Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche says to Brendon that she loves all these mirrors because if Rachel comes out she doesn’t even know I’m looking at you ..WOOOHHH…

11:10am Brendon continues to workout in the backyard. Rachel and Porsche are in the kitchen. Rachel is making slop pancakes. Porsche asks Rachel if it would have said the POV meeting was today on the TV. Rachel says no. Porsche says why should they give the people on the block one more day if they don’t have to. Brendon comes inside. Rachel and Brendon run to the candy bedroom and make out and then head back to the kitchen.

11:10am Rachel and Porsche are in the kitchen. Rachel is making slop pancakes. Porsche asks Rachel if it would have said the POV meeting was today on the TV. Rachel says no. Porsche says why should they give the people on the block one more day if they don’t have to. Out in the backyard, Adam, Brendon and Porsche are talking. Adam tells Porsche that earlier him and Brendon were working out and all four cameras were on Rachel and Shelly on the couch. Adam says come on we have hard bodies in the house! They talk about how they hope the hammock is replaced soon. Brendon says that it probably wasn’t a good idea to have four people on it. Porsche and Adam talk about if the POV is used and Shelly and Cassi go up on the block …it won’t be a hard decision of who to vote out (Cassi). Adam, Brendon, and Porsche talk about making a slip and slide.. But Brendon says his knees are too banged up. They discuss doing three legged races.

11:30am Porsche and Adam are out on the backyard couch talking about the havenot competition this week. They discuss how many people they think will play and be a havenot. Adam says that even if Rachel wins HOH this week she is still on slop.. Porshce says but that she can eat what she gets in her HOH basket. Adam says let’s just let her win, oh but what do you care. Porsche has a golden key so it won’t matter to her. Adam alludes to throwing the comp so Rachel wins. Porsche says to Brendon that she loves all these mirrors because if Rachel comes out she doesn’t even know I’m looking at you ..WOOOHHH… Porsche heads inside. Rachel and Dani are in the kitchen. Rachel is asking Dani questions as if she is Julie Chen… How does it feel to be just sitting on your ass and eating? Dani says feels great because Rachel is doing the same thing. Dani tells Rachel to stop asking questions. Rachel asks Dani another question… How does it feel to have a someone in the house that wants to have a showmance with you. Dani says that if she was 10 years younger ..maybe but that she prefers guys that don’t weigh in on the scale less than her.

11:40pm Brendon is still working out in the backyard and looks over at the camera and says that he would like to give a shout out to all the Canadian fans …saying that they are great and they love them. Brendon puts a bug hat on and starts talking in an annoying voice. Jeff says to Adam and Shelly ..what the hell is wrong with that guy?! Jeff and Adam talk about how there will be 7 people playing for the HOH. Adam says that he asked Dominic not to use the POV. Jeff asks really?! Adam says no. They continue talking about the veto competition. Adam tells Jeff to just let him know which way the vote is going so that he knows. Jeff telling Adam that he just wants to get rid of these keys. adam says personal feelings have to be put aside and Jeff replies by saying it is hard because he’s a personal guy. Adam says that its at the point where you have to separate personal feelings. Jeff says that its hard ..its hard.. especially for Jordan she’s the worst. The conversation changes to talking about survivor.

12pm Brendon and Rachel go into the storage room and start making out… They she whispers in his ear that she wants him. Brendon says that he kinda figured. They head into the kitchen … Rachel tells Brendon that she will be half naked in the backyard if he needs her. Rachel then tells Brendon that they should wash their sheets today.

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HAHAHHAHHA. i cracked up laughing. you wrote “brendon and jordan go to the storage room and start making out”

im pretty sure you meant rachel..



LOL dawgs making things up so it’s exciting 🙂


POV ceremony is today


what time today?


“Brendon and Jordan go into the storage room and start making out”


Was Buick just flirting with the NeanderthAL? PLEASE let it be so Rach can go Vegas on her!

Despicable Me

My thoughts exactly


Just wait till ratch Elle finds out porch is tring to come in between her and her MAN !!! LOL

Despicable Me

Hope J/J has balls to do what is right, it;s their only chance to win this game. Brenchel’s domination in comps is not something to overlook because of their extremely poor social game.

Despicable Me

Last year Brenchel did not have a Team protecting them so they wer taken out,, this year they have a team to protect them until the end. Does anybody see this inevitable outcome if they are not put up this week??????


Rachel and Brendon are so disgusting….


ha that’s news -_-


Ok, if Brenden ever shares with Rachel what Porsche said about him… Rachel is going to flip out! “Nobody gets between me and my man” will take on new meaning…


If there is a god……please please please let Jordan put up brendon and rachel. Let’s stir this sh!t up.


Looks like CBS is rigging the next HOH competition to favor Rachel. On their website they ask fans questions and say it will play into the next HOH competition, so I am guessing it’s a quiz based on viewer answers. If Rachel wins another HOH I will hurl. If CBS intended from the start to get Brenchel and JJ to the final 10 they should have just inserted them into the game later and let the newbs play the game. I am sick of returning contestants. Even the ones I liked the first time around I don’t want to see again. This season is sucking because there is nobody in the game with a chance of mixing it up. I wish Shelly would go to JJ and say she overheard Brenchel talking about getting JJ out next week. I want Brenchel split up because together they ruin all the fun. Rachel can’t even drink now so no drama.

Despicable Me

Right again as usual.

I knew Jeff and Jordan were complete idiots nothing more than Floaters With Benefits, but c’mon they are not seeing that brenchel is by far their biggest threat like I said Brenchel has a team protecting them, which is their ONLY chance to win. I honestly believe this season was rigged from the beginning for Brenchel starting with the Golden Key twist, if brenchel are never put up on the block during this time, they will have nobody after then and they will beat Dani,Jeff, and Jordan & anyone who is left in every comp leading to a BB win.


You’re right…most of the questions were negative and applied to her.

Lawon's Blazer

ratch Elle, Buick, Brenda….these nicknames are hilarious!


Why isnt Cassi fighting harder to align with J/J to cut a deal that involves her and Dom? If J/J dont want to turn on B/R and put them up (which is stupid not to) why doesnt someone approach J/J for them to team up together with Dom, Cassi, Shelly, Kalia and even Adam?? The would put up Lawon/Kalia and get Lawon out.They totally would have the numbers. Dom would get to play with Cassi, Cassi would get to stay and J/J would have their own side leaving B/R, Dani (who is a major snake) and Por. Gahhh!!


I agree, but then again, I’m dying for Jordan to put up R/B if for no other reason than some good drama. I feel like J/J are in trouble regardless of the move they make, so they may as well go ahead and make the big move to take out either Rachel or Brendon. I would gain a whole new respect for Jordan if she did that. Unfortunately, she’s letting Jeff dictate her decision.


Oh yes, dont get me wrong, I wish Jordan would do that too, I just know she (or J/J) wont! Dani and B/R have already implied that they are going after J/J. Dani is going to make it far. I think she may be top 2…


She has zero social game. She will not try to befriend anyone if she doesn’t “like” them. All she does is sit around, smoke cigs, and complain how all the girls hate her because she’s so pretty. She’s getting more and more annoying.

I actually heard her say she “made moves” in the game. Yeah, with her eyelashes.

If not forced to go up and talk to Jordan, her only connections in the game would be Shelly and Dom.


LOL how funny would if be if porsche and rachel got into a cat fight over Brendon

Despicable Me

I was just assuming last year when I said that they rigged comps(well I know for sure Brenda’s HOH win was rigged) but nothing else was, but I think they are really going to do it this season and that is Rig the entire season so they could choose who wins the 500k.


putting brenchel up would be the stupids move by jj what couple would the newbees go after next jj duh just cause u have adeal with someone doesnt mean they will stick to it bye bye cassie


I don’t know. If I were a newb, I would have no problem taking one of the vets to the end. If you can get out Brendon or Rachel before the jury, and it is you vs. a vet at the end, at the most there are only two vets to vote for the other vet. Chances are the others will vote for the newb (provided they take out Kalia before jury as well). They may also have a chance taking Jordan since she’s already won the 500K once.


ugh i hate how jordan and jeff are like portrayed as the “perfect couple”, when really if you watch the live feeds and BBAD Jeff is ALWAAAAAAAAYS talking down to Jordan, and yelling at her like he’s her father or something. but it never actually gets aired. but yet all of rachel’s and Brendons fights are always shown. it’s funny huh.


Just like BB11…they edit them as America’s sweethearts. Ugh


Wheres BBGrandma?


I was gonna ask that. She was one of my favorite people here last year.


that what i was wondering?


I am worried! Plus ur Rockstar isn’t adding her 2 cents 🙁


Cassi isn’t even trying. I would be cutting every deal i could with Jeff and Jordan so i could keep myself off the block. She hasnt even tried to talk to them really. Cassi could at least go up to jeff and explain that this is the perfect time to get Rachel out. And tell them that rachel and brendon are gonna be after them soon because they (rachel & brendon) have no interest in taking J/ J anywhere near to the end. Rachel wouldnt want to risk being in the final 2 with jeff or jordan cause she knows she would lose. Idk if this makes sense but my point is…cassi needs to try harder. It sucks that most of this cast acts like they dont want to be here. When there are many other people who would kill to be on this show. I think there is alot more deserving people.


Compare Dani and Cassi. Everybody likes Dani. She’ll walk up to everyone. She’s funny, playful, laughs a lot. People like her. And beneath that, she is playing a great strategic game.

Cassi just sits around and complains that everyone hates her. I think Dani is just as cute, but she doesn’t seem to have that problem – think about that.


Megan, it makes perfect sense, she isnt trying! I would do anything to be on BB!! I know I never would because I am not a model or a VIP cocktail waitress nor 100lbs. I think CBS BB casting needs an overhaul!


Man, if JJ knew what was good for them, they wud definitely put up Brenchal…but they sud take Brendan out first this tim instead of like last year when they sent Rach home first…rach wud self destruct and still be a target possibly..hell, they’ve been a target in the house all along. I dnt think they’ll get put up though cuz JJ dnt want to suffer the backlash of turning on their alliance..but if they were to be put up, id totally take my hat off to JJ for playing the damn game


But Dom has made JJ his #1 target. If BR are gone, Jeff is next. Dom/Cassi need to be taken out if JJ are to be safe.

Uncle Cool

I agree. They are laying low, though. It would make perfect sense to align with the newbies and get rid of Brendon because Rachel would be more useless than she already is.

It would be nice if the producers told her about Porshe, though…

Then she might pull a Chima and get thrown out.

Despicable Me

Big Brother is losing all credibility as a “random anything can happen” reality series…

Despicable Me

They are choosing what happens and the outcome


Ok you guys gets on my nerves when you are saying the game is rigged for Brenchel to win no NOT if it were j/j winning you guys would have said how great they are and the game is not rigged bla bla bla but no since it’s brenchel it’s another story you guys are just mad cause j/j could NEVAAA…anyways I hope B/R gets j/j out next week their not doing anything to impress me Team Brenchel let’s GOOOOOO


Hey, It’s Gay from last season who supported everything Brenchel did, until they were evicted because of their shitty social game.


Nope. I call it like I see it. The last competition was rigged for Jeff and Jordan. I called it before it happened when they were practicing in the BY. I was right. CBS is more blatant every year with their interference in the game. I dislike Brendon and Rachel because they are being shoved down our throats but I also hate being force fed Jeff and Jordan. I want new people and new competitions that competitors can’t anticipate and practice for. I really would like to expect the unexpected for a change instead of guessing correctly what will happen next.


you can’t say that it was rigged for Jeff and Jordan, when Brendon could have easily gotten a higher number than Jordan. Maybe they knew that Brendon would throw it after. but still i don’t think that HOH was rigged at all.


You don’t know that. Last year the Neander-tall sucked at everything that required hand/eye coordination. He sucked so bad at bowling that Rachel even said he let her down, even a monkey could have knocked down more than Brendon did. That competition was almost the same as the one Jordan won in Season 11, and Jeff threw her that one too. We will never know how Jeff and Brendon would have done, but Jeff is a golfer. He aced all of his shots in season 11 except the one he threw. The comp was meant to give JJ the HOH.

Sea of Stupidity

How exactly do you rig a putt putt game? I have seen some stupid, and I mean really stupid comments on this board, but this is the easily the stupidest comment I have seen this season.


Exactly. If Dom opens it off by scoring a 1, so much for the rig job…

Sea of Stupidity

Actually she can say it. But by doing so, it would also imply that Jordan is a rocket scientist compared to her.


What happen to brendons KNEEEEES?


Brendon didn’t tell Rachel about what Porsche said? LOL either he’s REALLLLLY smart, or he’s loving the attention 😉

let me say this now

If I am brendon….I make one major move before I leave the house…..

and I think even the B and R haters/supporters will agree here….


Pick up a Porsche!

Talk about a freaking win. I cant be the only guy sitting at home with my mouth wide open looking at porsche, I HATED her comment that she is hated due to her looks, but I can see why….Yummmmmmmmmm


I want Brendon inside me