Big Brother 13 – POV Prizes and even in Isolation Shelly Shoots Straight

6:24pm purple room jordan and Adam

Adam is giving her a run down that he thinks Dani will backdoor Brendon this week. He tells Jordan that ever since week 2 he’s been 100% with JJS and he thinks the 4 of them (JJSA) can make it far playing with honour and respect like JJ did
in BB11 (adam is full of bacon shit) Adam jokes that Brendon got 1million votes from the public to come back into the house but he can’t win the crate and barrel wedding contest. Jordan says that BR have been throwing JJ under the bus the
last couple of days.. they are trying to keep themselves off the block, but are really causing Jeff and Jordan to rethink working with them. Adam goes on about how he doesn’t trust Brendon and Rachel and how they were rude to him whenever they don’t need him. Adam thinks Brendon and Rachel will still be the biggest target in the Big Brother House so now might be the best time to get them out.

BR joins them

they start to discus the POV comp and what happened
Jordan got the unitard outfit
Shelly got a call to home and 24 hours isolation
Jeff got the money
Adam got the POV
Dani got a veto ticket (meaning she gets to play in next weeks POV if she wants to)
Kalia got a vacation

6:50pm have nots door Shelly and Jordan.
shelly is wondering if Brendon and Rachel are pissed right now. Jordan doesn’t think so they are worried about going up but they are keeping to themselves. Shelly says she feels like she’s already won the game she gets to call home. Jordan is happy for shelly tells her it’ll make her feel better and give her the energy to stay in the game. Shelly says she’s not going to bother to campaign or tak to “any of these people” Shelly goes on about thow Rachel is spreading all the lies about her and turning the house against her (ahh straight shooting again). Shelly thanks Jordan for what she did in the pov (must of gave the phone call to her) she tells Jordan that today Jordan won the hearts of America. Jordan appreciates the kind remarks says Shelly deserves it after the weeks she’s been through.

Jordan leaves

Kalia joins them asks Shelly how she’s doing Shelly says it’s a padded room probably exactly what she needed right now. Shelly isn’t excited about the food she’ll be eating saying there’s bread, water.. no coffee not smokes. Kalia jokes that they can slip a peanuts butter sandwich under the door.

Kalia says she found out that her trip can be traded in for money at the end.. she’s thinking about doing it. Shelly is happy Kalia won somehting.. comments that everyone seemed to win somehitng that will help them in or out of the game.

Kalia makes a comment about they need to get BR out. Shelly agrees says brendon has had 3 chances now to play the game time to go home.

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7:55pm Quad view Chit chat in the purple room

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 – POV Prizes and even in Isolation Shelly Shoots Straight

      1. votes for jeff to leave

        worst case
        Votes for Straight shooter to leave

        Adam has the deciding vote. If BR flip then Jeff goes home.

        1. How about votes to get Brendon out,if Dani realizes JJ are easier to beat.

          Votes Against

          Votes to Keep

    1. While I think getting Jeff this week would be the smart play, I think BR have worn out their welcome. I think it may be Dani getting an “AttaGirl” from the entire house to go ahead and take out Brendon then just ignore Rachel for the next week….

    2. why is racehl asking jordan if brendan has her vote when brendand hasn’t been nominated yet? and do she really believe jordan would vote against shelly.

        1. don’t think she would considering it would be in her jeff’s best interest to get brendan out now with no blood on their hands and she can always say b/r broke the alliance first with their deal with dani which her and jeff suspects. and jj has a better chance with shelly as an allieance then b/r or just one of them

    3. she’s going to put up brendan why is kalia worried about the money jeff won when she is considering trading in her trip for cash, and b/r mad because they wanted to win the trip for honeymoon and didn’t get to play. i think cbs did that on purpose

      1. Did you not see the live feed yesterday? They (the house guests) are looking at the chips now in the bags off camera, before the comps, to make sure that there is a chip in the bag for each of them because they too were thinking that BB was controlling that.. Luck….. that plays a big part in this game as well as production arrangements, but not at the risk of loosing the support of the fans ad their reputation, that would be the demise of the show. CBS would not risk this show. It’s just not worth anything to please one person or pair for the reputation of the show and CBS. We all need to realize that. Some game positions can be set to play but not the game itself.

  1. Jordan needs to shut the heck up.. Her and Jeff have been planning to get BR out soon and she is complaining that they may be throwing her under the bus???… She really needs that hat with the helicopter blades on it to fly her butt home.. She is so annoying.. The only reason there is not a DBR alliance is because BR tried to protect Jeff. I really really hope that BR and Dani take this to the final 3. Dani needs to put up Jeff first and Jordan will crumble and be her useless self…

    1. I Know, Jeff says they will throw you under the bus in a second, when They did the same thing first time Dani was HOH. When Brenchel were the ones wanting All the Vets back together, I get a vibe that they, Jeff mainly thinks, they are better than everyone. BTW are they still falling fir Shelly’s shit, Jordan, Jeff and Adam mainly.

        1. She is feeding them crap now lying about Rachel! I’m starting to hate Shelly’s character because she keeps lying about how her family is watching. She is getting personal about Rachel to J/J when truly Shelly was lying all along. And BS she doesn’t want to win the $- that’s why she left her precious family to play for nothing?

          1. seriously, br were planning to backdoor jj as soon as possible so you cant fault jj for throwing them to the wind. Dani always says she is making moves in the game but if Jeff goes that is personal, if she was smart she would cut BR out now. jordan is week and jeff is too cocky to believe he will get voted out.

      1. Same with B/R- they also had the perfect opportunity to backdoor them. The only reason J/J didn’t backdoor them was because they needed them on their alliance and as the bigger target

    2. Shelly vs Rachel.. Shelly has votes. Next week Brenda wins HoH he puts up Dani and Shelly. Dani wind POV he puts up Porsche.

    3. Why has no one figured out that Jordan one 2 years ago. No jury is going to give it to her a second time. Whoever sat beside her in the final 2 would be a shoe in. RIGHT!!!!! Just my opinion. I think Jordan is really nice almost too nice and she is her own worst enemy. She might not be the brightest star in the sky but she has a lot more going for her than someone like Rachael.

        1. This is the BB version of isolation. Hayden from last year was in Isolation too but him and the rest of the HGs talked through/under the door.

        2. I agree.
          BB should have made the Isolation Total and given the other HGs and BB Fans
          freedom from Shelley’s lies for 24 hrs.

      1. Unless of course they let her out early like they did Hayden last year.

        Simon, did we ever figure out why he got out early?

      1. me too!! then jordan can suffer…i can see it now everyone will console her as cries and whines her big jeff is gone….but you will see him in a week Jordan…no worries…

          1. Lmao.. Bigger threat?
            If she takes brendon to the end, she’ll win.. if she takes Jeff she’s done…
            Brendon and Rachel will be loyal to dani, if she takes jeff out this week.. trust me. Brendon is not a bigger threat than Jeff. Believe me.

  2. Dani, i hope u stick to the deal u made with Brenchel if u want to win this game, if u do i am pretty u will be safe next week. u can’t win against JJ in the finals..

    1. Hopefully B/R, one or the other. Dani cannot beat both B/R at or near the end. B/R WILL be final 2 if Dani aligns with them. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in F2 with Jeff, Jordan, or Adam. She would win against J/J but it could go either way against Adam. B/R will NOT let her make it to the end because they know the only way to win is to be certain they are in F2. They will drag a floater who cannot win and then evict both Dani and the floater at F4 and F3. Dani is smart and she has to know this. Get your head in the game, Dani. Listen to Kalia….wow I cannot believe I just typed that. Ha!

      1. That’s extremely doubtful that BR will be in the final 2, one of them maybe, but if Dani is in the final 2 with one of them she will win, but if she;s in the final 2 with JJ she will lose… she should get rid of jeff now, BR will win HOH next week not put her up, and then she’ll win hoh next week and git rid of Jordan Brendon or Rachel

        1. ILL, I don’t believe that BR would chance letting her stay in the game too close to the final 2. Because they know she would win over them jury-wise and they want this money badly. Dani cannot win HOH every week, but between B and R they can win every week (and it’s very possible since they are good at comps). JJ are not good at comps…sorry JJ but you suck at comps…so Dani could carry them close to the end and then easily beat them. She is running a high risk of losing a comp to R and/or B and getting the boot. I think the house isn’t feeling too hot on Jeff and no one wants Jordan to win again probably, especially considering she just cannot compete for craps sakes. Time will tell but I think it’s a shoe in victory for Dani if she carries JJ and dumps the good, albeit annoying, players BR. Plus the suckey face bull$hit is grating my last nerve omg.

      2. IDK maybe she can git rid of either jeff or brenda and still be OK, rachel will be a wreak again and possibly walk out, same with jordan….

    2. My heart says she’ll bavkdoor Jeff….I really wanna believe that…but I have a feeling she’ll take out brenden…however, if she keeps her deal and her minions ( kalia and porche) vote with her, the votes will be tied between brenden and shelly and dani will break tie with shelly out…then I think that dani will have enough on her side to boot JJ…adam will flip like a pancake and side with team dani….I’m sick of “Americas sweethearts” and they need to go….here’s crossing my fingers and toes!!

    1. Yeah, but whoever got isolation last year got to talk to people.

      I think it was Hayden. Wasn’t Kristen constantly by the door to the have-nots room?

  3. Jeff goes home over Shelly!! That would be a huge power move made by Dani. If she works with BR, she will go far and probably win the entire thing!!!!

  4. i am pretty sure it brendon but that is a mistake in her part b/c she will not win against JJ in the finals, she has to know that tho, with brenchel she will most likely win or have a chance atleast..

  5. wait did Dani tell Kalia about the deal with BR?
    i mean not the final 3, but other things?
    is Kalia on board with keeping them this week, or is she clueless?

      1. I think BR would vote out Jeff because it’ll get them closer to the end and they know they’re going to have to turn on them sooner or later and Rachel keeps saying how bad Jeff is treating her and Brendon wont stand for it

        1. I agree. They’d be more apt to voting out Jeff over Jordan because she really is no threat without him and that foursome was gonna have to be broken up soon anyway. Their only hesitation would be they are left vulnerable if one of their voting block disappears. Not that I care. I personally want B/R gone ASAP.

      2. That’s the 64K dollar question! If BR were convinced D wanted to honor BR’s deal with her and, if BR wanted to honor the deal they came to D with, then BR might actually vote our Jeff (though S would have to be willing to kiss R’s butt). However, that’s one too many “ifs” for my comfort level.

      3. hmmmm good point, they may not seeing as in the comvo with dani they mentioned wanting to keep JJ safe

  6. Good thing they aren’t allowed paper and pens in that BB House because I’m pretty sure Shelly would be writing the Unibomber’s next manifesto. She’s starting to scare me with all that crazy talk.

    While it was nice of Jordan to give Shelly the call from home, it was a ploy to garner her ‘awwww’ from the viewers and to solidify a vote from Shelly in the jury.

    Not sure what the hell Adam is rambling about. Does he not realize there is a very real possibility that Shelly is going home? Not sure he can flip J/J to keep her.

    1. LMAO! I think the fact that S has been isolated in a padded room is hilarious, and ironic. I’m lov’n watching her come unglued.

      1. She’s scaring me because she’s believing her own bs though. I vote to have Rachel dress up like Nurse Rached (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and administer Shelly’s meds.

    2. According to may of the posters, that would be beyond Jordan’s thinking capabilities… Y’all can’t have it both ways.

  7. Simon- what is the best scenario for my girl Dani???… thinking backdoor Big Jeff and if BR win HOH next week and hold to their word of keeping her, she controls the game

  8. i have the strongest feeling that Jordan is gonna make it to final 3 or 2.
    i don’t know if she’s gonna win but i really have a feeling shes gonna atleast make it to final 3
    cause everyone pretty much see’s Jordan as that girl who they can get out when ever they want, and that Jeff, Rachel, and Brendon need to go before Jordan does cause they are more of a threat, and they think that Jordan is too stupid to make any big moves by herself
    but watch just like in her season, she’s just gonna float herself to top :P

  9. If Dani wants to win the game, she better put up BR. They will backdoor her next week. I used to like Rachel but to listen to her twist stories when she is telling Brenden makes me sick. Those people saved her ass last week, now she is speading lies. I hope Dani is smart enough to see this.

    1. Dani’s got to get rid of Jeff. That’ll break up the JJAS alliance because honestly, oJordan is a complete non fasctor anyways. It’ll also break up the BRJJ alliance because honestly, Jordan is a nonfactor anyways. BRD deal will be more solidified and BR wont target Dani next week. It’ll further her game.

    2. Really? they will backdoor and JJ won’t?? If Jeff wins Dani is basically out and even if he doesn’t, i don’t think there will be another opportunity to get him out before Dani goes

  10. Dani……better not backdoor Jeff or Jordan or Rachel. You already get rid of Brendon Once, do it again. Team JJ stay Stronger.

  11. Dani should never trust BR. The biggest and funniest would be to backdoor Brendon. That would be crazy. Rachel would be in the DR crying “you took my fiancé not once, but twice”. I personally think Jeff gets some pretty bad edits plus he’s very sarcastic. I think if he knew how he sounded he would be sorry to Jordan. I’m not sure who I want to win yet but definately not BR!

    1. He definitely doesn’t get bad edits from CBS if that’s what you mean. I also think “they”(maybe production) like his sarcasm as for as the DR sessions. They seem to always make sure they show his. Most of his of are the ones I remember so far this season.

    2. Jeff gets bad edits?hahahahahahahahahaha.

      Anyways, Jeff has a much bigger temper than BR & to see if Shelly turns on JJ would be fun to watch.

  12. As much as I’d love to see D break up the nauseating, codependent couple of BR by backdooring one of them, if she puts up Jeff, and manages to get the votes to actually send him home, it would mean:
    1) The JJAS alliance would be one man down and since Jordan is the weaker of JJ, S & A might realign with DKP = good for Team Dani
    2) BR would figure D had honoured their deal and “think” she’s now working with them = good for Team Dani
    3) The JJBR would be one man down and, given #2 (above), would be more than likely over = good for Team Dani

    Think carefully Dani, as your next move could be a real game defining one.

    Team Dani all the way!

      1. Watching BBAD and it looks however, that D’s going to put B up (backdooring home). JJ however, were just talking about whether it might not be to their advantage to vote S out over B. This is just something JJ are considering but, shit, that could screw D and her chances of going to the end.

      1. Wait for it..on cue B/R will be whining about not getting an opportunity to win stuff in the POV competition because everything is so against them.

  13. Jordan just stay on the floor like that you look great!!

    I don’t understand why BB cuts the feed for the comps when the HG just come right back in the house and talk about who won what, it doesn’t make sense.


    1. No, I think you may be in the minority if you noticed that. I could be wrong but I thought the brought their clothes in with them. But apparently they must have a Big Brother Shopping Mall in the house somewhere that we can’t see, if she’s copying their clothing. As for her hair she wears it curly and straight. But wow, interesting perception though. LOL

    2. isnt saying that this is the first time whe straightened her hair an assumption? if so, does that make your assumption as dumb as anyone elses? why have a comments board if not to through your assumptions out there to be critisized? those were rhetorical questions, but is suspect you will try to give answers anyways.

  15. Jeff and Jordan to the end! You guys are all HATERS!

    BR are RIDICULOUS! and the biggest hypocrites ever!!!!! They need to leave this show.

    Used to like Dani before she started playing dumb when she was up Doms ass!
    Game would be totally DIFFERENT if dick was still here.

      1. midwest IDK about that. I don’t think he would keep them around to the end but he def would have gotten rid of BR by now. They would have been his first target. He wouldn’t put up with Rachel’s bs for one second. Remember that girl from his season that he hated – was it Jen? I don’t remember her name but Dick doesn’t put up with jack $hit from anyone. JJ wouldn’t chap his ass the way BR would. IMO – this is not fact everyone – this is just my opinion, so no need to tell me how dumb, fat, ugly, etc I am…lol.

  16. Dani just said shes putting up brendon. What a dumbass. Let’s just give jj the money! Idiot. I hope Rachel wins hoh and sends her put the door. Dani has no chance of winning this game. As she says “PERIOD!”

    1. Pssst ……
      I think Dani is lying.

      She is telling everyone that she is going to put up Brendon, when in fact, she is going
      to Back Door Jeff. Sure hope so.

        1. Simon, I’m watching BBAD and the way D is talking, it sounds like she’s putting up B after A takes himself off the block, with the intention of backdooring B.

          1. That would be great. Usually the returning player always goes right back out the door. Hopefully Brendon keeps that streak alive.

          1. LOL

            Dani is r e a l l y selling the idea of putting Brendon up. She almost has me convinced
            that she has changed her mind. Yikes!!!

  17. I think Dani really took to heart what Kalia was telling her last week. Kalia said that Dani only knows how to play defensively and as a result makes enemies with people. I think she is pulling a “Kalia” trying to get JJ to like her by putting up Brendon, thinking that it will save her for a couple more weeks. DKP has to win every HOH from here on out, because the HGs that are left in the house will not think twice about putting them all up.

  18. Dani has to look to the F4. It’s still difficult to get to a PRA & D F4. She will test BR with b/d’ing Jeff. That weakens JJAS in Dani’s eyes.

  19. Backdooring Jeff would be STUPID. Jeff is not a threat. He can’t win for shit. He BARELY beat Adam for that veto. Seriously, dude nearly lost to overweight, smoking Adam in a physical competition. Not to mention he has shit for brains. Why waste this week on backdooring him?

    Send home rachel because i’m sick of her mouth/face/existence, or send brendan out again. Don’t waste this week on Jeff!!

  20. Dani just confirmed she will put up brendon but I still think he has the votes to stay if shelly’s lies continue to get out it would voting for brendon to stay


    For Brendon to leave


    1. JJ will never vote for brenda instead of shelly, no chance. JJ hate Brenchel just as much as everyone else, they have just been tolerating BR, but really who in their right mind can actually like these two ppl..

    2. At first glance, I would have said “no way” the the votes going down that way, but the way Porshe switches sides, I could see that actually happening, plus it buys her another week because she won’t be targeted when one of the vets wins HOH next week….then again, who’s to say the vote won’t be a clean sweep again?

  21. I know everyone is hot for Dani to BD Jeff… but why?? The only thing that has changed from 2 weeks ago is Lawson is gone. Make a deal with JJ (who Dani has a great chance of beating in a comp) and get rid of toughest competition. Rachel will fall apart again and she’s packing next week. Seems pretty clear cut. JJ are pretty sick of B/R they are probably ready to deal with Dani. Personal feelings aside I don’t see any good reason to keep Brendon.

    1. because JJ will absolutely break any such deal at the first opportunity as they have absolutely no need of Dani with Adam and Shelly in they back pocket. BR is in a bit more of a perilous situation as they don’t have the same hold on adam and shelly and need the alliance with Dani almost as much as Dani does… if they’re all smart enough to realize that.

  22. Wait a tick, didn’t Dani already agree with BR that she would tell everyone she was putting up B to throw everyone off?

  23. I dont care what Dani says to others, she helped save Rach and will not put up Brenda this week to try and solidify the BRd alliance. Bye Jeff

  24. all u people who think that brendan and rachel wont come after dani next week are idiots….. these deals dont mean anything…. brendan and rachel know if dani gets jeff out this week she is coming after them next…… my hope is that dani decides to backdoor brendan because im rooting for team JJ

  25. OKG Kalia…can you pack anymore food into your mouth in one mouthful? I swear the woman doesn’t stop eating….she goes from the kitchen and eats there and goes up to HOH and eats up there….comes back down to lay down and eats again and then complains she has a tummy ache? O M G

  26. Dani should take Rachel and Jordan to the end or vice versa, The battle of the strongest women in bb history. The only one we’re missing is Janelle!

  27. Jeff would be nice but I dont think Dani has the votes to get Jeff out. It would work only if BR stick with the plan to BD Jeff, they didnt last time so Im sure Dani doesnt trust them. Also Rachel cant stand Shelly right now and would pick Jeff over Shelly thinking they can mend the jj/br allinance with Shelly out of the picture. HOWEVER to get Brendon out pretty much everyone but Rachel would vote to evict. That way Dani hasnt made anyone mad..(rolling eyes) so she thinks.

  28. Jordan wouldn’t melt down like Rachel did. She isn’t that emotionally warped. If Dani tries to backdoor Big Jeff there will be issues with Straight Shooter. She isn’t going to want to campaign against her hero Jordan’s boo. What if she self-evicted to let them stay together?

  29. U guys are so sure that Jordan is going to pull a Rachel and be so upset when Jeff leaves. I seriously doubt she will be like that. She wasn’t in her season. She did better! Don’t underestimate Jordan!

    1. Does anyone else get the impression that maybe Jordon and Jeff are not a couple outside the BB house? It is just a feeling I get but they really don’t show any affection towards one another, they seem to go different parts of the house and do their own thing and then Jordon said a few days ago that she texts Jeff at night before going to bed which leads me to believe that they aren’t together. Maybe I am just seeing to much to BR and I think JJ should be acting more like them when it comes to being a couple…….

  30. Dani better put up Brendon. I don’t give a crap about a deal she made. There is no way in hell that BR will keep that deal

  31. Mark my words…..Dani is gonna flip the script on everyone! brendan’s going home. and me? im gonna “backdoor” Dani & Porsche..with a vengeance! oh yeah!!! might even smack dat ass!!!

  32. Ummm…why would Adam not use the veto on himself? Seriously, what would Jeff do to him if he didn’t? Even if Jeff did threaten him, why would he listen? People have the audacity to make fun of some of the moves house guest make in this game. Meanwhile, some of the most hair brained ideas of all come up on these boards. What goes around comes around I guess.

    1. I don’t understand why people who are on the block that has won the POV gets “talked” into not using it only to get sent home? Why even bother playing for the POV?

    1. We can always hope for a double eviction…Brendon and Rachel…LOL….well a girl can wish can’t she???

      BTW…I think Jordon looks cute in her unitard. It is almost like it was made specifically for her. The pony tails make her look younger than usual. I swear she looks 18-19 years old.

  33. If I’m Dani, I don’t listen to a damn thing Kalia has to say. After the bullsh*t she did last week with her HOH reign, I would take the dunce cap from Jordan and put it on Kalia while she’s asleep from a food overload.

    Seriously, who would listen to Gabby Gossip’s dumb ass?

        1. That is exactly what I posted as well…then she leaves the HOH room, waddles down the s tairs…eyes the kitchen and gets more food to take into the bedroom only to complain that she has cramps??? O M F G…catch a brain cell woman

    1. from what I understand Adam is taking himself off the block and they are going to backdoor Brendon and put him up. But it will probably be like last week when they all said they were going to vote Rachel out and 10 minutes before the LIVE show they all changed their mind so we will just have to wait and see what Thursday brings.

    2. i can’t figure this out – it sounds like Dani is going to put up Brendon and that she doesn’t think she has the votes to get Jeff out, but if BR vote him out, then she does – and she didn’t mention that to Kalia —- but the more Kalia and Dani are talking the dumber they are sounding so they should stop

  34. Oh Lord…Brendon is talking in order to make himself sound significant.

    And it’s to Jordan of all people. All she hears is “blah blah blah blah blah”. Like the teacher from Charlie Brown and the Peanuts.

  35. Kalua , this woman all she does is eat and try to copy dani. Really she don’t cook, don’t clean, don’t work out really ..fallower.

    1. Liz…did you see her eating at the kitchen table? i was surprised that her mouth was big enough to take in all that food….but than again I am not surprised because her mouth IS big enough…lol

  36. I have to admit dani & kalia the whale are such mean girls all they do is talk about rachel she’s done nothing to them but get dominick out some guy dani was never going to have sex with all they do is tease her about her clothes & how she looks so unnecessary say what you will about rachel she has never spent her whole three weeks in power degrading one person constantly likes there is nothing else to talk about

    1. They do seem to do alot of talking about Dom and how great he was and how great things were in the house when he was there. Evil Dick was right last week when he said Dani did the same thing last time when she spent all the time laying in bed with Nick….she did the same thing this time with Dom. I just don’t get it…I don’t think Dom was that great. He has to have been a rider on the short yellow school bus to still be friends with Dani after she got him evicted.

    2. the reason I like Rachel is because she doesn’t personally attack people. Dani and Kalia are either insecure or jealous of Rachel, why else would they spend soooooo much time worrying about what Rachel does and making fun of her? Wow, Dani and Kalia are awesome game players, they sit around calling people names and making fun of them. Yep, they are winners.(sarcasm)

      1. i think women can be threatened by women who are overtly sexy (have big boobs or show off their bodies or look sexually attractive)….bc girls are socialized to think that is not ok and other women don’t have the body but secretly they may want to be that way—-so they go against their own insecurity or their fear of being sexy by acting like its the opposite of what they approve’s almost like they’re saying i dont have the guts to do that so what gives you the right??

        and for all dani says she is pro-women, she tends to have a weakness for men who show her sexual attention, classic sign of an unresolved oedipal complex

        1. astrid, I agree with what you are saying but wouldn’t that be electra complex? I haven’t been in college for about 15 years so if I am wrong, just tell me to stfu :)

  37. So from what im reading, the only question is if Dani is telling everyone Brenda and then backdoors Jeff or is what she and kalia have been talking about for the last hour the real plan. I am not sure to be honest but from what im seeing on BBAD Dani wants Brenda gone. If its all an act and she backdoors Jeff, Dani deserves an Oscar for her preformance.

    1. Dani met with BR and they agreed to keep thier alliance a secret….even from Kahlia. I think Dani is acting, and will put up Jeff.

      But only Dani really knows what is going on in her head.

  38. what does kalia the biggest bitch to play this game and you all like her. and why do they all hate b of br in the house?

  39. Looks like Dani has the option of taking out Brendon or Jeff.

    I think if either of them go up, they are going home.

  40. I disagree if Dick was in the house it would be a totally different landscape, He would have made a fast disposal of a few
    newbies and then Rachel and Brendon . Dick is Probably the best player next to Dr. Will. I would pay good money to see that

  41. Did Kalia just say that? She said when has she steered Dani wrong? And when Dani did go against Kalia’s words, disastor happened?

    Is she out of her friggin’ mind? Kalia thinks she’s Queen Mastermind now? Dani runs circles around Kalia. Kalia is full of it.

  42. Does anyone think that Dani is not revealing to Kalia the deal with Brenden and Rachel to continue to keep up appearances?? …or is the truly going after BR???

  43. Simmon try to keep your comments on an even basis your hots for Dani is showing you, run this site try to be fare we like hearing what is going on but not your one sided read of whats going on.

    1. I actually didn’t block you i’m just busy posting a update and didn’t get around to approving all the comments…

      LOL you’re still not blocked even after calling me a punk but all your comments will be flagged as suspicious from now on and will take longer to appear on the site.

    2. why dont you not criticize the people who work hard to give us this site for your pure entertainment and enjoyment…noone here really appreciates it bc we like it as it is, but besides that it is just rude and there is no reason to be rude

  44. brendon will be put up, he will go to jury…

    1st of all…if rachel or brendon win hoh next week, you can bet dani will be on the block…especially if jeff is gone. she’s the main power on the other side. 2…jeff and jordon cant win squat. 1 hoh…1 pov between them. where as bredon and rachel…together? their pretty good. 3…kalia will be in her ear all weekend convincing her to backdoor brendon…he’s much stronger than jeff as a player. without brendon…rachel will be useless (weve seen it)

    dani will have a convo with jeff and jordan sunday night or monday afternoon…then make the same deal they did a couple weeks ago.

    (the above scenario is subject to change)

    1. if dani makes (keeps?) the deal with them, and BR win HOH, i could see them putting up Kalia Shelley….if JJ win, then I see it being Rachel Kalia with Dani backdoored

    2. jordan is making me throw up right now rubbing jeff like that then stealing glances to see if he is paying attention, meanwhile he is looking straight aheah with his arms folded not touching her at all….
      but i feel bad bc they gave her that tutu as part of the unitard obviously bc she is a little fatter, but not for Jen (bb9), Lyida (bb11) or Kristin (bb13) who are all thin – it’s so obvious it’s kind of mean
      and then you now production made that suit with “i’m with stupid” and dunce cap especially for her in case she won as commentary on what they think of her….a little metacriticism, love it

      1. If you were going to throw up about that then you really would have tossed your cookies when Rachel was rubbing Brendon then moved down to his feet, took his socks off and began to smell his feet…now that made me gag just retyping it.

  45. jordan is smarter than you all think. Believe me she’s not as dumb as people make her out to me. Just watch and see.

  46. What we really dont know is if Dani has figured out that Smelly and J/J are as close as they are. If so she would back door brendumb….She needs to get out a big player no matter which way the wind blows. The worst thing is if Smelly goes. That move dosnt really change the game in anyones favor…..Dani included. One of the big four has to go.

    Chances are one of the vets will win HOH next week. So you need to lesson those odds. If it was me as much as I would hate to I would go to J/J and try to cut a deal. Brendumb is the biggest threat in the house to win comps ( besides Dani) Dani also now holds a veto ticket which she should hold in her back pocket till the day she is put on the block.

    The funnest thing of all is that Porshe and Kalia are quietly flying under the radar. Porshe? Is she really disliked by anyone? Do any of us really know which way she will go? She has no game….dosnt win comps….but somehow is in the best position of the house.

    Dany is gone the first oppurtunity the vets have to vote her out thats for sure. She better get the numbers more on her side if she wants to advance.
    Smelly is done…its only a matter of time.

    Adam….He should take lessons from Porshe. I really dont understand all the negativity about being a floater (drink) if thats the best way to advance in a game….then thats your strategy….so what….If you can do it….float all the way to the final two.

    J/J will not win BB 13 ….take it to the bank.

  47. Everyone on here is in rare form tonight….it’s a full moon, no? The posts are so hilarious tonight! Simon you punk ;) you should be able to post whatever the f you want seeing as you run the site.

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