Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Kalia told Rachel all that crap on her face and it’s still full of pimples

7:00pm HOH Kalia and Jordan Kalia thinks people in the house will take out Brendon first because brendon is a strong player and with him gone Rachel will be an emotional mess. Kalia doesn’t think Rachel has any game without Brendon “She would climb inside of him if she could” Kalia said people have been talking about brendon and Rachel and how the only way they can take them out is they can Backdoor them, “No body will put Brendon and rachel up straight up because they’ll win POV”
Kalia: “when would Shelly get out.. Shelly is someone you don’t want to be in the finale out” Jordan: “I haven’t thought about that”.
Kalia: “really the only people out of our group that was really gunning for you guys was Dom and Cassi and once Cassi is gone there is really only one person coming after you.

Jordan wonders when they should get rid of Dom… She thinks that maybe she’s getting a little ahead of her self. Kalia says week 5 will be porsche… FEEDS CUT.. when the feeds come back they’re talkign about putting lawon and Kalia up on week 4 and Lawon can go home. Jordan and Kalia agree that Kalia has the votes.

kalia says that Adam will just be happy to get into the jury house.. “Adam.. you got to host a comp and now you get to spend the summer in the jury house… you can’t win this game lets get serious” Kalia says Adam has tried since season 6 to get on the show.

Jordan is getting worried about Dom because lately they’ve been hanging around Rachel and she’s been calling him her son. Kalia has noticed that to, she thinks something is up.

Both of them are worried that Dani is a very dangerous player, Jordan mentions that dani knows the game better then adam. Kalia says she thinks that inside Dani thinks Rachel is a pathetic. Kalia points out all the times that Dani jokes with Rachel but many of the jokes are nasty comments to her. Jordan tells her that dani’s been acting closer to Rachel and sometimes she sticks up for her, Jordan: “I have to watch what I say around dani” Kalia brings up that Rachel has this entire basket of medicine and creams that her dermatologist gave her. Kalia told Rachel that all that “Crap” is no good for her face because it’s still covered in pimples. kalia told her she needs to find one simple product and use it instead of changing.. Kalia adds that the entire time Dani was there making fun of Rachel and not in a nice way. Kalia points out that Dani is playing the strongest social game she’s talking to everyone making sure everyone likes her. It’s proven that Dani can win comps she won a lot during her season so Kalia thinks she’s very dangerous. Jordan: “I think brendon and Rachel have it in their heads that they are in the final 3 with Dani”. Jordan says she very scared that dani and dom are going to pair up that is why she was going to take Dom out because then they could of easily gotten Cassi on their side. Then it would of been “Me, you , Jeff, Shelly and Cassi”. Kalia: “that’s 4 full votes” . Jordan: “It would be perfect because Cassi would not be afraid to put up Rachel… Jeff said if it was a couple more weeks in then F-IT lets do it but he’s thinking it’s too early”…. (This is driving me nuts yo..)

7:53pm Backyard Most the houseguests either working out or chit chatting.

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Random question: Why does everyone dislike Por? She rarely says anything. What has she done?


I don’t know why the house guests don’t like her, but, I don’t like her because I believe that she is a racist just like her father


Wait what?


Last week she said something like she better not bring a black man home to her father or he will get mad. Then she said something like, well we are from Michigan,( whatever that means). And then, in my opinion, she started treating Keith like dirt, even though he was trying to be nice to her. So, my final conclusion was that she is racist like her father.


Chessie hit the nail on the head. Who says that in the first week? Talk about throwing your parents under the bus. Especially when they’re not even playing.

Zach J

Well part of the reason I dislike her is because whenever she’s on screen talking in the diary room she sounds like such a b!tch….one of those stuck-up types that gets whatever she wants….

I think some of the housemates dislike her because she’s friends with Rachel and people think of her as being one of those mean girls, like from the movie of the same name…maybe this is because of her association with Rachel alone and not what Porsche says to anyone else.


Dani is clearly showing her side now.. for those of you currently watching the feeds. J/J better watch their backs, cause looks like Dani’s getting Dom on B/R side. or she’s planning some major backstabbing.. which isn’t likely.


7:00pm HOH Kalia and Brendon

that shocked me at 1st, im like why would she be ballsy enough to say the truth to brenda’s face LMFAO he would go all neanderTALL on her like he did to Brittney


Cant’ stand a person (Kalia) that talks too much and too fast and never shuts up!!


Too early? Arent you SUPPOSED to get rid of the biggest threats early? Especially when your able too because the “numbers” are in your favor! Instead he’d rather get rid of his number advantage. Jeff was never the sharpest tool in the shed. This is similar to BB11 when he shot himself in the foot and got rid of Russel out of his own stupidity. I swear, him and Jordan together have half a partially functional brain.


I think it’s too early because the newbies are saying anything just to stay in the game. Before Keith was eliminated, the newbies were after the oldies, including JJ. Their plan failed, so they decide to defect temporarily, to the oldies just to save their hides. As soon as BR is eliminated, then JJ will be targeted and all the newbies will vote them out. They do have somewhat of an alliance with BR, even though it’s shaky right now.


By your logic, they made the right move by getting rid of Russell.


How so?


Too simple to think that way. This game is built on trust and the ability to decipher the fact from fiction which is why Jeff and Jordan can’t simple believe that they can align with Dom and Adam. Jeff and Jordan taking out Brendon and Rachel means there is know only two (assuming Kalia is with Jordan) chance instead of four chances for someone on ‘the vets’ side to be HOH and choose a player they want out. Once Brendon or Rachel is gone guess who has the overwhelming? Dom, Adam, Shelly, Lawon (who no one expects to win HOH) and Cassi. Why align when you could take out a group who’s already underhanded? Jeff and Jordan are best to stick with what they have otherwise the only thing that might be in their favor is the votes… I can bet that if anyone had said that Shelly would be the one to swing the vote when they saw the episodes before the eviction people would have called them crazy.. That’s why making such decisions isn’t easy as ABC..

Team Brenchel

Dani joined woot woot..Jordan do as your told, evict cassi please


Kalia (as my coach once said) u are the poison in the house ur fake talk too damn much and are nothing but a ugly ass floater that should be rid of ur pretty much as bad as vegas ur a snake that needs its head cut off


I bet your coach won every championship known to man… <_<


I have a feeling that this is all gonna come back and bite Jeff and Jordan in the ass later. This is the perfect time to get Rachel out. Its not to early just do it already!!!…yes i know it’s a risk. but pretty much every decision you make in this game is a risk and will have pros and cons. Jeff and jordan gotta see that rachel and brendon have dani, porsha, and possibly dom. all of which could/are be good at comps. All jeff and jordan have is kalia and shelly.(which i wouldnt want to put all my faith in them, kalia is one of the worst players and all she knows how to do is talk and never shut up) if they keep cassi they can have her too. I just want to see rachel go sooooo badly this week.


While it seems like getting one of B&R out now is a great move, it puts the target squarely on J/J. Right now, they need other targets besides themselves. All vets seem to agree that in order to have a chance to win they have to stick together until top 9/10 and that is when they will turn on each other. The vets are playing a few weeks ahead. They are trying to hedge their bets for a few weeks down the road by securing the newbies on the their side. I wouldn’t count out J/J or their abilities to play this game. They are ignorant in some areas of life, but i don’t think either of them ever go around claiming they are super intelligent (aka Rachel/Brendan) or the most amazing BB players (aka R&B). At this point, they are making the smartest move. Dani is playing a great game, but she may be overplaying things and shoot herself in the foot later on. She is hiding behind Rahcel’s antics, but it is not going unnoticed by the HGs. She needs to make sure she can role with either J/J or B/R depending on who goes first & she is not doing well with J/J. At the end of the day J/J will have to win some POVs to stay in this game. This Golden Key really makes the players start playing fast & hard right away. I think this season is going to turn out to be good vs evil. JJ (goodie tooshoes) vs B&R (evil).


If Jordan believes anything out of kailas mouth she is more gullible than I thought she was, quit buyin into everyone elses theories and think for urself or shut up like Jeff tells you!!


LMAO Cassi and Rachel goin g st it, GO CASSI!!!!


Rachael has so many pimples on her face because she is evil, I know a few evil people and they can’t get rid of acne no matter what they do, so they do like rachel does cover it up with makeup, stressing out because she can’t go out and make her money like she used to with Brenda on watch.

Tyler Kent

Get rid of Brenda or Rachel for chrissakes!!!

Jay L

Goddamn, on tonight’s episode, Kalia showed her colors as the retarded fatass she is. I was laughing my ass off watching her cry over nothing. I just we had an anti-Rachel in the show, somebody who would get rid of the fat ugly people first, so that we can enjoy the pretty people in bikinis. O well.

Jeff/Jordan could simply take out one half of Brenchel. I do not think anyone would resent them for it, and then use the goodwill they gain from Dom, Cassi, Shelly to take out Porsche, Dani, and that stupid fat ugly woman who thinks way too highly of herself for how disgusting she looks.


Cassi to Rachel: “You’re a catty, catty girl..and you’re ugly inside.”



Oh GOD rachel is in her whinny pathetic voice again


Can’t wait to hear about the Cassie Rachel cat fight. I hope brendumb gets mad at Rachel after her fight with Cassie is over. I also hope Jordan decides to put up br instead of Cassie.


Rachel mean everything she says, cut the bullshit, Rachel shows her true colors when she is upset.


The way I see it…I don’t get why J/J is so scared of backdooring B/R, cause they’re probably the strongest players in the house and since they’re so good at comps it would be harder to get them out later when they really need to. Plus once one of them is out, the other person can’t do much for 2 wks. AND if they keep Cassi and get her on their side, Dom will probably follow too. Then it would be Jeff, Jordon, Kalia, Shelly, Cassi & Dom Vs. either Brendon or Rachel, Dani and Porshe. It’s rly the best move they can make right now…


I agree, but JordN made a comment that the couples were trying to at least get to the jury house together so they would have FUN.

I love how Rachel turns Cassie into the villain, and in the same breath accusing Cassie of playing the victim, all the while playing the victim LOL! Rachel actually started the whole lets hate Cassie band wagon.


I hope Brenchel wins BB that half a million will get Rachel the facelift she needs so she can feel better about herself.


I’m really surprised at how mature jordan sounds


The only thing that made watching this Jordan/Rachel conversation bearable for me is Dani walking in


someone please give Rachel a xanax …she’s crazy!….i think out of the 4 evicted HG’S cassi will be back then what Rachel!!??

Karen S

For all the editing to make Jordan look like a hick from the south.. I think she makes a really good argument for being one of the sane people in the house right now. Nice job Jordan! BBAD.. Jordan is giving Rachel a talk on how to get along better with people. : )


OMG I cant stand it PLEASE MAKE THE STOP!!!!! Yuck Brechel


Jordan’s sticking to her strategy it seems; she letting others do the heavy lifting and pretending to just go along with them helplessly but she is subtley influencing them; she puts on an appearance of being confused and lost but she knows what she’s doing. Dani is going too loud too soon. She’s going to get wooped on once’s she’s back to normal and a Newb is HOH.

Ashley Smith

I CANNOT stand Brenchel! I think Jj needs to backdoor BR before BR put JJ on the block. Rachael is an ugly whiny b:tch! I HATE that BR are on the show! She gets on my nerves. Her voice, whininess, her laugh & cockiness!