Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel says Dani was right we should of Backdoored Jeff when we had the chance

8:12pm Brendon, Rachel and Jordan Hot tub rachel is talking about Shelly and her lies. rachel: “Shelly said she wanted the couples to win” Jordan swears she never said that to her (shooting straight.. ) Rachel: “ohh I thought you did.. well someon said that then”. Jordan brings up boston rob and how he said that he won survivor because he was able to tell stories to everyone and because nobody talked to each other to confirm if it was true.
Brendon leaves.
Rachel says that shelly has made a final 3 deal with BR and a final 3 deal with JJ. Jordan trying to defend shelly says “i don’t know its all just so tireing.. we have to keep the numbers there going to pick us off one by one” (LOL.. “they will pick us off one by one” is the standard line Jordan gives everyone it’s her Jeff approved game talk)

Rachel: I know … .Silence.. you’re costume is so cute…. silence…….
(hahahaha Rachel knows Jordan is full of BLANK, Jordan is very transparent and the look on rachel’s face is of pure evil)

Jeff and Brendon start up a game of pool…

Rachel says she doesn’t know what shelly has been telling JJ but brendon and rachel have always been with JJ they’ve stuck their necks out for them.
Jordan: “ohh ohh yeah yeah.. I know you are”
Jordan brings up they should have won HOH but they didn’t so matter how you cut it they will lose a member this
week. (Unless kalia pulls a lawon and volunteers to go up and dani pulls a kalia and puts Kalia up)
Jordan says that Adam isn’t going to vote with DK because they got mad at him for last week(shooting straight)

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8:30pm Hammock BR (BR JJ split is on)
rachel give brendon a debriefing outlining the conversation with Jordan. Says that Jordan completely trusts shelly over her and she’s just appalled by it. Rachel can’t understand why JJ would choose SA over them. rachel calls SA useless. brendon points out that JJ are not known for their stunning comp wins. Racehl adds that JJ are not going to vote for them if they get put up next to Shelly, “I can’t believe it… why have they flipped on us”

They decide they needs to convince Dani to put Jeff up, they just go up there tonight and give them the full run down that is going on in the house. Brendon and Rachel have figured out that JJSA are a final 4. Rachel: “Jeff is useless absolutely useless… all he has a temper…. They got this army of useless players”
Rachel: “they are so stupid they flipped on us I know that now.. chose the 2 strongest players for 2 of the weakest”

BR start to become worried that Dani may be listening to JJ and is falling for all their BLANK. Brendon: “all these people are affraid of jeff becuase of his temper he doesn’t really win BLANK”. Rachee: “they have these minions.. dani needs to know.. I can’t believe they go to bat with Shelly and not for us”.
Brendon: “The bottom line if I get put up and I go home you have to join Kalia, dani and POrsche.. the house is divided in half” Brendon doesn’t care he tells her they will talk to dani lay it all out tell her everything we know, be honest and if she takes it we’re good with her but I she doesn’t Rachel needs to befriend her and join the girls because JJSA will put her up first chance. Rachel says brendon should stay in the game, he has a much better chance if he teams up with Dani. Brendon tells her she can do this she knows where the people are at now.
Brendon: “Shelly is the BLANK rat in this game”
rachel: “How the BLANK can they beleve Shelly and trust her”
brendon: “JJ are not bright people they are simple minded”
Rachel: “Even Dani knows Shelly is a liar”
Rachel says they should of listened to Dani when she wanted to backdoor jeff.. Rachel adds that at the time they felt closer to JJ than dani and Dom, but now they know that JJ were building a army with SA and dani tried to tell them.

Rachel points out that Shelly took the opportunity after Brendon left to bump Rachel out of the JJ alliance and she moved in to number 3. Rachel could tell on Shelly face when brendon came back that she wasn’t happy.

8:45 HOH DKP

(Porsche is like thei little spy its hilarious)
Porasche saying that she’s heard JJBR was talking and they over heard Jordan saying taht they will get picked off one at a time. Dani scoffs at Jordan says maybe Jordan would win something then they wouldn’t get picked off. Kalia brings up that Jordan walks around the house and complains about everything when she’s never been the target. POrsche: “It’s not the holiday she wanted”

Porsche leaves DK

Dani is talking like they she is going to backdoor brendon. She adds that the following 2 weeks they need to put up Jeff and Rachel. Dani mentions that Rachel told her that Shelly is saying Dani is the worst Big Brother Player ever. Dani doesn’t believe it but she’s going to keep that around as ammunition for later try and stir up some BLANK between SR. Dani reminds Kalia that during the fast forward week they usually have quick physical comps so they need to send Jeff home before that. Dani brings up Jordan says to Kalia that she’ll have to put her up eventually. Kalia really doesn’t want to.. (this is why the dunce camp is on Kalia) Dani tells her to remember when Kalia was HOH and how Jordan acted when Kalia won.

9:50pm Backyard BR and JJ. BR say they will go up tomorrow sometime and talk to dani.. Adam walks out starts to chit chat..

10:00pm Shelly Shooting straight in 24hour confinement

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Team DKP

I never thought I would like rachel mire than Jordan O_O

Team DKP

*more* jordan needs to go home, there’s other useless people in the house that can stay.


AGREED. I just do not understand and will never understand WHY people want JJ to win so much!!!! I watch many reality shows and I can always understand the front runners or “America’s Fave” but why the F do people want JJ to win? Jordan doesn’t do anything… Jeff is a jerk … and not the Evil Dick funny kind of jerk – the annoying, uncool, douchebag kind of jerk. I loved seeing JJ fans yesterday defending him telling Jordan to shut the hell up and bad mouthing her in front of everyone. I’m sure her fans on this site are his family – cause there is no reason to like JJ in this game. Not only that – Jordan has already won the $500,000, Jeff won $60,000 and $10,000 last week…and apparently – he just won money again in the POV competition. You’ve made enough – time for the two of you to go get a job. I’d even rather have Brenchel (who haven’t won anything) win something!


Well said.


Its the edit! And they are terrible players and they were very much the underdogs their season. … mostly because they are complete idiots. But anyway yeah it comes down to the edit. Anyway I’ve always preferred Rachel and Brendon to J/J altho you’re talkiing about four of my bottom 5 people on television


If you followed JJ past BB you would know what kind of people they are…yeah Jordan is very unsophisticated and not very intelligent in a worldly way but Brenchel are just gross and mean. Brenden has about as much social skill as a dead rat. Rachel and Brenden both need therapy and talk about needing to get a job… If Btenchel would stop trying to win their income through life, maybe they could afford to get married. Although IMO that will be a waste of $ since it won’t last.


Could be the lesser of two evils….Come on RacHell doesnt even remember who it was that offered her shoulder to cry on when Brendone went home, who babysat her talking to her when no one else wanted to. She was a mess and Jordan was there for her.

Now lets talk about Brendone, he is a wuss to a spoiled brat. Just because they think they win comps, doesnt mean they have; because I havent seen Brendone win any HOH comps this season. They are nothing but drama and that makes for good TV. Plain and simple its like an episode of Jerry Springer with these two.

RacHel saying, no one was there for me….short memory. She is a mess, she still goes on about how her and Brendone should have won the Ultimate Wedding from Crate and Barrel…Sheesh I bet their application to the contest went the rounds at crate and Barrel’s office.

They both are delusional, Brendone always talking about he will get his PH’d blah blah blah, but what company is going to want to hire him?? Especially when RacHell is calling the office every 10 minutes…”Bookie the mail man didnt say hi to me today, I think he says hi to everyone else but me wha!” Its a train wreck, and we are all watching because she has a meltdown at least once or twice a week.

As for Jordan and Jeff well they are a good looking couple, and if Jordan is useless at least she isnt as insecure as RacHell. So she won already which is an accomplishment NONE of the other houseguests can also say.

As for Jeff may be a bit of a hot head but in my opinion RacHell’s outbursts are far worse than anything he has done or said in this competition.. Her antics are childish, immature and ridiculous….act your age not your IQ number. Intelligence is not measured by book smarts, the simplest of individuals are able to solve some of the most complex problems without a degree.

Now I am not saying I am team JJ or BR what I am saying is you can talk crap about Jordan all day long and call her useless butt she is the only one in the house that has ever won the game….the rest are all trying to attain what she already has. So perhaps she doesnt see the need to be aggressive and perhaps her game play is based on letting the others cause drama and backstab then she can ride that out, because she isnt a threat.

Just my opinion, nothing more. Really am enjoying watching this season tho just like all the others I am a fan of the game!!!


HAHAHHAH, I hated that Brendon was voted back and badly wanted Dom in the house…but it actually was the best thing that could have happened to Dani!! If Brendon was not voted back, Rachel would’ve stuck with JJ until she was backdoored by them. Dani gained 2 people, not one. I still don’t want Brenchel to win of course, but anything to get JJSA out I’m fine with!


Simon – since you’re an expert on the feeds… the other day I was watching them and noticed that Rachel, Jordan, and Jeff were sleeping in the have not room and ilke 10 min after they fell asleep BB woke them and the whole house up (I think it was the day of evictions). Then all of the house guests headed to the HOH room and slept there. Dani and Adam were awake (and the feeds stopped). What was going on…? Why did they all head to sleep in the HOH room? Thanks simon! Love the site btw!!! Greatly appreciate it.


Simon, have you ever tried out for BB?


How could anyone have sympathy for BR? JJS went out of their way to keep that ugly person in the house and the second she was safe and lover boy was back in the house they sold them out. Not so much as a thank you.JJ babied her,when I personaly wanted to shot the tv,but she told Brandon they were so mean to her.She is an ugly ugly person. The thought that those two will breed one day-God Help Us!


same here!!! im so happy brendon and rachel are getting smart, i hate them, but i really want DKP to team up with them and backdoor jeff, hes such an ass =(


I am SO right there with you. I loved Jeff and Jordan in their season, and never really liked Rachel in hers. I didn’t hate her like most of the world, and I felt sorry for her, but I never rooted for her. I think she’s my favorite this season. That bothers me a little bit. 😛 I want to see BR team up with Dani. Couldn’t care less about KP.


Funny how SHELLY DID say Dani was the worst player OR WAS A BAD PLAYER….I forget


I can’t wait when Jordan sees Shelly was playing EVERYONE all along!


Shelly isn’t playing JJ. She has been on Team JJ since Day 1.


Didn’t Shelly make a final 3 deal DK? That sounds like playing both sides. Shelly even admitted to playing both sides in the DR.


Yes, but then she said she had no intention of keeping it not very long after she said it. Frankly, she’s made lots of “deals” but she loves JJ and all last week was about keeping that alliance strong so I believe that is where her true loyalties lie.


yes but by making deals with everyone she is taking away potential allies from JJ so how is that really being loyal to them, not to mention she is lying by omission (bc she is not telling them about these deals so that they can’t benefit) please the woman (man?) is ridiculous

Kalia for life

simon why do you and everyone in the house hate b of br

Midwest Fan

Keep it up and you’ll be invited to their Wedding.

( I do agree with you.)

Kalia for life

ill go to that cause the only people i am still watch is there drama and the rest are of the house guest are eating and lay down or talking trash about how bad the have it made in the house or 3 of them think there the newbies are going to win it without win anything. so that why i will go to there wedding cause i want to thank them for a semi good season bb 13 was


I think there’s medication for your condition LOL

Kalia for life

you like these other kats better like jeff and jordon and miss fatty that lay in bed all day

Godless Monkey

And I’m finding Jordan almost laughable in defense of Shelly to BR in light of Shelly’s lies being exposed, almost as if Jordan thinks she can bullshit BR into believing she’s not in an alliance with the Straight Shooter. Does she even realize that Rachel is on to her??


Sleep deprivation makes you believe crazy things!

Kalia for life

wow your funny. go with team im stay in my room and lay in bed and eat gain 10 pound and walk off 1 pound that makes me a good bb 13 player


Simon any way Dani could be keeping KP out of the loop w/ keeping Brendon?

Once BR lays out what is going on I don’t see why she would not go after an opposing alliance of 4, then someone who would be w/ her.


Omg Simon you and I are wombmates

Karen S

I hope I don’t regret this… but I agree that I’m finding sympathy for BR… I was hoping they would team up with Dani.
Take the deal.. and more likable yes.. but I’m really disgusted with Jeff and Jordan this year.


Simon – you’re liking BR right now? Sorry, dude but, I have to say it …send me your address and I’ll call your local pharmacy and have your perscription refilled ASAP! 😉



I agree… never thought I’d feel this way!!!


I find them likable now as well. I don’t know what it is though? I think it’s because they’re not taking the game personal anymore, and they’re actually thinking logically this go round.


Nah…you just like them because their kissing Dani’s ass,if BR stay let’s see how well all thier bandwagon fans like them after they boot Dani.


I don’t think you know me to say why I like them. I think I just stated why. I’m guessing you’re a JJ fan. I don’t take the game personal. I like watching game play and enjoy some of the HG’s which happens to be Dani. If she get’s booted by BR then touche to them. I could careless who get’s booted. It’s just TV, remember that. JJ have the numbers and BR will be targeted next. Smartest move is to team up with Dani.


no it’s bc they really aren’t doing anything wrong and they keep getting the shaft from everyone, there are players in this house who don’t do anything, who can’t win comps, who throw comps, who manipulate and lie and cheat WAY MORE than BR, who make stupid deals just to make them and then make the worst eviction choices ever —and yet BR remain the most targeted and disliked in the house…it’s like out of habit, noone is even thinking, bc if they were, jeff would be going home, shelly would be having a real reason to cry and kalia would shut the hell up…there has to be some kind of natural order prevailing that doesn’t involve the dumb, submissive, blond and vulgar, bullying, jock coasting to the win AGAIN


Dani you need put Jeff up…geez that girl has been winning comps..but her gameplay is HORRID!


Hey Simon and Dawg I’ve been using this site for a few weeks now and haven’t posted before, but I would just like to comment on “10:00pm Shelly Shooting straight in 24hour confinement” <— and all I have to say is I laughed


me too! i think i laughed at that one more than any other headline so far!


I hope the JJ-fan bots who voted Brendan back in feel like big idiots right now! (Eye roll)


Yeah, I do feel like a big idiot right now.

Bubbly Pie

Sure don’t!

Even though there is a good chance Brendon might leave, people in the house are now seeing the straight shooter for what she is, a player that shoots hoops in both baskets.

And besides BR have shaken the game up and YES made it more entertaining, I feel it would be a snooze fest without them there.


yall call watching that whinney witch entertaining? the obnoxious brendon left the house for goodness sake he wasnt 6ft under!


I’m a JJ fan and absolutely did NOT vote him back. I voted for Dom

I don’t believe he was voted back in. Also, I believe that a lot of people who did vote for him did so because they were hoping to see Rachel’s face when she had to go against him to stay in the house. A lot of people thought she was the one who was going to be evicted.


I can’t believe that now I like BR better than JJ… I would have never guessed. I even think that Rachel looks prettier now!


They’re actually acting normal now. It’s weird. Rachel did a complete 360 when Brendon came back.


Gross. There is nothing attractive about Rachel.


Funny, I was thinking that too. Dumping the Vegas look really benefits Rachel.

Dani, be smart and backdoor Jeff or Jordan. Even though she can’t win a comp unless it’s handed to her, I’d almost like to see the last more for the drama. Jeff would go ballistic.


u mean useles people like porsche who has not done anything in this game.


They say hindsight is 20/20 right? B/R were too drunk with power to consider anything Dani had to say from that original alliance. They were barking orders at everybody and daring you to challenge them. Now that they’ve been knocked down a few pegs, they are willing to consider teaming up with Dani if one of them is booted. The mighty have really fallen.

Is Shelly still alive in that photo? Get CSI on the scene!


It’s actually the smartest thing for BR, that if B goes home, R teams up with DKP, D & R have won the most comps and together on the same team, DKPR would have a better chance of picking off JJSA. Unfortunately, with R (be it with or without B) she’s very unpredictable and Jeff could intimidate her into joining JJSA. Right now, watching BBAD and hearing JJ, I’m worried that they’re actually considering voting out S and keeping B as they said S can’t win shit and keeping BR on their side might be the best game move for them. I wonder if” straight shooter” would still want JJ to go to final two if they voted her out though.


Yeah,it’s really the only viable option. I see Rachel already cozying up with Kalia who will fall for anything just so long she’s ‘liked’. And J/J are ruthless, they will sacrifice anybody to further there game. Their relationship with Shelly is no longer beneficial, so she’s baggage and time to cut her free to them.


Dani needs to backdoor Jeff. She needs take her ass out of the HoH room and so socialize! Ugh…she needs to scoop out BR because they’re seriously turning on JJ and if she wasn’t in the HoH all the time she would know that. Smh…I freaking hate HoH syndrome!


is dani really going to put up brendon? …sigh its so hard to tell what shes thinking i really hope she puts up jeff like the original plan


Rachel says Dani was right we should of Backdoored Jeff when we had the chance

LMFAO oh the irony


LOL! I found that quite funny too. The “I told you so” always hurts when you find out you’re wrong in the end.


I know, that cracked me up as well. If R only knew what was about to happen to B! However, JJ now considering keeping B and voting out S has me worried. I hope it’s just something they’re tossing around, and that they won’t actually do it. Otherwise, this could totally screw Dani’s chances of going to the end.


Jeff and Jordan are definitely wearing bifocals when it comes to Shelly.
They all needs to go and I am starting to think so Bacon man.


Nothing Brendon and Rachel could do would ever make me like them. They talk bad about people and now they are turning on their own alliance and yet they still wonder why no one likes them.


Yea because that’s what you never do in BB is turn on your alliance. Please…BR are being smart. They know about JJSA and are now at the bottom of the totem poll. Now they’re saying FU to JJ and teaming up with Dani. It’s part of the game.


JJ turned on BR a long time ago when they started making deals with Shelly and Adam. Now BR are just starting to catch on, however it may be too late. I think BR should’ve turned on JJ a long time ago, but they actually trusted them. Their alliance was completely pointless because JJ never did shit. During tonight’s veto comp, Jeff took all the money because he is a greedy jerk. All Jordan does is complain, complain, complain. But if you support this kind of bullshit, then so be it. I think Brenchel deserves to be there. And it sucks that they have to continually work their ass off while most of these other people just talk about them all freakin day and eat cake.

SoCal Suks!

Watchin’ BBAD Rachel walks like she has a tampon stuck up her ass, or something rigid…jus’ sayin’


I don’t have the feeds but from what I see from the synopsis on this site is that as a BR hater from day one (I threw up in my mouth when they walked back in the house) I have to give them credit for figuring out the JJSA alliance. AND for for Brendan telling Rachel o align w/ the girls if he leaves.

Looks like they got a sprinkle of common sense with their humble pie.

Midwest Fan

Jordan asked Jeff if he will take her on a vacation with his winnings, and if so, will she need to
to bring some cash?
He tells her, “Yes!”



it’s so obvious Jeff is SO NOT INTO Jordan. I feel bad for her (in that regard only) because you can see in her eyes she’s like “please love me” but he’s so nonchalant like ugh get out of my face! JJ fans keep making excuses for them but the reason they aren’t affectionate is not bc of the cameras it’s bc he doesn’t like her that way! What (straight) man do you know lays in the bed with his girlfriend with separate blankets? I’d be offended if my boyfriend didn’t at least TRY to get a little action after 50 days!!!


I agree, she’s not sexy at all, just REALLY adorable I’ll be money he thinks of her as more a flirty little girl who has a crush on him. I just can’t see him wanting to have her legs in the air.


Oh gosh no! If I went on air with my bf and was in the same situation as them, there is no way there would be any action! Classless and disgusting! Save it for the bedroom in your own home with no cameras for all of America to see!


WTH!? Nobody said anything about Brenchel c** stained sheets ACTION, but there is absolutely NOTHING classless or disgusting about being affectionate and sleeping UNDER THE SAME BLANKET with your boyfriend! Dominic got more action from Dani!

Jeff doesn’t like Jordan. He’s putting on for the money. And that’s all there is to it.


Agree. Earlier on JJ were in supply room, she was sitting on counter he was standing in between her legs. They fast as lightening changed their positions to casual. I do think as a mature adult in a healthy mature relationship – this is exactly how to behave on national television. I see a lot of love & the next step – respect in JJ. BR relationship will never make it to the next stage.




i feel bad that you think this is what a normal relationship is…

they don’t have to be sexual, the whole thing with her family is an excuse, i am SURE her grandmother wouldn’t mind if Jeff oh i don’t know touched her arm even or kissed her once or maybe, who knows, was a nice human being to her??? not to mention that she rubs him all the time and HE DOESNT TOUCH OR LOOK AT HER, they only have real conversations about the game…

did you hear today she was asking him like a child if he would take her on a vacation—-and he was like yeah yeah yeah whatever

he lusts dani even if he hates her, trust me on this….

SoCal Suks!

why the hell is Jordo eating alone? she looks sad and lonely, she’s soooo damn cute! I love you Jordan!! or is that a production thing?


Hmm so whos going up simon Brendon?



FINAL FOUR: Rachel/Dani/Porsche/Kalia





If Dani is smart she’ll BD Jeff and get rid of Brendon the next oppurntunity she gets.


totally agree, it just seems that people are so afraid of Jeff that they won’t do it. I actually thought Dani had balls, but she’s just like everyone else in the house, so afraid to put up Jeff.


Why is Jeff such an a$$ to Jordan?? I feel so bad for her. And she just takes it.


I really do think once rb talk to dani shell change her mind and put up Jeff. Everything they have said has been purely logical. What do you think Simon and what do you thinks the best decision she could make?


I’m soooooo glad BR are seeing the Light! They put their emotions aside and started using their heads. JJ are NOT loyal. JJ has been talking mad shit about BR & plotting against them for a while now & BR were holding them DOWN prior to this week. The jig is up! 
Kalia is still so dumb omg why does she exist! She STILL believes & trusts Shelly & said that Rachel is the liar. WTF doesn’t she understand?? and Dani is still feeling sorry for that prune face snake. So frustrating! Porsche & Rachel are the only ones that TRULY see shelly for the snake she is but unfortunately they’re the 2 that are least believable in the house. The straight shooter is about to slither her way out of this I can’t believe it!

the truth

You guys are only liking BR because you guys support dani and with this going on, dani could have not wished for a better outcome. Either way, BR will be ran over from both sides


Well from what I’ve seen tonight on BBAD, it sounds like Dani will target Brendon.


Yo are you watching Shelly and Dani talking by havenots door. They actually seem pretty close. Dani just assured her that she will be safe and Brendon is going up.


Dani is just telling straight shooter that. when she originally made the deal with BR, they agreed to act as if they still were on opposite ends and dani also said she wasn’t going to tell anyone anything. i think she will put jeff up. she is just straight shooting the breeze with the straight shooter.

SoCal Suks!

Oh Snap! just realized what Rachel looks like.. a muhfukn Albino Sleestack! (land of the lost reference)


Alliance is the new 4 letter word in the BB house!
There have been more alliances in this house than Octomom has kids.

Makes me miss the brigade!


the Brigade owned. that was a real alliance, even though they kicked out the brains.


I figured Shelly the snake would’ve slithered through one of the vents and escaped isolation by now.

It has to be torture in that padded room and you can’t turn the lights off.


Has BR spoken with Dani yet?


Am I the ONLY one still stuck on the “Rachel kissing Brendon’s balls” comment? Just can’t get that mental pic out of my head… And thanks to the “floaters” drink and “rigged” drink I’ve been drunk all weekend… what shall we drink to next? Ok with anything but Brendon’s balls


I wish they would stop switching the feeds to Shelly.


Simon, who are your favorites-least favorites in the house?


All game aside, they actually all seem like pretty good people


And Kalia? lol


i guess you don’t like kalia?


or Jordan….you forgot Jordan….but don’t worry, i think jordan forgot she was in this game too!


We alol know jeff has a deal with cbs and he will win


Ugh, so tired of Rachel. She is manipulative and doesn’t recognize her meanness.


You think Rachel is manipulative. No one likes her in the house so how can she manipulate anyone? Shelly the straight shooter is the manipulator.

Let me translate your comment: I hate Rachel because she is with Brendon.

Geez, please get over it, Rachel has Brendon and that is the way it is.


She totally turns people’s words around to try to get whomever she’s talking to to feel sorry fo her. And, imo, Brendon is no catch, so who really cares if “Rachel has Brendon?”


Is dani’s plan to backdoor jeff or Brendon? It’s very difficult to tell what’s she thinking because she always has wooden expression. It would be in best interest to bd jeff, rather brendon.


You people just like BR now because you don’t like JJ and they are selling them out. Just be real!!


I’ve always liked BR. I never was fascinated with JJ. JJ sucks. But I’m sure you’re one of those loyal JJ fans that supports Jeff disrepecting Jordan and calling her dumb to her face. Well, if that is your cup of tea, so be it.


Oh so Dani is talking to Shelly in solitary and telling her she’s putting Brendon up and she has the votes to keep Shelly. It still won’t benefit Dani’s game.


if he was her target last hoh, I don’t see why this time too.


I know. Dani doesn’t get that she needs Brenchel right now to help her get Jeff out. Why would you leave a 4 person alliance in the house JJSA over BR. Brenchel doesn’t have anyone. Why not use BR to get Jeff out, then go after Brenchel? Everyone talks about how hard it is to get BR out, well Dani you keep putting them on the block, so I don’t see what’s so hard. Get Jeff out and stop playing with emotions.


I think Dani is feeding her misinformation. If she tells Shelly that Jeff is going up, the first thing Shelly is going to do when she gets out of solitary is run to JJ and tell them that Jeff’s going up — then Shelly will call her child after JJ know. Because JJ comes first and all.

Dani knows she can’t trust Shelly.


shut up i like jj


You STFU, I like Brenchel!

Anonymous 2

I’ll pull over right NOW if you two don’t be quiet and say I’m sorry!!!


i don’t think Dani is going to put up Jeff. she doesn’t trust BR enough. Dani plays with emotions & take everything personally; that might be what will ruin her game plan. i don’t get why everyone is hating on JJ, they have flaws. lots of them, but i still think they are good people. & so is Shelly. i don’t even like Kalia; if though she’s not smart…you can tell she’s a good person…ish. anyways;
Still Team JJ


I don’t like JJ because they don’t do anything. They are always letting everyone else do their dirty work. I don’t dislike anyone in the house as people because I don’t know who they are outside the BB house, that would be getting to deep for me. But as far as in the house, Jeff is a big jerk and Jordan talks a lot of shit. Although I am not a fan of Jordan, I can’t support Jeff calling Jordan dumb to her face. That was uncalled for. But if you support that type of behavior, then so be it.


I thnk Brendon is going up from what I’ve been watching on BBAD


Point blank if Jeff leaves I’m done watching. I know people say that, but I did that season 11 and would again this season.

With that being said…I’ve never watched a season where I didn’t like one full alliance. I like JJ, Brendon, Dani, also (Dom & Cassie). I absolutely dispise Shelly..hate Rachel, hate Kalia…

There is no scenario that could occur with me being happy other then Shelly going home this week.

Jeff, Brendon, Dani, Porche & Adam in the final 5 would make my happy but for God’s sakes…I literally like Gnatalie from S11 more then any person I dislike in this house.

No Jeff before final 6 for me = my favorite player gone. I’ve dealt with the fact that there are no more attractive females in the house…I CAN NOT watch a show without a single attractive female or cool guy.


ummm ok but that’s kind of weird bc this is not a game about looks….and cassi was not the only attractive girl in the house and what is cool about a homophobic, temperamental, bully jock?


Dani is so dumb! Does she not realize that jj will not vote for her if she’s in final 2? Brendon and Rachel will if she keeps them in this game, even for just this week. Either way this girl has no shot at winning the game. She has no logic. Period. I have faith shell change her mind once br talk to her tomorrow though.


If Dani take out JJ and she’s able to keep Porsche or Kalia until the end, JJ will vote for her because they’ll look like complete tools if they don’t since Dani will have obviously played the best game at that point.

One gaping hole in your logic is that if one of JJ goes, BR will have to turn on them. At this point, if one half of JJ goes up, the numbers dictate that BR would have had to turn in order for them to be sent packing. At that point, if one of BR goes to the final 2 with Dani, who are JJ going to be more pissed at – the girl who turned week 3 or the couple that turned on them week 6 after professing for over a month that they had their back?

Two more votes for Dani.


Is Dani the new Straight Shooter!?!


it aint looking good for brendon


I bet rachel is so pissed that d/k are talking to shelly im lockdown.


yeah, I’m watching BBAD as well and Dani and Kalia the hut are both talking to shelly thru the door while Shelly is locked up. If Dani was going to backdoor Jeff…. can’t really see where giving Shelly a load of crap helps her game at all. Almost convinced that Dani is putting up Brendon. I don’t think that BR meeting of the minds with Dani is going to have much an impact either. I think that Dani doesn’t trust BR at all and thinks she can work with JJ but never with BR. I also think that Dani believes she can get Shelly and Adam to get rid of JJ once she has BR out of there.


Kalias love for jj has rubbed off on dani <3


I think she is scared to put Jeff up and I also think she just hates Rachel so much that she can’t stand the fact she is happy right now with Brendon. Either way, if Dani doesn’t backdoor Jeff, she is setting herself up for jury. Because no one will put Jeff on the block besides Brenchel and herself.


It looks like I’m alone here from reading most of the comments, but Dani needs to backdoor Brendon now! You can’t trust “The Brenchel” for shit and shark eyes is more of a competitive threat than Jeff. Dani is doing really well with her social game right now talking to Shelly through the door. But yeah, shark eyes goes, Rachel loses her shit AGAIN, no one babies her and let’s see how strong she is.


Hey Simon, so it looks at this point that Dani will definitely backdoor Brendon. =( If so who has the votes to stay, Straight shooter shelly or brendon. Of course kalia and Porsche will vote to evict brendon and Rachel will vote to evict shelly. So it depends on Jeff Jordan and Adam. How do you think these three will vote? Will they stay loyal to shelly or b/r. I think it would be a stupid game move on the part of Jeff Jordan and Adam to evict brendon because they need all the help they can get evicting dani otherwise they will get picked off one by one. So what are your thoughts. And great job on the updates!!!!


That’s too bad. It’s sad to see that no one in the house realizes that they need TO WORK TOGETHER in order to get dani out that means Jeff and Jordan needed to give 110% in all the challenges like b/r