Big Brother 13 Spoilers: POV Results: Rachel Chooses NOT to use the POV! Porsche & Keith up for eviction this Thursday!

Big Brother Results Power of Veto was not used by Rachel, the nominations will be the left as is.

12:35pm Big Brother turns the feeds back on. The POV Ceremony Results are that Rachel has decided to not use the POV and to keep the nominations the same. Both Keith and Porsche are still on the block for eviction this Thursday on of them will be going home on the live show! Who will go home? Porsche? or Keith? Keith and Porsche are talking in the bedroom. Keith tells Porsche that no matter what happens he is sorry for what happen and that if he goes home he wants her to do well in the game. Porsche doesn’t except his apology and keeps telling him that she doesn’t believe him or that he won’t spread more lies. Keith says that he will only explain why he they should keep him and that he wont campaign hard against her. Keith tells her that she is going to win the golden key and not to worry about it. Porsche says that she knows he is good manipulator and that she still thinks he will try and manipulate people just to stay. Keith says that if he could do it all over again he would …and that he would have gone and made a deal with them upstairs.

12:45pm Keith tells Porsche that Adam has her back. Keith says that he isn’t going to try and steal her votes and that they will still hang out at the wrap party and stuff. Keith says that hopefully she will be a half a million dollar richer by then …and maybe I can borrow some of it.. Porsche says I don’t know about that .. The money yeah ..but I won’t be letting you borrow any. Porsche says that it sucks for us because we have a way longer time on the block than anyone else. Porsche says that Thursday is a long time and you could still fool people thinking you’re a good guy and a good competitor. She says that after you did that to me I felt like giving up and that bond we had before was gone. Porsche complains about her stomach growling and says she needs to go eat… they end the conversation. All the houseguests except Lawon, Shelly, Cassi and Porsche are in the kitchen eating and making lunch.

1pm Lawon, Shelly, Cassi and Porsche are in the have nots room talking about Keith and the POV ceremony. Lawon keeps saying that he needs to keep reminding to himself that its just a game. Porsche asks why does he keep lying to me then. Cassi says because its just a game. Shelly leaves the room to go eat. Cassi and Lawon ask Porsche to take out the personal aspect of the game, who she would want to get out of the house? Porsche says the strong people. She explains that if you take out one of the couples you are screwed if they go the jury house. Cassi asks so you would put up one of the new people then? Dominic joins them. Porsche says no ..I wouldn’t put up one of the newbie’s and thats why I am on the block. Porsche asks Cassi who she would put up. Cassi says that they (Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan) are dangerous. Cassi says that she doesn’t know how they don’t see this but that once those couples get to the end we have no chance. Lawon asks her who she would get out? Cassi says Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan. Dominic says that you need to stop worrying about jury votes because once it gets down to it people will be like damn that was a good move. Porsche talks about back when they picked partners and how she wanted to work with Kalia but Keith stood up and told her they were partners. Cassi says I bet you wish you didn’t get you b**bs done! Porsche and Dominic laugh. They continue talking about this seasons twist and thought it would be their ex’s. Dominic says that he would self evict himself if his ex come into the house. Dominic wishes they would have won the POV competition and been in a position of power. He’s confident someone in his Alliance will win the next Head of household and they can take out when of the returning Big Brother Players.

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I understand Porsche doesn’t trust Keith but she’s being super annoying! She could atleast accept his apology and move on. Idk why she keeps busting Keith’s balls everytime he tries to be civil with her.. She is making me question her character especially since earlier on the feeds she said her father would kill her if she dated a black guy


I hope Porsche goes yo, but then again thats just less bikini time for me.


Yeah I hope she goes this week

Tyler Kent

Why would her father being protective of his daughter make you question her character?


I question her character because she is holding a major grudge against Keith. I don’t do the live feeds but from what I read she is just being mean to Keith and I don’t see any game play that would be a reason to be mean to Keith.


That’s not being protective, that’s being prejudice, protective is him saying he didn’t want her dating bad men in fear that she may be hurt, but he said black men.

and yea her character is in question because of how she’s acting towards Keith, not what her father told him, but I don’t know if she told that to him or not?

Day Yum Yum

Seems like there is hardly anyone on this site this year. There were a ton of comments on each topic last year–where is everyone? Could it be that some of the rude, ignorant people that were on here last year chased alot of people away??


it is to early in the season not much going on people will get into as the season goes on


Crazy is right it’s only the 3rd day..


I was sort of scared away by the constant “grenade yo” comments that almost drove me batty.

fortunately this cast doesnt have a bunch of complaining cast members so far.


I hope Keith goes home !!!!


I thought Julie said that there would be a comp between the two nominated ppl not a vote, did I miss something where now it’s a vote.


A comp between the 2 nominated would be much better than a bias vote, but that would take up too much time.


Keith can’t go until I’ve seen him lounging in a speedo!