Big Brother 13 – Jeff threw the Veto “if I do go up these M*THERF*CKERS Better vote for me.. I will m*ssacre them “

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10:10pm Backyard Couch JJ

Jeff says he’s sure he could of won the veto if he hadn’t taken the money.

Jeff says he’s not going home if he goes up.. “And if Adam doesn’t vote for me after I threw it to him i’ll f-ing kill him” Jeff is worried about Brendon and Rachel flipping the vote. Jordan doesn’t know what BR will do.

Jeff brings up that dani told him that JJ are the only honest people in the house right now. Dani asked Jeff if he would vote Brendon out if she put him up. Jeff tols her he would for 2 reasons, Brendon is a huge road block in this game and It would benefit the whole house. Jeff adds he was really trying to talk her into putting Rachel up. He’s going to talk to dani a little more tomorrow.. he was a bit indecisive last time he talked. Jordan Brings up dani having the Veto Pass.. Jeff doesn’t think it’s a big deal, only 2 people don’t play POV next week.

Jordan says during the comp Dani looked at her and asked her if Jeff takes the POV will he keep the nominations the same and Jordan yes he will. Dani then took the veto ticket.

Jordan is scared that BR will tell dani that he took the money and should get backdoored. Jordan asks him if he’s upset because he didn’t take the veto. Jeff says it was a gamble.. He’s a bit nervous.

they talk about the prizes people took, Jordan is pissed about players in this game that do nothing and walk around all high and mighty. Jeff: “They make me sick”

Jeff: “Dude I was so pissed it was tat type of competitions… and when i’m on the block it’s going to be Spell some crazy shit”
Jeff: “fck that of course i’m going to take the money if I get backdoored I better go home with some prizes”

Jordan will be shocked if dani puts him up. Jeff says that dani likes making big moves so she’ll do something Huge.
If brendon goes up I’ll tell him “Yo Dude it looks like Brendon is not flipping you don’t have the votes I Don’t want to look like a idiot in this game”. Jeff tells her to not say that to anyone.. they needs to focus on making sure Jeff doesn’t go up. Jeff: “and if I do go up these M*THERF*CKERS Better vote for me.. I will massacre them ”
Jordan: we have B, R and Jordan for votes.. Jrodan: “how about Adam” Jeff: “Ohh he’ll vote for me or i’ll kill him”
Jeff: “me you Kalia and Jordan can go far.. But it would mean doing a deal with the devil.” Jordan says she doesn’t want to work with Kalia. Jordan mentions if they would of won HOH and Adam the POV then Dani would of been gone this week. JJ are worried that Adam might flip because he’s good with Porsche.

Jeff: “Rachel will sell us out for a second”.. Jordan: “Ohh for sure”
jordan is sure they have Shelly 100%, Jeff doesn’t care about Shelly too much he thinks her performance in comps is bad, “She can’t throw a bag at a barn.. cmon”
Jordan: “I cannot deal with rachel for another week.. all the emotions”
Jeff tells her not to worry she won’t have to.

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10:23pm backyard PK Exercising.. hey are talking about Shelly hating everyone in the house. Porsche says it’s funny Shelly can’t figure out who to hate more Porsche and Shelly

Porsche says it’s funny how Jordan slipped up in the meeting saying that she only talks game with Jeff and Shelly, “Why say that in front of everyone.. umm DUH”. Kalia says that Rachel is one of the biggest liars in the house.. they both think Shelly is the biggest though.

10:20pm- 11:20pm rachel getting her hair done by kalia while Jordan watches

11:19pm Havenots door Shelly and Dani dani is saying to her that Shelly is 100% safe. Shelly thanks she appreciates Dani telling her and she believes dani. Dani doesn’t want Shelly to be siting in their stressing Dani: “I promise you.. you have my word… just don’t stress out you’re totally good”.. Dani tells her that “It’s obvious” Brendon is going up and they have the votes Shelly doesn’t need to worry. Dani warns Shelly that she’s heard that Rachel has started to campaigned for votes because she thinks she’s going up. Dani asks Shelly whats she’s been doing in there. Shelly says it’s tough her brain has been going around everywhere.. she’s been walking around.

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11:30pm Quad, DK chitchatting with Srtaight shooter, Jeff, adam and Brendon playing pool chit chatting.

11:55pm Havenots Shelly After having Kalia, Porsche and Dani hang out with her for the last hour.. Shelly is again all alone. (Thinking of reshuffling perhaps?)
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It would be great if Jeff went up. Like threats can really save him in this house.


I am with you in this. He figured if he’s gonna threat everyone that they’ll be afraid to put him just like what he did with kalia.


Well it seems that his threatening tactics are working because I don’t get why else Dani wouldn’t put him up. It seems really easy to put Brenchel up, so why not get Jeff or Shelly out now. She can use Brenchel to get the remaining person (Jeff or Shelly) out and then get Brenchel out. No one seems to have a problem putting Brenchel on the block, so I don’t see the difficulty in getting them out. Jeff on the other hand seems to control the house without lifting a finger. He takes money, doesn’t win comps, and people still protect this jerk. I don’t get it.


Maybe I’m giving Dani too much credit, but I just don’t buy that Dani is suddenly going to tell Shelly the truth about her plans to backdoor Brendon after figuring out the JJSA alliance. My gut feeling is that she is setting it up for a nice shocker of a backdoor veto ceremony for Jeff. At least I hope so!

Not Meg

I think you are absolutely correct. I bet Jeff goes up and is gone. This is his forth CBS show, time for him to go.


Dani needs not worry about Jeff and Jordan and not Rachel and Brendon. Stupid move on Dani’s part to work with Shelly and JJ, Jj has S+A, Dani cannot play next week and what she is doing is trusting JJ who already said they will back door her. I thought her and Brendon and Rachel had a final 3 deal but I see Dani is not honoring it. SHe would have won half a million dollars sitting next to Brendon or Rachel, but against anyone else she is going to be second fiddle again. Huge wrong move not backdooring Jeff.Yes Brendon and Rachel kiss and make out all the time but they are there to play with a bunch of slackers. Jeff goes for the money because he feels he is safe, Jordan is clueless, Shelly is a liar big time, Kalia is just plain up dani’s buttocks, Porshe is lost trying to be found, Adam is playing the clown role and these floaters are doing nothing but sitting around, eating, not worrying about playing because they have protection and not getting their hands dirty and just lazy. I just wish we could all just holler in the room, wakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee upppppppp floaters need to be sunk asap.


He is a jerk but they are some very weak minded people to be running scared of him. Adam and Shelly especially. They would still have the numbers if Adam and Shelly weren’t stupid enough to evict someone who was an ally just because Jeff said so…
Unfortunately Dani doesn’t have the votes. Rachel will def take out Shelly Adam can be talked into anything by Jeff so you have j/r/b/a and then just k/p for Shelly. I don’t know why its so hard to get intelligent people who aren’t spineless jellyfish to play this game but unforch this is the cast we’ve been dealt. Jeff will walk to the money… even more money and they will even vote for him in the end. Dumbasses!


What I don’t understand is what do they think he’s going to do to them. If he yells yell back. He’ll stay for a while longer tho CBS will protect him.


Dani is throwing people off of her game … Dani WILL put Jeff up.. and send his his A home!! ..then ignorant floater Jordan will have Her breakdown (with her dumb nasty A ) !


Toatally agree with you, Dani made a secret deal with brenchel this week so therefore she can’t just straight up say she’s going to be backdooring jeff. She is trying to be sneaky so JJ dont clue into what is going on. Brenchel are also doing a great acting job also.


I really hope you’re right!


i agree, jeff seems to think he is entitled to stay in the house, never be put up and scare everyone into thinking he is special . he wins pov and comps too, strong players who also have won before are a HUGE target.


well the other house guests better watch out, bcuz if they dont vote to keep jeff, hes gonna massacre them, if he does go up, and they decide there gonna evict him, they wont tell him, and he will have 1 minute to gather his belongings and get his dumbass out the door, dani can either get rid of jeff or brendon this week, and stil be in a good spot, bcuz rachel will go to dani if brendon leaves, and brenchel will both go to dani, if she puts up jeff, so either way, dani is good for right now, thank god! GO TEAM DANI!


Dani WILL put Jeff up!! .. she is just throwing everyone off her game!!

Not a PHD student

I believe CBS and BB will let douche bag Jeff follow through on his threat to massacre people, because then it could lead them to a CSI show and milk this cow (not Jordan) for even more. JJ American’s sweethearts my ass. The Jersey Shore kids make fun of these douche bags and that’s saying something…..


Oh boo! Nobody will care about Jeff’s temper tantrums if all they see is his back walking out the front door. I don’t understand why nobody has cursed Jeff out. He has openly disrespected Kalia and Jordan. And secretly bashing Rachel, one of his “so-called” alliance members. I through with his antics, and no secret power CBS gives him is going to save him. We all saw how that worked out for him BB11.


These 3 play pool every friggin night and they are getting worse


And Brendon makes it even worse with those damn irritating voices.




Which douchebag?


Team Bacon looked like he was getting skinnier by the day but looks like hes packing on the lbs again


A good portion of them didn’t work out last week for whatever reason. Adam mostly worked out with Brendon, if memory serves correctly so that would explain why he might have packed a few pounds back on.


Jeff needs to go we already had too much of him this season… DUDE now ur time!


LOL. Yet you never win any competitions. I am HOPING that Dani puts up Jeff. Jordan and Jeff have already won enough money (even on this season) … time for you two to get evicted and get a job.

Dumb mf@(?!ers

Really im starting to get pissed at dani for comforting shelly all this much…and her dumbass is listening to kalia who made the worst game move this season…americas sweethearts are the biggest frauds ever…they dont win shit yet complain about others not winning anything…almost everybody in the house has won something except their alliance jjs…and they talk about them getting them getting backstabbed yet they were ready to backstab br early in the game…they r truly full of bullshit and im sick of people falling for their fakeness


I can see where being mad at Shelly is like being mad at your own mom..Your pissed for a couple of hours or a day then you get over it. Same thing


dani working on jury votes


I completely agree….and how everyone forgets that Danielle was the first to turn on her alliance and is only pissed at Rachel and Brandon because they called her out on the fact that she was pushing RB to put up Jeff and Jordan. So RB WERE protecting their alliance. JJ lose on purpose and have really done nothing this game….and they are also playing everyone. Funny how certain people continue to be judged yet others are doing the same thing.


You guys are a joke!!!! She’s the best player in the game hands down and the only one with a set of balls!!!! Are we watching the same show guys?


Oh, dani the tranny has more than balls.


Why do the JJ lovers completely neglect the part where BR were on board with backdooring Jeff and then changed their minds? It’s not like JJ didn’t do the same thing when they entertained the idea of backdooring BR. They both left her out to dry with Dom but now they’ve spent the last three weeks trying to make deals with her.

Some of you Dani haters really have anger issues. Maybe that’s why Jeff can do no wrong…

Frank Granda jr.

Dani is a cu*t. She is a cold little bitch. She’d sell her grandmother out for a glass of cheap wine. She had no loyalty to anyone. Everything she does has a devious ulterior motive, even fake kindness toward shelly, Portia and big k. So wake up you dani lovers!


That is why she is a good BB player. BB and real life are different. Relax nutjob.


I agree totally, and so does her father (Evil).


As if the other players don’t sell each other out ……LOL the difference is Dani wins when she needs to.


It seems most people forget this is a game. The goal is to win the money, not make friends. So if it takes lying or anything else to win, so be it. It is all chances they have to take. If they get caught in their lies, it hurts their game, if not, it helps it. Just a toss of the dice.


How quickly we forget! Do you not remember Rachel & Brendon talking of backdooring Jeff when they were HOH…& trying to get other HOH’s to do the same? And didn’t JJ keep their word to Brendon & babysit Rachel all last week? It seems to me it’s the Brenchel alliance who are always trying to get out JJ. BB is not all about winning comps, it’ about how you play the game. Brenchel makes me sick the way they put EVERYONE down & blame their downfalls on everyone but themselves. Even Brendon has told Rachel to keep her mouth shut.


I like jeff and jordan they are not fake they dont go to everyone in the house like brendon and rachel and make deals then go back on them when they dont need the person anymore. Im sick of the Brendon and Rachel Show. Lets get rid of them and move on. Enough of the twist let start play big brother.


Exactly! I love JJ atleast they don’t kiss the hoh a$$ every week!!!!!


JJ are on vacation!


SERIOUSLY!! who would vote for someone w/ anger issues lol Jeff is really getting on my nerves, I hope Dani backdoors him 🙂


If dani is lying to the whole house by telling them she is putting up Brendan aren’t they all going to think it strange that she changes her mind and puts up Jeff? I would totally think she had a secret alliance with BR if she didn’t put one of them up since she keeps telling everyone that’s what she’s doing. I just don’t see how that “secret alliance” is going to work. I wish I could hear her DR sessions right now to know what her true plan is.


Did anyone just hear that Jeff just called Jordan a loser when she asked him if she looked bloated just now at the pool table????? She looked so sad after.


Jeff putting down Jordan? I’d never imagine!

Seriously, with all the bickering and bitching and arguing in the house, no one person is meaner to another person in the house than Jeff is to Jordan.

Midwest Fan

Jeff wants to win and dump Jordan and their phony $howmance.
He wants his life back, but the way he is going about it is just nasty.
Earlier today, he called Jordan, “Dumb!”
Win or Lose – this $howmance is over.


If she wanted to backdoor Jeff, why would she hand him the opportunity to win POV to remain safe from the block, per her convo with Jordan? Dani is so cryptic; I am liking her more and more. Jeff needs meds or something….I love him as much as one can love a reality star but damn dude, chill out. Honey works better than hand grenades….


I love Jeff so quit hatin!!!! WTH has he done for peeps to turn on him????


They have an “entitled” attitude, Jeff says how he will be pissed if the “selfish” Brenchel throw them under the bus, but he did the same thing the 1st time Dani won HOH. I think season 11 really went to Jeff’s head.


Aside from the fact that he’s a total douche to Jordan?

He bullies, he complains about people not doing naything worthwhile in the comps when he’s won as many as Dominic has while being in the house two weeks longer at this point, and his sense of entitlement seems to grow by the day.


He keeps treating everybody in the house. He feels it is right to win all the money and stay in the house. I like him, But come on!!!! give some of the other players a chance to win. He being treated like a king….What the hell. Why is everybody in the house scared of him.. I like JJ, But they need to go It is time to see the other players step up and start to play. I dont hate Jeff…It is time for him to go.


I don’t hate Jeff. it’s just that this season watching JJ is about as interesting as watching moss grow on logs…I take it back, watching moss grow on logs is more interesting than watching JJ.

Dumb mf@(?!ers

And why is kalia on jordans vag???!…for no reason at all kalia refuses to put up jordan…and all jordan and jeff do is bash her behind her back…dani needs kalia to be gone so she isnt influenced by this moron


Can you imagine what her childhood must have been like she is Sooo the stereotypical black chick at the all white school who could never get in good with the popular peeps.


It doesn’t have to be her going to an all-something school. She wants to be liked is something we all can relate with! Her social skills are just wonky and forgets it’s a game at times.


I doubt that. She went to an all black school. So the only “popular kids” were black. I do agree that she looks like a fool for kissing up to JJ.


Kalia problem is she is afraid of Jeff, and she depends on Dani to protect her….Kalia needs to go, as well as Jeff.

Aqua Bernie

Brendan or Rachel needs to go home, enough with drama!


So, is Kalia back in JJ good graces now?

Rachel's nipple

Dani will put up Jordan again. she’s so spineless. at least we’ll get out the old crusty ss. Crustier than Barb

Joan Allen

Kahlia leanings toward Shelly should be very troublesome for Dani (given the bad move Shelly already got Kahlia to make) as well as Kahlia’s reluctance to put up Jordan for eviction should be a big red flag for Dani regarding her alliance with Kahlia. Kahlia will be Dani’s achilles’ heel in this game and will prevent her from winning. Go Team Rocket!

The Meow Meow

Dani is making mofos sweat this week… I love it!!!!


I’m hoping this is all a farce on Dani’s part, but assuring Shelley that she’s safe and that Brendon is going up makes me think not. The alliance of 4 should be obvious to her, especially with Adam trying to protect Jeff. Even though she has that info, she still intends to put up Brendon??? So now she’s totally counting on Kahlia or Porsche to win HOH. Is she seriously deluded enough to not realize that any of the others would put her up? The house numbers are getting too small. There’s more of a chance that she gets nominated this way.


She’s logically getting the people out that can beat her in comps. She will never fully trust Brendon with that Harpie (Rachel) in his ear. Jeff sucks at comps but is the next biggest threat. She can only get one at a time so I like this course of action. Remember, we see things she doesn’t, so given what she has to work off of it seems fairly rational to me.


This is exactly how I’m seeing it. Dani’s getting her social game in order. Look at who she has to work with. She really is playing alone. Kalia and Porsche are the worst!


Brendon needs to go HOME!!! And I wish Jeff would go off on Rachel! She deserves to be cussed out!!!

Aqua Bernie

Maybe he will after Brendan is gone, I don’t want any fist fighting!


Well urgghhh I guess jeff won 10000, and this time prob 10000, and he will win Americas favorite juror and that’s 25000, all together it’s like a runner up!




While i see all the things the Jeff haters are saying – he isnt all that nice and lovie dovie with jordan, he does swear alot and threaten ppl but all in all he is still my favorite by far. He makes me laugh all the time, i love his humour and 95% of the time he seems like a great guy, a guys guy, someone that i could see going for a beer with…I really dont care who wins, i dont know any of them so it wont make a difference to me, but i think we all root for the ppl we can relate to the most. I cant relate to BR on any level, and if Dani does backdoor brenda i just hope this time JJ dont bend over backwards to comfort her, Rachel would throw her own mother under a bus to win this game and Brenda while he has likeable moments is just guilty by association, they both need to go


Well if Jeff is the only one you can relate to, you must be the biggest jerk ever!!!

Not Meg



RJ, I’ll shoot straight: I sincerely, genuinely and honestly agree with you a 100%, period. 🙂

Frank Granda jr.

Agreed…Jeff must go! He and Jordan already have a total of 515,000 dollars between them won on bb. I think brenchal needs to stay and win something and keep drama going on.


Dani is being stupid right now. She needs to think about what will benefit her in the game. Will it really benefit her in the game to get Brendon out or will it totally benefit JJSA. She knows about this alliance, why not get one of them out. Brendon and Rachel are just two people. JJSA is 4 people. I don’t get why she wouldn’t break up the 4 person alliance.


I heard Dani say she’s really gonna work on Adam and she’s doing pretty good with Shelly right now. Not sure if she has the magic to make it happen but she’s giving it the old college try!! Go Dani!!!


all you rachel defenders quit ur crying. She’s a pathetic loser of a person. If you defend her ur a loser too. And get ur facts right. Rachel has only won 2 HOHs but there is nNO WAY SHE WOULD OF BEATEN DANI IN THE FIRST ONE and brendon even told her he let her win the second one. Youcan go back and read thaat from earlier. She’s been blown out of all the other comps. Im for team dani yes. But facts are facts. Jordan won an HOH itwasn’t necessarily given to her because no one else had gotten close to her score in the golf comp. I don’t believe j or b could of beaten her score. Plus she won the reward comp. Plus she has won BB before. So don’t kid yourself that Rachel is any better than her just because she is a loud mouth gross ass witch. Oh by the way, Jeff won a POV and a lot of money already. His strategy is obvious, to not get blood on his hands as long as he thinks he is safe. That may bite him in the ass this week however, as its 50 50 he or b will go home.
Just get ur facts straight all you rachel idiot followers before you get on here and say such stupid bullshit.. Dani destroys Rachel in every single area of the game.


Jordan didn’t win the golf Brendan and Jeff threw it so she could win. Once they realized it was only down to people in their alliance. You didn’t see how hard they hit the ball on purpose. Jordan is dumb, I hope she doesn’t make it to the end.


Then by that same logic, Rachel didn’t win the first HOH either because Dick and Dani gave it to her. And how about the POVs? Are we removing those wins as well when most of the competiters were actually throwing them? It doesn’t really matter the would ofs, could ofs, should ofs because at the end of the day they won.


Great post Steve!!! Well said!!!


I like Rachel, But your right, Dani is a better player.Even though I dont like her,she has proved to be a strong player in this game. She seems to playing to keep herself and those two weak players( KP) afloat. All on her own. I really hope Jeff goes home. I am sick of him telling everybody he is going to kill them if they vote him out.


actaully you would not know if Dani would have won the first HOH as she and her father dropped off giving it to Rachel. and Rachel gave her she would but them up and did not.

teri b

Oh Man…..I love you, dude! I’m as big a Rachel hater as can be and she acts so entitled it’s sickening. UGH Get her ass out of the house.


First of all, because some of us like Rachel we are considered losers. wow ok well guess ur the loser for even thinking this way. We are entitled to root and like whomever we choose to like just like u are free to root and cheer for whomever you like. Rachel has ways that makes alot of people cringe is true but I nor you know this woman outside of this game. Everyone in the house are doing things that are making people scream at the tv. its not wrong that her and brendon want to win BB, hell everyone does. Dani is conniving but she feels its how she has to be in order to win. JJ are liars as well. They bash, insult and are mean to Rachel. they made deals to keep themselves safe but as soon as BR do it then oh they are horrible people. JJ feel they are the chosen ones, entitled to win this game and that everyone should just bow down to them and move aside. No its every man and woman for themselves. I get so tired of hearing oh BR are horrible, they are nuts, they are this yada yada, give me a break. you have a mother(shelly) who is in this game lying left and right. playing both side, chain smoking and saying she is telling things straight and starting drama and telling lies but she is such a good player right? You have Porsche who also is lying and laying around under the protection of kalia and Dani. You have Kalia who is Dani’s security guard slash groupie laying around under the protection of Dani. See everyone on this show is doing things that are questionable. But JJ are the ones making deals more than anyone and yet they are praised for it but when BR tries doing it then they are such horrible people. I have gone back and watched every episode on demand and saw things I didnt see before. Trust me BR are not the monsters, yes they are horrible at social skills but go back and watch previous eps. then u will see. Just like when Rachel was lying in the havenots room and shelly and jordan thought she was sleeping, they talked and bashed her so bad but they are the good guys right. give me a break. SO u think I am a loser cool, ur opinion means squat as they are like aholes and everyone has one…. Peace


something tells me shelly is gone. whomever dani nominates will be saved. jjsa will turn into a more powerful jjbra.

Aqua Bernie

Why is it ok for Dani to bullshit people, but Shelly can’t! That’s the whole game. Give me a break if shelly needs to go then Dani needs to go!


Maybe if Shelly was good at comps. Her social game would get more credit. But she is the worst in the house at comps.


Dani doesn’t do the whole “I want to be a rolemodel to my child” bullshit as she’s lying to people.


Your right, But the difference is Dani keeps it cool. Shelly is bouncing off the walls. Shelly plays good game, if she is not being pick on. Then she turns into a jellyfish. I perfer JJ and Dani to leave the BB, only because they have already won before, and now Jeff has won more money. I would like to see someone else win the money.


Looks like jeff thur the veto for 5000 and it may cost him 500,000…. why do people tbhrough comps….stupid move


Rachels followers are just like her. Clueless to how the game is played. you want to go as long as possible without putting a target on ur back. As Dr Will showed u can dominate the game without winning anything. He is considered one of the best to ever play this game and he didn’t even try to win anything. It was his strategy as he said all along. Rachel is too stupid to know how the game is played. She is just a big mouth who is annoying as shit and that will not win in this game. By the way a floater is someone who keeps going back and forth on which side they’re on. Not necessarily someone who doesn’t win anything. This is a weak BB cast But some of you who post on here make dumbass Kalia look smart.


And Dr. Will is still the only person in 12 full seasons to have won the game without winning a single comp.

He’s one of a kind and I doubt very seriously that anyone could replicate his strategy and succeed.


I agree!!!


To steve i have read all these comments and rarely look at the names but if I think someone is so off I do…Your last two comments you are all on Jeffs nuts…


In dani’s eye’s Jeff is not as strong as Brandon. She thinks that she can get jeff out after BR. JJ has only won twice in the last 5 weeks. Between BR, they have won 6 or more times in the last 5 weeks. Brandon is the biggest threat in the house and she knows better then to trust them. Non should she. BR has thrown everyone under the bus. JJ had made deals with dani but really has not thrown BR under the bus and Dani sees this


Even though I can’t stand BR, I would rather them win instead of JJ. Atleast they have done stuff to be there. JJ don’t do shit.


I noticed all Rachel’s idiot fans have gotten real quiet now. The truth hurts I guess. Just ask your girl Rachel. AS Jack said, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”


Steve are you a dude or women?


all you rachel defenders quit ur crying. She’s a pathetic loser of a person. If you defend her ur a loser too. And get ur facts right. Rachel has only won 2 HOHs but there is nNO WAY SHE WOULD OF BEATEN DANI IN THE FIRST ONE and brendon even told her he let her win the second one. Youcan go back and read thaat from earlier. She’s been blown out of all the other comps. Im for team dani yes. But facts are facts. Jordan won an HOH itwasn’t necessarily given to her because no one else had gotten close to her score in the golf comp. I don’t believe j or b could of beaten her score. Plus she won the reward comp. Plus she has won BB before. So don’t kid yourself that Rachel is any better than her just because she is a loud mouth gross ass witch. Oh by the way, Jeff won a POV and a lot of money already. His strategy is obvious, to not get blood on his hands as long as he thinks he is safe. That may bite him in the ass this week however, as its 50 50 he or b will go home.
Just get ur facts straight all you rachel idiot followers before you get on here and say such stupid bullshit.. Dani destroys Rachel in every are of this game. If brandon goes it will be a riot to watch rachel because now no one will comfort her. I mean NO ONE.think about last week If JJ OR Shelly hadn’t been there for her and now none of them will be there for her. WE COULD SEE A MENTAL BREAKDOWN ON LIVE TV..TALK about a RATINGS BONANZA!!!!!!!!!!


umm steve. i understand that u may not like brenchel but remember ragan and matt from last season. they hated rachel. especially ragan. and as u saw last episode, ragan and rachel hang out together now and he coming to her wedding party. so i say dont judge rachel by how she acts inside the house, from wat i saw outside the house of them they seem really cool people. (brencehl). im rooting for brendon to win BB13.

Rachel's nipple

Rachel owns. Jeff owns. Dani is a tweeker like her old man


From what I just read, you’ve implied the following:
1) You are popular within a community
2) You receive great satisfaction when others endure hardship
3) You are a complete idiot

Do not come here, and ask people not to express their feelings and opinions. In fact, this thread encourages viewers to do so! Jeff and Jordan, maybe better socially, but are not better than Brendon and Rachel personality wise. I believe, Jeff and Jordan are worse than Brendon and Rachel because they do the exact same, but behind closed doors. Sometimes, Jordan even breaks down and becomes the twice the witch Rachel is in YOUR eyes. If Brendon is a bully, then Jeff is Hitler. I do not believe for one second, Jeff is any better than Brendon. Are you blind? Do you not see how much of a temper that guy has? Do you not see how badly he treats women, people from different backgrounds, and people with a different sexuality?

In conclusion, you J/J lovers, need a quick realization by just facts; something that you pride yourself over. Hypocrites are annoying, and so are ass kissers. So stop.


A-MEN. Rachel gets a few good edits on TV and everyone seems to forget how annoying/whiney she is. Brendon is a good dude so I can’t hate on him, but anyone that doesn’t find Jeff hilarious must be a girl.


LOL wow you have some serious hate issues………you got some drama going on yoursefl there…………this is what CBS loves drama …….it’s okay if you dont like them brendon and rachel but others do……..

if dani puts up brendon – i dont think she will – her alliance current alliance of 2 people will not take her to the final 3 – she will need re-stragerize and take brendon and Rachel. final two would be Dani and Rachel with Dani winning the 500,000. she would not win against Jeff, Jordan, Shell or Adam – as the Jury would pick them over her. she would win over KP – that is if they are not taken out by then…


This show is edited with a protagonist and antagonist…Its obvious who is who…I agree..dani should now aligh herself with Rachel and Bren…IF she knows Shelly lying theres no hope there esp how Shelly loves Jordan…Dani shouldd know she wins in the final two againsy Bren Rach Kalia and Porshce…If she send Bren home, shes relying on Kahlia and Porsche…lmao…if she doesnt put up Jeff she deserves to go home and is really not a smidgeon as smart as people think..IM pulling for her after Bren and rach tried to throw her under the bus..but if she can truly put that behind her she will forgive and jeff or shell go home this week…If not she lied and played with emotions..I think shes worried about pissing off Kalia…IDK why?..I think its a smooth ride to three for dani if she backdoors Jeff here….well we will see….


Jeff and Jordan, both need to leave. I hate how Dani is so unpredictable. =_=’ Lol. I guess that really benefits her, as a player, but not us as viewers. DAMN YOU DANI! Lol.


its weird how you find yerself rooting for someone you wanted evicted weeks ago. I wasn’t team dani but I am now! And she’s gone next week!


Headline news. Big Brother has contestant BreakDown on LIVE TV. Crazy contestant Rachel Loses It after Fiancee is booted from house AGAIN. This time NO ONE rushes to her aid when she throws major fit forcing her to be removed from house and sent immediately to Looney bin. This prompted the Queen of the House DANI to only say, “I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A CRAZLY BITCH.”


Dani needs to realize her biggest threats are JJ. JJ always talk about getting her out of the game. She needs to put of Jeff if she can get BR’s votes. Jeff will leave making Jordan even more useless.

But I think Brendon is going up.


Didn’t Dani say at the start of the week to Rachel/Brendan that she was going to make out she was backdooring Brendan to everyone, but is really targeting Jeff?


I don’t think if Brendon goes home that Rachel will take it as hard as before. Before, she assumed she would be away from him for the rest of the summer if she ended up in Jury.. Knowing that Brendon is there in Jury waiting might make Rachel play harder. She wouldn’t have anything to lose and if she did lose she’d get to be with Her Man in the Jury House *gag*…..

A Nono Moose

Okay I’m officially confused…turned on BBAD (comes on at midnight out in Cali) & its turned into Driving Miss Daisy as Kalias combing Rachels hair… WTF??!?


Dani has played brilliantly…she was right during the week Rachel was HOH and wanting RB too backdoor Jeff…BR starting too realise that now…
Dani was in huge trouble after Dom left but she won HOH then she saved the disaster HOH Kalia with evicting lawson and bringing brendan back
she wins HOH again and has exposed shelly for her lies, has successfully caused a split between BR and JJ…if she continues playin her pawns good she will win the show and the 500,000….go Dani!!!!

VA Vet

I think Danielle has this all figured out. Let straight shooter think JJSA is safe, make the deal with BR and watch Jeff, Shelly and Adam pee their pants when Jeff goes up. Jeff gets his sorry a$$ evicted and both Shelly and Adam will be kissing Danielle’s a$$ because staying with Jordan is tantamount to a one way ticket out the door. Keep the deal with BR for one week and then go after them. That leaves DKPAS vs BR with Jordan crying in the corner.


Wow I think some people commenting on these feeds are crazier than the people in the house!
On several people who want Jordan gone and keep mentioning the fact she won 500k are the same people who wish ED was still in the house and want Dani to win. Hmm ED


Bwhahahaha. I threatened to evict my husband of 18yrs from our house the other day. He told me to shut up and then we laughed and started talking nasty about our neighbors.


I don’t understand why you all hate Jeff so much now. By realizing that he is a huge target this season he has changed his gameplay and it has worked thus far in the house. He is the exact same person as BB11 when you all loved him, but due to the fact that the other houseguests are annoying and flat out idiots (besides a small few) Jeff is getting pissed off.

I feel like the first few weeks when he alligned with B/R (because he had no other choice) you all started to sway your opinion of the guy.

If I was in a house 24/7 dealing with Rachel’s annoying emotional outbursts, Porche, Kalia, etc. I’d be pissed off all day too. Rachel’s outbursts are also the reasoning behind Jordan’s “gripey” behavior as of recent mixed with tons of slop.

Had Dani/Jeff/Jordan/Filler alligned and not had such bad blood they all would be set. The only watchable people left for me are Jeff, Adam, and B/R from a viewers standpoint.

Just like I did for season 11 if Jeff goes home too soon, or if Shelly stays in the house for much longer…I’m done.


For godsake, get rid of Rachel already so I don’t have to fast forward through half the goddamn show because listening to hear voice makes my ears bleed.


On live tv Jeff plans to kill and/or massacre everyone then sit down with Julie Chen to tell about his biggest mistake in the Big Brother house???


I would like to see Dani put up Jeff, just to see him and Jordan freak out. Would BB play on the golden couple falling from grace or would they edit it so they can keep their golden couple golden.


Hopefully BR can talk Dani into putting up Jeff, because no matter what he and Jordan will want her out of the house. BR will want to get Jordan and Shelly out after that. Giving Dani a week to relax and possibly longer if she wants to use them a little more- I mean cmon Kalia isnt that great and I feel she won her HOH by pure luck.

I despise rachel

Please please please put up either Brendon or Rachel.. They are fake, pathetic and extremely annoying! Team Dani All the way! First take out Brenchal then Shelly.. if Dani keeps a truely useless floater to the end she will win based on her excellent game play


I am not a Dani Fan, But she is playing an awesome game. She has proved that she is a strong player. I perfer she take out JJ first. Only because they have already won before,and Jeff has won money twice in this game already. She doesnt show any fear of Jeff and his threats…I like that that. She seems to be playing the game on her own, and letting to weak players(KP) stick to her side for protection. Yes she is a strong player. Maybe I will come around and start liking her…..who knows.


Hell has officialy frozen over…..
I am now on the BR wagon for the time being. Dani has GOT to see that if she teams up with them, they will destroy the house. It’s the best possible move right now. The lines have clearly been drawn. If she end up backdooring Brendon wtf was the point of even having him come back? I wanna see some serious fireworks before he goes, between JJ and BR.