Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel tells Brendon that she is working on not demasculinizing him …or whatever!?

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10:30am Lawon and Cassi are getting ready for the in the bathroom. Meanwhile out in the backyard Brendon and Shelly are talking about how Rachel isn’t good with money and how she blew threw a lot this last year. Shelly says that its hard because she used to have free flowing money and didnt need to worry about anything. Brendon says that he is careful with his and she isn’t but that she learned her lesson and is getting better. Brendon says that he is worried about Rachel spending lots of money, particularly with they are looking ahead to marriage. Shelly talks about overspending and how, when money is spent, you can’t get it back. Brendon talks about how he is going for his PhD and how he has to be frugal with his spending. Brendon says that even when he has to be tight with his money ..he has it much much better than most people in the world. Shelly says that money can get you a down payment on a lot of things ..but it can’t buy you happiness. Brendon says that right, if money made you happy …there wouldn’t be any celebrities committing suicide.

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10:40am Dominic, Cassi and Lawon are getting ready in the bathroom. Dominic sees Rachel come down from the HOH wearing a glistening outfit and asks her what the hell she is wearing that a new outfit? Rachel says yeah. Dominic laughs and says its too damn early to be glistening like that …

11am Brendon and Rachel are on the backyard couch fighting about last night. Brendon tells Rachel he can’t talk with her when she has been drinking. Brendon says that sometimes when you drink, I don’t think you’re aware of me, or of how you’re behaving… I just don’t think you’re cognizant on it. Brendon tells her that he is thinking of throwing the HOH so he and Rachel can be put up and he can go home. Rachel is pissed and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She tells Brendon that if her calling him bookey is what they are fighting about ..then they don’t really have a problem. Brendon tells Rachel that Cassi may be right that Porsche wants to be Rachel. Rachel said, no, she (Porsche) wants to be her friend. Brendon (to Rachel): “I am really reaching the end of my rope here.

11:20am – 11:35am Rachel tells Brendon that she is working on not demasculinizing him …or whatever!? Brendon says well when you drink can you maybe just not drink so much?! Rachel says okay! Brendon says that he loves her and that he is not going anywhere. Brendon says that after talking with Shelly about how her and her husband are ..he wants Rachel and him to have a relationship like that one day. Rachel says that we do .. Brendon says that Shelly talks about her husband is the way he wants her to talk about him in 10 years. Brendon says we don’t always communicate well. Brendon says he thinks he’s smart but doesn’t know everything and that Rachel is too. Brendon says that eventually they will figure it out. Brendon tells her that he had to suck it up all night long last night and it was because she wasn’t aware of him, any other day you would have known I was upset. Rachel climbs on top of Brendon and they make up and kiss. Rachel says that in a year no one will care who we are. Brendan says that he hopes so.. and that they both want to start a family together. Shelly opens the backyard door and asks if its okay for her to come out. Brendon and Rachel tell her yes. They all start talking about how hard it is being in the house. Shelly tells them that she wants to vote out The Big K. Brendon and Rachel say that they think it will be a five/five vote. Shelly ask Brendon and Rachel if they made the same deal they made with her with anyone else? Brendon and Rachel both say no. Shelly says that Dominic came up to her and asked her if Brendon and Rachel offered her a deal. He told her that they offered him to be safe this week and he wouldn’t put them up the following week. Brendon and Rachel both say that they told that to everyone .. that if they aren’t nominated …then just don’t put us up next week. Shelly says that many of the newbies get caught up in fifth grade stuff and all the he said/she said type stuff. Shelly says that Porsche came up to her and said that Cassi was talking bad about her in a rap. Rachel says that she is sorry if she was being obnoxious last night …I was just trying to have fun. Shelly tells Rachel that we all have to learn when to turn it up and when to turn it down. You live out loud. Rachel turns to Brendon and says see ..I live out loud Brendon.

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11:40am – 12am Cassi, Shelly, Rachel are talking about random things out in the backyard. Adam is sitting near by not talking. Jeff comes out and joins them on the couch. Rachel talks about going to Vegas and how she knows everyone. Adam asks her why she decided to go to Vegas. Rachel says that she got her first job offer there as a Chemist right out of school. Rachel talks about how she didn’t like were she was working and had to travel an hour each way on the train …and her friend was making the same amount she made in two weeks …in one night. So she left her job and started working at Wet Bar and the rest is history. They ask her if she misses Vegas now that she is in LA. Rachel says that she missed it the first month she was gone.

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Brendon “I want to have the same kind of relationship as a person I just met and her maybe fake husband for all I know just as long as its not our current relationship..”
Rachel ” Okay Brendon!, I will work on it”


I wonder where Shelly & Khalia really stand. They’ll be the deciding votes. Lawon, Dom, Cassi & Adam will prob vote for Porsche to leave. Jeff, Jordan, Dani & Brendon will vote for Keith to be evicted. So those two votes are gonna decide it. Can’t call it at this point. Shelly’s been playing both sides and Khalia’s been very cryptic. Should be an interesting Thursday show.


Brendon and Rachel are really started to get under my nerves. I wish Rachel would slap Brendon to shut him up grrrrrrrrrrrrr


Rachel says that in a year no one will care who we are.

No one would care who they were if they stayed off TV, but they’ll keep coming back because their relationship is made for TV.


All I can say is YUCK! Brendan is a slick,passive-agressive type. He wants to control Rachel, who I don’t like. But she’s on TV and I’m sure AG and the Producers are all asking her for drama so she has to serve that master as well as Brendan. Besides, they are young people, you are locked up in a house with other young people. Joking around and having fun is what we’ve all done, except theirs is being recorded.

It’s a disaster having those two there, I wish they would put us out of our misery and press the button to leave.

I’m team Cassi all the way at this point. Dominic is second as he at least is playing the game. Not sure what the hell the rest of them are doing. Looks like a bunch of people killing time at a Greyhound Bus depo,waiting for the next bus to come.


Who takes the bus?!!


For starters I’d like to get rid of all of the vets. What a horrible idea the whole thing has been.


Shelly ask Brendon and Rachel if they made the same deal they made with her with anyone else? Brendon and Rachel both say no.

they made the SAME deal with everybody in the house, can’t wait til shelly gets wind of that, but it will be too late


How do you demasculinize a eunuch?


Had to look “eunuch” up, and HAHAHAHAHA so true. You can’t fix that


Haha…He’s like a combo eunuch/Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don’t see what either one of them see in each other. And What ph.d program allows you to constantly interrupt your program to go play arond on reality tv?


Predictions on who’s going home at this point? Seems to depend a lot on Shelly and Adam if I’m understanding it right…


I can see Adam voting for himself, but not Shelly, but I’m not sure who will vote the way Brenchel wants


I’d like to see Keith stay after the game he talked last night with Dani. But at this point I think he’s going.


keith is gone YO !


cant wait for BBAD for the trial of the century……#NOT


“Rachel says that she got her first job offer there as a Chemist right out of school.”

Tell me why this is so hard to believe.

“and her friend was making the same amount she made in two weeks …in one night.”

Now this is easy to believe. Yea you can make a lot of money in 1 night, but it’s not mixing drinks….


History is repeating itself folks! Brenda & Boy George are such douches.


I think Keith leaves Thursday. Brenda and Boy George have NO chance to win this game, I can’t wait for them to be put up. Drama! Anyone else see J/J turning on them soon?


I sure How so!!!


J/J are kinda stuck with them at this point. Really if they don’t win HOH this week. One of those couples is up. But honestly from a game point it makes sense to keep J/J. Jordan already won and in all honesty, they’re really not that great at challenges. Brenchel are annoying as heck but they are pretty beastly at challenges. Thursday should be a good show.


I’m so ticked off Rachel is back this year if i have to hear her cackle one more time I may lose it!


I’m just glad to see Brendon show some self-respect. She was always jerking his chain no wonder he cheated on the internet with a woman who thought he was brilliant. She treats him like the village idiot errr NEANDERTALL


Anybody hear about Dani’s brother replacing Evel Dick? I heard mention he had ‘not yet signed the papers’. Would she have to give the golden key back if she gets a new partner?


I swear the whole ED thing was phony. I DVR’d the premier episode and I noticed when they started the theme music/show intro that the turntable-style thing they store the keys in that they use for the nomination ceremony only had 13 slots (1-13) and this was even before we knew who any of the FOURTEEN contestants were.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why?


The HOH’s key doesn’t go in, they wear it to the ceremony. Therefore, only 13 slots would be needed for the first nomination even though there should have been 14 houseguests.

Dr. Jeese

I am going to find another site. I ask a question five times and Il pill [who must be 8] answers..drink. Lotsa help. Another just gives a website that is no help. WTH is this site for? Later. I only asked because Simon never tells…what happened? I can just wait for CBS if this is a waste of my time. Thanks for all of your help!!!


Dr. Jeese – the question and answer has been posted a bazillion times and after the bazillion and one-th time it starts to drive people insane. Dick said he left because someone needed him and he had needed that person in the past and that person had been there for him thus he would be there for this particular person now. That is all we know, that was all Dick said and he refuses to answer any questions or make any more statements.


The link to Dick’s statement has been posted many times. There’s nothing really to tell, someone needed him so he left. That’s all he said.


Good bye and good luck…. your post is incoherent, which must be the result of too many drinks..


Dick left because someone needed his help




Thanks Ill-at-will I posted it on the side bar if anyone asks them again tell them to look at the side bar of the main site then DRINK 😉

Thanks again

Karen S

Consider… most of your posts, “LIKED”! : )