Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi says that it just makes her so angry that girls get to come in here and be so UGLY and they get to stay in here.

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12:20pm Porsche, Rachel and Dani are suntanning out in the backyard in their bikini’s. Porsche talks about how when she was 18 she was dating a 30 year old that paid for her and her friend to go to London and Prague.

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Jeff, Brendon, Lawon, and Dominic are in the kitchen talking and eating. Brendon tells a story about when he and Rachel took a balloon ride over top of Bill Gates house. Brendon says that the guy operating the balloon said that other time a guy yell from the ballon that Apple rocks. And Bill Gates yelled back saying it does, thats why he bought stock in it. Brendon, Jeff and Lawon talk about how fruits help prevent cancer.

12:40pm – 12:50pm The cameras switch to Cassi and Adam talking on the backyard couch. Cassi asks where Kalia is …still sleeping. Adam says yeah ..what the point of keeping someone that just sleeps. Adam says that he was joking around saying maybe Dominic wouldn’t use the veto. Cassi says that it really chaps her ass having to be in the house with some people. Cassi says that she didn’t come into the house to be famous ..she here to get far in the game and that its not fair. Cassi tells Adam that when she leaves …he need to stick to Dom and Shelly ..because everyone else in here are snakes. Adam agrees. He says that Lawon is the only one that might flip it … but that Kalia definitely won’t. Jordan comes out ..and Adam tells her that he can’t believe he is saying this but that he might want to go up and listen to her cd some time. Jordan leaves. Cassi says Julie will have to shut her p when she gets out bc she’ll have a lot to say, that Julie will have to keep reminding her she has an extended interview coming up, to hold that thought. Cassi tells Adam that she will not campaign against Shelly. Adam says that he wont campaign against Dominic either once it gets to that point. Cassi says that it just makes her so angry that girls get to come in here and be so UGLY and they get to stay in here. Cassi says that she just couldn’t do it .. that its good she can’t on the outside ..but in here … Cassi says that of all the people in here it was Rachel that started something with here for no reason. Cassi says that she obviously had something against me and then used that to leverage it against me. Cassi says that she told Rachel she has no idea what set her off. Cassi says that all she said was that two people lied to us…. thats all!

1pm Dominic and Kalia are in the havenot bedroom talking. Dominic says that he was told to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Dominic says that Cassi is gone this week. Kalia agrees. Kalia says that if she gets HOH ..once the keys are done… we have to split up Brendon and Rachel. Dominic asks who she would align with. Kalia says you, me and Dani. Dominic says that they can probably string along Adam too. Kalia talks about how Jordan knows a lot more about this game than people give her credit for. Kalia says that she wanted to remind Jordan that she won HOH and not Jeff and for her to make the decisions. Dominic says that with him, her, Adam, Dani, and Shelly will be on their side so they will have the votes. Kalia and Dominic leave the havenot room.
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1:10pm Dominic tells Cassi in the living room that he thinks she is the one that will be going this week. Cassi says it sucks. Dominic says Uh YEAH DUH! Dominic says that he’s sad ..that he might just slit his wrists. Cassi says that she knew coming in here she would be one of the first ones out ..because of stupid girl stuff. Dominic says it just sucks. Cassi leave the room and says thats my life.

1:15pm Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are in the pool, while Porsche, Rachel and Dani suntan on the lounge chairs. Dominic and Kalia are in the kitchen making lunch. Kalia says that Porsche truly is an idiot.. and that you never are quite sure if she is or not but she is… Kalia says and that she walks around with her boobs hanging out. Kalia says that all Porsche really cares about getting more tv time. Dominic says oh I know! Kalia makes fun of how poorly Porsche does at hosting and she wants to do that?? Rachel comes in and Dom and Kalia stop talking about her till she leaves. Kalia says that she has been trying to talk to her (Porsche) more now that she is going to be here. Kalia says in case she ends up on the jury …than at least I can say that I was nice to her when everyone else was mean to her. Kalia starts talking about Lawon and how she nows tons of guys like him and that she knew he would eventually bury himself. Kalia says that Lawon told Porsche that he voted out Keith. Kalia says that they told her ..that it didn’t matter if she voted with them because they said they already have the numbers.
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1:30pm Out in the backyard Brendon and Lawon are talking about giving people a chance and that actions speak louder than words. Brendon and Lawon says that outside the house Keith probably is a great guy … but that inside the house he just showed his cards too soon. Lawon says that is his heart of hearts he knows that they (Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan) will be able to take him farther… and that regardless they will stick together. Lawon says that the veterans can take him farther because they have played the game already. Rachel joins them on the couch. Brendon says that he and Rachel made the mistake of not listening to their gut last year. They talk about how neither Lawon nor Brendon like to leave a fight unresolved ..that god forbid something happened to that person.

1:50pm – 2pmCassi comes out in her bikini to have a smoke on the couch. Rachel puts sunscreen on Brendon and she tells him that she loves rubbing things on him. Cassi moves over to the side of the pool and does her nails. Brendon and Rachel go and lay on the lounge chairs with the others.

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Susan Miles

Kalia is a lying backstabbing bitch. She told Dom that Lawon told Porche that he voted for her to stay LIAR! Both Shelly and Kalia need to go, they lie, cheat backstab and are not loyal. When will the rest of them realize this? I also can’t stand how Kalia doesn’t shut up, she keeps talking while she eats and makes horrible smacking noises while she eats!


uhm HELLLLLLLLLLLLO it’s a GAME -_- calm yourself


uhm HELLLLO, it’s a game.


Makes me glad I don’t have the feeds then, b/c people smacking and so on while eating drives me bonkers!!! From the sounds of it, Kalia must have gone to the same finishing school Natalie (aka: PigPen) did!


Not a fan of Kalia’s, but the game is about lying, cheating, backstabbing and disloyalty. I don’t like her because she talks to much and too fast. you really can’t trust people like that. Trying to figure out who’s a worse eater; NatalieBB11, EnzoBB12, or Kalia. Enzo drove me crazy last year with his eating habits!!


Natalie for sure! She was all around gross.


Well Cassi seems like a little bitchy princess if you ask me.


As much as I want Cassi to stay… Why is she whining/complaining about other people instead of fighting? In my opinion, it just makes her seem weak. She needs to start making up deals or something. Don’t want to see her go down defeated, angry, and bitter. Stay classy yo.




Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen? They say no, she’s on the block and sent packing, exactly where she’s going to end up if she pouts and whines for the rest of the week.


it’s funny bc we are socialized to defer to pretty girls (hence, why the prettier girls tend to be the popular ones) but when you are distant, cold and evasive, well that will just turn people off – so cassi saying girls don’t like her for her looks is a rationalization/excuse for her personality defects…anyone who knows how to play this game knows that this is not the strategy to go into the house with – even if you are antisocial, suck it up and pretend you aren’t – or else what are you doing there??


Believe me, Cassi was my pick to start the season. But I am so tired of her complaining about how all girls hate her because of her looks and how this is the story of her life. Maybe if she was more friendly and open to talking to people, it wouldn’t be. I think she’s plain stuck up.


Didn’t really care much for Cassi at first. She was nothing more than nice to look at. But I hate this mob mentality and I hate that Rachel is at it again. Last season I hated Ragan so her and him fighting were like two roaches I wanted to squish. Britney was the only interesting character last year. The “brigade” was overrated, lame and an alliance that got lucky. Half the time they didn’t know what the heck was going on. But I digress. This hating of Cassi is unfounded but shallow girls will be shallow girls. Insecure and catty. I guess the writing is on the wall for her. But I’m surprised J/J can’t see that Brenchel and Dani are about to screw them. I can see Dani being the last vet standing simply cos she looks like she’s ready to lie, backstab and do everything to win.


But I really don’t think this is the case. I think this is just an excuse that Cassi is telling herself because she can’t otherwise make a connection with people. I think Jordan and Dani are just as pretty and they don’t have this problem because they can actually open up to other people.

Cassi’s been like this since the first day: “I’m 26 years old and I don’t have the energy to talk to immature Porscha” (or something similar). And every day she mentions that if she doesn’t like someone, she won’t talk with them. This is her problem and it is SHE who is making it personal.

What the hell is she doing here? She must have thought she’ll just show up, sit around, and vote a few times.


Agreed…at this point Dani is running that game.


Cassi is loyal and keeps her word. She made a promise to the newbies and an alliance to Keith, Dom and Lawon. Even though she knows she’s leaving, she’s telling J&J to stick with Dom. She’s still looking out for those she made alliances with, even Shelly, she refuses to say anything bad about Shelly. She will be shocked when she finds out that it was Shelly that turned against the newbies. She may be distant, but her loyalty is a good quality. She is someone you can trust and know won’t turn against you once she’s given her word. If I were Jordan, I’d keep her, knowing she wouldn’t turn against me. If Shelly and Kalia turned against their newbie alliance, its only a matter of time before they turn against J&J and the vets.

Danni should win

I like Danni this season she seems smarter and sweet