Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jeff’s key order for the Nomination Ceremony Rachel, Adam, Shelly, Jordan , Dani last for suspense

2:55pm bathroom DKP Their talking about c!rcumcised p*nises. kalia says she’s never seen one, Porsche says the first time she say one it scared her because it was so big.. Porsche says that after she saw it she said she had to go. Dani doesn’t understand she just told the guy she had to go. POrsche giggles and says yes.

Adam walks in Porsche asks him to describes a c!rcumcised p*nises. Dane’s been joking around calls him wenis Cheese. Kalia asks why do you get it done. Adam explains that it has to be cleaned otherwise you get a chessy build up in there is called Smegma, Adam says that it’s more sanitary to be c!rcum**sed .
(LOL thats enough p***** talk)

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3:05pm Shelly and Jordan (In a past conversation Jeff had with Kalia she told him that someone from Jeff’s side has been talking shit about JJ for the past 3 weeks. Jeff’s reaction to her was “Who Shelly”, He regrets that because he doesn’t want Kalia to now go to Shelly and spin it like Jeff doesn’t trust her. Kalia never mentioned it but she was talking about Rachel being the person, Jeff and Jordan know that Rachel talks shit about them but they also need rachel right now and are willing to look past it.. Jeff ordered Jordan to go talk to Shelly about this and make sure she understands he trusts her)

Jordan explains to Shelly that the only reason Jeff said Shelly is because Kalia told him the person talking shit will surprise him. They all know it’s Rachel so thy’re not “Shocked” by what Kalia has to say. Shelly mentions when Adam has to go. Jordan thinks they should wait until double eviction. Shelly says she’ll be ready to put him up if they need to. (Shooting Straight? perhaps)

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3:25pm HOH JJ Jeff says that he’s going to give Rachel, Adam, Shelly, Jordan and Dani last for suspense.

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3:30pm Quad Dani telling Kalia about her live outside of her house.. going to school working out etc etc. JARS Siting outside playing cards chit chatting.. Adam is joking around telling Jeff he’ll do whatever for this weeks HOH. Adam offer to light Jeff’s smoke, Offers to put the smoke out when Jeff is done with it..

3:45pm Kalia comes back from the DR. Her and Dani talk a bit of game. dani says that this is a numbers game and they don’t have the numbers. If by some miracle they can win POV and get rachel up there’s a slim chance of saving DKP. Dani then goes on to say there is not chance unless the person not on the block wins POV..
Dani: “shelly will do whatever JJ want her to do”
Kalia doesn’t think so, She’s had some talks with Shelly. Dani laughs (OMFG.. Kalia is so dumb she’s trusting Straight shooter again) Kalia thinks if they can get Rachel up that there’s a chance they could get rid of Rachel. Dani doesn’t think there’s much of a chance and she’s positive this week Shelly will do whatever JJ wants.

Dani hopes Jeff doesn’t get get any power or pandora’s box. Kalia says she’s planning on production giving Jeff some twist. Dani: “You know there is going to be another power either this week or next week”

Dani says she’ll be shocked if she goes up initially but she’s sure she’ll go up if POV is used.

4:16pm Feeds Cut trivia Nomination ceremony

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173 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jeff’s key order for the Nomination Ceremony Rachel, Adam, Shelly, Jordan , Dani last for suspense

  1. Is Adam offering that Jeff can “backdoor” him? He said last night if a man (aka jeff) wore bacon underwear, he’d go down on him…….

    1. Why does everyone pick on Adam! He is a good guy! He is a super fan just like all of us. He may be a floater but being the fan he is he must just be so happy to be in the house. Especially since there are past contestants on! Cut him some slack!!

  2. We went from defecation and farting to peen talk..great.

    What is Kalia smoking??!!! Why can’t she see that Shelly is loyal to no one but J/J? How difficult is this to comprehend?!

    Dani needs to start distancing herself asap. Anybody that stupid needs to be evicted.

    1. Kalia is smoking the fumes of Shelly’s cigs and the smell of white behind. She wants white friends so desperately, and friend generally speaking. She said she only has about 4 friends in real life.

      1. i feel bad for those friends. kalias personality SUCKS! shes so needy and childish and stupid. why a WOMAN would cry in a game when things dont go her way is beyond me. get angry and cry… ok. get mentally unstable and cry… ok. throw a crying fit cause shit is about to hit the fan thats facing you… oh please!

        i cant stand the sight of her!

        1. They purposely cast people who would. If everybody was all zen, then nothing would happen. A house of medicated people who have no emotions would play a game, although a terribly boring one.

    2. Whatever she’s smoking, it’s certainly is some if the best delusional-state-inducing stuff being smoke in the BB house this season. WTF!!

    3. I agree with you BB4ME. send Kalia’s educated, dumb ass home. what is wrong with her? Dani plz, ” back away from the jackass “. Didn’t she learn from her past dumb mistake? I guess not, because she’s still thinking the same way. send Kalia to the jury house with her ” bestie” Brendon. pleaseeeeeeeeeee now..

    1. I wonder if Dani can convince Prosche and Kalia to throw the pov. It is worth a chance. I bet if she offers Kalia some carpet munching it will work.

      1. Remember when you were upset that no one seemed “to be responding to you here”? Just read the last few posts you’ve made. I think I get it. poor taste.

          1. I think what is happening is you’ve published about 132 comments since the 18th. Thats a lot perhaps people are just having trouble catching up..

            1. Well I respond to about 90% of the threads I see. And about 90% of my threads go unresponded to. And people love to trash me here left and right. I’m just stating…….

            2. Naids – you are commenting way too much, I can’t keep up and I post a lot at certain times. I don’t expect others to comment back to me, nor do I care if they do.. besides it take a lot of time to make friends and if you comment as much as you do, you’ll be considered a troll/spammer and not be taken seriously

      2. How old are you? If you are older than 14 then you are a socially outcast lonely person (due to the tone of most of your posts).

        1. Ok, so everybody else here can talk about sex and who’s ugly and who wants to f* who, but if I say something about the girls it’s not right?

  3. Rachel will never vote Dani or Porcha to be evicted and spend a week in the jury house with Brenda alone! NEVER NEVER NEVER!

    1. That sounds like a nice threat to Rachel. Tell her if either one of the 3 (DKP) gets evicted, they would go do Brendon.

    2. Very true that she will go nuts but she doesn’t have a choice…one of DKP is going home, unless a power saves them (Porsche was talking about something “good in the DR” but the feeds cut). Chances are high that something would happen in the jury house with Brendon alone with one girl though. He hasn’t gone one day without some sort of action, let alone a week. He won’t last; he would self-implode. Sorry if that offends anyone – it’s the truth!

  4. Look at that skank, Rachel and her scantily clad ass and va jj…sitting there playing cards with legs spread somewhat….doubt if she has any panties on, as usual……..few minutes ago , Adam laid down opposite her and am sure he saw it all……..he sat right back up so he didn’t have that view any more, like he was embarrassed

  5. Shelly stole Rachel’s teddy bear. Rachel doesn’t even want to know who stole it, she just wants it back. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a gift from Brendon because it suddenly is meaning a lot to her after last night’s elimination.

    I wonder what would happen if someone took Josie’s teddy bear on BB28.

    1. I can’t believe that Shelly has the nerve to call out Rachel last night in HOH about we are a team and get over your attitude….while all along Shelly hid Rachel’s stuffed animal. Shelly sure sounds like an honest – straight talking person but her actions speak otherwise. Shelly is so full of herself and thinks she is playing such a good game. Just return the dang animal to Rachel – Brendon left it for her and she hasn’t been acting up so give it back!!!

      1. I could not believe what I was hearing too. I thought of her husband and daughter.

        I was wishing for Rachel to disagree with her on the events. WOW WOW WOW Shelly must really need the money to conduct herself in such a low manner.

      2. I got pisssed about that too. Shelly has a lot of balls. I hope Someoone tells Rachel that would cause a lot of shit in Jeff’s little alliance.

        1. Adam told Shelley to put the stuffed animal back and
          Shelley said, “NO! Why should I?”

          Well if Adam finds out Shelley told Jordan that they need to figure out when
          and how to get rid of Adam ………….. watch out!
          The Case of Rachel’s Missing Stuffed Animal” will be solved.
          Stuffing will be flying everywhere ……………….KABOOM!!!

        1. Ok, I got carried away there but you are missing the point. I am going to assume you think Kalia is a very good casting choice.

          My theory: Julie Chen thought she’d be her big brother Holly Robinson

          1. IMO that’s an insult to Holly, she’s attractive, intelligent, and most importantly..I don’t cringe everytime she speaks. Furthermore, she’s anorexic compared to
            Kahlia (who slightly resembles a grizzly)

            1. Yes because Holly tired to upstage her. However before that, she liked Holly the most. She took Holly on Prices Right, gave Holly the 2nd seat, and always let Holly host during her absence.

      1. Since you are dying for a reply here’s one..there was nothing wrong with Jameka other than too much of that “holy roller” business. Actually, she was one of the only ones who kept her head on straight in the game, and was very caring towards others. She really never talked shit on others and played a straight game. She definitely played a good game and deserved to be F2 and win the money more than those 2 egotists Dick and Danielle!! The fact that those 2 were F2 amazes me and Dani was so hated then, that she couldn’t even win the money over supposedly, the most hated person, who aggravated everyone in the house! That says alot about her and how little others thought of her, wouldn’t you say??

  6. To quote Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Insanity, meet Kahlia!

    1. Kalia wants white friends desparately, and friends in general. It is quite simple. She is suffering from the Ragan complex of straight friends.

      1. You may have something there Naids. Whatever the reason for her idiotic behaviour, D needs to shake some sense into her ….. if that’s possible.

      1. I said a similar think a day or two ago. Great minds ….!
        Dani needs to bitch slap some sense into her but, I’m not certain even that would help.

    1. Unfortunately not. I think Dani messed that up when sent Brendon home or to jury twice. That won’t ever sit well with Rachel.

  7. I like how it’s the end of the world for Kalia now after being in power for three weeks and eating her way thru the BB house. True colors always come out when ppl are in the dumps. At least Dani knows to keep her head in the game. But I’m def glad that the three laziest ppl in the house are havenots tho it’s kinda unfair Jeff got to just simply pick em. I would be pissed. Not complaining tho. They deserve it. I like this pity party and whining already. Finally they’re getting a dose of their own medicine. Karma is a bitch D/K/P.

    1. I just hope it is a punishment pov like when Jensa had to give up too much to stay in the game. I want to see Kalia and Porsche give up everything to stay in the game, and then talk about how Rachel would give up her first born. I hope Kalia is on permanent slop. That is good TV, Kalia not eating.

    2. “dani keeps her head” — we haven’t seen her up on the block yet….i’m sure her behavior would then not be not so great (kinda like when she acts so almight when she’s HOH)

  8. My best case scenario for this week:

    Jeff nominates Porsche and Kalia.
    Daniele wins POV.
    Daniele takes Kalia off of the block.
    Rachel convinces Jeff that the only way to get rid of Porsche is to put up Adam, because Shelly would keep Adam but not Rachel.
    Jeff is convinced by Rachel and puts Adam up on the block.
    Dani, Kalia, and Rachel vote to evict Adam. Adam is evicted.
    Kalia wins HOH.

    1. You had me up until you said K wins HoH. Let’s not forget how badly she screwed up her last HoH and, to top it all off, K is once again believing the shit load S is saying. Dani needs to win the next HoH, otherwise I like the way you think. :-)

      1. I want Kalia to win HOH for no reason other than that I want Daniele to be able to compete the week after and not rely on KP like she did this week.

        1. I hear ya. Curious, why Kahlia winning HoH next over Porcha? I think P might prove to be more in line with D’s way of thinking than K or, at least easier to convince to follow D’s strategic game plan, than K (as she proved in her first time as HoH). Just throwing that out there.

          1. Porsche has no mind of her own. She just does whatever the person she is following this week wants her to. She was up Rachels butt until Rachel lost it along with the power and found a nice cozy spot in Dani’s butt. If Dani’s alliance does not take HOH next, then she will crawl up Jordan, Shelly or Rachel’s butt. I guess the smell reminds her of home.

    2. If Dani wins the POV there is no reason to pull Kalia off the block, for she already had her VOTE. Then, she is guarantee Porshce’s vote as well. If she did save Kalia and would lose P’s vote, then Jeff would put up Rachel as the replacement.

    3. I like it but…
      I think P winning would be better (I would love to see D win because she knows how to use her head but I think it would be better if P won). K is stupid enough to put up P and D if JJ offer to be her friends.

  9. Wow super smart jeff!!! Hes such an idiot. Dani is playing for pov no matter what so just put her up. Dani is coming after you regardless of what you do. Hopefully dani wins pov and takes porsha off, even though i think she would take kalia off. (which is dumb cause porsha is better at comps) and i cant stand kalia and want to see her go. Jeff will be forced to put up one of his own and hopfully its rachel. that will piss her off more than anything and could cause her to come to danis side. She will realize shes at the bottom(i think she already does but still).

  10. Its funny how these people are so butt hurt when they are actually the targets. They ran the house for the last 3 weeks and all they had to show for it was getting rid of one of their own ( which by the way would be very helpful right now as they would control the votes) and getting rid of a competitor. If Dani does go home, I think she will look back on her HOH last week and regret not living up to the deal that BR tried to make with her. Brendon couldve possibly beat Jeff for HOH and that possibly would have saved her this week.

    Everyone in this house is a hypocrit and we all know that, so why are we surprised when they act that way?

  11. Your best case scenario is not even a realistic one. There is NO way Rachel would go against the majority and vote out Adam. Although Adam should be the one that goes up given Shelly and Rachel’s dislike for one another. Shoot if I were Jeff, I would put up jordan as the replacement. No way Kalia votes her out.

  12. Okay, at the end of this thing, the Jury House votes for the winner out of the two REMAINING candidates? What exactly will happen at the end? Don’t those two have to compete somehow? Then what happens?

    1. No competing. The HGs evicted to the jury house decide (like with “Survivor”) who will win the 500K and who gets the 50K for 2nd place.

  13. Jeff is so hott , I hate Dani, that aneroxic bitch! Jordan can be dumb at times, Im starting to really hate Rachel, shes pissing me off with her tlkm behing JJs backs when they have been npthing but loyal to her ass. Porshce is the biggest floater (drink). Kalia gets on my nerves with all the sobbing she does, awwh poor babyyy wa wa wa. Adam is alright, hes loyal to hos alliance and knows when to keep his mouth shut, if jeff or jordan don’t get to the final two, id really like to see him get there and win it. Shelly needs to

    1. Loyal?? Look I cant stand Rachel as much as the next person but I dont think anyone in here can say with a “straight shooter” face that JJ were loyal to BR. They were quasi-loyal in that they wouldnt put them up. They never fought to keep anything from happening to them like BR did when they were going to backdoor Jeff. Jeff even made a deal with Dani last week if he threw the veto! If he had one then the nominations wouldve satyed the same and Brendon would still be with them. Dont give me the loyaly crap here! Jeff is loyal to 1 person and that is Jordan. He is no different than everyone else in the house that will flip on their “partner” with the first sign of trouble. I do like Jeff though, great personality.

  14. Jeff is so hott , I hate Dani, that aneroxic bitch! Jordan can be dumb at times, Im starting to really hate Rachel, shes pissing me off with her tlkm behing JJs backs when they have been npthing but loyal to her ass. Porshce is the biggest floater (drink). Kalia gets on my nerves with all the sobbing she does, awwh poor babyyy wa wa wa. Adam is alright, hes loyal to hos alliance and knows when to keep his mouth shut, if jeff or jordan don’t get to the final two, id really like to see him get there and win it. Shelly needs to stop running to everyone and tell lies!! That wont get her anywhere! But I like that shes loyal to JJ :)

    1. Mariam what show are you watching????Jeff and Jordan have been loyal to Rachel and Brendan no they haven’t they cut deals with every HOH and they are so loyal they have a final 4 with Adam and Shelly.You really need to catch up Jeff amd innocent little Jordan are just as hard up for the money and just as back stabbing and sneaky they even say how they NEED Rachel to win stuff and be the target.what’s funny is they talk about floaters amd gee what’s Jordan really been doing?I cant wait for Shelly to watch the episode where they show her asking Brendan and Rachel about considering her for final 3.SHE LOOKED SOOOOO STUPID crying in the DR she must smoke alot of pot outside the house or she lies so much she believes the shit she says.

  15. Rockstar are you f’n serious? Jordan could stand to lose a few lbs? she’s a size 4,have you not seen her in a bikini? she has lost all that cookie dough fat from season 11. But then again I really can’t expect anything less from Dani fans besides childish remarks like yours!!!!!!!!!!

    1. oh H8ter what does Dani have to do with Jordon? not a darn thing. I like my women educated or in the very least classy.

  16. Don’t forget, this is week 7, same week Jeff had HOH (his only time being HOH) last time in BB11 and the following week he was out, will this be a repeat?

    1. ive been thinking about that to. wondering if its possible dani and one more can feed jeff some story that would put rachel on the block, and voted out. remember the story i think natalie, kevin and lydia gave him last time around? i think he ended up backdorring russell? i think he gets paranoid when he’s hoh. i hope this time around…porsche wins pov…he puts up dani, and they send her packing!!! GO TEAM MENTHOL!!!

  17. I need to know one thing. Why is there a consent belittling of Rachel. When other hg can take things from the house, from other hg’s, and hiding food and beverages. And than think it is ok to put sh.. In the protein shake mix when some members of the house are have nots. I don’t get it. Adding stuff to the shake mix can make people sick or worse cause them to leave the game early. I’m not a Rachel fan but feel that enough is enough.

        1. So true…I canceled the live feeds for this exact reason. Ok Rachel may be a bad person but they are worst for all the mean and hateful things they do and say to her.

    1. Let’s see them beg. There is no way Kalia can try to work with Rachel. Kalia is too “sophisticated” for Rachel. Her and her liberal arts atitutde.

  18. Jeff and Dani are by far the best game players by being able to turn on/off the game play and socialize with everybody, and knowing what needs to be done. I just wish they could work together but that is never going to happen since Dani can’t be trusted. Dani needs to go! But as much as I can’t stand Dani, if Jeff can’t win the game I hope Dani does because one of them 2 deserve it. Oh, and DKP have only been on slop for a few hours and they can’t stop complaining. Kalia is getting ready to have a nervous breakdown, she’s just as bad a Rachel when she doesn’t get her way. Glad to see the pot stirred up a little this week!

    1. But even with Rachel it would still be 2 votes (team Dani) vs 3 votes (team Jeff). She is screwed unless she wins the POV. As I’ve been saying all along, Dani did not consider the number of votes team Jeff has. All she saw was Brendon and Jeff as two big male competitors she wanted to take out. BRD would have been awesome, but she didn’t go for it. I know trust was an issue and I understand that, but I felt that deal would have been a neccesity for both her and them. Jeff wasn’t going to keep BR much longer, IMO. Shelly and Adam became JJ’s #3 and #4.

      Dani fans better pray to all their gods she wins the POV.

  19. Yikes this is going to be a long week. LOL so much uproar and nominations haven’t even happened yet
    I loooooooooove Thursdays and I looooooooove double evictions….. can’t wait :)

  20. Best case scenario would be for one of the good guys hopefully jeff or Jordan take off porche and BD Dani she’s living in dicks shadow except she’s no where near as good.

  21. What everyone seems to be missing is they will all have to throw each other under the bus at some point. Come on people it is a game for money. This is not the 1st grade playground.

    1. They definitely do I just could never stand dani since bb 8 she just seems like she is a very stuck up person so yea I do consider jj the good guys because honestly outside of this forum it seems to me that everyone kinda sees that dani has made some stupid moves and that jeff is the only player that will be able to get her out

  22. OK…can’t stand whiney crybaby Kalia. She needs to go! Can you imagine Brendons face if she walked into the jury house? Just the two of them for a week!
    Dani could get Rachels vote by saying if she votes her (Dani) out, she will put the moves on Brendon in the jury house! lol! Rachel would keep her in the game forever!
    I think there is a secret alliance between j/j and dani! Yes, I know there is one, but I mean I think they are playing all of us!
    Do you think Shelley really believes in her own mind that she is not lying? She just seems very unstable to me. She also seems to believe all the lies she’s telling.
    Last thing…I think Rachel will “lose it” and Jeff will end up nominating her.

    1. It’s double eviction in the house this week, so Brendon and the new evictee won’t be in the house alone. There will be a third person.

  23. I wonder if Dani can convince Prosche and Kalia to throw the pov. It is worth a chance. I bet if she offers Kalia some carpet munching it will work.

  24. Is English optional here, or did I miss happy hour? For the J/J fan club, please tell me what Jordon has done other than put her fingers in her mouth and play with her bangs, to the point of being obsessive. And prove one more time, it is better to be from the North and educated, rather from the in-bred ignorant south, Jordon is a great example of complete stupidity. I truly don’t get the love fest for mediocre players… and that includes Adam and Porche and Shelly and Kalia and Jordon.. almost Jeff.. but woo hoo he won an HOH, (yes I know the boys threw one to finger sucking Jordon) give me a flipping break! At this point the most excitement I am looking forward to is Jordon trying to read the bible….now that will be a hoot!!

    1. Hahaha….she’ll only get a chance to attempt to read the Bible if Jeff allows it. Otherwise she has to wait for his instructions.

    2. So according to you, there are no stupid or uneducated people in the North? Wow. Only an uneducated person would have the opinion that you’ve espoused.

    3. Jordan is going to try and read the bible? call the Guinness World Records for the 1st time A complete idiot is going to try and read the bible, Jeff is going to have to help her with the big words and many metaphors

      1. LOL…The sad thing with you Jordan haters and calling her dumb is this….in 2 mths she walked away with more money than most you have made in half your life or more. Most of you guys hate JJ because she looks alot better than your wives/gf’s do and your wives/gf’s probally think Jeff is hotter than you are. Most ppl that hate only do it because of jealousy/envy!!!!!!

        1. Well many prostitutes and crack dealers make good money too – does that mean they are better than us who make an honest living earning less. And you seem to have a lot a hate too – so that would make you jealous/envious person.

  25. can somebody tell me how jordan gets eveicted from BB house because i honestly dont see it happening. She will be in final 2 for sure ?

    1. Short of her accidentally hitting that Red Exit Button and self-evicting, you are right, she’ll be there on finale night.

    2. Jordan is a pain in the a–. What happened to her? She keeps getting worse and worse. My granddaughter 8 talks more adult then her. WHAT A FLOATER. Get a backbone Jordan and grow up!!!!!

  26. First, every single one if them gets on my nerves-on and off. Second, it’s a game-the dirtier the better. Third, who cares if they are hypocrites or liars-it’s more fun to watch.

    I want kaliah to go if dani doesn’t go. Then I want Rachel to win the next hoh. Rachel annoys me the most, but she’s a good competitor-this can’t be denied- she jus sucks
    at the social thing and is a whiny baby.

    Dani’s plan was genius but she dropped the ball. If she makes it to the end, I’ll be surprised. But if she does then she deserves to win. I just don’t like her. I like her dad better.

    I forget Porche is there sometimes.

    I was all Shelly from the beginning. But I think she is cracking. She needs to make a big move or i might hav to rethink my backing her.

    Death(game death) to all floaters

  27. Why are so many of y’all fans of Jeff and Brendon? They both are bullies and treat their girlfriend/fiance’ like they are beneath them. I can’t stand Rachel, but she didn’t deserve to be talked to like Brendon did and Jeff orders Jordan around like he’s her “owner”.

  28. every single one if them gets on my nerves-on and off. it’s a game-the dirtier the better. who cares if they are hypocrites or liars-it’s more fun to watch.
    I want kaliah to go if dani doesn’t go. Then I want Rachel to win the next hoh. Rachel annoys me the most, but she’s a good competitor-this can’t be denied- she jus sucks
    at the social thing and is a whiny baby.
    Dani’s plan was genius but she dropped the ball. If she makes it to the end, I’ll be surprised. But if she does then she deserves to win. I just don’t like her. I like her dad better.
    I forget Porche is there sometimes.
    I was all Shelly from the beginning. But I think she is cracking. She needs to make a big move or i might hav to rethink my backing her.

    Death(game death) to all floaters

  29. If eff nominates Porsche and Kalia he better hope either Porshe, Kalia, Adam, Jeff, or Jordan win POV to backdoor Dani. Otherwise, you are for sure evicting someone from youir own alliance because Dani will use the veto to save Kalia. Dani did not turn sides to turn on Kalia now. She is not a fool to go ahead and loose the only person she really trusts in the game (kalia). Team Dani would benefit because they both will be able to play for the next HOH and target Jeff. Dani will tell anybody what they want to hear to secure her safety and her own interest, but she has already shown she won’t follow thru completely with her deals. So Jeff this is why I say your kinda smart, but not intelligent to win this game. Your plan will go terrible if Dani wins POV and she is not on the block. You will then be sending home someone from your own so called alliance. They will turn on each other for their own personal interest.

    1. i dont know if dani would use the pov…she said she wouldnt. pretty sure jeff got the usual “i want to be safe next week deal” from dani. she’s gonna make the other one mad if she did use it. by next tuesday or wednesday if i was jeff and the noms stay the same? i would pick who’s going…talk to the other one and tell them “we have the votes to save you” but the deal is dont put jordan or me up on the block.

  30. Jeff doesn’t think outside the box. He is thinking plan A to backdoor Dani. If Dani wins POV he is relying on Dani not to use the veto to save Kalia (Are you kidding me? You actually trust that? Dani is not a fool). So he doesn’t think outside the box and realizes that if Dani does win PoV and saves Kalia that one of his own alliance is in jeopardy to get evicted. He is a fool to believe that they will vote out Rachel. Well Kalia and Dani make 2 votes for Porsche. All they need is 1 more and they can get it

    Shelly up: Rachel can be that 3rd vote
    rachel up: Adam can be that 3rd vote
    Adam up: Rachel can be that 3rd vote

    Jeff then your screwed because you will not be able to play for HOH and you will have Dani, and Kalia gunning for you and Jordan. And I wouldn’t blame them because you were the fool to make those stupid game decisions. I am not sure if your HOH or kalias HOH would be the worst this season. But I will have to say yours because either you or Jordan will be out next.

  31. I’m hoping K/P go up. D wins veto and pulls P off the block. R becomes the replacement nominee because she is obviously the lowest member of whatever alliance that would be…

    Then S flips because she wouldn’t piss in R’s mouth even if she came across her in the desert dying of thirst. And R gets to spend a few days alone in the jury house with B.

    I think thats a solid plan.

    1. Double eviction this week Brendon and Rachel wouldn’t be staining the jury house with c** stains alone, someone will be there to find the stains, so it’s gonna be like they never left the BB house

  32. Cannot believe that Jeff is not putting Dani on the block and maybe screwing up everything if Dani plays in POV and wins and takes Kalia off of the block. Come on Jeff use your brain.

  33. who is this douchebag NAIDS character…you dont know shit….this is a game you would suck if u were in this house

  34. why is it ok for jordan to have a wonderful summer with her friend jeff ( don’t believe their lovers)show no intimacy at all. she talls about everybody else being a floater she should know because she is one. she doesn’t evan try to win any thing because she knows that they are going to save her because she acts so well. hey why not stay calm and enjoy the place when you ‘ve got everybody at right saying i’ll never vote jordan out she’s so nice at some point they all were nice when they came in. not everybody can carry off DUNCE without such effort. i’m from louisiana no way do i believe shelly doesn’t know what a yam their grown here i’t a staple Thanksgiving dish . loved the daughter’s advice to stop lying mom and pick a side

    1. Jordan’s not a floater. Floaters ‘float’ to whoever has the power. This indicates at least some pretense of playing the game. Jordan’s a step below a floater. She’s a lump.

      1. a floater is a houseguest who has survived by virtue of anonymity.
        Competitively, floaters don’t win competitions and always vote for the foregone conclusion on eviction day. Socially, they don’t
        rock the boat and either let their fellow alliance members do the dirty work or play both sides of the house.

  35. jeff wont take that risk sending rachel to the jury he would lose brendon and rachel’s vote

    rachel final two anyone sits on the side of her wins

    rachel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so kalia yall could keep trying to sell jeff that martin luther king dream he aint leting rachel go trust me

    /// whatever happens dani will not make it to the end to much stack against her
    i want dani gone she needs to meet brendon lol

  36. Guys, he’s nominated K/P. IDK how if this is good or bad. If Dani wins Veto and does decide to take Kalia off, then put Rachel up. Is she really part of the alliance anymore anyway? I think Rachel would get voted out over Porsche but then again, you never know. Expect the unexpected.

  37. I think what would be a funny scenerio……………..Porsche gets evicted and has to go to the Jury House with
    Brendon……………Rachel will be jealous as hell ! ! ! ! ! She may walkout on her own and avoid a 2nd eviction !
    ‘Cause that woman (or whatever she is) don’t want No-One fooling with her “man” ! ! ! ! ! Especially Porsche !

    1. pattypoo as funny as that is..I would pay to see that happen,even to see Dani go to the jury! whoa…she would absolutely melt down..

  38. I would love to see Shelly and Rachel go in the double eviction. I think she (Shelly) would kill herself if she had to be in the jury house alone with BR. That would be so funny. Also, Kalia has surpassed Marcelus and even Jeff (for believing natalies bullshit story about russell) and is now the dumbest person to have ever played big brother. Before she came along, hands down Jeff and Marcellus imo made the dumbest game moves ever.

    Go Chill town!!

  39. this might be late!!! but I HATE Kalia and her stupid Blackie comment about shoes.She is crazy. Like she is looking out for someone to stop “say that”. People need to stop tip-toeing around stuff that means “NOTHING”.. I believe the reason she saids that, is because people at her college said it was bad, and now she has to attend when people say the word black. All people must change. I must say the best friends I have, are the ones that I can talk freely . Not have to worry about what I call my slippers.

  40. All this talk about how much Kalia eats — Dani was eating just as much! Whenever I tuned into BB Dani was always stuffing her face, too. Dani’s metabolism is different and it doesn’t stick with her as it does Kalia. But Dani is just as much of a food hog as Kalia is. Dani couldn’t keep out of Kalia’s HOH basket — it was ridiculous. Also, Dani should go back to blonde — the black hair is too hard on her. She was softer and prettier as a blonde. She is too hard looking now.

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