Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan are up there making deals with people that don’t include us.. *Updated*

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10:55am Rachel, Brendon, and Dani are in the candy bedroom talking in their annoying Bruno voices. Up in the HOH room Kalia is listening to music. Jeff comes up to take a nap. Meanwhile, Adam and Shelly are in the lounge room talking about what the power of veto competition will be like. Adam talks about how working in teams, you are only as strong as your weakest member. Adam says that he really wanted to grab the POV bag and see what other names were in there. Shelly says I am sure they were all in there. Adam says that the strategy is to get out the strong players but that the annoying ones stay in the house. Shelly says yeah and then before you know it they are at the end. Shelly and Adam talk about what the competition will be like. She thinks it will have something to do with rain and filling up buckets because this morning they played It’s raining men.

11am Dominic and Cassi are talking in the HaveNot room. Dominic says that the only person he trusts is her. Cassi says the only person she trusts is Shelly. Dominic says oh thanks. Cassi says I mean after you’re gone. Cassi says that Kalia and Porsche really just jumped ship. They just sucked their faces to them. Cassi says that it really chaps her butt. Dominic says that it really chaps his butt too. Dominic tells Cassi that if a girl really loves you and you are a dead tree in bed ..she will still stay with you. Cassi says stay maybe but she wont be going around blowing your head up about how great you are. Dominic tells her that when she gets it for the first time …she can talk to him. Cassi asks gets what? Dominic says when you have sex for the first time. Cassi asks when I get it from you? Dominic says no from anyone for the first time. Cassi says yeah maybe I’ll be lucky and find someone that just wants to have sex with me.
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11:15am 11:40am Brendon, Rachel, and Dani continue doing the annoying voice in the candy bedroom. All four switch to Adam and Shelly talking in the lounge room. Shelly and Adam talk about how the power definitely isn’t in their hands. Shelly says that they just need to get through this week. Adam and Shelly continue to talk about past competitions. Brendon joins them and they talk about his banged up knees. Shelly says that she feels so bad for him and that she hopes he doesn’t have to crawl on his knees for the competition. Rachel comes in and they talk about random stuff. Then Rachel tells him that she wants to talk to him.

11:45am – 11:55am Rachel and Brendon go into the storage room to talk. Rachel asks Brendon if she would be willing to change the nominations if they won. Brendon said that was fine. Rachel said she wants Cassi and Shelly to go up and Cassi to go home because she is a much bigger threat to them than Dominic. Rachel tells Brendon that Jeff was very stern with her up in the HOH when they suggested getting rid of Cassi this week. Brendon said they would have to talk them into putting Cassi and Shelly up. Rachel tells Brendon that Cassi is really gunning for them. Rachel asks Brendon if he would consider throwing the POV. Rachel says that maybe we should try and win this POV and take Adam and Dominic off the block. Brendon says that Jeff and Jordan have a vested interested to not let us go right now. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan are up there making deals with people that don’t include us. Brendon says that we are not throwing anything ..unless we are 100%.. and there’s never a 100% on anything. Rachel says that Jordan is really easily swayed. Brendon says yeah. Brendon asks who said we should throw the POV? Rachel says that maybe they should throw the veto and letting Dominic and Adam win so they can take themselves off the block so that it would lessen the target on their back. Brendon says their target isn’t going away, so they should try to win it. Rachel says Dani. Brendon tells Rachel to not play with her emotions. Rachel says that she’s not is playing strategic. Rachel says that Dominic and Adam aren’t coming after us right now… and Cassi is! Brendon says that there are a lot of reasons why Jeff and Jordan need us in this game. Brendon says that she can’t ever let Jeff and Jordon know that we are thinking of turning our backs on them. Brendon keeps telling Rachel to SHhhh!!! They end the conversation saying that they aren’t going to throw the POV competition.

12pm – 12:15pm Rachel goes back to the candy room and tell Dani all about her and Brendons conversation in the storage room. Dani says that if we help Dominic, he will help us. Dani tells Brendon that they have a huge target on their back and that at some point you have to see this. Dani says that they should let Dominic and Adam win it so that Dominic will work with them because its too risky to win it and use the POV themselves. Rachel says that we need to win it .. talk to Dominic and make a deal with him. Brendon says that they can just as easily make a deal with Adam. Brendon leaves the room. Rachel says that he doesn’t think Dominic will go after Jeff and not Jordan. Rachel tells Dani to tell Dominic that he needs to trust them that they have a way to save him. Rachel says Cassi is putting ideas in Jordan’s head and says that Cassi is manipulative and needs to go. Dani agrees and says that Cassi is getting into Jordan’s head. Daniele says she already laid the groundwork with everyone about keeping Dominic and getting rid of Cassi. Rachel says her and Brendon have to win, make a deal with Dominic and use the POV on him, and get rid of Cassi. Daniele thinks that will piss Jordan off. She says Jordan and Jeff are only doing what is best for them. Rachel doesn’t really care if using the veto will make Jeff and Jordan mad. Rachel says that getting rid of Dominic only benefits Jeff. Dani and Rachel both agree that Cassi is a snake. Brendon joins them back in the bedroom.
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12:25pm Adam, Rachel, Dani, Dominic, Porsche and Lawon are in the kitchen making lunch and talking about random things.

12:30pm Rachel is in the candy room giving Brendon a massage. Brendon tells her that he is glad that he still turns her on. All the other are in the kitchen talking and joking around. Dani comes out of the diary room and messes with the other houseguests making them think the POV is starting by yelling “Who is ready for ..NOTHING!” Meanwhile, in the kitchen the other houseguests are all talking about and trying to do things that are difficult. Like moving their arms around in opposite directions.

1pm – 1:25pm Rachel and Brendon are in the candy room. Rachel asks him to be nice to him and to stop being mean to her… that they are a team after all. Brendon says okay …at least until the final two when I have to go against you. Rachel asks you’re not going to use the PhD card against me are you? Brendon says that he will tell them that he is just trying to get his PhD to make a difference in the world. Brendon and Rachel talk about what they would do with the money if they won. Rachel says that if she won she would put some money away for taxes, pay for wedding stuff and donate some. Rachel then starts giving Brendon another massage. Rachel and Brendon talk about Meanwhile, Dani and Lawon are talking and joing around in the bathroom. Dani says that she is going to use the annoying voice in the diary room with Michael and that its really going to piss him off. Lawon laughs. Brendon is then told by Big Brother to exchange his microphone.
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Brendon, Rachel, Porsche, and Dani are in the candy room. Kalia and Dominic are playing a game of chess. Rachel and Dani start yelling and joking around with their annoying voices. Brendon says okay ..have we passed the point of ridiculousness…

1:35pm – 140pmBig Brother keeps cutting the live feeds in and out to the we’ll be right back screen. Adam and Dani are sitting in the living room waiting for the POV to happen. While Jeff and Jordan are talking in the HOH room with the door open about going on cruises and how much weight they will gain. They start talking about how gross Brendons toe is and how now after the competition it has a red outline around it .. Dani and Adam head to the bathroom and whisper. Dani says that its not all about winning ..its about getting yourself farther in the game. Adam says I know, I know.. Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen..

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The veterans are finally showing cracks among their alliance. Jordan and Jeff would be smart to align with Cassi/Shelly and Adam/Dominic, and if they win the Veto, take the opportunity to backdoor Brendon and Rachel.


Exactly! Send Brendon home to his Skype and let Rachel self-destruct.


The smartest thing they could do is backdoor Brandon and Rachel and get rid of one of them. If they don’t, BR will go after them as soon as they can and once they are singles, it will get harder because B & R are good at POV competitions.

chick from louisiana

Totally agree. They need to take this opportunity right now while they have it. If not we will see Rachel as HOH again soon. She needs to go.


Yes….Jand J need to realize that Dani is going to side with Brenchel and not them. They need to pair up with Cassie/Shelly and Dom/Adam. They won’t because they don’t see the need to break from the vet alliance just yet.


Rachel says that getting rid of Dominic only benefits Jeff.

and getting rid of Casis benefits Brenchel

Queen Hypocrite


and Brenda is the King


*shiver* it’s so beyond annoying. They are the biggest whinest pathetic people I’ve ever seen!


Rachel is so damn jealous of Cassie cuz Cassie is so damn fine she makes Rachel look like a piece of roadkill laying on the side of the highway.


They’re up there making deals when they should be making sandwiches. It’s almost time for third lunch.


The golden key twist is messing up the randomness of the game, i mean seriously the way it’s going Brenchel will play in ever comps and win them leading to a batter between Jeff and Jordan and them and they will blow through them and win…. I hate how This season is rigged for Brenchel not fair at all.


Yesss, Rachel’s hate for Cassi and Dani’s love for Dominic might save Dom!


Talk about crazy! How can Rachel and Dani be so jealous of Cassi that they can’t even think straight?! Rachel is dreaming if she thinks Dom won’t put B/R on the block. They’re public enemies number one. I can understand why Dani would want Cassi out to an extent…that way Dom stays and she’ll have a partner in crime tho this seems to be Nick 2011 all over again. Evel getting Nick evicted was the best thing he did for Dani their season. Not only will Brenchel sever their partnership with J/J if they take Dom out but they’ll still be on an island again. I guess I completely underestimated how catty girls can be.


If Dom stays, he goes after Brenchel, keeping Dani still safe. But since Dani isn’t physically involved with taking Dom off the block, she has no blood of her hands that will make other people go after her too.
Dani is being very smart with what she does during her Golden Key period. She will be golden in final 10. She’s friends with Brenchel, Dom, and hasn’t done anything to JJ. JJ even said that they think Dani would go after Brenchel before them, so JJ will keep Dani safe.


Dani wants Dom to stay because she has a semi crush on him and is using Rachel’s insecurities to get rid of Cassi. How do they even know Cassi is manipulating Jordan they weren’t there for the convo


Right, Rachel. Like your deal last week with Porsche only benefits you and not JJ and Dani? Are JJ supposed to walk you and your pussyboi to the final 2? What a bitch. And no, Rachel. Jordan didn’t only win the competition because Brendon threw it. We will never know if he would have done well. He might have sucked like he did at the bowling challenge last year. He isn’t very good at things that need coordination. I hope Jeff wins the POV and leaves things the way they are, but I don’t think they will have the votes to keep Adam in the game, cuz Brenchel will be livid and the vets will split up. Or even better, hopefully there is an epic cat fight and Jordan backdoors Brenchel. She would make lots of friends and only a couple of enemies. I don’t think her and Jeff have the balls to do it, but it would be a whole new game and might save this season.


Chloe, you are so right!


Rachel is such an ass!!!! What week is it???? Boy does she play’s with emotions and has no common sense. Throwing your partners under the bus so early, just because you don’t like someone. You are such an ass….I can’t wait until you see yourself in this game. You have no idea what strategic is, you are so full of it. I bet you don’t have any female friends in real life. No wonder you can’t get a job, nor will you ever! Brendon run for the nearest exit, don’t marry her, if you do, you got what you deserve….This is the worst season ever.


She won’t if you been watching she said she never watched her season, this is why Brenda and her think that are such good people, they have not watch how pathetic and immature they acted last season, and the people who are just like them eat it up


This proves why they are the worst social game players in BB history they too retarded to go through their season and study the way they acted that got them evicted and not to bring that into this season but what the idiots do? they brought the same Brenchel back to the game and the same thing is going to happen, but I don;t think they will be evicted because it;s is extremely obvious that this season is being rigged fore them the “golden key twist” has Brenchel written all over it because it guarantees that as long as they are not put up, they will be in every comp and win until the final 10 then they could pick everybody else off JJ can’t hold a candle to them while Brenchel plays a god awful social game, they are excellent in comps.


May i say that what if Legendchel and Legenddon win HOH next week if you guys ever thought of that well now rachel is able to play for hoh next week and she’s gonna get get it and that pov too let’s hope they put the repeats on the block they got to go now….go legendchel and legenddon

BR Fan

Brenden needs to listen to Rachel. Now is the time to use some insurance because J/J going behind there backs and trying to make one of their own. I want them to back door J/J, they are phenoms with BB. This is what they do people!


I’m going to love when the vets (mainly Brandon and Rachel) see that Cassi is not a real threat. And that she didn’t do anything, but stand up to Rachel’s and Porche’s childish antics. This is exactly what Rachel did last year. She had a hand in getting rid of Annie, Monet, and Kristen. None of them were threats to her game. And now she’s trying to do the same thing. She makes everything personal and Brendon backs her up like the true flunky he is. Brendon and Rachel are a sinking ship and I hope the other vets see that. Man I wish Dick was still in the game because he would definitely not be afraid to turn against Rachel and Brendon. I would love every minute of him torturing them with his words too.


This is my favourite comment!! Well said Brandy, if only…


That is exactly what JJ are trying to make a deal to protect them they know the type of people Brenchel are.


I don’t know why b& r think they are so good. They didn’t get to finals last year, and def wont do it this year. Its 2nd elimination and they are already turning on their alliance! Stupid idiots! I cant wait til they get kicked out. Hopefully one before jury!


Dani is playing smart by driving wedge between B/r and J/J. And she is going to be teaming with B/r. She knows if she made the final it nay be hard to get the votes with J or J. She would get them over B or r definitely.


I know! That would be the best if one got evicted before Jury! I hope it’s Rachel. She is so sleazy and such an idiot. If B/B has rigged this for them to win, I will never watch BB again. I don’t know why they think this is good TV. It is so boring and everyone hates Brendon and Rachel. I won’t even give them the satisfaction of combining their name. Brendon and Dani are getting too close. You can see the sparkle in his eyes when he talks to her. How much do you want to bet that Rachel will go after her soon.


ll still watch , because I stopped talking BB seriously when I saw comps rigged for certain people last season and 2 of them were the one Brenchel won Brenda’s HOH, and Rachel’s last HOH


YES! Dom and Adam won POV!


The stupid part is that if Brenchel and Dani just vote to keep Dom, Adam goes home. They have the numbers, but Brenchel is too worried about Cassie to see that. So that tells us that it isn’t about keeping Dom, its about getting Cassie out to make Rachel feel better about herself. I would laugh if Brenchel uses the POV and Jordan puts up Lawan and Kahlua. Lawan would stay and Kahlua who has been kissing Rachel’s ass would be gone. Hoping Dom wins the POV and JJ backdoors Brenchel. Fingers crossed.


Woo-hoo! Adam and Dom won!

Let the scrambling and scheming begin!


LOL….My boy Dom just won POV yo!

To bad Cassi goin bye bye, no more bikini time.


Looks like things are goin good for Dom so far, here’s to hopin that he gets pov and gets to stay and break up jeff and jordan. Team Dom Yo!


Adam and Dominic wins PoV!


Yo Simon don’t do that to me man you put that pov on Dom’s face and I thought he won I got so happy until i realized the pov comp hasn’t started yet.


Scratch that


Do you think there is any chance J&J will put up B/R? That would be awesome! I just think it’s to soon 🙁


it would be very stupid if JJ backdoor B/R bc then next week, they can’t play for HOH and whoever wins will GUARANTEED put them up and unless they win the POV they will be voted out (too risky)…it doesn’t matter what deal they make noone is going to miss the chance to take them out asap


Jeff can play for HOH but Jordan can;t HOH is not couples HOH


oh yeah, i forgot..lolol…but still 3 players vs. only 1 – that is, if this alliance can stay together!


It would be so great if JJ backdoored Brenchel this week. I hope Cassi can somehow stay, and it would be a waste to put up LAwon/Kalia at this point.


hope dom and cassi make a deal with jeff and jordan


Dom needs to just blab to J/J and they can put B/R as replacements! That WOULD be awesome!


Rachel keeps opening her mouth. When will she shut up! Crying to Brendan I did nothing wrong. She say’s that every time she opens her mouth and meanness comes out. Brendan open up your eyes, she is playing you. She is not sorry, she says that to shut you up. Rachel can’t like anyone but herself. Why would you marry someone who only cares about herself. Brendan wake up before it’s too late!!!!


I was startin to like rachael this season but after this week , her old ways is comin back. Shes tryin to start beef with Jordan rite now n its stupid. Jordan should put her up


Bye Bye Cassi


this is getting good


BACKDOOR…..B/R……can we please send Jordan a message!!! Lets go CBS make it interesting!!!


Predictable. Sounds like Rachel had a serious meltdown and she’s showing her true colors because she can’t stand not winning. Please Shelly, talk some sense into JJ and Cassie/Dom. The four of you together can backdoor Brenchel. PLEASE!!!! If they don’t move now, Rachel and Brendon have Dani and Porsche and probably Kahlua. Adam and Lawan would side with Dom and Cassie. Send Brendon home and watch Rachel melt down when she has to suck up to Cassie and Jordan. Please Jordan, don’t put up Cassie and Shelly!


Guess the Ho gets her way again, with her little get all the girls that are prettier than me out, so I can be the center of attention. Does she not realize that all the cosmetic surgery in the world is not going to changed her appearance she will always look like the drunken spawn of Boy George.

Rachel and Brendon were cutting deals with everyone while they were HOH and those deal did not include JJ, but when JJ does it it’s wrong?? someone please smack the shit outta Rachel this is how women like her learn how to act right.


JJ should cut their losses now, and put up brenchel that would be their BEST interest right now, they have no chance against them in comps. JJ only put up dom and adam because they know how pathetic and immature Rachel is with her I hate all girls prettier than me attitude, she hates Porsche too because she is way prettier than Rachel but she is on their side so like Brittney last season they are keeping her around.


I wonder why Rachel is on Slop for 2 weeks? did she get it during the comp or is it punishment for her being herself.


wait…did Dom win POV or not??


Yea he won… I’m guess RacHO threw it to him or something so she can get the pretty girl out, Casos was no threat to them, she just wanted her out because she Wishes she looked that good, dream on Boy George


yes, Dominic won pov!!!!!!


Go Brendon and Rachel!!!! and goodbye Cassi – she had her chance but was stupid.


If JJ don;t backdoor Brenchel now, they are only proving what America knows how completely worthless they are, if a special power is not handed to them….


I want Brenchel to get backdoored too, but that would hurt JJ in the long run cause they would be targets eventually with no one to help them, Im really hatin rachel right now she is so fake


Simon, Dawg, when r u guys gonna change that pic in the swim suit? I’m a female and tired of looking at that camel toe!!! LOL


They should be rotating between guys and girl.. i’ll add some more dudes tonight to even it up


it’s not the fact of it being a female, it’s the CAMEL TOE!! LOL oh, well, I guess guys like camel toes


I know u guys really love shelly and dani but shelly will not make it into the top 6 u cant play both sides and expect not to get burned her strategy is going up in flames if she doesnt pick a side to be on


now is not the right time to put up Brenchel. Jordan can’t compete for HOH next week and Jeff might not win it either. Brenchel is good at comps. They still need them in their alliance right now for safety purposes.


Actually this is the perfect time to put up Brenchel because if Rachel gets sent home, Brendon gets the golden key and cant compete in challenges till final ten and then they can easily get him up and then BRENCHEL IS GONEE!!!! That easy!
I really like Cassi and Dom and they are the smartest Newbs and i would like to see the newbs make it farther and maybe beat the vets…
SO i think that JJ should align w/ Cassi, Shelley, Dom and then thats the smartest alliance ever…they can get out Dani (cause shes dangerous), Kalia and Lawon, and Por and Brenchel easily. Thats the smartest way to go and JJ should also ask Lawon and maybe Dani for a little bit to join their side cause then Dani gets her wishes with Dom and they have a bigger alliance.