Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Keith confronts Lawon, Lawon “I will go hood on this mother f*ck*ng a$$!”..”He messed with the wrong m*ther f*ck*r”

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5:10pm backyard near pool, cassi, lawon and Dom They are going over where the house is going to vote. The general consensus is that Keith is on the way out, but they’re hearing too many rumors that maybe Rachel is wanting to use the POV. Dom brings up the conversation he had in the candy room with Rachel and Rachel was starting to think that maybe using the POV is the right thing. Lawon says he’s worried about that but wonders why they would keep Keith or Porsche. Cassi thinks that maybe Keith has started to make deals to save himself. CAssi brings them up to speed with Jeff wanting to meet with her and Shelly. She tells the guys nto to worry after her and Shelly have their meeting with the vets she’ll come down and share the news.

5:20pm Hot tub Keith and Dom Keith is telling Dom that Porsche isn’t going ahead with the deal to get Rachel to use the pov. He’s feeling certain he’s going home. Dom questions why Keith thinks POrsche isn’t going to try and get POV used. Keith explains that Prosche told him she has the votes and with Keith gone she removes one person she doesn’t trust as well as getting a golden key giving her 3 weeks of safety. Dom wonders why POrsche thinks she has the votes. Keith says that the vets told her that. Keith tells Dom that right now with everything that has happened DOm is the only person he can trust.

5:25pm bathroom Kalia and Dom Kalia warns Dom that Lawon is a dangerous player much more than her. She observed things going on in the house but she’s not as skilled at the game as other players like lawon is. She thinks lawon is the most likely player that will turn, Dom agrees. Kalia feels threaten because from where she’s standing too many people are playing this game socially they are trying to keep players they want to hang out with for the summer instead of players that are competition (theres always someone every year that says this.. I think it was brendon and rachel last year). Dom agrees says he’s been noticing that to. Kalai tells him that she has no strategy in this game she plays it minute to minute right now her only focus is to keep her and lawon off the block (by throwing him under the She adds that she’s not worried about getting backdoored because its so early in the game. Dom is worried about getting backdoored he would get pissed if that’s the way he gets evicted. Dom thinks that getting out the strongest players is a best idea for everyone right now. Kalia goes on and on about how the strongest players need to first. Kalia says that because of Dick leaving things int the house have sprung up like it’s week 4 in the house. She needs to fight as hard as she can to win HOH cause she’s learning that having the HOH and POV is the only way to trust you are safe.

5:35pm Hammock Lawon, Rachel, Keith, Brendon Brendon is trying to figure out who is lieing Keith and Lawon. He brings ups lawon saying to everyone that Jeff and Jordan were laughing when they found out evil Dick was gone. Lawon says he did say that because that’s what he saw, “Yes they were smiling and laughing i did say that cause it’s the truth”

Keith says the reason he went after porshe and kalia is because Lawon told him that those two girls did not have his best interests in mind.. But when I talked to Kalia she was the one telling me that Lawon doesn’t have my best interests that lawon is going up to HOH talking to the vets. Rachel: “is that what Kalia said?” Keith: “Yes”

Keith brings up that lawon told him that jeff was saying that Keith isn’t a match maker but a human service manager and there’s noone that knew that beside lawon. Lawon denies he said anything like that.

Keith adds that lawon was telling everyone that Jeff and Jordan are saying that nobody likes Kalia because she sleeps all the time and she looks like she doesn’t want to be here. Lawon: “I did not say that” Keith then where am I get this BLANK from?” Brendon calls Jeff in from the elliptical, asks him if he was laughing. Jeff says that he wasn’t laughing about Dick becuase Dick leaving was a bad thing for him, “Maybe you saw it out of context but I wasn’t laughing that Dick was gone”. Lawon: “Yes I did see it out of context but I did see you laughing while packing dicks stuff up”

Keith jumps in saying that Lawon was going around saying that Jeff was saying that Keith was walking around like his BLANK don’t stink. Layon “I DID NOT SAY THAT” Keith: “Then we’re did I get that from” Jeff: “I told him about that”.. Jeff leaves kalia joins them they all exchange he said she said about the comments that kalia sleeps too much. Kalia doesn’t care if that’s what is said about her because it’s true… Lawon leaves tells them he’s not playing this game with Keith he never said 1/2 the things keith is accusing him of and the other 1/2 he’s already admitted to saying.

Lawon: “I don’t operate on lies man… that’s not me.. I don’t operate on BLANK lies man” lawon stroms out. Keith: “You see now he’s storming off cursing”

6:04pm Have nots, Adam, Dani, keith Lawon is crying about the confrontation with Keith. Lawon :”He’s trying to trip me up on things I have said but I admitted to it all of it” Keith goes into explaining everything to them. LAwon:”I don’t play lies.. i’m not going to sit there and look like the bad guy becuase you (Keith) are on the block”. Lawon brings up that keith said in front of everyone “look at him he doesn’t look like he can win anything…hoh…POV… well guess again hmmmhmm”. dani laughs we’ve only had 2 competitions. Adam: “When peoples backs are against the wall they will do anything.. ” lawon: “I told Keith this morning i’m done with you DONE…” Lawon “I will go hood on this mother BLANK!”..”he messed with the wrogn mother BLANK”.. Lawon says Keith went after my character that’s personal.

Adam tells him not to get too upset the house in general trust lawn more than Keith. Dani consoles Keith tells him that Keith is a sinking ship and don’t

6:20pm HOH HOH

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I smell drama haha

Big brother fan:)

Yes I agree some drama lol.My favorites are on here they are Jeff/Jordan,Dick/Danele,And Brendan/rachel I love them alllll !!!! 🙂


same! i don’t get why everyone hates on brendon/rachel. they’re great competitors, and i actually like them together


This season is already so much better than last season!! Drama, drama, drama!! Even BBAD is better and more fun to watch!!


I like this gay dude better than last years gay dude.
Lawson had me cracking up last night
on bbad


PSA: Big Brother wasn’t always like this. It actually started out as a completely different show in a European country, and was then brought to USA, but because America loves drama the show eventually evolved to be all about conflicts. You could say “You could put any two people in a house for a week and they’d clash” and I’d agree, but in the early years it never used to be as heated as it has been for the past 10 years. In UK (unless they changed it) they STILL don’t even vote each other off; they nominate 2 people and let the viewers decide who stays and who goes.

Another example of how different the mindset of early seasons is the winner of season one. It came down to the final 3 with 3 guys. One was an Asian who was all around a nice guy. Another was an athletic dude who was an all around nice guy. The last one was another athletic guy who was an all around nice guy . . . and he also only had 1 real leg. The other 2 talked and agreed to let him win, and asked America to give him the money, and we did. Even in 20ish seasons of Survivor, only one thing like this in the finals has ever happened, but it wasn’t as extreme.

Just wanted to speak up for others out there like me who don’t watch for drama, but for social strategy. It’s why I dislike Allison Grodner so much, since she’s largely (and I do mean large) responsible for how drama based the past many seasons have been.


Speaking of Alison Grossner, once she farted so long and hard, she lost 2 inches off her waistline. Then she ate a dozen chocolate fish burritos and gained it all back.


Oh, the pot is starting to boil. Keith is a dope and should be the one going.


Danielle needs more tv time, n shelly said she wasn’t going to clean anyone mess and she hasn’t stop cleaning. I hope Rachel uses the pov on Kalia n Lawon cause I’m not a fan. Dani was the best competitor ever and she will do the same again.


Im going with dani this season…. The new cast is sucking up to the vets too much like puppies.. When they should have the upper hand. Why the hell would they get rid of someone that the vets want out? Thats just stupid!!!!! There idiots!!


Now brendon is loving jeff and jordan…lol. these vets need to break away soon. Its bad for tv


I would love to see LaWon go ballistic with his fine ass…………..I love his honesty he’s the bomb!!!!!!!!!