BB13Spoilers – Congratulations Jeff, Jordan and Brendon You’ve Won Big Brother 13

(A note about the screen captures Brendon and Jeff were trying to decide a “secret” hand symbol they could use when they try to fool all the newbs Basically they want to have deals with them all and they will use this hand gesture to solidify their alliances everytime they see the newbs walking around the house)

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5:30pm HOH repeats (JJ/BR) minus dani Talking about Cassi campaigning to Brendon to get home to vote our Porsche. Jeff tells them to make them think that the repeats are on the fence. Jeff tells them about Dom and cassi coming in and talking to him and Jordan earlier today. Jeff is laughing his face off at hoe “stupid” and “dumb” Dom is he rehashes telling Dom that he might have a deal with Adam he might not but there’s nothing Dom can do because they have the votes.
Jeff: “No need to worry it’s going to be us in here this coming week”
Jordan mentions that Cassi is doing very well in the golf game last night. Rachel is quick to say that that Cassi is not as good as everyone thinks.
Brendon: “It doesn’t BLANK matter we know how these competitions go… doesn’t BLANK matter how much you practice”
Brendon: “There (cassi, dom, lawon) are such BLANK.. there going to just be whining on Thursday night… So BLANK”
Rachel leaves and the remaining HOH crew go through some laughs about how dumb the newbs are and how they have the game in the bag.
Jeff: “Dom is so stupid you can read what he’s thinking on his face”
Brendon: “Lets have fun BLANK with these BLANK”
Jeff: “Yeah lets just have fun and stir it up”
Brendon tells them they shouldn’t over do it though if the newbs band together then the repeats will be at a disadvantage… Jeff points out that the newbs are already all turning on themselves he mentions that every single one of them down there is a idiot that has no clue what they are doing, “look they are already turning on each other… if we win HOH they will all be coming to us making deals left and right”
They all laugh .. brendon says “BLANK” he mentions that he was telling the newbs last night that during bb11 Jordan won the exact same competition with the golf balls and Jeff came in second. He adds that the he saw fear and bewilderment in the newbs after he told them that.

Jeff: “lets starts striking BLANK deals right now with everyone”
Brendon agress but warns them that all the newbs talk too much so any deal you make will be known by the end of the day. They says that Shelly can be trusted the most of the newbs and Brendon truly believes that she a good person. They talk about taking her to the final 6 then cutting her loose. Brendon asks them id anyone has talked to Kalia lately. Jeff wonders if she’s still on board. Jordan assures them that Kalia is 100% on their side. They start joking around that they will fool the newbs ever single HOH. Like what they have planned for Kalia. Kalia plans on telling every she wants to go home so please put her up then when she goes up with her partner Lawon they will evict lawon. Jeff laughs says they’ll stick tot hat strategy until everyone but them are left. Jordan mentions that she’s still a little worried that she’ll be the target. Jeff: “what are you worried about jordan i’m going home bozo bucket not you”

(This group is crazy confident after watching the feeds for the last 8 season this is the most cocky if seen a group in week one ever, it’ll be the greatest day on the feeds when their fantasy world comes crashing down. Oh and to be fair to Jordan she doesn’t call the newbs stupid dumb idiots maybe once or twice not every other second like Jeff and Brendon do) They are deciding that all they need is Kalia and Shelly then they can take out everyone else in the house and march to final 5. (no mention about Dani but i’m sure that their plan is to cut her loose at that point and I’m sure she knows it) They start strategizing about what to do in a elimination comp or majority rules. Brendon coaches them on how they should play those types of comps. Jeff thinks they should start getting the house against Cassi, Lawon and Dom all they need to do is go around and make final 7 deals with people

While the repeats congratulate themselves on winning big brother 13 the Majority of the house is in the kitchen chatting it up having a good fun time.

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Zach J

Well after watching tonight’s episode it seems like the newbs are still pretty much together but things could have changed since then. The guys are definitely too cocky right now- or else they’re just trying to psyche themselves up. I think we have to wait until next week to see where the allegiances lie, if a newb wins HOH and puts up a vet then we’ll know that they’re still working together and that they only told the vets what they wanted to hear. From what I can tell it’s difficult to know if any of the newbs (other than Porsche) have switched sides or if they were only going along with what Rachel wanted this week.

I think it makes the most sense for them to get out one of the vets, so if they can win HOH and that’s what they do, then they’re definitely playing the game better than the guys think they are.


Why does Brendon get to compete in the HOH? I thought if one won HOH so did the other. Along with the POV, nominations, and replacements? This “couples” nonsense is confusing.


From what I understand, the duo doesn’t win the HOH and POV together, only the one that wins it can make the decisions. But both get the protection that comes with the HOH and POV.


i think the newbies were a bit star struck at first but that seems to be wearing off and they are developing their own little personalities. 2nd i am sick of the “repeats” already. especially RacHELL and branDUMB. I also think DanYawn will end up going to the newbies side eventually as she more or less stated that she was gonna use the golden key time to win them over. Lastly i think the newbies (depending on which team win HOH) will put Jeff, jorDUMB or Rach, Bren up and that will end the repeats once one of them goes home. It’s still too new to predict anything really though.
Bottom line I want RacHell gone. i can’t stand to watch her anymore this time than last time. 🙂
peace n carrots
D 🙂


Somebody fill me in…which seasons did Jeff and brendon win again?

Uncle Cool

I can’t wait to see the grovelling and crying done by Brendon and Rachel as they had done all last season when they were not in the HOH.

Jeff is certainly turning into a complete loser in may ways. I never really liked him and this season justifies it.

I think Dani should make an alliance with Dom and take the whole game.


Just wait til the other side wins HOH….


lol yeah, I want to see one of the newbies win HOH and put J/J up.


Lol my thoughts exactly. And that’s why they complained about Cassie “hogging” it last night.
It’s like the brigade without Matt: Delusional, clueless, and over confident. I puke everytime the Neandertall parts his ridiculous lips. -_-


you know what i’m def for the vets def for Brendon and Rachel the newbies are not doing anything to impress me sorry


I am praying that the newer players are acting dumb and that they really start taking the returning guests out as quickly as possibly. I think Dani could lead them into doing it b/c she is usually not one of the ones lording her previous win/experience over everyone. I would hope that the cockiness will be met with evictions. Send Brendan and Jeff home over the next two weeks. Then, everyone can turn on each other.


I don’t really remember Dani with a lot of strategy in her season. She was mostly laying around with Nick. It was her dad that did all the game playing.


the newbs don;t know that Jeff threw that golf comp to jordumb?? wow


I think there to confident, hopefully Dom or Cassie win HOH and put up JJ/BR

BB King

If the regulators end up being this season’s Bragade (misspelled intentionally), the Vets may be right.


Btw Keith and porsche have won the award for stupidest houseguests ever. They beat Ronnie by a mile.


Although it would seem so if but if one of vet duos is put up and ultimately the other vet duo wins POV the newbs would be screwed. But such is not the case for the vets atleast for next week..


Jeff was only likable on his season cause he was such an underdog. I can’t stand him this season.

Day Yum Yum

Jeff was only so likeable in BB11 because the rest of the guys, namely Jessie, were more hateable!


Simon, I do think the vets are being waaay too confident, and the newbs waaay too stupid. Even had Dick stayed in the game, the newbs had them outnumbered. All they had to do was stick together (whether they liked each other or not.) Even with Rachel/Brendon winning HOH, they still had the numbers with one of their own going home.

Too many of the newbies were either star-struck or intimidated by the returning duos, which led to them fracturing. The newbies are not very good at playing things close to the vest (aka: they talk way too much about things.) In my opinion, they are the ones who have screwed themselves, not the vets.

Of the current HG’s, I’m liking Shelly the most. She seems to be laying low and isn’t giving out too much of what she’s really thinking…as far as I can see (aka: read.) 😉

Despite Rachel’s super annoying laugh, and her penchant for always yelling when she talks, I don’t mind her as much this season. Don’t get me wrong, she still has her faults, but she isn’t annoying me as much this season. Brendon is still the whiny baby he’s always been, and Dani seems to be playing somewhat smart (for now) by trying to get herself more ingratiated with the newbs. Anyway, I guess we’ll see what Week 2 brings.

Thanks again for your awesome work, Simon and Dawg. 😀


Ill bet BB is gonna change the comp just so the vets don;t get an easy ride.


Sigh. The only one with half a brain is Dani. Damn you CBS! I never thought Dani would be my fave on any show! That’s how bad your cast sucks! I try to like Cassi, but she is BLAND. I try to like Dom, but he reminds me of brats that tried to date my girls in high school. I try to like Adam, but it’s hard. I can’t find anything to dislike or like about any of the newbs. Sure, it’s week one, but these people are BORING. Rachel and Jordan, BORING. Jeff and Brendon picking on the newbs, MORONIC and not even entertaining watching those two douchebags. Brendon, don’t you remember how “hurt” you and Rachel were about the things Brit and Ragan said about you last season? Do you think this is the way to make the viewers stop hating you? Jeff, you are still the king of squandering all the adulation that CBS whips up for you by being a pompous and opinionated jerk.

How can anyone like or dislike Kalia, Shelly and Goofy? Why are they there? Why don’t they DO anything but snivel and whisper around in circles? It’s like watching ugly puppies chase their own tails. Even the Keith and Porsche drama is BORING and bland. The twist is stupid. Even if the newbs take power, I don’t think any of them are smart enough to do the right thing. This will either be a slam dunk win for Brenchel or JJ, just like CBS wants, or it will end up with Kalia, Goofy, Adam and Shelly as final 4. Please CBS stop bringing back idiots that you think we want to see and bring back the great BB game. This sucks!


I know right, who actually wanted to see Brenchel back on the show? besides them causing drama, all they do is bitch and whine when they don’t have power & they have the worst social game every and that has not changed.

My 1st season was BB10 so I don’t know about Dick and Dani.

it looks like BB will be canceled soon, they have run out of the “entertainment factor” we’ve grown to love, now all they can do is continuously bring back past contestants to annoy us with, you know they will do the same next year.

I actually enjoyed watching survivor the last 3 seasons then BB11,12, & now 13


If I had to chose, I’d chose Cassi over Dani. Just wait, you’ll see her launch in the whine-fest when things don’t go her way too. Jeff and Sookie can’t be taken seriously. Did you see those two idiots botch a simple puzzle tonight?

Whenever I see Rachel and Brendan start talking, I mute the tv.

Dom is not so bad. Shelly, I’m starting to doubt though.


I love how they have the game already won in their minds and they still havent done the next HOH comp, I really hope Dom or Cassi wins so Brendan and Jeff can scramble and make deals


The cast this season is really underwhelming. Dom and Cassi are trying to play but really they’re doing a Brian from BB11. Amateur mistake. Everyone else is pretty boring.
Adam is all bark and no bite…yet we hope anyway. He’s simply loud and full of hot air. We get it….you like Bacon!

Shelly, Lawon, Kalia, Porsche & Keith are throwaway characters. Shelly…Renne version 2011. Lawon…eccentric black guy aka Marcellus without coming out of the closet yet. Kalia…lemme guess she’s going to blow up and be the articulate but angry black woman at some point. Let your ghetto freak flag fly girl!

Porsche…mixture of Rachel & Janelle & Keesha…oh wait they’re all the same person. We’ve seen the same old thing every season.

I hate that Brenchel is back. From a viewing standpoint, great stuff. They are polarizing and good drama but CBS shouldn’t have brought them back so quick. And really as annoying as Rachel is, Brendon is one whiny sensitive little child.

Evel Dick MAKES the Donatos. BB def were banking on Evel carrying this show this season. Bummer for him and them and most of all us.
Dani was always sorta just there and moppy and moody. Back then she was a beast at POVs and HOHs but now that she has the golden key, she’s so boring and forgettable till the top 10.

Jeff/Jordan are supposedly America’s sweethearts. I think the whole dumb Jessica Simpson charade has worn its welcome. I still think Jordan is a sweet girl and J/J are always worth it when they say something dumb but they were never compelling characters. We laughed at them rather than with.

BB has hit a bust on the twist again. America’s player…lame! Sabateour…rubbish! Couples…so far boring! Not to mention it just keeps worthless players aka floaters as Brenchel like to say, in the game too long. I hope things work themselves out and we have a good season considering this IS only the 1st week. Not promising so far.


Newbs will probably win hoh. But if they put j/j up I guarantee Rachel and brendon will play pov and win. They’ll use it and lawon and kalia will go up. We all know none of the vets will go the first 3 weeks at least.


LOL Jordan last Nite had me dying, i cant understand how anyone can hate her, this season would be boring if she wasnt there


With Dick gone I don’t think Big Brother/AG will let anymore of the vets go this soon. They are her show and I expect some of the newbies were meant to be expendable. My prediction is AG fixes it for the vets to be there until the final 10


i agree with you 100%. When i found out that dick was gone in spoilers.. I was thinking the exact same thing. They must be thinking of doing something for the vets.


Dom and Cassi are the only two smart people out of the newbs in the sense that they’re not letting the vets intimidate them. Rachel and Brendon have terrible social game and Jeff and Jordan can’t win BLANK.. Dani is playing one of the stronger games but she is obviously going to have to break off from the vets eventually considering if she stuck with them, in the end she would be going up against two couples, both of which would choose their partner over her. Overall, not much about the vets actually is intimidating and it sucks that everyone else is too busy acting starstruck or paranoid instead of sitting down and realizing that if they stuck together, they’d have the numbers.
But as far as Cassi/Dom’s social game, they made their resistance towards the vets too obvious and that made them huge targets. Hope that they can perform well in competitions from here on out because assuming Keith goes home, they are the newbie’s next best chance at surviving.


Ok Jeff and Jordan need to get away from brenchel RIGHT NOW. It’s making them way to cocky. I’d like to see them partner up with some newbs just to stir things up. I’d also like to see Dani partner with the newbs. If the newbs are smart they’ll take brenchel out. Dani’s safe and J/J can’t win BLANK.


Agreed. I’m a big JJ fan but am not liking the way Jeff is acting now that he’s a “vet”. Would like to see JJ drop Brendon and Rachel asap. I don’t think JJ would be as big of targets either then, cuz let’s face it, they aren’t the greatest competitors.


I dont know why you guys are in such hate for the vetern, but i hope they win. I do hope though rachael doesnt win BB13, but im pulling for Jeff and Jordan right now. The only reason why they seem different this season is because they ARE targets from the get go, unlike season 11. They have to be different this season then before if they want to win! If veterns win HOH this coming week, I’m going to be so happy… because then i hope they take out Dom. Hes to much of a threat for competitions. Then if they win the POV or even the newbies… then they can just put up another newbie. Overall, Vets have to win HOH or the team thats not put up has to win POV to save the other vets. GOOOOOOO VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


I used to like Jordan and Jeff, that was before reading these logs. If the Newbies can get their BLANK together, I’d like to see someone new win!