Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Cassi reads my mind about Rachel “catty catty girl and a ugly person inside” **Updated**


7:57pm – 8:05pm Dani and Brendon go into the storage room to grab food and talk game. Dani tells Brendon to make Dominic feel like they will take him far. Dani says you have to, have to, have to trust me. Dani says that Dominic will do what I influence him to do. Dani says that Dominic likes Brendon and Rachel a lot and for them to just make him feel comfortable. Dani says that Rachel was talking to him and was like blaa blaa blaa …and so you need to tell her and you need to just make him feel comfortable. Dani says and don’t worry about it. Dani says that Kalia is waiting for the couples to end and then she will pick a side… Dani says that Kalia is way closer to them and they are less of a threat. Dani says that Brendon should be nice to Porsche and Dani says that they will try their best to get close with her. Dani says just make sure you make him feel safe… trust me, trust me. Dani says no matter what one of you three have to win. Dani says that she doesnt trust Lawon at all …he is a waste. Brendon says yeah. Dani says that Adam wouldn’t be hard to get out at all. Brendon tells Dani that she needs to help him control Rachel. Dani says yeah she is out of control. Dani says that Rachel was hanging out with Porsche. Brendon rolls his head and eyes. Dani says that she keeps telling Dominic that they (Jeff and Jordan) want him gone and that he can work with Dani, Rachel and Brendon. Dani says that Brendon needs to keep telling Rachel that this is her chance to change the way people view her. The conversation end and Brendon leaves the storage room.

8:20pm Dani heads into the storage room and asks Cassi if she is okay? Dani says that Cassi is so quiet today. Cassi says that it sucks that she knows she is going home. Dani says that it suck that she doesn’t know what to say and that she hope she knows that she isn’t being catty or anything certain people. Cassi says that she knows Dani isn’t. Dani goes into the storage room and then heads back into the kitchen.

8:25pm Have nots Cassi and Rachel Cassi asks rachel what she’s done to wrong her. rachel says she didn’t like how play the game.
Cassi: “is that a valid reason to send me home?”
Rachel: “you are comgin after me that’s a valid reason”
Cassi: “I made a deal with you all”
Rachel: “The day you made the deal you were running around downstairs telling people that they need to get the balls and take out Brendon/Rachel and Jordan/Brendon”
Cassi: “I made a deal with you all and I would stick to that deal”
Rachel: “I’ve heard from plenty of people that you want us gone”
Cassi: “you gotta realize thats what people are going to say around here why didn’t you come to me I’ve been honest since day one”
Rachel: “You think you’re a honest person”
Cassi: “of course”
Rachel: “you we’re the ring leader of the newbie alliance.. personally I don’t like your game play when you walk around complain about Porsche this Porsche That”
Cassi: “WHAT! I don’t talk shit about por behind her back I’m not 12”
Rachel: “you acted lilke you’re 12.. you started talking to jordan the second she won HOH I don’t respect that you’ve played bad”
Cassi: “You are wrong there Jrodan and I have talked a lot in this game.. I think you’re after me because i’m a female”
Rachel: “WHAT!!”
Cassi: “Thats word on the streets”
Rachel: “Word on the street who says that SERIOUSLY SERIOULSY I’m a female why would I want you out.. YOUR insult me”
Rachel: “I have a problem with you because you didn’t want to work with me”
Cassi : “Well Rachel everyone in this house says you’re coming after me because i’m a girl”
Rachel: “you have horrible game play I like you as a person but you don’t like me
Racehl: “I need to look after me and my alliance and Jeff and Jordan”
Cassi: “I don’t want to fight with you”
Rachel: “then why did you call me in play the victim”
Cassi: “How BLANK what do you mean by that”
Cassi: “I was pulling for you last season I couldn’t understand why they said the tings they said but now I get it you’re catty catty girl and a ugly person inside”

Rachel tells Jordan that she was cornered by Cassi and Cassi said all these hateful things about her like she’s , ugly inside, catty and doesn’t like other women.
Jordan: “Some of the actions and words you use comes across as BLANK .I’m not ganging up on you.. just saying you’re sounding a little BLANK”
Rachel says that people don’t like her because she’s nice to Porsche and stick up to her when other people are being mean.
Jordan: “I think people just don’t like Porsche and having you and her as But Buddies doesn’t help..I think she’s crazy and she lies about things..says you come accross as BLANK.. the way you are is catty and I’m not ganging up on you o’m being honest.. cassi is just worried becuase she knows she’s going home”
rachel warns here that the newbies want to backdoor her and if they keep them around they are in trouble. Jordan tell her not to worry she is not going to put her up that would be a stupid move it’s only week 2. Jordan adds that she can understand how people may be threaten by cassi because she is pretty and some people are kinda threaten by her.
Rachel: “I’M NOT.. I’m confident in brendon, i’m friends with you and dani and you’re gorgeous I think she comes up here and plays with your emotions”.
Jordan: “don’t get mad at me i’m just being honest.. people are getting tired of your mouth”.
Jordan tells her that her and Jordan are 2 complelety different people they are exact opposite she’s just being honest with Rachel and her mouth is getting her in trouble.. everyones emotions are going crazy”
Jordan i told her my alliance wants you out and it makes no sense to pue up lawon and Kalia.. I explained it. Jordan offers to have a meeting with her, Cassi and Rachel
Jordan keeps repeating that Rachel is coming across as BLANK.. She doesn’t understand what Cassi did so wrong.
Jordan: “I swear i’m in highschool again with all this caddieness cassi is just upset becuase she’s going home”

Jeff enters the room asks them if everything is OK. Jordan says that emotion are runnig high right now.. he takes a pee and leaves. Rachel Cassi is the one that is BLANK, she’s mean, she’s manipulative I’m the girl that is the victim and Cassi is the victim..
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9:20pm HOH Jordan and Rachel Jordan tries to explains repeatedly that Rachel that Rachel’s actions and choice of words are why people think about her the way they do. Jordan spells it out that brendon and Rachel do not HAVE TO WIN EVERYTHING. Rachel says Jordan season was different than her season she had very mean girls to deal with. She says the people on her season called her a prostitute, said she was riddled with STDs, called Brendon permanently disfigured and said that they wanted brendon and Rachel’s future baby to be aborted. Jordan reminds her that she needs to forget last season, she’s given a fresh start to show the public that she’s different. Rachel says she’s tried very hard to be different but it’s these “Mean Girls that come after me”

Dani joins them
rachel: “She used everyone of my weaknesses against me and that is what a mean manipulative girl does.” Dani tells her to just calm down and forget about her because she’s going home” rachel goes on and on about how ridiculous Cassi is saying she does’t like women, “I like Kalia, Porsche, Dani and Jordan and all my friends outside the house are girls… brendon is the only guy i know” Rachel says the only reason she wanted Cassi gone was because she was after her alliance and she had bad game play.
Dani: “We don’t deny she’s terrible at this gamey, that’s why she’s on the block and going home, so just get over it!”

9:30pm hot tub JEff and Cassi Cassi says I might of just dug my grave.. Jeff: “You might of saved your grave.”…

The feeds are going crazy right now 3 Day Free Trial

9:47pm Jordan and Dani Jordan is debriefing Dani about what happened. Dani is agreeing with Jordan about what she’s saygin about rachel. Dani admits to have talked to Rachel before and told her the same things. Dani says she can’t handle it all this Drama.. Jordan adds that rachel is a nice girl but her actions are exactly like last year.

9:52pm HOH Jeff, brendon and Rachel Jeff tells them that Cassi is going home and for them to calm down. Jeff says to Rachel that she needs to ignore Cassi from now on and just wait it out until Thursday. Rachel tells Jeff that CAssi is trying to place a wedge between JJ and BR. Jeff goes on a little speech trying to reassure them that there is no wedge and they are still playing the game as an alliance.


9:58pm HOH Rachel and Brendon Rachel playing the ULTIMATE VICTIM. (We’ve seen this display at least a 12 times but one thing BRendon said I found interesting) brendon about Cassi. “The girl BLANK’s herself out with Country singers and pro athletes.. I Never call you stupid your the most brilliant person I know.” (WTF )

11:00pm Backyard Everyone engaged in general chit chat.. Cassi leaves after awhile and heads inside to grab a drink. While inside Adam thanks her for stirring shit up, “A Seed needs water to grow”.. CAssi says she’s worried that she’ll look like a asshole. Adam guarantees her that everyone outside knows the truth and she won’t look like the bad person. CAssi: “I Hope thats the case”

11:23pm Pool Table CAssi and Rachel playing
11:37pm Rachel beats Cassi

11:45pm HOH Jordan and Kalia Jordan is giving Kalia a rundown of what happened today.

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I wish cassi would stay but she’s not trying hard enough to get Jordan to backdoor b/r, she’s being too passive


Rachel needs and Award for this pretend performance, she plays the victim better than anyone ever on BB


She is the victim, her character is just like that. She is a very competitive person. I have no idea that the way most people think in this world is so general. They like JJ coz they are nice and kind and people don’t realize who want to back stab who first? BR wants to ally with JJ till final four but really JJ is so afraid and come with the backdoor plan first. Cassi is really a snake, she really want to cut all of veterans in the beginning and now she is planting a seed in JJ’s mind. Still Rachel is the bad person. During the POV competition, Rachel was really fighting hard to get the POV spot but Jordan easily refused to take the Slop challenge. (that’s why she came with the comment about Jordan. Coz she felt betrayed by her alliance).


this is silly


I like Cassi. She’s the “straight-shooter” and will tell you like it is. If she gets evicted, I hope she comes back and takes Rachel out! Here’s to hoping!!


Get Rachel the hell out, no one can stand to watch the tittybaby cry another season. Her and Brendon have to go !!!!!!


For real Rachel is going to need that whole half a mil to get the surgery she needs so she can feel good about herself, let her have it BB. Then nobody will ever have to see her face ever again. Brendon already said that is why they came back for the money.


Best live feed scene this season so far!!


Is Brenda tryin to look like Jeff? with that Kangol??? LMFAO


as soon as jeff put his on, brendon went to put his on!!




Her sad face is sooooo pathetic.


That last screen capture is PRICELESS!! Love it haha
Rachel showed her insecurity when she said she was “confident IN BRENDON. ” How about being confident within yourself?


sorry, Simon but just one spelling correction..Rachel is catty not “caddy”..a caddy is a person who carries a golfer’s bags……..just sayin


Simon, haha, I have to bring this up as well. It’s “catty” not “caddie” — go ahead and everyone have a shot/drink on me, but that’s a typo big enough worth mentioning. One means Rachel is being bitchy, and the other means someone might have to spend 9-18 holes walking next to Rachel one day, which is more than anyone can bare. Except for Allison Grodner, of course, who is both ugly inside and out.


Sorry Qaz. Its bear, not bare. Need I explain the difference,


Rachel lol ur a mess u need to leave because ur not mentally or emotionally fit for this game if brendon wasnt there ud be even more of a crybaby


WoW Rachel is such a bullshitter. Sitting there saying that she doesnt talk bad about people behind their backs. Shes such a trainwreck.


Yeah when Rachel said she didn’t talk shit, I just looked at her and thought she is full of shit. One example being when Rachel and Porsche where sitting on the couch with the pillows gossiping about if Cassi had a nose job. What a pathetic bitch. Im so hoping that Jordan would get some balls and back door Brendon and Rachel!


Brendon is such a pussy, I can’t stand to hear him talk.


“it’s not rocket science” his favorite thing to say to put everyone else down lol


If Big Brother was eligible for the Razzie Awards, Rachel would be winning this year. When she was talking to Jordan, that was the worst acting ever. She must be loving it right now. She now has Brendan falling all over her, praising her and telling her how it is not her fault. I really can’t stand Rachel. Why did Big Brother bring her back?


JJ need to put B/R up and send Brendon home. I love seeing Rachel depressed and without Brendon she wouldnt be able to do anything and wouldnt have anyone to go to at all. Danielle, Dominic, Jeff and Jordan need to all come together as one alliance and dominate the whole house until final 4.


Dani wants to pair with Brenchel and Dom because out of the 4 she will get the jury votes and be the last one standing. Have to give it to her. She’s the only one really thinking outside the box right now. JJ want to pair with Brenchel as well because they think the jury will not vote for them. I think that’s why they don’t want to put them up. They want to keep the hated couple around as long as possible. Dani os going to sneak by all of them and win this thing. BB basically gave it to her with that GK right out of the gate. In her season they crafted competitions just for her and extended her game play. Will be interesting to see how she performs once her GK protection expires.


The drama is good tonight. Wish ED was here to really get the pot stirring!!! Wonder who Brenchel will fight with next, besides each other. stay tuned…


ask and ye shall receive. seriously they need to smack the tar out of those 2 morons. i want in the house w them. id make sure brendon had a perpetual black eye because everytime he said something unmanly id punch him in his eye. and who do we complain to at showtime? im so tired of watcdhing the crying train of rachel and the sissy boy brendon trying to weaken hisself even more. JJ should put those 2 up end of story. it makes sense for the viewers but makes even more sense for the house. tired of watching the tweedle twins acting like no matter who is HOH that its their house to win. rachel is fugly, only second to the oompa loompa oprah wanna be. oompa oompa oompa dee dee, my name is rachel, wont you cry with me. boo frikn hoo. get over yourself. a half million dollars wont make you a better person. although it might actually be enough from brenda to buy that degree he thinks hes getting. like his life, she will destroy that opportunity as well. get em gone. period.

Big Sister

Not a tear fell from that idiot’s eyes as she fed Jordan that garbage! PLEASE, someone in Cali send a plane with a banner for Jordan to put BR up!!


Co-signing to this!!! Someone please do it!


Brendon is such a freaking flunky! He ALWAYS condones Rachel’s behavior. She could stab somebody for no reason and he would still defend her. Victim, victim, victim…NOT!


Did you see her keep looking at the camera when she was “bawling” to Rachel? That girl was constantly looking at the camera making sure they got her sobbing. lol


all I gotta say is the truth hurts, huh Rach


and Brenda is just petting her ego


He should stop doing that stroking her ego. He gives her false hope and is all just lies. Maybe Rachel needs true criticism


You know neandertal will go after cassie later tonight…
It’ll be a repeat of him going after Brittany….please backdoor brenchel.


i love this site,the fans funny comments and great spoilers


Lawon is freakin hilarious!!! He tickles me with his laugh and his makeup looking like the joker!!! I hope they keep him and get rid of Kalia


Hey y’all.. I have been out of town since Thursday.. I recorded the BBAD shows… but was wondering if I missed anything really good on the live feeds.. does anyone know of some good ones to go back and watch?


The last part of the blog where Jeff is talking with Cassie and he says she may have saved her grave. Does that mean Jeff is entertaining the idea of not putting Cassie up?


Honestly, I think Jeff and Jordan don’t have the balls to put Brendon and Rachel up. I just think he was trying to give Cassi a little bit of hope.


But maybe they could save Cassie and put up L&K?


Yes, but they think it’s risky because if Brendon or Rachel win HoH it’s possible they’ll put Jeff and Jordan up. But what they don’t understand is that it will be 6 against 2 because nobody wants Brendon and Rachel there. On the other had though, if a newbie were to get HoH and Brendon and Rachel got the veto, Jeff and Jordan would be screwed.


I was totally thinking the same exact thing, that hw was thinking about not putting her up, but then later they were saying oh cassie’s goin home I guess its final on casie laving this week…


Notice cassie saying to Jordan that Rachel couldn’t compete well without brendon just now?


Brendon puts the C in cheesy
good lord!


I totally agree!! Last night, I was able to watch BB after dark for the 1st time this season and I couldn’t believe the stuff that was coming out of his mouth. I love when a guy is mushy and truly shows his love with words, flowers & poetry but even I was looking at the tv saying OMG, grow a pair! I still can’t believe that he thinks she is going to change after they get married. I think if they win the money, they should put it away in trust for their future children’s therapy.


Rachel is exhausting. She’s very immature. But what is also exhausting is Brendon’s telenovela style pep talks to her.


the best recap post’s of the season! I really really hope jeff decides to have jordan pull the trigger… one more little thing by rachel and i think it will happen!! why oh why does rachel have to be on SLOP!! if she had one glass of wine this would go to the moon!!


Cassi is like “Well, put me up on Thursday…” Sure, she doesn’t care if she goes. She makes like 1/2 a mil a year and stars in Kenny Chesney videos. Regardless, I still like her. Probably because she has no desperation to cause the drama in the first place. Besides, Rachel is a piece of Sh!t and I just can’t stand how when someone tries to talk some sense to her and she just looks at the person like: “Eww! How dare you assault the Queen’s vanity!” WTF????


I am embarrassed to be a man every time I hear brendon give Rachel one of his “you are so amazing/brilliant/wonderful/courageous/don’t need botox” pep talks.


I think Rachel looks like a thinner version of Divine from “Pink Flamingos.”


Wow that 2nd drag queen that Rachel resembles HAHAHAHAHA


Yeah, I can’t figure out if Brendon alters his true personality because of Rachel. When I say alter I mean lower. Or if he truly believes the stuff that comes out of his mouth. He sounded very petty putting Cassi down. I thought it was kind of amusing that he said that Cassi would have to have some guy take care of her. When last night he was just saying how he wasn’t going to be able to take care of her and himself , and that she had to get a job or whatever he said to that effect. Also laughable is when he said that he thought Jordan and Jeff might be kind of jealous of them, and how they aren’t affectionate. LOL. Two neurotics.


Brenden’s getting on my nerves acting like he’s Rachel’s daddy.


Big Brother Please switch the cameras away from that red hair HOT MESS and her crocodile tears


I guess because they think he flipped the vote to keep Keith.


I’m trying to figure that out, too. Maybe Kalia told a lie on him so that when they’re put up for eviction, they will keep her. I think that he’s funny and i love his laugh and face mask..


Hate to say but I think you already know the reason…


brenden = pussy & wasnt he the one putting pictures of his blank on the internet


I hope he waited for the warts to clear up first…


Like Rachel or not, but Cassie is far from innocent in this whole matter. She is talking to everyone about it. If she had any class like she says she does then she would keep her mouth shut. Cassie is sooooo fake. She’s not really that hot without her bikini. She’s got a man’s nose. I’d take Shelly over her.


She’s hot with a bikini? Man i don’t know but here face is the only thing she got…. she looks like a malnourished twig.


What is this shit The Jellybean shuffle???


brenden = pussy &wasnt he the one putting pictures of his cock all over the internet ??


i hate rachel shut up lol all she does is cry dumb bitch your boyfriend jerked off for a guy lol


I hope Jeff & Jordan last pretty long.. B/R needs to go cause they think there all that…




Could the camera man please not put the camera on Racho while she is eating, it looks like she has to wrap her tongue around whatever she puts in her pie hole….

B sleazy

Rachel is the most disgusting reality individual I have ever had the misfortune of seeing broadcast on television. I hope she reads what people say about her and makes the healthiest choice for future offsprings welfare and ends her own life. To have two parents of that magnitude of social incompetence do not deserve to procreate.


I’m starting to wish death upon Rachel. Miss Piggy won’t be able to bring her back EVER AGAIN.


How can they eat the jellybeans after everyone has had their hands all over them.


ya know
nasty oily hands touching something
ur gonna eat 🙁


No, the bigger question is… can they put their hands in the pickle jar without using a utensil? Many of them walk in from the outside, do not wash their hands, and then put their nasty hand right into the jar. I do not even do that, and I live alone.


I would love hear more about conversation between Jeff and Cassie at the hot tub. He did tell her she may have saved her grave. Do you think Jeff may wake up before tomorrow and put B/r up? Or just bsing with Cassie. She is hot and less drama than Rachel. I hope JJ change their minds for her sake and my viewing pleasure.


hey simon
does Dom even talk to cassi anymore since dani put her claws in him?


okay first of all i think this show sucks!!! Dani and jordan are way prettier than cassi , i still dont see the beauty they are all supposedly jealous of
Shelly is a liar who threw cassi under the bus, cassi is such a big liar saying she doesnt talk shit about people when she spent three days talking smack about portia, these few days talking about rachel to everyone, saying she thinks kalia is a fat bitch Common people!!! cassi is as catty and childish as rachel and she was the ring leader of the new bies …instead of making trouble with rachel she should fight to stay in the house and i think she does have a horrible game play, i would try to figure out my my trust worthy partner is so safe…i really hate this show they are all liars geez!!!!!!