reaon to call him cruel he would never say something like that to a homosexuals face if you disagree with it thats fine but if you call jeff names for being intolerant that makes you intolerant as well


wah wah cry me a river why dont you suck jeffs dick since you love him so much


I didnt say I agreed with asshole


I love Jeff to death, but he really messed up with his take on the whole gay argument. I think what he was TRYING to say was that it doesn’t matter whether dumbledore is gay or straight, it just didn’t need to be mentioned. Saying a character is gay, it implies that he enjoys gay sex – and any sex when it comes to children books is too much sex. Just how authors never exaggerate when a character is “straight”, it shouldn’t matter if a character is “gay”.

Alas, I could be totally wrong as well. I just really hope Jeff isn’t homophobic – that would suck =(




Jeff did his best George Gipp impression
tonight on BB

I’ve got to go, Rock. It’s all right. I’m not afraid. Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper. I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock. But I’ll know about it, and I’ll be happy.

BB King

This game was designed to be unfair to the Vets from the start. They just don’t have the numbers to completely dominate this season. There should have been eight newbies and eight vets, much like a season of survivor which had an equal number of young players and old players.


This eviction ceremony sure seems to be the longest one coming. I’m tired of the paranoia of Keith and the fakeness of Porsche. Bottom line, she stays, Keith goes. Big Red and the Eunuch will go stomping off complaining of how unfair the game is since they won’t be able to hold court in the HOH room anymore.


Keith is messing up the new guys, Shelly should go next she cant be trusted then porch . so Keith goes first , Shelly, then porch or Brendon, I liked him allot last year but he came back worst than Rachel




Is AG crapping her pants right about now. Evil Dick was supposed to be the star this summer. And this pairs twist is lame, can’t wait til it is done.

BB11 was lame at first and got better in the middle only to suck at the obvious ending. AG put all her egg (1) in the basket and failed terribly.


Sorry BB12



Day Yum Yum

Did I miss something? Where is Dawg this year? Is Adam and Dawg the same person?