Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says Kalia is “Too Cool for School” and Triva on the feeds.. WTF is going on? **updated**

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6:14pm Backyard Shelly, Jordan and Shelly Shelly brings up that Kalia is in the Have nots room bummed out. Jordan wonders why because jeff told her she was going up on the block. Jordan goes on to explain that at first she really liked Kalia she was nice to talk to and friendly then Kalia started hanging around Dani as she changed. Jordan: “She’s too cool for school” Shelly: “well when they were in power they were really cocky”. Rachel jumps in says that DKP are patheitic because Kalia was making excuses after Jeff won the HOH about it being a comp made for Men. Jordan mentions that POrsche was keeping up the entire time. Shelly mentions that Dani yelled to kalia that she has to hurry even Shelly is beating her. Rachel is disgusted that they said that. Jordan makes it known that she doesn’t like ‘those girls’.

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6:43pm Kitchen Dani and Kalia Kalia says that jeff threw out a bunch of cholcate almonds. Dani: “People are so wasteful in this house”.

Dani thinks it’s going to be a mental puzzle of some kind.. Kalia: “the best case scenario EVER is Dani winning the Veto” Dani: “The best case scenario would of been you winning that HOH.. Biatch”

Dani says there’s no way if Rachel won the Veto she will take Porsche down so She can get put up. Dani thinks if Rachel wins the POV the nominations will be the same. She adds that Jeff put her key in first as a F YOU EVERYBODY.. kalia thinks Jeff did it to tell Rachel that she is with them.

Kalia: “If you win it and you take me down you can’t go up right.. ”

They briefly talk about how annoying Rachel is. Dani brings up Jeff from her season and how Jeff was worse than Rachel. Dani could not stand to be in the same room as Jen. Kalia says if she’s in Jury with rachel she won’t even speak with her. Dani will be honest she’s going to talk to Rachel and they’ll lay it all out. Dani reminds Kalia that People act very differently in this house.


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7:47pm Feeds are back everyone still making food..

We know Rachel is the POV Host.
POV PLAYERS Kalia\Jeff\Porsche\Shelly\Dani\Jordan\ADAM

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says Kalia is “Too Cool for School” and Triva on the feeds.. WTF is going on? **updated**

    1. POV comp going on for us to see Sunday? Oh, but they are showing the HOH, huh…mmmmm….Did Brendon sneak back in and went postal???

      1. Jordan isnt as stupid as paople think…she was smart enough to win in her season by not making enemies…and she’s doing the same thing this season.Give the girl a break.

    1. I can’t stand Kalia but this is so incredibly mean, I feel bad for her. She does eat a lot but she doesn’t look any bigger.

      Now Porcshe on the other hand, she stuffs her face all day long too and she looks about 50 pounds heavier. She’s a hot mess in her bikinis, and yet no one makes videos about her.

      1. Never tire of kalia fat jokes. All she does is lay around like a whale and complain n stuff her ever increasing stomach. She is truly disgusting

  1. In a perfect world Kalia is evicted and Porsche goes in the double eviction. Personally I’d love for a Dani, Rachel and Jeff final three…will never happen but hey it’ll definitely be the most exciting.

    1. I’m surprised that Porcha is currently ranked as the biggest floater as well. I certainly would put Shelly ahead of her. P has come in the top 3 on at least 3 HoH comps and, cooks a great deal for people in the house (slop recipes, etc.), which may be perhaps part of her game play. Shelly on the other hand hasn’t won shit, nor even come close, and while she has OCD as far as her cleaning goes, she’s contributed very little else …. and she knows it. Adam would be neck in neck with Shelly as Jeff threw him the only (POV) comp he ever won and all he does is sit around smoking and eating.

      1. I was surprised too. I think Adam is the biggest floater and after him Jordan. Both won comps that were thrown to them…and what else do they do? No one even tries to ask Jordan for a vote. It like she is ONLY on the show to be with Jeff. I have not decided if Shelly is a floater. She does have a type of strategy going…and she uses a lot of energy in the house to conquer and divide.

        I take that back. Jordan is the biggest floater. It is not obvious because she is so sweet. But at least people bombard Adam for votes. ….they don’t even try to talk game with Jordan.

        1. Jazz you are sooooo correct. Jordan is the BIGGEST FLOATER in the house, riding Jeff’s coat tail. Adam is second, by keeping his lips around Jeff’s d**k.. and Jordan and Adam have only won because of others. I don’t even know why BB bought JJ back into the house. what was the purpose, especially since Jordan already won the money. that wasn’t fair. they know she’s a floater and does nothing and can’t win anything. oops my bad, except the money bcuz ppl hate on each other. I don’t know why they don’t put JJ on the block. they have to get those 2 away from each other, or Jordan’s little ” duh I have no idea what you’re talk about ” ass will ride into the sunset with another 500k. The Kalia fat jokes are funny but getting a lot too old. Porshe eats like a race horse pisses, and has gained weight and so does Adam and he looks and sounds like he’s gained 100lbs. he’s so damn heavy, he snorts when he breaths and when he goes to sit down, OMG, sounds like he’s gonna suck in the whole damn room. boredom will make you eat. at least Porshe and kalia try a little by working out sometimes. Adam only works his suck up mouth.

    2. Porsha is so a floater!!!! Just bc Rachel didnt thank her she floated her way to the other side!!! She hasn’t won anything and vote how her boss tells her it was Rachel now dani

      1. So what was she supposed to do? Stay loyal to Rachel? For me, a floater is someone who never picks a side and throws competitions.

        Jordan: People call Jordan a floater, but both of her seasons she did pick her alliance early on and stuck with it. She won a few competitions (maybe Jeff gave the first one to her, but she won the POV when Jeff was HOH on her own, and won the final competition against Kevin fair and square). This season she won the same type of competition as in season 11 and she won a luxury competition. Maybe it was dumb luck, or maybe it’s insight into how her mind works that she made the association with Hasselhoff. So Jordan is NOT a floater in my book.

        Jeff: Chose sides both seasons early on and won competitions. Not a floater.

        Shelly: Played trojan horse, played both sides of the house, but in DR sessions she declared herself on team JJ from the start. Hasn’t won competitions, but tries. She has stirred the pot a lot, and whether you like her methods or not, she has impacted the game with her lies and backstabbing. Not a floater, especially now that she is forced to admit who she is with.

        Kalia: She isn’t really a floater, just a really stupid and paranoid player of the BB game. She was with Dani, but she was afraid to piss the other side off in case she needed them later and in case Dani left. She did win an HOH and tried really hard in the endurance comp.

        Porsche: The golden key took her out of the game for 3 weeks. Rachel saved her week one and Porsche was loyal enough to vote to keep Brendon the first time, but not only did Rachel not thank her for that, she started being a bitch to Porsche. Porsche may be a lot of things, but she was on Brenchel’s side and stayed loyal until they screwed her over. Logically she went looking for love on the dark side. Entirely Rachel’s fault. She has come close to winning comps a few times. Not a floater.

        Dani: Definitely not a floater.

        Rachel: She won the first HOH because Dani threw it to her. She won the second one against Brendon. Hasn’t won anything else, in spite of her bravado. Dani won both of her HOH by herself. Nobody threw them to her. She would have probably won the veto if she hadn’t decided to throw it to Adam. She is with JJ this week after hating on them behind their backs last week, but if team Dani had won HOH she would have been onboard with them. Kind of like a floater would do.

        Adam: The only person left that could be called a floater, but his floating days are coming to an end. Has been gravitating wherever the power is and the only comp he won was given to him.

        So when Rachel and Jordan go on about how there are lots of floaters in the house, I have to laugh. Sure, I don’t want to see someone get to the end by making no bold moves, but it is often better to lie low in the beginning and turn the heat on later. Dr. Will never won a competition, and he still won. He did what he had to do week to week to stay in the game without ever getting blood on his hands. Brenchel’s Achilles heel is that they come in and hit everyone over the head with a baseball bat so they know what a big threat they are. No surprise they will never get past first and third in jury.

        1. BRAVO Chloe, very well put. You would do well on BB as a gamer, my good BB Jedi. I love what you said, so on point. opened my eyes to a few things. so intelligent, you’ve been paying very close attention. If you go on BB, you will always have my vote, because it seems you would know exactly what to do and play to win.

      2. Not true! A floater is one who has not chosen sides or pretends not to have (aka Shelly & Adam). Recall that Porsche was solid with the vets when until Brendon left and Rachel turned on her even though she was the only one (other than R) to give Brendon a vote. She has been solid with DK ever since. She may not have won anything yet but she has clearly chosen sides – not quite a floater to me!

      3. Rachael should have thanked her because she kept her word…and it was more than that.
        Rachael totally alienated herself for Porsh (for no reason) ….and was ONLY talking to JJ.

        1. Jazz, I believe Rachel alienated herself from Porshe, out of jealousy. she is def jealous of Porshe. that’s why she skowls when she looks at her. Rachel is gross and I used to like her. she’s yuck, yuck now.

    3. You have got to be kidding me. Porsha has oved from one person to the othe without saying hardly anything.She hasnt come up with no ideas or nothing. She sits with people and agrees with them. Thats a big floater.If the shoe fits!

      1. Simon – I’m going to throw this one to you. Is there a definitive ruling on one constitutes a “floater”? Also, it’s nights like this when our Rogers boxes aren’t receiving a signal (= no BBAD) that my wife & I appreciate your site even more than we already do. Merci Beaucoup!!

  2. Kalia thinks she is a strong, independent, black woman, needing to educate America about . Way to use your liberal arts education.

    1. What is your problem? Your negative comments are invariably negative when directed at Kalia . You can dislike her all want, but there is no need to be so blatantly racist. You are cheapening this site. Simon, have you noticed this?

          1. :) I don’t think it’s a matter of liking you or not. You just have to be careful with your words, no matter whom you’re talking to or about. It’s just you stressed on Kalia being “a black woman”needing to educate “America”. The simple fact that you referred to her ethnicity gives a racial undertone to your comment. You could have simply written: ” Kalia thinks she is a strong, independent, woman, needing to educate America about blackies.” (even though, we all know her remarks were to D and A and not America). By putting it that way, your statement doesn’t seem to target Kalia’s ethnicity:)

            1. very well explained Anna. and naids, she is an independent, educated black woman, and so am I. so don’t hate on her for being an educated black woman, but she is a bit pushy with it. and you do sound racist.

          2. I am the one who remarked about your posts. I do not know you, however, your posts stand out as invariably reacting in a negative fashion to Kalia as an “educated black woman” with a “liberal arts education”, and/or something else that comes across as racist. I have read the responses to my comment and I must say that, as one who has conducted many workshops about racial discrimination, I believe that it is virtually impossible to be socialized in America and not have racism be a factor. Racism takes many forms and your comments always seem to veer in that direction when you are write about Kalia. There have been plenty of moves and comments made by other HGs that you have made, however, you have not ever described them in terms of their ethnicity. Only Kalia gets that treatment from you. The “blackie” statement she made was meant to tell another HG that it could be taken in a manner in which it was not intended.

        1. Kahlia is a woman. As it relates to the BB house whether she is a black, asian, latino, black, or white woman is neither here nor there.
          Rachael is referred to as a stupid woman…..not a stupid white woman.
          Jordan is referred to as an adorable woman……not a adorable white woman
          Shelly is often referred to as straight shooter……not as the straight shooter white woman

          I think the “race card” is really getting over used. It almost makes it seems like in a group of 100 people that not one person would be truly racists. …It would be sheer ignorance to think that NO ONE is racists.
          Since winning BB is not about your race, I don’t see how any comments about Kahlia being black have a place on this board. Kahlia is a woman playing this game and her moves have not been very bright. That is true no matter if she was white, black, red, green, or purple.

          1. well we all know Jeff is a racist. I think he made the comment of ” getting them all out first”. Keith, Kalia and Lawon, then working on getting the rest out. I love being on this site, you all are such wonderful, intelligent people. and you can learn so much on here. keep up the good work guys.

      1. No one on BB called anyone a blackie. They were calling their black slippers blackies. Kalia said something like you can’t do that. One of the hgs (maybe Adam) said we call underwear whities, so what’s the difference.

        1. I agree Michelle, “whities” were kind of an endearing term for the standard jockies at university. I think Kahlia was reading too much into the meaning of “blackies” intended to be a nickname for the new black slippers he seemed to really like. He didn’t call them n****ers or anything like that. She was a little too sensitive, but we don’t know her past and if she has reason to be paranoid about race or how a racial unintended comment can spark something and was trying to insert a warning…

        2. ONLY IN AMERICA!




          1. You just sound stupid. And writing in caps lock doesn’t make your point more assertive. Racial issues has nothing to do with being considerate of other people feelings. Not using a word because it has a certain connotation to the person you’re talking to, shouldn’t take anything from your self-worth so what’s the fuss. Racial slurs can be applied to anyone no matter his/her skin color. Some people are acting on this website as if words are just strings of letters which can be used without thinking. If it’s true, why did people were so ticked off by Jeff’s use of the word “faggot” when he addressed Russell? Geez!

            1. anna youre the one that sounds stupid. either i or dani used the blackie word addressed to a person. so for that, youre the one thats an idiot.

              ill give it to ya… faggot is not right to use. its not a racial slur but it is a “hate” word. that word is def not in my dictionary and whoever uses it around me will def get an earfull.

              about the caps, you JERK, my cell got stuck in them and i had no choice but type in them. deal w it. i did ;-)

          2. That is getting crazy.

            I can say those are my whitie tshirts. Wonderful. What is the problem?

            but I would not say, “hello, this is my whitie friend” …I would just say, this is my friend.

            If you can’t see the difference….then

            oh well.

            I’m not sure if the issue was the word blackie. …since I don’t have the live feeds, it seems like blackie was referring to a “thing” and not a “person”

            However, if someone called Kahlia blackie….that’s pretty bad.

            I think the issue was the comment about her being a “black educated” woman.
            She is just a educated woman.

        3. the way the comment was written before the word blackie was edited out, it seem like a racist remark. this person said that kalia need to educate americans about blackies. this comment could go over as innocent or racist. it’s the way that a person perceives it. i feel like it had a racial undertone. that’s my opinion and i’m not going to change it.

          1. she called jeff’s SLIPPERS blackie… not a person!

            like i said ONLY IN AMERICA!

            so much for freedom of speech.

            i have black friends, white friends, asian friends… i love them all the same w/o seeing SKIN color!

            never in my first 24 years of life did any of my friends or family had a conversation about skin color (and were i come from, we got all types of skin color tones)… till i moved to USA. it says a lot about american ppl.

            my point is, as long as ppl in USA pull the race card or the color card, we (as americans) are gonna look dumb to the rest of the world. im not saying there are not racist ppl (ive encountered a couple of ignorants in the states), but calling a PAIR OF SLIPPERS “blackie” has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what some of you chip carriers (and kalia) are talking about.

            defend yourselves when its VALID. when its not, yall just sound ingorant.

            moving on now.

    2. Chloe… I have to agree with you fully! A floater is someone floating around and playing all sides. And your whole breakdown was amazingly accurate to me! Well said Chloe!

      1. When the HOH comp is long (will be shown on Sunday’s show) it’s usually cobined with have/have not – someone already mentioned Brendon picking have nots last year – so it happens.

  3. “Too Cool for School” Really Jordan? Really? You wanna talk about school? It’s pretty obvious the subject of schooling is foreign to the queen of the dummies. I really don’t know if I’m gonna make it through this week with J/J in power. I’m close to self-evicting myself from my PC/TV until next Thursday.

    1. I agree. I don’t understand why everyone loveees Jordan so much. She seems nice enough (when she is winning) but when she isn’t all she does is whine and look miserable.

  4. I like Jordan but I do get sick of her complaining about the floaters… if memory serves me correct all she has done was win 1 HOH this season same as Kalia… if she wants the floaters out then time to vote Porche and Shelly or even Adam for eviction… and get rid of them… I really hope Dani wins POV and wins HOH on Thursday

    1. Exactly. Plus she doesn’t even want to have to play in any competition. She’s always deferring to others to win since she already knows she has no redeeming abilities whatsoever in this game.

      I still think most of her strategy comes from her DR sessions where they no doubt use puppets to explain the game to her. All Shelly does is talk about what she wishes she could do,but never does it and let’s not even talk about Adam. What a gigantic waste of space.

    2. I think I am confused about what the term ‘floater’ implies. Is it used to describe a person who does not perform well in competitions or to describe a person who never forms any kind of an alliance, but just sits on the fence most of the game. I know that Jordan is not great in competitions, but she does win sometimes and does not shift her loyalties when people like Kalia or Dani are in power. Even though Porsche has never won a competition, she does appear to be a decent competitor. However, I still consider her to be more of a ‘floater’ than Jordan because until now, nobody knew at all where she stood. She just sort of faded into the background and flip-flopped between Dani and Rachel. No? Maybe I’m wrong. I tend to fast-forward through a lot of the episodes lol.

    3. But she has been talling about game play and helping the smart wons to stay focused. Dani was coming after them from the beginning.And because of the way Jordan and Jeff handled things they are still there. Plus JORDAN HAS ONE BEFORE!

    4. But she has been talling about game play and helping the smart wons to stay focused. Dani was coming after them from the beginning.And because of the way Jordan and Jeff handled things they are still there. Plus Jordan has won b4.

      1. Agreed. Complaining several times about a free site that is damn awesome and has two people that work round the clock to keep it updated.

  5. Could CBS be telling them about the double eviction this Thurs. or do they like to spring that shit on them last minute???

    1. Not quite last minute, but they wouldn’t be telling them now.

      I would guess they’d find out Wednesday because production has to tell everyone to pack not knowing who will be on the block.

      1. Last year, it was a surprise (even though everyone suspected). Matt left first with his suitcase, but Brendan left second without his belongings. It was packed for him later. This will be a complete surprise to all HGs.

  6. Rachel said that there would be 7 people in the next POV (becasue Dani had the POV ticket). Has it been annouced that there will indeed be 7 players or does Dani take the place of one of the 3 players that get drawn?

    1. Since the game has become so predictable, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Pandora’s Box doesn’t show up eventually. CBS has gotten too comfortable with the ratings using this present BB formula. Real surprises once in a while would be great in this game.

  7. If Dani wins POV, Jeff is screwed. The only way Jeff gets out of this week alive is if his replacement nominee is Rachel. If she isnt, all Dani needs to do is offer Rachel a deal to keep Porsche over Adam or Shelly. I could even see Porsche offering Rachel a deal. Rachel will probably end up taking it under the threat of Dani winning HOH the next week. Jeff can’t play. Jordan is useless. Adam and Shelly? Not going to happen.

    Rachel maybe a ”competitor” but after three straight weeks of losing HOH her confidence isn’t at it’s highest. Not to mention, she’s acknowledged plenty of times how good Dani is and in some way is ”scared” of her. Until Rachel is HoH, I don’t see her trying to screw over Dani.

  8. best case scenario R/P win veto take one off for R and take herself off for P dani gets nominated goes to jury and everyone is happy.

  9. Best case scenerio is that Kalia leaves. I don’t think Dani needs to be carrying a 300lb lump that’s more loyal to Jeff and Jordan than her.

    Besides, she won a carribean vacation and ate $10,000 worth of food. She is already a winner. Good job!!! Now go.

  10. Rachel being the host is good news for dani fans…thats why i thought Jeff should have put up Dani and Rachel, so Rachel would play for sure to give Dani a battle and then if Dani still won throw up Pinto or Kalia for eviction with Rachel as the pawn

    1. i agree completely, the point of backdooring is to keep someone you don’t want playing out of the veto competition. dani’s already playing so try to give yourself a shot to sit kalia and the car.

  11. I truly believe Jordan was tipped off by production the answer was David hasselhoff bc Jordan is way to Dumb n lethargic to have derived David hasselhoff from a pair of opera binoculars n three bars of soap, that absolutely showed CBS production favors jeff n Jordan!

      1. According to my mother, Hasselhoff got his start on a soap opera. It was either All my Children or The Young and the Restless.

      2. he was on the soap opera the young and the restless for years as snapper foster. he was very popular back in the 80’s

        1. I don’t think that’s how they guessed it though. From what I remember, Jeff said Bay soap…. “watch” from the opera glasses…. They together said Baywatch and she guessed David Hasselhoff.
          No point. Just for the record LOL

    1. I think it is absolutely silly people think CBS rigs comps and helps people!!!! It’s hilarious!!!! It might be true but I don’t believe it till there is proof and if try did that it would be out for sure by now in the 13 seasons someone would have gone to some network to get paid for that info!!! I dunno just saying!!!! I could very well be way off!!!

    2. I totally agree! Her explanation in coming up with Baywatch was not as easy to believe as Kalia buzzing in early and answering her questions.

    3. Jordan explained how she came up with David H. in her DR session for that show. I definitely did not follow her logic.

        1. Yes, because a luxury comp is SO crucial in the BB game. I really don’t get it lol. I can understand if someone says a POV or an HOH was rigged, but a luxury comp??? Why would production care about a luxury comp?

          1. because jordan is their favorite and they want her to win over america’s heart and show how intelligent and sweet and country she is. this whole seanson is catered for them to win.

      1. “Evil” people?

        I’d vote for a BB game player. Period.
        Forget the lazy phony $howmance couple. They need to be evicted, asap.

      1. so true, being HOH this week in particular could come with a double egded sword.

        ….this is why Jeff wants Dani gone. If she wins HOH for the 2nd eviction….things are going to shake up in the bb house.

        They know this because at this point ….watch and see……they all actually want to take Rachael to the end. Anyone knows that Rachael is the number 2 pick via the Jury House votes. She knows it too and says it over and over….but now I think her and Brenden talked…and Rachael is all up to take the number 2 position. This is why B advised her that if she don’t win HOH to play boths sides. If she plays both sides…she has a good chance of being #2 (some money better than none).

        Although R was aggravating in the beginning. I hope the final two are Dani and Rachael. Love them or hate them; they have both been through the ringer in that house trying to stay alive. They deserve it.

  12. They use the term floater loosely. But neither alliance wants strong competitors against them. Floaters (those who don’t win but float with their hand attached to strong competitor).((Shelly, Jordon, Adam and Porsche)) Jordon and Adam both had strong competitors throw comps to them.

      1. i thought they were good guys until i got the feeds in their season. that’s when i found out how her and jeff were not nice and sweet and innocent. if you don’t have the feeds and watch that edited CBS crap, then you will never know how people really are

  13. Omg!! Why is everyone always harping about the show being fixed!! Relax already!! If it’s so fixed stop watching!! At least she wasn’t stupid enough to guess Michael Jackson!!

    1. Yeah did they tell the others to be so stupid? Leave her alone! Some people are smart in other ways.Shes got a big heart and truly loves people.Who do u think would help you on a street? Jordan or Dani? Point made!

  14. Good thing Dani didn’t trust BR. Look at what Rachel is doing now, she totally switched sides. The production really messed up bringing back Brendon. It just wasted 2 HOH’s of Dani & Kalia. Man they better give the next 2 HOH to those girls, so that they can split the last couple remaining.

      1. brenden told julie chen that he would not have honored the deal with dani. so, dani did the right thing. brenchel isn’t trustworthy

      2. If Brenden was in the house; and Jeff was HOH (as he is);
        Brenden would work with Jeff and his team to get Dani out….and then Kahlia, ….then Portia, then Adam….then Shelly…….then they would have turned on each.

        that was how it was supposed to go, but Dani SHOWED UP and spoiled it for them.

    1. Rachel hasn’t switched sides she was just mad that JJ wouldn’t vote to keep Brendon…BR also tried to get Dani to not put Brendon on the block and when that didn’t work they tried to get Dani to break a tie by voting to keep Brendon in the house, so they threw JJ under the bus a lot. They looked like they switched sides though. JJ understands and don’t seem to be playing emotionally.

    2. What are you talking about? Rachel didn’t switch any sides. Dani didn’t take BR’s deal. The convo between R and D having each other’s back was all BS and the kind of talk you make where both people know they’re talking out of their ass. Dani should have never expected Rachel to play with her after booting Brendon. Rachel has to go where the power is at the moment, that’s it.

      1. Weren’t BR telling Dani that if B leaves R would work with DKP. They totally cannot be trusted. If only they took D deal before Dominique was evicted things would be totally different. Now JJ has all the power & the votes.

  15. When JJ does good its Prod. Its rigged Its fixed. When Dani does good shes smart or a great player. U guys cry too damn much, just kick back and enjoy the ride. Its just a show u aren’t getting any of $$$.
    Y so serious ppl???

    1. Dude, first of all. The production made the challenge not fixed. You are so jealous of America love Jeff and Jordan more than everyone else. So admitted it.

    2. I’m not sure if it is rigged…..but everyone could see clearly that the suds were falling more on Porshia lane than Jeff’s.
      It is true that P could have overcame this and won…but production knows that the probabilty of P winning over J when she got more suds to fight through was slim.

      all in all,I think the games are pretty fair as to who wins. …but I can’t see prod not have some of their hands in it ….if even just slightly.

  16. Dani is hot. Porsche too. If D/P goes to jury to see Brendon for a week, I have to say he would be the luckiest guy on earth.

    1. I’m curious, what is it with Bredend and women?

      First people said it was Brenden and Dani; and now Brenden and Portia; if Cassie was there…it would have Brenden & Cassie.

      Is Brenden really that hot???? Maybe if he was not with R, I could see it better.

      Jeff = eye candy for real


  17. Rachel host the POV. Awesome. Simon, the players for POV are Porsche/Adam/Jeff/Jordan/Dani/Shelly/Kaila not Porsche/Dani/Jeff/Dani/Shelly/Kaila. Right. Jeff, Please win the POV. Backdoor Dani will be next. The JJASR has the votes vs DKP. Evict Dani: Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Shelly vs Evict Kaila: Porsche. 4-1 Dani is going to Jury House. Rachel’s HOH Fast Forward and Jeff POV third time: Evict Kaila:Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly Evict Porsche:None. Kaila is going to Jury House. Brendon will be please of having Dani and Kaila at the Jury House. thanks to Jeff and Rachel’s HOH and POV. Don’t worry, Porsche will join them later. Image Dani, Kaila and Porsche at Jury House. Brendon will be celebrating of his fiance promise.

      1. No Dude. Brendon told rachel to fight and win. Jeff take out Dani and Rachel take out Kaila. I know its a 3some. Well you love this Porsche will be the 4th Jury.

  18. Yeah, most people aren’t like what they usually are in the house….even Dani changes…..remember that Rachel and Dani was friends outside the house, but inside the people go crazy because you are FORCED to live with strangers!

  19. Simon, do you know if there’s going to be another double eviction or something after this one. BB ends Sept 14 and after Thursday, there will still be to many house guests.

  20. Most unpredictable big brother in history if dani goes. Oh the gnashing of teeth and exploding bowels. How could this happen. Oh God… Please NO!!!

  21. I am enjoying this convo between Shelly and Kalia right now. Kalia is showing a different side and it’s actually tolerant and a bit impressive.

  22. Jordan isnt a foater! She might not win much but she heps keep the people in her alliance from making mistakes. And she has sugestios for Jeff ad others.And ive seen her watch people and make a comment about that person and be right on the money. So dont say shes a floater because shes not entertaining enough.She did win remember!

  23. Best case scenario for dkp would be if dani won pov used it on kalia. Jeff puts Adam on block. Dani pulls Rachel over and they vote Adam out. Next week Rachel wins hoh puts Jordan and kalia up. Dani wins pov and takes kalia down. Jeff goes up and goes home. Hoping for a dkprsj final 6.

  24. If Porshia if left on the block, all she needs to do is remind Rachel that she;ll be alone with Branden for week… Rachel wouldnt dare vote out Porshia if she thought for a second that Branden and Porshia would hook up in the Jury house.. Didn’t Branden cheat on rachel before? thats what i had heard…

  25. If I were Rachel I would check the veto bag.. all the time.
    Production wouldn’t be able to pull any fast ones on me.. baby.. I’ll rip their mouth to their asshole. I’m not a bitch to big messed with.

    1. They couldn’t look in the bag, that’s how we all know POV comp players can be rigged.I’ve never believed they are picked at random, I think they put who they want to play

      1. If it was rigged then te last player who drew a veto name would realize no other chips would be in the bag therefor word would get around that CBS picked the players!!!! Haha I think it’s hilarious everyone is like rigged, rigged rigged! Come on people seriously, why watch the show if u think it is all rigged!

        1. See I have always wondered that too….they cannot be duplicates in the bag in case the same name was drawn out twice. They cannot put more than one Houseguest Choice chip in the bag because again, if two were drawn out….busted. And they cannot put only certain names in the bag because obviously the bag would be empty. So how does Production only put in names of people they want to play? I’ve never understood that but I have seen it on here a lot.

          Poll – who do you think will win POV? I think Dani will.

  26. In the vets competing for POV we have:
    Jordo – 1 POV win in golfing luck game in BB11

    Jeff – 3 POV’s 1 this year and 2 prior, guessing coins (because he was on the block and needed to win) and riddle speed game

    Dani – 5 POV’s Find others hidden veto box, curling eleimination, prize game, puzzle of picking alien mashed former HG pics game

    Considering Adam is a choker unless handed a victory, Shelly is outright useless, Kalia panics easily and Jordan no one really knows but seems to be really good with memory things DPK have a pretty good chance of getting the POV and considering they are well past time for a puzzle game, Dani smoked in her prior season at that one.

    Almost forgot, when J&J played in the mashed up alien face of former HG’s, they both lost and that was when Jeff got evicted from BB11

  27. I agree…stop complaining that it is fixed. When Team Dani wins…. The Brenchel JJ fans think it’s fixed. When JJ wins, team Dani thinks it’s fixed. Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw. Like the last HOH…. They drew for lanes, the last veto required no skill set at all, and yes David Hasselhoff started in soap operas :)

  28. Kalia: “If you win it and you take me down you can’t go up right.. ”
    Dani: “WE ARE BOTH SAFE”

    See this confuses the hell out of me, Jeff has to name a replacement if she does do this why can’t Dani be a replacement?

    I thought the only way Dani stays safe this week is if she wins and doesn’t change the nominations.

    But basically Dani needs to win this, anyone of Jordan, Adam, Shelly, are going to be told to pull one off the block so Jeff can back door Dani. Pors or Kalia win they pull themself off then Jeff will back door Dani.

    1. How is Jj rasicst may j ask what try have said or done to make u say thy???? Maybe I completely missed something!

  29. Ok I just want to state MY opinion!!!!!!!

    Rachel!!!!!! She has been loyal this game, yes she might have talked about going against others to save her ass, but never actually Did it!!!!! And as for throwing Jeff under the bus try did that bc they new if Jeff was up he’d stay Brja vote to keep him!!!! Rachel needs to be given more credit , she is a smart player, yes a cry baby, shows way to much PDA, and says fiancé way to many times but a good game player and loyal! As for porsha and the no thank u, is why she switched sides,,, ummm every other player never said it until recently and when ur in an alliance wouldn’t u sauna they would vote and the other would be grateful????? As for Rachel being mean ?????? Helloshe was going to dk all the damn time!!!

    Shelly is a lier and a two faced! Everyone thinksshe is so loyal but I think if it came to her loosing the game or turning on jj she would!!!!!! She only picked Jeff and Jordan bc she was so damn star struck when she saw them walk in the door she was drooling like a dog!

    Adam is a major sit around and do nothing and bed not to be the pawn who goes home! Te only comp he won Jeff gave him

    Dani is a good player but stupid at same time! She should have took br deal bc remember the deal was basically to go back to final five get rid off floaters and take out each other in so many words! She started the hole backstabbing deal! And how dis dani give Rachel the first hoh I don’t member that

    Kalia is annoying and the girl who try’s to fit in with the popular kids! But she was a floater and did step up lately which is good!

    Jeff is a good competitor but the whole throwing the veto to Adam bc he didn’t wanna make the choice is bs he should have won left nominations the same and shelly would still be here to! Also jordans hoh they takes about backdorring Rachel and brendon before br Did about jj !!!! And have had a final three with shelly and Adam! They are more worried about them this entire game then there original alliance!!! Br didn’t care about the emulates they always thought about brjj! Yes br would throw them out there to be put uk but that’s bc they new they could save them!

    Jordan man she is just a trip she sits back and dies nothing, wines about floater sand she won’t win anything!!!!!! And does she really need to win again!

    Personally I think if dani wasn’t like I’m all alone and I have nobparner and they all stuck to the final five completely the. This game would be so much different!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Having Dani on the show is exciting. Kalia is not fun to watch—a very negative person. JJ don’t deserve to win, my vote goes to Rachel.

  31. To sound important or to example my thoughts?

    It’s an extreme to exemplify something I believe.. You obviously have some opinion of your own, but that doesn’t make it a right opinion..
    You barely supplied enough evidence to support your opinion, and how you came about it. (: Imbecile.. always so amusing.


    Now did I sound important? More educated? Cause the previous message, that you replied too, wasn’t neither. I don’t know where you got that idea from.. Pathetic.

  32. POV should be at night and in the house give them all black lights and have them search for c** stains and whoever finds the most stains wins, of course they can’t let Rachel play she would know where they were and how much.

  33. I don’t think Shelly is as big of a floater as we may think. At first I thought she was playing a Ronnie going to both sides but after watching the mind game she played with Kalia getting her to put up Lawon and making Kalia think it was her “brilliant” idea I started to understand her game. CBS is not giving her credit . I couldn’t believe they did not show Shelly in the hammock w/ Kalia “leading” Kalia to the “brilliant plan” of putting up a floater. To me it was one of the better BB mental game I have seen. Think about it – she was just called out last week and already she has gotten people to forget and confide in her. Adam however does not have mental nor physical game and just floats with his lips leading to the power’s behind.

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