Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Lawon Breaks down “I don’t roll like that, I don’t roll like that…”You going to F*CK ME i’ll fu** y*u right back”

6:15pm Padded room Lawon and Rachel

Lawon tells her he’s upset about what Keith said because he was attacking his character. Lawon says taht he told Keith this orning that he was going to vote for Keith to stay becuase he gave Keith his word the first day but now lawon: “My word is broke… you ain’t going to fck me like this at all unless I want you to” (rachel laughs) Lawon is worried that Brendon and Rachel are not going to trust him any more. Rachel tells him not to worry her and Brendon know whats going on they’ve played this game before. Rachel recommends that Keith go talk to Kalia because her feelings are hurt to. Rachel leave to get Kalia.

6:23pm have Nots Lawon and Kalia Kalia is upset because lawon is the only person she’s been open to in the house and now it feels like he’s been up to no good. Lawon understands but points out that Keith is just starting crap because he’s up against the wall and feel like he’s about to get ousted. Lawon tells here he has nothing to hide to her and everything she knows he’s said is all that has been said. Kalia believes him but asks him to please go to her first before thinking something about her. Kalia knows that everyone in the house is playing to a agenda but you need to stay honest to some people. Kalia says that Keith just wanted to get everyone riled up it must of been the “Bomb” he’s been talking about. Lawon tells her his bomb was that he’s not a matchmaker but a HR worker. Lawon continues that Keith claimed that Lawon told others that Keith was in HR instead of a matchmaker. Kalia says she’s shocked she didn’t know that. She reminds Lawon that he has to watch out for people because in the house you may have 2-3 conversations about provate things but that doesn’t mean jack they can turn on you right away to further themselves in the game.

6:30pm HOH Brendon and rachel brendon is pissed at Rachel for talking game to other people without him.

Brendon says that POrsche is a royal pain in the ass but Rachel has to be nice to her and not play the game like last year. Next week they may need her vote and not be like “hey porsche we need your vote sorry we were mean to you last week”

Rachel: “I’ve been nice to her so far” Brendon tells her she was trying to call her out earlier and make her look stupid in front of everyone else Rachel cannot do that. Brendon: “Look at how mad she was at Keith for what he did all we need is one big blow out and we have a enemy”
Brendon: “She’s not a smart person so she’s going to hold on to whatever raw emotion she felt at a time” (Rachel picks at her pimples while brendon gets mad at her)

brendon is blaming her for showing off that they have all the power right now he says she’s doing the same thing as last year and it’s messing up their game (actually she’s doing nothing like that it’s brendon walking around with the big head). rachel: “Do you want to fight with me to” Brendon tells her now he just wants her to stop acting like a ass around people. rachel screams: “Go away… get… Seriously leave me alone” (rachel crying) Brendon: “What do I have to do…I’m not being mean… you’re behavior is just.. going to be looked upon by the houseand last year I got mad at you for it and I shouldn’t of cause it didn’t matter but this year it does so i’m putting my foot down and telling you.. you cannot be doing this… we cannot be making decisions without the other and we cannot turn our backs on each other.. becuase we are a pair we are duo and it’s not for the game it’s for life”. Rachel still crys tells him to stop, “I’m crying and you’re not stopping please… go away.. i’m having the worst week….” She tells him that Jeff never fights with Jordan and jeef/jordan will not want to team up with them they will pick Shelly and cassi because brendon is always fighting with her. Brendon: “Listen i’ve asked you one thing.. I ask you one thing every morning”.. Rachel: “Whats that to not have any personality” Brendon: “No to not talk game with other people unless i’m around” . rachel suggests that Brendon should just do everything in the game because he’s not willing to let her do anything. Rachel says Brendon thinks she’s stupid, brendon denies that says she emotional. rachel points out that both lawon and kalia are downstairs crying and that make her emotional becuase she feels sorry for them.

6:45pm HOH Lawon, rachel and Brendon Lawon explains to them how upset he is about Keith and that he doesn’t roll the way Keith is portraying him. he rehashes the same story to them all. Lawon starts to cry and Brendon begins to rub his back. Brendon puts his arm around Lawon tells him he doesn’t want to see him so upset. Lawon keeps repeating “I don’t roll like that.. I don’t roll like that.. in life…. i knew in the back of my mind he was going to fck me… you know I am who I am I don’t roll like that… I don’t roll like that” he adds about Keith “You going to fck ME i’ll fck you right back” Brendon reassures him that Rachel and Brendon will make their decision based on what they think not on what Keith says about lawon. Brendon tells him to not sweat it their going to call everyone in and talk to them seperate and find out whats going on.. brendon doesn’t want to see lawon upset. lawon leaves.. rachel points out to Brendon that he was rubbing lawons back a lot when lawon was upset but didn’t do the same to her when she was crying… they start to cuddle and make up.

7:10pm Have nots Jordan and Lawon LAwon says that when he told them that he saw Jeff and Jrodan laughing he said that it was “probably just an act” he doesn’t want them to be made at him for it. Jordan reassures him that she’s not made at all i don’t care that you said it. Lawon: “I don’t roll like that” Jordan tells him not to cry she knows. Jordan: “Don’t worry about it i’m find.. BUT don’t do that again or i’ll kill you.. hehe he” Lawon tells her he’s going to tell Jeff. Jordan thinks it’s a good idea says for him to take it easy.. she comments that he smells good and leaves.

7:26pm Kitchen Shelly, Brendon, lawon Lawon thanks brendon for talking to him he feels better about things. Brendon tells him not to worry he knows what goes on in this game he’s played it before.

7:30pm -8:10pm Workouts

8:00pm dani, rachel and Dom Rachel is teasing Dom saying that all the 15 year old girls must all love him right now. She says that last year hayden was loved by all the young girls. Rachel jokes that the girls probably have posters of Dom up on their wall. she starts talking about her wedding she jokes “at this point I just want to get married to be on his health insurance”. She wants to have the wedding in hawaii between Brendon’s semesters at school. She adds that because of hose the semesters are they could celebrate their wedding and Christmas at the same time. She complains how much work is involved in planning a wedding.

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Brendon tells him not to worry he knows what goes on in this game heโ€™s played it before.

sure you do dumb ass, that’s why you were led around by EVERYBODY in the house, totally clueless the entire time on one side you were blinded by the pussy and on the other blinded by wanting to fit in with the cool guys….


why is everybody crying to rachel and brendon their not going to be HoH forever




From what I’ve read here, this is the biggest whinefest ever. So many people crying and having their feelings hurt. I know a lot of nasty things get said, but surely they knew this would probably happen when they signed on? I know we’re all waiting for some drama to happen, but geez can they get off this whining, crying, and complaining kick? Plus, I always wonder why BB doesn’t give the HGs any means to really entertain themselves. I mean I know they want them to talk game and stuff, but they can’t do it 24/7. Just give them a deck of cards and some board games. We could see some real drama if someone is caught counting cards and cheating at Monopoly.

judy ann

Rachel has not changed at all, same-o, same-o crap. How much can that girl cry, she is worse then a two year old that wants candy for breakfast . Brendon’s still has no ball’s when it come’s to Rachel. They won’t last long. Rachel well turn on sweet Jordan asap, Rachel know’s Jordan is the all American girl & it well get to her sooner or later, all it’s going to take is Rachel catching Brendon looking @ her wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚


Brendon should stop being a bully and leave Rachel alone.


i know right! he tells her not to do any talking without him, but that’s exactly what he does! he’s being an ass this year. i feel bad for rachel. her laugh is annoying but i think she means well.

judy ann

I,m sorry but there is nothing ” NOTHING ” I can find nice or good or pretty about rachel. She is a low class wanta be high class & has a no clue brain under that mop of fake red hair. If they do get married, it well not last, & thats a given.
Good day All, it’s so hot here you can’t breath, 93 degress 7 going higher in Michigan. WOW