Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dom is worried about stalker “fans” Lawon: “don’t be just take it take it like a man”

7:55pm Storage Room Dani and Jordan dani is saying the newbs have no idea what just happened she adds that a few of the newbs think Adam was the one that flipped his vote. Dani starts to giggle “This is exactly what we want” Dani tells Jordan they want to put up Shelly and cassi because neither of those 2 can win the veto. Jordan agrees. (on thing to note when Jordan is nervous she twirls and yanks at her hair she did it this entire conversation with Dani and she did it for the week prior to winning BB11)

8:11pm Bed Room Dani, lawon, Cassi, and Dom Cassi is telling them what happened after the HOH comp when all the newbies were together feeling bummed out becuase 2 of their own voted against them. Cassi says that Rachel was rude and tried to slam the door. She adds that Rachel came in their looking for a fight. Dani says that Rachel’s behavior is unnecessary the newbs took a hit she should of been nice. Cassi says she really doesn’t hate Porsche they just don’t get along she finds Por very immature. Lawon says he’s glad Keith is gone “He f-ed me and I gave him my word… my word” Cassi laughs says I’m glad Keith is gone so we don’t have to hear Lawon says “He f-ed me.. He f-ed me”.. They start laughing. Lawon says that Dom is going to get all sorts of numbers and offers on his facebook page. Dom says he’s worried.
Lawon: “don’t be just take it take it like a man”

rachel 2 Big Brother 13

8:20pm Fortune room Rachel and Shelly

Shelly says that the newbs have self destructed they have no idea who fliped their vote. Shelly tells Rachel that she hopes now that Rachel trust her. Shelly sticks up for Lawon she says he wanted to vote Keith out but he gave him his word and that’s very important to Lawon. Racehl says that she’s glad Cassi didn’t win because she knows Cassi would of put JJ up and back door her and brendon. Shelly has had this conversation with Cassi and Cassi knows if she put BR up on the block then they would just win POV and then come gunning for her. Rachel is quick to agree Shelly says repeatedly that cassi was not going to put jj or br up Cassi was going to put up Lawon and Kalia. Shelly says that Cassi told her she’s not going to make a rash decision she’s going to keep her head about thing. Shelly says that the repeats are good, Rachel: “we got strategies” Shelly says she knows they do and she enjoys playing with them and is going to keep doing things so they can trust her. (shelly is either incredibly pathetic or has a bit of game)

8:25pm Rachel and Brendon Bathroom Brendon is getting pissed at rachel for how she acting earlier with Cassi. He tells her that this is what happened last year she started fights with people and everyone hated her. (About 20 minutes before this dani was talking to Brendon telling him about what cassi told her about Rachel, She tells him to reign Rachel in because it’s going to fck up their game. Brendon also tells Dani that one of the agreements he had with Rachel before they entered the house was that she would not get like this and be so emotional) He admires that she is sticking up for Por but that type of behavior is only going to get them a lot of enemies and they already have enough of those. Rachel raises her voice says “Cassi has been talking BLANK about Por all week and Por is my friend” rachel leaves pushes brendon out of the way. Brendon follows her up stairs to the chessboard.
rachel asks him to go away and leave her alone she doesn’t want to fight.
Brendon: “you just f-ing stormed up here”
Rachel: “I’m not fighting you right now”
Brendon: “We’re in a good spot do not do this”
Brendon: “you know what is going to happen por is going to last longer than you because you made the enemies protecting her”….

8:33 Have nots room Cassi and dome Both are really pissed at their supposed team because it’s all BLANK up. Dom says he feels like he’s playing Big Brother with a house full of mentally handicapped people. Cassi asks production if she can come back for a big brother where there is 13 perfect strangers.
Dom: “The votes just point out that we are screwed right now Dani and Por are their puppet and now 2 of our six Have Turned”
Cassi: “we just have to work extra hard”
Cassi says that moments after the votes where count and Keith was evicted Kalia came up to her and said “Oh My GOd”, Cassi is 100% sure that Kalia voted against them. Dom agrees he wonders if Lawon is the other vote. Cassi doesn’t think so she thinks it’s Adam. Both her and Dom say they are “100% Positive” that Shelly stuck by what she told them and voted out Por.
Cassi says it’s all good if she and Shelly go up she knows she doesn’t have the votes and she’s cool with that. Dom tells her Cassi needs to Fight.
Dom is getting pretty mad at Adam says that he’s sure Adam flipped the vote with Kalia. Cassi agrees, dom wants to call him out. Cassi doubts he’ll ever get the truth from Adam, he shouldn’t even bother. Dom: “you know the targets are sitting right here it’s either me and you going up” Dom adds that if it’s Him and Adm going up then Adam will throw the POV COMP. Dom :I can’t even look at the dude I want to punch someone”
Cassi: “I don’t even know why he is where he’s going to be a dumb fan with his fingers in his eays why bother coming on the show” Dom: “Fan with his thumb up his ass.. i’m going to tell him that to”

(I think I know what Shelly is up to.. you’ll see in the next post)
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Cassi can not go, I need more bikini time yo.

BB King

Come on Simon. Don’t keep us waiting. Let us know what Shelly is up to, cause now I am really curious.


Type faster 🙂 it is late on the east coast!


to answer the question she is extremely sad. Lets just say it gets down to JJ brenchel and dani what exactly does shelly plan on doing. Because if her game plan ends with well I need to win POV for 5 weeks straight thats called being mentally handicapped as dom calls it. Good luck Shelly/ kalia aka wastes of space. They just handed the vets a sealed victory this season because god knows they can’t win a comp to save themselves down the road. and if anyone thinks they have a good strategy then your smoking jolly ranchers!


agree totally shell and kalia is the vets sacrificial lambs, but you can smoke jolly ranchers? LOL tastiest inhalant ever LOL


I knew there would be some juicy stuff going on after tonight’s show!


That’s right Brenda let your master push you out the way, no need to pretend you still got balls, you haven’t had them for a whole year, your officially female.


shelly is an idiot !! what a great example she’s making for her child…its been proven that you CAN WIN big brother and not lie the entire time


I wonder how Rachel would play if Brenda wasn’t around. I know they both have horrible social game, but what if that was only because of her attachment to Brenda? guess we will find out next time because from what Brena said this is his final season, but she will no doubt come back.


She be back looking for another man once they split


The idea that there is another man in the world like Brenda is scary.


I just wanna say I love this site! Y’all are awesome keep us posted all the time! Thanks for enabling my Big Brother addiction!! Simon you rock!


Yeah thanks Simon for the updates!


I wonder how trannyy ron white (shelly) is goin to feel when her idol puts her up on the block.


who is ron white? somebody famous? should I know him?


five more minutes til bbad
this should be good
give’em alot of beer & wine


I can’t lie I am so happy with the way things fell tonight!!! I know there are a lot of haters but go vets!!!!


I am too its a boring newbie cast and with the mix of the old vs new it makes it more exciting (even rachoe as much as she annoys me)


Because Cassi and Don always isolated themselves they (the other newbs) know those two have an alliance. I bet they even suspect Keith was in their alliance so to some of them it was the vets, cassi don keith, so why not get someone out of some alliance. If any of them were smart they would buddy up with Dani. Be her other person. Good riddens to the newbs….and hopefully rachel. Then she can watch brendon and dani’s romance bloom on tv.


I think Porshe is gonna get extremely cocky really soon. I’m seeing her becoming annoying in BBAD now that she has the golden key.


Boy George is going to cause some fights as seen earlier tonight. It’s nice these newbs are starting to show some personality after the eviction.


Dom getting a stalker? um get over yourself! You’re not Justin Bieber!

Uncle Cool

Dom is the smartest of the newbies and Dani is the only smart one out of the returnees.

They should get together right now. They can manipulate everyone all the way to final two.


I’m not a fan of rachel at all but I’d rather see the arrogant I dont give a BLANK Rachel. Its better then brendon talking down to her and him whining like a BLANK and her taking it