Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Newbs starts plotting, Dom targets to split up JJ, Lawon: “We three got game dog”

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2:29pm Backyard Pool Vets + Shelly, Kalia and Keith
They start talking about how pretty Cassi is Shelly says she looks like Angelina Jolie without the big lips (WTF Shelly) when she has her hair pulled back. Kalia says she looks like Olvia Wilde on House. They all agree that Cassi would be a great model, Kalia says she doesn’t think the modelling career is as great as people think she’s done modelling before and hated it (WTF Kalia)
Kalai thinks Janelle is pretty but not a natural beauty more a made up beauty. She can see why people think she so gorgeous but she never saw it. Rachel is quick to say – Janelle is a Natural Beauty… I’ve seen her with her makeup off she looked Stunning.
Jordan mentions that Kristen was very pretty, Brendon agrees says she was more a swim suit model whereas Cassi is more a runway model. Rachel says that Kristen is has the perfect body it’s not even funny. Shelly asks if she had fake tits. Rachel says yes, Everyone in big brother does. Shelly: “I don’t, Kalia doesn’t Dani doesn’t” Brendon brings up monet and Brit and how they are huge BLANK. He talks about the wrap party and how they showed all these clips of them saying mean things about Brendon and rachel. When it was over Brit and Monet never said anything to Brendon about it: “you now I expected them to come up to me tell me you know I got caught up in the moment sorry for the things I said” Dani: “I think Anne is the most beutiful big brother houseguest ever she the total package pretty on the inside and outside” Rachel says that Lisa from BB2 was very pretty. Lawon joins them jumps on the hammock. Brendon asks him: “You had another nap man” Lawon:”yeah” Brendon: “Awesome”.

2:20pm Havenots Cassi, Dom They are wondering if they can pull the votes to keep Keith.

Lawon asks what they are going to do. Dom says he wants Porsche out because when Keith goes POrsche will join the vets. Cassi explains: “They see POrsche as this weak little twit that they can control.. they’ll tell her that her partner is gone roll with us and she’ll be OK” Dom quickly says to lawon that they aren’t 100% sure they want to keep keith but right now thats what it’s looking like. They’re thinking the votes is going to be 5 to 6. They have to make sure they have all their people on board or it won’t happen. Dom says they need to find out what the HOH really wants to happen. Cassi agrees but adds that there’s still time they need to wait and have Rachel approach them. lawon is worried about Adam he’s the most on the fence whether to vote out Keith or not. Dom isn’t one bit worried about Adam he’ll go with the group when the time comes Cassi: “We’ll lay out the facts he’ll understand”. Lawon mentions that what happened yesterday helped out his relationship with Kalia they are now closer than ever he thinks after some talks they can be guaranteed she’ll vote with them.

lawon: “We three got game.. he BLANK me dog he BLANK me.. you know in the end you come out like a mother BLANK bull you get taken out” Lawon says he already has his speech for Porsche planned he’s going to say he tried to get to know her but she never talked to him plus he knew she was the strong player. Lawon says that nobody will expect them 3 being a group. Dom doesn’t want him to say anything like that he’ll jinx them. Casi: “Don’t ever says that”

Dom warns Cassi to chill out with the game talk cause it could be trouble. Cassi: “what are yo talking about I only talk game to dom and Shelly” Dom and Lawon both want them to really cool it with each other when their out in the open. Lawon: “Lets just talk game until late late at night.. People will start watching us.. just be careful” .. Lawon wants them to keep up communicating if their backs are ever against the wall then come up and talk to him. Lawon leaves outside.

Dom and Cassi, Dom is felling good about their position. They know that if they are the last 2 newbs in a house of vet they have zero chance to make it. They worry that Kalia will flip on them if she makes it far. Dom is going to target Jeff/Jordan when he gets HOH (smart move get them split before a twist saves them) Cassi thinks it’s a good idea seeing as they haven’t really made any agreements with them yet. Cassi wonders what if they put brendon and Rachel up? Dom thinks it’s stupid idea they have a working relationship with Brendon and Rachel. Dom brings up Jeff making fun of him. Cassi doesn’t want to see Jeff go she thinks he’s a lot of fun in the house, Dom agrees. Dom and cassi are thinking about making a side deal with Brendon and rachel.. their not sure if their is a benefit.. Dom wonders if Dani will side with him and Cassi or Brendon and Rachel. Dom says that Dani doesn’t trust Lawon right now because he doesn’t talk game to her, Dom is fine with that for now they don’t lawon running his mouth. Dom mentions that every time he tries to talk to Dani he gets interrupted. The way it sounds from Dani the only ones she trusts is Dom and Cassi… Cassi: “It’s such a mind screw in here”. Dom: “at first I didn’t think I had a chance but now I really think we do.. our side is so dumb.. dealing with the votes and stuff” Cassi says if it gets to Dom, Cassi, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel then she thinks
Brendon and rachel will probabaly go after Jeff and Jordan, “They’ll do it if their smart.. and they want to make a run for the money”

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3:28pm Backyard most houseguests laying out in the sun random chit chat. Adam and Cassi chatting out on the couch adam tried to start game talk but cassi told him that it wasn’t the time or place… Adam starts talking music with her.

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Cassie is pretty. Janelle is pretty. Annie is pretty.
Kristen looked crazy (she was a butter face).
Brendan is such a tool. They didn’t apologize because they were telling the truth!


It is unreal how bad he is power tripping right now.

Anyone of the noobs who doesnt immediatly agree with whatever BS he is spewing is “stupid and doesnt have a clue how to play the game”. No actually numnuts they are using their brain and not blindly handing you the game which is what Neandertaal thinks is supposed to happen this season.

He thinks that the vets are just automatically going the final 5. Cant wait till he’s not in power on anymore


I agree bigtime.

Sure the vets could dominate if they keep winning everything. But all it takes to flip this is any newbie winning HOH next week. Put up Brenchel and if they win POV put up Jeff/Jordo. The vets are acting pretty cocky this week.

Similar to last year. Whenever Rachel was on the block, there was whining and crying about being picked on, everyone hates her, etc. And anytime her or Brendon had power, they went power mad.


Henry, that was so annoying! Rachel pounding around the house, slamming doors, being whiney, literally crying croco tears each and every time she did not win. It was like a big huge child with big huge fake boobs pouting. I was ready to punch my tv last season. That’s why I became a Brigade fan; they were out for Brenchel blood. Grenades, yo! 🙂


HA! The Brigade. The most cockiest of them all. It worked for them though.


The way I see it, is if Kalia puts up Lawon he will go. He stands no chcane of beating anyone in a reentry competition. America is not going to vote Brendan back in (I hope) So if you are one of many who want Cassie or Dom back in this is the best case scenario. Yes, I realize Rachel would still be there, but either way I still think she would be, because she will beat any of the re enterers even Brendan because he will let her. So Dani and Kalia would have a stronger force.


Right now i’m on team Dom and Cassi yo


Yeah I’m with you yo. Team Dom/Cass!

Someone tell Cass to get naked pronto.


Who is the musician boyfriend Cassi is always talking about dating?


I know…I’m trying to figure out if he is ligit or not. Sounds like he went on a radio tour and maybe was country western–but I’m not even positive about that.

Another note…Cassi could definitely be a smart player. She has a good head on her shoulders. I see Dani and her working together down the line.


His name is Lee Brice


Anything for you and dawg! I love you guys and live by this site for BB dirt. Thanks for all that you do!


That Guy is smoking H O T!


i keep trying to post this but i don’t see my comment, so I apologize if this is a duplicate or triplicate BUT

I think Cassi mentioned the singer she used to date last night by the pool – his name was like Lee Wright or Lee Bright or Lee Brice? couldn’t tell for sure but something like that


oh ok….lolololol….sorry about that!!


didn’t cassi mention his name last night when they were sitting by the pool?? i think she said Lee Wright or something….

speaking of, when shelly and cassi were sitting by the pool talking, and shelly was saying “i’m so blessed, i have had such a great life” and listening to the horror stories other people have had – what was she talking about?


i think she said it last night when they were by the pool – i think his name is Lee Wright? or Lee Bright? Lee Brice? something like that….


Cassie said the song “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band was written about her. Not sure if lead singer or who wrote the song. Guess she dated whoever wrote the song!!


I like cassi, i hope she wins HoH next week


Does anyone have the link to east coast feeds?


Thank you!

I hope dom/cassie win hoh next week and break up brenchal i getin tired of the vets runin the house


According to him, he’s going after JJ(the people that would be easiest to beat in comps) if he wins.


Someone should tell Dom that they have a better chance at splitting up Brenchel, because unlike them Jeff and Jordan’s relationship is real, respectable and not made for TV fame.




F no. Team brenchel is a training wreck. (That’s me being nice =)


so what’s the word on evil dick?? i she out?


This season sucks!!! I mean did they really have to bring Rachel back? Watching that annoying witch for one season was bad enough. And bringing back veterans?? Stupid. Like Cassi said….it should’ve been 13 strangers. Completely ruined the show. Bummer…