Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel tells Dani that once Jeff gets rid of all the guys, he will be going after Brendon. Rachel is pissed because Brendon would never go after Jeff..

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8:10am – 9am Big Brother tells the its time to get up for the day. Shelly, Rachel, Porsche, Dani and Brendon are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Rachel says its a good thing we didn’t sign a pre-nup. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. All the other houseguests are in the kitchen making breakfast. Adam is in the kitchen talking about how he makes fried chicken. In the bathroom, Rachel is asking if they got any boob footage of her. She says they didn’t get any of me last year. Brendon says maybe this year. She says she doesn’t want them to get any boob footage. Dani asks Rachel where she would like some boob footage. Rachel says in Brendons wallet he doesn’t forget. Adam comes into the bathroom and says he is ready for this day to start. Rachel asks him if he ate. He says he had a shake. Rachel tells him he better eat …you want to be ready for the competition (Power of Veto competition). In the kitchen Dominic asks Dani if she would shave her eyebrows for the POV. Dani says yeah. Shelly tells Dominic that its easy for a girl, they can just draw them back on.

Rachel asks Adam if at this point in the game, would he take a one week slop pass. Adam says no. Big Brother tells Brendon,Please move his mic higher. Rachel says that Brendon is getting in trouble for everything this morning. Shelly says Brendon, Please make it a point to show your abs to all the ladies in the morning. Rachel says that she likes that!

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9:10am Dani and Kalia are talking in the bedroom talking about the nominations and about Cassi. Dominic and Adam are in the havenot bedroom talking about the power of veto competition. Dominic talks about how they need to really fight for this one, there’s nothing else to do ..we have three couples to beat. Dani and Kalia are whispering in the other bedroom. Kalia says that yesterday when Cassi was in the room all day she was selling everybody else out, Jordan Jeff.. Dani says that she told her that they think Dominic is their main threat. Kalia says that Jeff doesn’t understand why…freaking out over Cassi, it’s ridiculous. Adam joins them in the bedroom. Dani asks him why he looks so down in the dumps? Are you just hungry, you don’t get any bacon. Adam says that he is just down because he doesn’t have something from home and he’s bummed because he can’t sing. The thrill is over. I’ve already been on National Television, the thrill is over. Kalia starts talking about a dream she hed where she saw someone get murdered. She says that after she woke up she couldn’t get back to sleep because Lawon was snoring. Adam starts talking in an announcer voice. Dani and throws the weather over to Dominic. Dominic says that it’s cloudy with a chance of suck on a big dick. Kalia says Oh my, now that’s my kind of thing. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

9:40am – 10:35am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to TRIVIA for the houseguests to pic the power of veto players.Jeff, Dominic, Adam, Rachel and Brendon are picked to play for the POV. Dani will be the host of the POV competition. Rachel and Kalia are up in HOH. Kalia says to Rachel yu get to play again, you’ll probably win too. Kalia talks about how she would want to play for fun because it would be something to do, but that she doesn’t mind watching either. Kalia leaves the HOH room. Brendon, Rachel and Jordan are up in the HOH room talking. Brendon says so Adam is gonna throw POV? They talk about how that is what he said he would do. They talk about if the power of veto will be a competition for couples. Rachel says that the worst way it can go is if Dominic and Adam win. Rachel, Brendon, and Adam continue to talk about how Cassi is still trying to rally the troops. Jeff comes up to the HOH and tells them what does it matter if we talk to Cassi and try and swing her to our side. Jeff says that if she wins HOH she will come after us … so what does it matter if we talk to her. Rachel says Cassi plays the victim and that drives her nuts. Brendon says that he will never trust Dominic either. Brendon tells Rachel that she is playing too emotional and that Cassi isn’t. Brendon says that Cassi probably hates all the girls, but at least she pretends to like them. Brendon says that Cassi has the best social game. Rachel says that Porsche is smart but she can’t keep her mouth shut. Brendon says that all of them can’t keep their mouths shut and they can use it to their advantage.

10:50am Most of the houseguests are trying to rest and take a nap now while they wait for the Power of Veto Competition to begin. Kalia goes up to the HOH and tells Jordan who is trying to sleep that she just wants a fruit rollup. Kalia and Jordan talk about Cassi. Jordan talks about how she told Cassi that she was considering putting up Adam/Dominic or Shelly/Cassi …Jordan says that she told Cassi that the only reason she was thinking of putting her up ..was because Cassi has never talked game with her so she doesn’t know where her head is at. Kalia talks about how each week the focus shifts to a different target each week. Kalia says that she is with Jordan and them because she can trust them. Jordan says that if other came after Kalia.. that they would protect her.

10:50am Rachel tells Dani in the candy bedroom that Jeff got angry when Rachel suggested putting up Cassi and for them to get rid of her this week. Rachel tells Dani that once Jeff gets rid of all the guys, he will be going after Brendon. Rachel is pissed because Brendon would never go after Jeff.

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Penny Lane

“Jeff, Dominic, Adam, Rachel and Brendon are picked to play for the POV. ”

I hope that’s a typo. Why would Rachel AND Brendon be picked?

Rachel needs to stop banging the same drum over and over again about Cassi. Her jealousy is sickening and she’s only projecting all of her sins on a woman who happens to beat her out in the looks and brains department. I do think she and Brendan are perfect together though, since they’re both morons. He’s a control freak worried about how Rachel comes across, but that didn’t seem to bother him when he cheated on her three times, had his peen spread all over the internet, and then acted like a little baby on youtube. Look in the mirror hypocrite – you both come across like no class bottom feeders.


Because BB12 was partially rigged for them(Brenda’s HOH one of Rachel’s HOH was obvious rigged) and BB13 is totally rigged for them this year, BB knows how well they play in comps, they will be in every comp and most likely win…


“Rachel says Cassi plays the victim and that drives her nuts.”

AGAIN she is describing herself…. goddamn


It wasn’t that tough for them to be picked. Remember they play as couples. Dom and Adam and Jeff/Jordan were already in. Only one other couple gets picked for POV and the only 3 eligible were Brenchel, Kalia/Lawon, or Shelly/Cassi. Dani and Porsche can’t play.


Because just like last week, for the POV they draw for which duo will play, not individual players.

Though it’s suspicious that they were drawn. If I was Dom and Adam I’d grab that bag and dump out the tokens to make sure that it wasn’t rigged.


Love it! Dani is slowly going to force a wedge between jj and br. Smart move! Cant wait for Rachel to have her first blow up. That girl is (in a lawon impression) a ticking time bomb ready to eSSplode! Hahaa.


I love how Brenchel think they should never be nominated for eviction like this isn’t a GAME! Ugh…they’re really stupid if they think their going to coast all the way to the end without being nominated.


Dani is starting to piss me off! Isn’t it too early to want to break off the Vets because of Dom? Lets face it, she cant manipulate Jeff thats why she’s trying to get into Rachel’s head! It’lll be interesting to see to see who B/R, Dani vote to evict if Dom/Adam don’t win the POV


“Rachel is asking if they got any boob footage of her. She says they didn’t get any of me last year. ”

OMFG Is Rachel that stupid or did she not watch any of last season….

There are about 20+ shots of her boobs , 5 shots of her snatch, a few shots of her ass……………. Brenda knows this that’s why he is so protective, he knows America has seen everything Rachel has and we’ll never get the horror of her snatch out of our minds

Penny Lane

Yeah, if only Brendan were as protective of having the world see his own equipment. Like I said – he’s a major hypocrite.


Deja Vu! These braindead conversations are repeating over and over and over every day, and not just with different people. They run through the same dialogue every hour. Can’t these guys talk about anything else? ‘Cassie is pretty, Rachel is jealous, somebody’s lying, Datsun’s stupid’….. repeat, repeat, ad nauseum. Sometimes I think I am reading yesterday’s headlines, but no, they just keep saying the same old sh**. At least the pov will stir things up a bit. We need an upset by a newbie.


Does anyone else think that Production could pick who played in POV comps cause of the whole chip thing? It’s possible that 3 chips could have rachels name and 2 could have cassi’s (just examples) and the HG would never know!


They do pick who plays that is obvious , the only chips that are i those sacks are the POV players


AG could rig the POV chips but doubtful. If that were true BB fans would stop watching. Now comps, that’s another story.


I think the veto bag is rigged with only the names of the vets. I think the producers of the show want the vets to go far. When has the outgoing HOH ever picked the lineup for the next HOH competition????

Day Yum Yum

Cynical, I was wondering the same thing. Since when does the outgoing HOH pick the lineup for the next HOH comp? Obvi, AG is rigging it for B/R!!


How awesome would it be if jeff and jordan made it to the finale? That would be the best. I wish there were more cute scenes of JJ this season 🙁


JJ: I agree. They are a laid back yet interesting couple. I liked them in their first season and I like them this year too. They are just so darn likeable!


one way this season is unfair is that whoever is on the block and is the target of the house is screwed…cause of all these deals with partners to throw the pov. Even if shelly/cassie had been picked to play for pov and they won it…shelly would not have wanted to use it and you need 2 people to agree to use it before you can use it. So this whole golden key non sense and playing as partners is horribly unfair cause no one gets to actually physically fight for their right to stay in the house…its going to just be a house of floating newbies (and ive never complained about floaters before) and some vets with no real game. *fingers crossed that big brother rigs next week in favor of the newbies so we can see something different* also: there has been a few people pointing out that the regulators was like the brigade…but i really think the veterans are playing with the brigade strategy…the 5 of them have endeared themselves to different newbies and because of that are picking who they want to go home….the only saving grace of this concept is brenchel and jejo are starting to fracture cause dani is smarter than them and is doing what matt should have done before the brigade started to suspect him….by breaking them up and making them suspicious of others in the alliance.