Big Brother 13: Rachel’s 2 weeks late on her period and Shelly prefers a D!ck to a Thumb **updated**

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7:30pm Backyard Shelly and Dani
Shelly: “Did you hear her period is 2 weeks late”
Dani: “Yeah I did… Rachel isn’t even acting different”
Shelly: “How can she not be worried about that”
Dani laughs whoever goes to jury this week will tell brendon and he’ll freak. Shelly howls with laughter.
Dani points out that Rachel is so attached to whoever has power it’s disgusting, Shelly agrees says she could never play that type of game.

Kalia joins them they start talking about Rachel saying she thinks she’s pregnant but why was she asking for alcohol last night. Dani thinks Rachel should have to take a pregnancy test, Brendon has the right to know. Porsche joins them.. They all start talking about the BB Baby in Rachel.
pORsche: “Rachel can’t drink if she pregnant it’ll be bad for TV”
Porsche: “She can’t say she’s pregnant on TV then be seen drinking that’s bad for CBS”
They all laugh.
Shelly says she shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the HOH if she’s pregnant she could fall and hurt the child. Shelly asks if Rachel is on “BC” (Birthcontrol) KAlia says no she wasn’t on it, Kalia adds that she wasn’t on it before she came on this show. Shelly: “What the hell is she doing having unprotected sex… ” Dani: “It’s called the pull and pray” They relive the huge c** stains left on the sheets from BRendon and Rachel last month.

7:50pm DAKP backyard Porsche
Porsche brings up her 29year old friend who still sucks their thumbs.. She does it all the time even at Clubs. Dani is shocked.. “WHAAT at CLUBS… she your friend? WHAAAT” they all laugh. Shelly’s take on adult thumb suckers, “I would rather have a dick in my mouth”

7:55pm HOH Jordan and Jeff
Jordan thinks they need to bring Shelly and Adam into the HOH and tell them they HAVE to vote Dani out if she’s going up. Jeff doesn’t think it’ll be a problem, Jrodan knows she just wants to make sure they are all on the same page.

Jordan saying that Rachel is really only mean when she’s not in power. Jordan talked to Rachel about Brendon masturbation on Skype with a another man and it going public for the world to see. Jordan is amazed that Rachel is still with him after he would do such a thing. Jrodan feels sorry for her.
Jordan explains to Jeff that the entire other side of the house hates rachel.

Jeff: “I can’t believe Dani hasn’t come up here to talk to me”
Jordan: “I think she knows”

8:16pm Jeff alone in HOH Random chit chat in the backyard

8:36pm Dani tries to go talk to Jeff but nobody answers.. she says she hears the blow dryer (Jordan is in there Jeff may be sleeping)

8:38PM we see JEff and JOrdan in the HOH bathroom with the blow dryer on.

9:05pm food prep chit chat.. Dani alone outside.

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269 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Rachel’s 2 weeks late on her period and Shelly prefers a D!ck to a Thumb **updated**

    1. This may just be me, but when they are all playing poker and doing that stupid voice, can anyone else not stand when Rachel does it. I don’t know if its cause I’m not a fan of her or if its just makings her already annoying sounding voice 100x worse for me. But I can’t even watch when she does it, just so irritating. Big Brother is gonna be boring the rest of the season, just like last year once Jeff and Dani are out.

  1. whaaaat, rachel PREGNANT?? dear god, help us now. that woman is so hormonal already! although it would make for a good (ahem hilarious) twist!

    1. I said it in the other post, a Genetic Mutation of a Psycho and a Missing Link = A Psychopathic Alcoholic NeanderTALL

  2. This will be great. Dani has no one to cover her ass and no chance to stay in the house. How wonder EVAL Dick is thinking now? Probably think that Danielle is pretty sucked at this competition. Kaila and Porsche are bunch of clueless idiots w/No place to form the alliance and blame each other. Especially, being helpless and stupidity. If I was Dani, I would rather stick with the Veterans instead of backdooring, backstabbing, or even convincing PT to pushing to get rid of Jeff. How dumb does Dani would be if she going to Jury House. However, if Kaila is stupid enough bringing a Security to protect herself. I would rather laugh at her face and being scare. So, good luck.

    1. Your posts, despite being the same regurgitated shit, are becoming even more unintelligible. Why do you hate the English language?

      1. So, that make you unintelligible 2. That why you hate English language. I love English Language. That’s really draws the line.

  3. omg i really don’t like shelly she really is a hypocrite she went off on rachel when Jeff won hoh about her not taking behind her back and saying all this bad stuff which i don’t remember her doing but here is shelly doing the exact thing she told rachel not to do

    1. I was thinking that same thing. I kinda liked Shelly but these past few days she has been horrible and lazy and way too reliant on Jeff and a hyprocrite. She straight up said she throws comps because she doesn’t want to make a decision in this game. I wish BB could evict HGs if they throw too many comps because they are not actually playing. If you are in an alliance, you should be supporting and getting support from that alliance. All she does is sit on her ass, make fun of Rachel, lie, smoke, and throw comps. Oh sorry – and kiss ass. Everyone’s ass, not just Jeff’s…because she wants to ensure she is in good with other HGs in case they win HOH because she knows she will not even try to win HOH. JJ need to dump her. I feel bad for Rachel lately; everyone else does what she does and then they all band together to shit on her. Hypocrisy. At last Rach tries to win comps….even if she is mentally unbalanced.

      1. I have to agree with you as well. Shelly has changed here lately, and she has been talking ugly. I didn’t mind when she was going back and forth between the two sides, that was game, but she supposedly said her piece and squelched the bickering between them two. But since then she has just been talking nasty. Not taking sides with Rachel by no means, she certainly can dish out plenty. But I am really surprised by Shelly’s words lately.

  4. Shelly’s take on adult thumb suckers, “I would rather have a dick in my mouth”

    HOLLY MOLY, I like this old lady.

    and Adult Thumb Suckers? WOW

    I remember when I was little how we got my 4-5 yr old cousin to stop sucking his thumb, we put HOT SAUCE on it, it was funny as hell watching him fan his mouth crying, and we told him if we saw him sucking his thumb again, more hot sauce.

    1. I really don’t think it’s funny to laugh at a baby sucking it’s thumb with hot sauce on it!! There are other less evil ways of stopping thumb sucking…it it’s even necessary at the baby stage.

      1. Last time I checked a 5 year old is not a baby, and I was a kid only 3 years older and that shit was hilarious. it’s not necessary for a 5 year old to suck their thumb, after 3 a child should’ve stopped, well I did at that age, that’s when I was able to eat on my own LOL, that was also when I started cutting up in school, I was very bad boy , me and my friend ran kindergarten not in a bad way, we weren’t bullies but we always got into trouble together, teachers hated us.

    2. Wow – you did that to a 4-5 year old child? How awful that you would do it to begin with but even more awful that you would actually tell people you did it like it was some sort of proud moment.

    3. Rachel deserves every bit of the shit she gets thrown at her. If she was a nice person, no one would talk crap. For example Jordan, you see people bad mouthing her….NO.

  5. So is she 2 DAYS late or 2 WEEKS late? That is a HUGE difference! Days late could be stress or hormones causing it, but WEEKS late is probably a baby.

    1. Sorry Simon, just saw your post.
      Being two weeks late, drinking alcohol, and not taking a test makes me even more disgusted with Rachel. I didn’t think I could hate her more, but I definitely do now. Even ONE night of heavy drinking can cause FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome)! BB should FORCE her to take a test, or at least not give any alcohol until she does!

      1. It certainly cannot…………You need to read up on the latest medical info regarding drinking and pregnancy……..and go get a life and stop hating, hating, hating Rachel so damn much because it’s over the F….ing top boring and sickening…………

      2. One night of heavy drinking in the first few weeks of pregnancy is EXTREMELY unlikely to cause FAS. A significant number of women drink up until they find out they are pregnant and do not have babies with FAS. And in many countries, women continue to drink small amounts of alcohol (wine with dinner, etc) throughout the entire pregnancy. FAS is more likely to be caused by chronic heavy alcohol abuse/use over the course of the pregnancy. Furthermore, I think rushing to judge Rachel for drinking is ridiculous – it’s entirely possible she wasn’t aware that she was late when she was drinking and wasn’t aware of it until today – you’d think if she was, she would have told someone and everyone would have talked about it (like they are now). I’m sure it’s pretty easy to lose track of time in the BB house and most women are not do dead on regular that they can set their watches by their cycle. It is easy to not notice that you are a little late even out in the regular world, much less in the BB house.

      3. Things have changed in the pregnancy world. Doctors now say you can have 1-2 drinks a day with no effect on the child. And working out is good for you while pregnant, especially if your body is already used to the workouts. So I don’t think there’s anything for Rachel to be worried about with these comps.

        1. Like I said, things have changed. I personally never drank after finding out I was expecting, but my doctor did tell me it was OK to do so. I had already heard this from my friends when they were preggars as well.

    1. From now on I don;t want ANYBODY bitching about what I post, this freak just outdid anything I could ever post about.

      BTW Good Luck with that Glass of STD Blood…

    1. She wouldn’t, it’s not like production made her have sex without a condom, they provide condoms, if the HGs choose not to use them, that’s their choice.

      1. OMG I do not like his dick XD

        DANI in the jury house don’t try to sleep with the guy lool not hot over there LOL

        1. That would be scarier. Dani and Kaila at a Jury House and Brendon playing himself. OMG, Dani and Kaila better quit now or Run. 2 late, both are history.

      2. Does anyone have pictures of this ‘chick’… I want to see how close ‘she’ is to a real woman ‘cuz nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to tell…

        Also Anon: you care about how a dick looks? The only thing I care about when looking at a woman’s genitalia is for an STI… I wonder if all girls are that picky…

      3. OMG – I thought one of those pictures would have been of the he-she he Skyped. But you made me look at five dick pictures! Dammit!

    1. Simon, or anyone, if rachel is preggers with the gut full of human, and she has to leave the show, what will happen? There are already too many players left in the game, even after thursday’s double eviction.

      1. I have no clue.. we’re thinking there could be another minor twist coming.

        Rachel getting pregnant is a very possible thing it sound like something she would do.

  6. Jeff: “I can’t believe Dani hasn’t come up here to talk to me”

    Well Jeff, Dani doesn’t need to kiss the ass of a liar just approach the liar when sees fit to and dump things to screw your head up with, why confront someone like Jeff so Jeff can run around saying shit for, ammo used wisely does more than shooting off randomly jackass!

    Dani has one card left if she goes on the block, tell everyone the reason Jeff and Jordon did not go on the block last week is because they cut a deal with Dani and are renegging on it and sit back and watch the squirming since it is so obvious to those that don’t really know, the other stupid HG’s, namely Adam and Shelly.

    1. better yet talk about rachel and brendon throwing them ( J & J ) under the bus about saying jeff’s a bigger target major damage there

    2. Wow delusions. Love how people take things out of context. News flash…Dani’s been kissing J/J’s ass since Brendon went up and she was stroking her own ego meanwhile too. She’s a completely overrated player. Jeff might be a bully, a bit of a moron and a complete idiot sometimes but when does he “run around and bitch to people”?!! Dani fans have become so deluded…let’s be clear…Dani and Rachel are like the same people…one is just mildly more likeable. They’re useless, insecure and damaged human beings. Bye bye Dani…no one is gonna miss ya!

      1. Nothing like resorting to personal attacks to show yourself up?! Lol. Love it when people attempt to retorts but fall flat. And I was dealing with facts sunshine. And you can live on whatever planet you want to. By the way, I’m not a Jeff fan at all. But perhaps you couldn’t really rationalize during your very apparent emotional response. Personally the only person I was here to see this season was Evel and when he was gone…it was like picking the best Kardashian…there are none. I’m the voice of reason here. Dani fans are just like J/J fans who are just like Brenchel fans….blinkered.

    3. jeff has already said that it’s useless for dani to talk to him right now. his mind is already made up. I’m really beginning to think that jeff is second guessing himself and doesn’t really want to put dani on the block. he stills remember hew made the same mistake with russell

  7. OMG are you people for real… its bad enough listening or reading the crap coming out of those four scanks mouths.. and now so many of you follow suit… was thinking production sunk low picking the most catty women (excuse me low lives) ever … only goes to show just how sad Skanky Shelly, Devil Danny, Poo Brain Porsche, and Kalia the Kud ooops Hud truelly are… They only feel good when bashing B or R… that is way too sad and sickening … and so many of you follow suit… I know there are people out there that actually has a brain cell or two .. Those FOUR GOOFS show time and time again they dont …. GAG.

    1. You said it all…………..perfectly…………….I’m so completely sick of DPK&S badmouthing Rachel………..they are fixated on her and just can’t be vile enough………..Dani’s a witch…………can’t stand the Shelley is still so humiliated over Rachel’s letting JJ know how Shelley lied about her other alliances (like with everyone in the house) that she can’t repeat how much she hates Rachel enough times in a day and a night for that matter. She’s so completely transparent. I wonder if she will still have a job when she gets out. I hope she hasn’t destroyed her life acting the way she has in BB13.

      1. i am a fan of dani and rachel, but being honest, each and every one of them sit around and talk about each other. i don’t like it. but it seems that is all women do is tear each other down instead of uplifting each other. all of the women including rachael, jordan, shelly, pinto, kalial, and dani are very catty and they talk about one another when the other isn’t present.

        1. Everyone in the house talks shit. The only person that stands out for being different is rachoe with her mood swings and emotional instability

    2. Thank god – some sane people on here. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. It’s like those 4 never matured beyond high school. And the Rachel bashing on here can be out of control – I think it is a shame that they all feel the need to be so catty and rude all of the time. Rachel may be competitive and at times a little in your face and obnoxious, but at least she doesn’t spend all day every day sitting around personally attacking people.

      I used to not be a Rachel fan at all and thought she was annoying, but now I am actually starting to like her and feel a little sorry for her. And I think she is a bigger person than me because if I had to put up with all of those catty b*tches trashing me all day every day, I would probably give each of them a verbal assault that would make them want to crawl under a rock.

      1. Rachel is a bigger person than you. Whoa, you must not really think too highly of yourself. Did you see her sucking Brendons dick under the covers last week? So what would you do – not even use the covers?

          1. Shelly makes me sick. Did anyone see how she stole Rachel’s stuffed animal that she sleeps with and Rachel was looking for it and Shelly pretended she knew nothing about it.

            Shelly is a liar and a thief…stealing someone’s personal belongings is downright sick.

            She is the one playing the mother card and is an older woman….geez, grow up and get some self-respect for yourself.

          2. Shelly makes me sick. Did anyone see how she stole Rachel’s stuffed animal that she sleeps with and Rachel was looking for it and Shelly pretended she knew nothing about it.

            Shelly is a liar and a thief…stealing someone’s personal belongings is downright sick.

            She is the one playing the mother card and is an older woman….geez, grow up and get some self-respect for yourself.

      2. It’s so crazy all the Rachel bashing those girls do. Do they really have nothing more going on in their lives than to sit around and shit on someone else? The more Rachel is bashed by those people, the more I want her to win.

        Team Rachel! Yay!

        1. I’m so with you, Michelle! I’m not rooting for Rachel. I also would be happy to see Jeff, Jordan, or Adam win – as long as it isn’t one of the super catty foursome.

            1. Does Dani ever have anything nice to say or anything positive for that matter? Everything is negative. Even when she was HOH. Shes either bitching about Rachel or complaining about something. Now I see why she doesn’t have any girlfriends. Can someone please explain to her and Kalia how to use the word literately correctly in a sentence. I dont see what other people on here see in her. She isn’t happy unless she is making fun of someone. That would drive me nuts if I was in there. You could start a new drinking game with Dani and her most frequent words.

              Obviously…..Literately……duh………shocker………..did I miss any? oh yeah…….. Brendon and Rachel
              Bye Bye Dani, now go grow up and stop thinking your all that because your not!!!

              1. “Can someone please explain to her and Kalia how to use the word literately correctly in a sentence.”

                LOL!!!! YES – exactly!!! I have **LITERALLY** been thinking the exact same thing the entire season :)

  8. Most people don’t realize they are pregnant until they are 4 weeks unless they are trying and planning to have a baby. Competitions are not going to harm her if she is pregnant. Neither will drinking a glass if wine. Boy KDPS are really showing their ignorance now. I am not a Rachel fan but the personal attacks are immature. Especially for a 38 year old mother trying to set a good example for her daughter.

    1. Shelly is only 38??!! I thought she was late 40s! Damn I guess I do look good for my age….compared to her. Go Team JJ (I really want Jeff to win this time, though!) I’d honestly like to see Rachel in the final 3 too, especially with Dani gone.
      Did you notice Jordan said “If I move to Chicago….” during conversation yesterday? I was wondering if they were seriously real or not but after that very casual comment, it seems like they may be real :)

  9. stress does crazy things to the body, so missing your period by 2 weeks isn’t always a sign
    but rachels face is breaking out, if she says her boobs hurt maybe, than again she has a boob job so who knows

    1. Exactly. All the stress for the past 2 weeks, plus working out like a maniac for the endurance comps, 2 weeks late could mean a dozen different things.

      1. I don’t know…If I was more than a couple days late I’d be freaking out. I can’t even imagine 2 weeks. I’ve never known anyone who was that late without actually being pregnant

      2. You’re correct. Stress, traveling, medications, etc. can change a woman’s cycle.
        Two weeks isn’t a big deal unless the woman has recently had unprotected sex.

  10. Is it against the BB rules to be pregnant? I can’t imagine they would be allowed to evict her for that. ….if Rachel is pregnant, it would help explain her crazy mood swings the last couple of weeks. …..I’m sure Rachel will be a perfectly fine mother – so she’s competitive and can be a little shallow – I’m sure she plays up certain character traits for TV, it isn’t like she’s incapable of love or responsibility. Ya’ll need to lighten up on her a little.

    ….but if there is a chance she could be pregnant, then BB should give her a pregnancy test and make sure she gets seen by a doctor if it is positive.

      1. Lots of women drink and give it up when they are pregnant and their babies are perfectly fine. I’m sure if she finds out she’s pregnant, she will stop drinking and the baby will be fine. FAS is usually caused by chronic, heavy alcohol abuse during pregnancy.

    1. I thought the whole pregnancy conversation started as a mean joke…Porsh and Adam talking about whoever goes to jury first should tell Brendon that Rachel was 2 weeks late? In my opinion, a joke is one thing, but to hear those females sitting on that couch talking such smack about this “pregnancy” was disgusting. They sounded like school girls gossiping about another school girl, and it was in really poor taste. They look like idiots and have not put themselves in a very good light. I found no humour in it at all. I am not a Rachel fan…never have been, but even she doesn’t deserve to be discussed in that manner, especially when they don’t know if there is even a romote chance of any of it being true!!!

        1. yes, I am sure Shelley’s little girl is so proud of her, NOT!! It is soooo hard to watch and listen to Shelley’s mouth. Smoking and cursing all the time. And btw Shelley, I know that everyone can act different when not around their child, but come on, you are disgusting and you lie so much! JJ will be so upset when they know how you really are. And Rachel is emotional, that is all. She is not stupid at all. She does act childish at times, but she doesn’t deserve all the houseguests talking about her the way they do. She is a person, too! GO RACHEL! BOOOO Shelley, Dani, Kalia, Porsche. And Porsche, go put on some makeup and quit wearing sweats. Dani, you suck no matter what anyone says, and so does your Evil Daddy!!! Kalia, stop whinning all the time. And you are lazy.

          1. I agree with anonymous .. Rachel may be childish at times but she is human like the rest of us. Shelley is a sad example of a mother .. and the fact that her company has removed her from their site says a lit to me but the biggest thing that points out what a horrible person Shelly is would have to be her 8 yr old daughter who said on tv: Stop lying mommy and just playing the game. Dani is a spoiled brat … Jordan is the biggest floater on the show .. and Kalia is one of the most racist people I’ve ever encountered. Big Brother has succeeded in finding the bottom of the barrel for this show!

      1. I think it’s all bull, they are just affraid she will get the next HOH, so they are trying to spread lies about her, I could have sworn she had her period the last week Brendon was there, that’s why we heard slurping a few nights. LOL

    2. That nasty skank pimple face hoe doesn’t deserve to have a child. She’s a stupid bytch looking for attention anyway she can get it. I’m glad those ladies made fun of her dumbazz, anyone with any self respect would not come on a show and be as disgusting as those two (BR) are. Having sex and leaving dirty sheets so everyone can see them is disgusting. Glad brenda is gone and I hope that trashy gross hoe leaves behind dani.

  11. Does anyone besides me notice that weird shit Rachel does with her eyes?? Or is it just me, it freaks me the hell out. She has something seriously wrong in her brain.

      1. “Too much air”…………..If you were as smart as her you would be doing something productive with your time instead of writing stupid comments about someone who is obviously alot brighter than you, almost everyone else in the house except for Dani, and probably most of us “wanna be television critics”………….

        1. You seem to comment a lot more than I do. I have no problem with you being a fan of Rachel. That is great for you. I am not a fan. And, stupid or funny, I have time to make a comment the same as you. However, I don’t make personal attacks on those commenting as you do. The BBHG are a different story. Most people on here are having fun and don’t take things so personal. Skip my comments in the future if you can’t have fun and laugh a little.

    1. She wears contacts bird brain………….she’s adjusting them just he way people do who wear them…….have your own brain examined.

        1. Lemon there are like 5 wackos on here tonight that I wish I could punch in the face. I should probably go to bed…..

            1. BBG sounds like a plan to me. Sheesh it is very argumentative on this board today! Seems excessively negative and vulgar right now :/

  12. I agree. When is it ok to sit and bash someone at the level they are. And I would not want my daughter to see me acting like that. Shame on Shelly!

    1. Shelly is a total BITCH.

      Yes Rachel can be VERY emotional but she does not go to the extent of bashing others the way Dani, Porsche, Kalia and Shelly bash Rachel.

    1. Not really. No one cares about Dani. Most ppl watch the show for J/J and shockingly B/R…well I guess Rachel. Ppl were gonna tune in for Evel but Dani…just an afterthought. Finally one of the villains will be cast out this week. Karma is a bitch!

        1. EW poll dude. But hey…that was at the start of the season. It’s pretty evident that ppl watch the show to see heroes battle villains…the villains in this season are clearly K/D and now P. But you really don’t have to go far to completely contradict yourself. Just look at one post earlier…that’s right…above mine. Yeah…now that is called an opinion. I was responding to that opinion. And what was it that you said about opinions…oh yeah…heh heh. Love how ppl like jumping in blindly but don’t really add or solve anything. Haha. Lawyered.

            1. Ah sweet sounds of weakness with the name calling. Never said I represented anyone but myself. Hence, an opinion. But seeing that your comment is neither here nor there, we’ll leave it.

    1. I concur Austin. Props to jj2win. It’s very ignorant and plain sad that ppl are resorting to such immature, hateful bashing on something they made up in their heads. Very very disheartening. Dani, Porsche and Kalia are horrible and disgusting. Shelley….very shocking for a mother to behave this way no matter what Rachel did to her. But in the end, I think you have to take things with a grain of salt since you’re dealing with:

      – A lazy lardass who lives off her parents and writes a relationship blog?!! Lol. On how to get fat and alienate men?!
      – A spoilt brat who goes to college for photography on her dad’s dime but hasn’t talked to him for 2 years…not to mention the fact that she’s taking 4 years to complete a photography degree…really?!!
      – A dumbass who doesn’t want to give directors and producers a bad impression by being on this show. Don’t worry Porch…they’ll still tell you when to bend over.
      – And finally a complete lunatic of a liar who apparently is trying to set a good example for a daughter. How’s that going for ya straight shooter?!

      Team DANI will die this week and none the sooner.

  13. Her period would be tangy and delicious cause it’s so close to that other tasty hole of hers mmm poo. Rachel sweaty poo mmm musky mesquite

    1. Are you trying to get yourself on a Police Pervert Watch List?

      Is someone knocking on your front door now?

  14. Honestly, I think that they should and probably will give her a pregnancy test. If she tests positive, she will have to leave BB. CBS is definitely not going to have a lawsuit on their hands if she is pregnant and something happens. A lot of times, women are stressed and their period is late. So, maybe that’s it. This is the season of the twist.

    1. LMAO. I think CBS would be less happy to be sued for discriminating against a pregnant woman by eliminating her from the game for being pregnant – which they would be doing unless it specifically states in the rules that you can’t be on the show if you are pregnant. The odds of something happening to a woman in the first trimester to cause a miscarriage from being on a show like BB are probably pretty darn low. ….unless they are planning on the next HOH competition being who can throw themselves down the stairs the hardest…. besides that, I am sure all of the HGs have to sign waivers of liability saying that they won’t sue if they happen to be injured or otherwise harmed in the course of production….

      1. they have a lot of physical comps and if she’s pregnant and falls and has a miscarriage, then CBS will face a lawsuit. So, what is so funny about that.

        1. The chance of having a miscarriage due to a simple fall in the first trimester is exceedingly low. If she was 6 or 7 months along, then it might be a valid concern. First trimester pregnancy is not a valid reason to be kept from doing physical things.

          1. Some of the competitions can be very brutal, and there would be liability issues if Rachel is pregnant. Remember the diploma competition in season 11, or the paint can competition last season. The HG got really beat up and getting whacked by something while you are hanging or swinging could definitely cause harm to a first trimester pregnancy. Another issue is slop. If a HG is pregnant, they should not be eating slop, she would need a balanced diet and it would be unfair to exclude her from slop. If Rachel is concerned that she may be pregnant then she sure didn’t think about it two nights ago when she got drunk. This can end up making CBS look really bad. Maybe it’s just the stress of being in the house, but if there is any suspicion that she may be pregnant, then I’m sure CBS will have her tested. If she is two weeks late, that would mean that she would have conceived 4 to 8 weeks ago. It would be ironic if they met on BB and conceived their child on BB. On the one hand I am hoping it’s true because it would take her out of the game and maybe save Dani, but outside the game I don’t think Brenchel are ready for marriage, let alone a baby.

    2. YOU CANNOT BE PREGNANT ON THIS SHOW!!! they would get her off immediately and i am sure that in their contracts it says so, why do you think BB showers them with condoms…highly irresponsible on BRs part if you ask me it would be so irresponsible for CBS to keep Rachel on that a lawsuit is in order – but CBS wouldnt do that

      but when you change environments and/or are in stressful situations – it is very common to skip a month or have cycle changes….still someone should intervene and give her a test or at least take the damn alcohol away – i am surprised that it didn’t happen last night

  15. Shelly is way too involved in Rachel’s life, she’s always talking about her, Shelly’s obsessed with Rachel, enough already…She says she doesn’t like her, I think Shelly has a crush on Rachel….

      1. Straight Shooter? Shelly may call herself that but she is more a Shit Disturber. She has been vile to Rachel behind her back all while calling herself honorable and playing with dignity. WOW!

  16. Dude. That’s not even funny. She HAS to take a test, and NOW. Maybe that’s why she’s been so quiet lately. Notice the last few days she just sits around looking around seeming a bit lost in thought….she must know she might be, and in that case the medics have to or CBS could have a lawsuit on their hands. You can’t have someone on the show participating in physical challenges who is pregnant.

    As for how she is as a person, yeah she’s super immature. But I’ve actually known some girls who were very much like Rachel, very immature for their age, very needy and boy crazy and self centered. They had a baby and grew up and are better people than they’ve ever been. On the flip side some stay the same and are horrid parents. Just depend. Either way, if there’s even a CHANCE she’s pregnant, BB needs to do something now, and no doubt, her game would be over. They’d remove her from the game, no doubt.

    1. …Thank you for your 1700’s opinion of what women can and can’t do while pregnant.

      There’s no reason women can’t do physical things while pregnant – most pregnant women are perfectly fine to continue doing all of the physical things that they have always done including workouts. And none of the physical comps are all that dangerous or strenuous. There are women who run marathons and climb mountains and do hard physical labor while pregnant. If a woman was 7 or 8 months along, it might be a valid concern but it most definitely isn’t in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

      1. OK enough of all this… this is not about women’s lib or anything. big companies. that what this is about. i can assure you they (CBS) are much more willing to pull her from the comp and risk her suing them from that angle (Pregnancy rights) than to have her compete with even the most remote possibility of damage to the baby. if she is pregnant, and anything… absolutely anything was wrong with the child B/R would have have a massive case against CBS. I would imagine there is a clause written into their contracts that won’t let her compete if this is true. you can have all the facts and figures you want in support of baby being fine with exercise and alcohol, but all companies see is money and the potential for a bigger lawsuit in the future is worth the risk of a smaller one now. Not to mention the way B/r have talked about money this season, CBS could probably pay them off now to leave and make them look responsible for taking care of their business.

  17. Josie if you’re reading this Are you proud of your mama? someone slap that old hag… and give her what she wants in her mouth (ew)

    1. oh…………now that was funny!!! She is one arrogant person, Ill give her that. I don’t know how these people don’t call each other out. I wouldn’t last 5 seconds in there. She’s a piece of work. Mother of the Year………

  18. Whatever you think about Rachel (and I’m no fan of hers), this is disgusting. The true colors just come out of people. Dani has always been a very insecure, unstable and damaged individual but for some reason she’s been obsessed with Rachel this season.I’ve never found why people even like Dani. She’s not smart, she’s not that cute, she’s overrated as a player and she sulks, whines and bitches just as much Rachel if not more. She’s an immature brat and we’re just seeing more and more cracks. This is the FIRST week where she actually has to dance for her dinner and she’s falling apart slowly. It’s quite brilliant really. Where are you Dani fans now? Defend this bashing. Oh and by the way, bringing up a comparison with another HG is not an argument.

      1. Erm ok…sure go with that. If you can accept this senseless bashing from Dani and co, then brilliant. But you know you don’t. Deep down you realize the truth that your wonderful little Dani is as scummy as the worst of em.

        1. Oh god, a Jeff and Jordan fan that feels sorry for Rachel. She’ll probably be your undoing in the end and you’ll end up hating her. Rachel does it to herself by being so annoying. Dani joins in but didn’t really start it.

          1. Not a Jeff nor Jordan fan but go with whatever makes you feel good inside. In all honesty, I was a huge fan of the Donatos and I was very excited to see Evel play this season. Once he left, it was a crapshoot and i’ve been watching solely to see someone rise from the ashes ala Dan during his season or even Hayden near the end of his. But so far..nada. Just very immature, petulant children attempting to play hard ball. But I guess pointing that out tonight hit a lot of nerves.

          1. Just the opposite honey. But hey whatever you think will make you feel right. I’m here for you 100%! Goooooo Stephie!

    1. I’m literally sitting here reading this and obviously, like I swear to god am going to punch someone in the face. Like I totally am. Shocker…………Duh

      I agree 100%. That’s why she has no girlfriends. She needs a major attitude adjustment. i don’t see what anyone likes about her. I see an insecure bully that needs some major attention.

    1. I know – I was just watching the episode and was cracking up about that! ….and after Shelly had been doing nothing but talking smack about Rachel to EVERYONE who would listen and had even been doing it in the kitchen right before she came back up to the HOH to lecture Rachel about it. ….that’s comedy gold.

  19. “Brendon masturbation on Skype with a another man”…I guess Rachel is unbearable to live with at home as well as BB, atleast she’s consistent. But to turn, what I presume, a straight guy gay…WOW

  20. BB. Losing Dani will make this the worst BB ever. I’ll take Expedition Impossible. Hope you’re firing your casting group. For BB14, make HGs pass three of four requirement tests: Intelligence, Hotness, Athleticism and Entertainment Value. Here’s a TV show for CBS. Cast Jeff as a straight man and Jordim as his ditzy sidekick. They’ll be the next Burns and Allen. Instant success!

    Good night Gracie.

  21. stress, working out too much can cause your period to be late. i dont kow why she said anything to these catty girls. can’t wait till all of them are gone. omg shelly is probably the worst one of them all – what a nice example she is showing her little girl.

    1. I can..for the attention. Now they’re talking about her. Same as other girls who do that. Rachel needs attention like we need air.

  22. dani kalia porsche shelly all they do is talk about is rachel even jordan said she couldn’t stand to be around them for the bashing they were doing about rachel even jun from bb4 who I say should have not won her season bashes her constantly on twitter & on the dick at night show

  23. Seriously tired of most people bowing down to dani. She is a horrible player. So she wins comps. So does jeff and Rachel. She is a snobby brat. I’d love to be on this season. Noone has the balls to say anything to her. I would have backdoored her a long time ago. Everyone speaks poorly about Rachel. Seriously dani is a bigger bitch. She thinks she has this game in her pocket and can get away with whatever she wants. If Rachel males it to final 2 then she deserves the money. She literally is alone in this game. If she can fight back and get there she should win even against dani.

    1. Yeah cos CBS really needs to listen to everything catty girls say when they band together and cut other ppl down to make themselves feel better since they can’t deal with their own insecurities and unstable behavior.

      1. You see them bad mouthing Jordan…NO. Because Jordan is a nice person.

        Rachel deserves every bit a crap thrown at her. If she was a nice person, they wouldn’t talk crap. She has no class and needs to mature.

  24. A guy going for his Phd and a girl with a degree in chemistry using the “Pull and Pray” method? Like my granddaddy always said, “Some folks can be educated beyond their intelligence.”

  25. Is this another twist by BB Production? This way Rachael gets two votes. So even if she is evicted she instantly comes back because she can say she is playing for the fetus. This would also add a whole nother dynamic to the game. This could actually make the game interesting!!

  26. I have 3 kids of my own I’m 29yrs old n I was 3wks late this month I was scared but pregnancy test was negative n my Dr said it could b cause of my dramatic weight goin with stress that caused it 2 b irregular…

  27. catty catty girls and old women, i am so cheering for rachel now i hope to god she makes it to final two..shelly i really want to smack her, did u guys see tonights episode she is really crazy, she was just talking shit about rachel to dani and kalia than has the audacity to call rachel out, omg if that was me god knows what i would have done to that

  28. So does anyone know, did Shelly lose her job? Or did they take down her info becausevof web traffic?
    Shelly drives me CRAZY but i hope she didnt lose it…. I would never wish that on someone :(

  29. Dani needs to leave and I want to see a newbie win and the whole house shift.. Jeff needs to watch out cause there’s alliances that is forming like SA, AP…. 2 ppl who hasn’t done nothing might turn on the Vet as soon as they gain power…

  30. I totally agree with you. She will probably have post pardon depression. Poor kid hopefully she gets evicted and then there will be no double eviction.

  31. Watched the commercial for BBAD. It shows clips from previous seasons where everyone looks drunk and trying to get laid! People sloshing around the hot tub,screaming in each others faces, looks porny. Then BBAD13 comes on and what do we have? A bunch of people chilling. I can’t imagine a worse season than this one.

    1. Sorry hedgehog I let one of your comments through and gave you the award you deserve but can’t have too many more of those types on the site I think the majority of people here will not like it

  32. Didn’t this whole pregnant thing start with Dani and Porche talking about if they go to jury the were going to tell Brendan Rachel was pregnant and sporting a baby bump to freak him out. And Porche was going to tell Rachel that she was going she was going to take her man to freak her out. Then being the ultimate bitches that they are, they ran with it.

  33. “Jordan talked to Rachel about Brendon masturbation on Skype with a another man and it going public for the world to see. Jordan is amazed that Rachel is still with him after he would do such a thing.”

    Simon, how did Rachel respond when Jordan asked about Brendon’s internet love affair with a man?

  34. Shelly is sure living up to her end of the truce she proposed to Rachel for the sake of the JJ alliance – NOT. If Shelly’s mouth is open, you can put money on the fact she is bashing Rachel.

    The house must have done a job on Shelly because I used to enjoy her and think she was being a pretty good role model. That is completely out the window and she is 100X worse than Rachel, IMO.

    Too bad that Dani will probably be voted out this week. She worked really hard and just didn’t have the numbers to pull it off.

  35. Rachel Cooks and its Hot! really? Spicy in…Spicy out! pearls of wisdom folks. pregnant? 2 different species cant reproduce

  36. Simon will you update this post (or make a new one your choice) after Dani talks to Jeff? Thanks for keeping me (aswell as everyone else) informed. I appreciate your site and am addicted to it. I know it’s hopeless but I reallllyyyy want to know if somehow Dani manages to stay safe. uggh this season is a disaster. Jeff is going home on Thursday right behind Dani if things go as most of us suspect. Roach soon after and we will be left with the All-Star group of JSAKP. Ohh my.

      1. What can you expect from such a bland cast? All they do is sleep, eat, chit-chat, nap, play games. All the real competitors are going to be gone on Thursday [Evel Dick, Dom, Brendon, Dani, Jeff, (dare I say it) Keith?].

  37. Rachel bashing seems to be everyone’s fav. subject, and Dani wonders why she’s always complaining that this season is boring, HELLO you all talk about the same subject/person!!!!!!!!

    And if Rachel is pregnant people should mind their own business and stop making fun or stupid comments, this is real life shit!! I remember Dani being very serious about the fact Evil Dick is her dad that it was real life NOT part of BB8, and she also mentioned it when he left on this season, so she’s being a real hypocrite right now. And even if Rachel was to leave the show because she is pregnant, it does not automatically mean that Dani would stay, Keith was still evicted even though Evil Dick had to leave the show.


  38. I though dani would win this season but have changed my predictions. I am starting to believe Adam will win this season. But my prediction for double eviction night is that Porsche will win hoh and put Rachel and shelly up. I think Rachel will get veto and jeff will go up. Then Rachel will win hoh and put shelly and Adam up. I think our final 5 is Jordan,Rachel,Adam, kalia and Porsche.

  39. Simon, Why are JJ in the bathroom with the blow dryer on? Are one of them using it, or is it a “noise deflection”? lmao

  40. Idk if you have the live feeds, but I do. Rachel dishes out plenty of insults herself, she is no victim. The worst one though is Jeff with Jordan and shelly right behind him.

  41. Rachel is not preggers folks! her womb is Soooo polluted it ain’t funny. Another frivolous twist by production.

  42. Rachel isn’t preggers. By teasing to Daniele that she is two weeks late and asking for Midol, etc., she’s making sure everyone knows Daniele is faking the sudden onset of *her* late period. Rachel’s all about calling out others’ hypocrisies right now. That’s her social MO.

  43. see this? It’s the smallest violin in the world playing for Rachel. She dishes it out easy enough she better be able to take it. She is nasty and is getting treated exactly how she treats others. Suck it up buttercup.

    1. Well Shelly is someone’s mother and Rachel isn’t…yet anyway. She needs to grow up and take the high road. I can’t stand Shelly. I would have put her in place long ago if I were Rachel.

  44. Oh Snap! just figured out why Dani looks Weird(different), she suffers from Alopecia! that’s why she has no brows…

  45. The award for the most unstable and immature houseguest on BB13 goes to Shelly. She has to go.

    I do hope Rachel, Jeff, or Jordan win BB13. They are the most deserving. But, I have a feeling it won’t because because of insecure evil Dani.

    dani after the show you need to make a phone call to Evil Dick and thank him for the $50,000 he won for you in your past season.

  46. cbs portrayed shelHE as the lying, nasty assed hemale he is tonight. loved it. also her confronting rach was too funny. glad rach did not lower herself to that heman.

  47. lol I’m I the only one you noticed Dani and Shelly both are hypocrites!? Shelly admits she played all sides of the house! Dani made a deal with JJ, Adam, Shelly, BR and KP! Do they not know they were making deals with EVERYONE?

  48. That is another reason why Rachel needs to be sent home. One, she gets on everyone’s nerves except for Jeff and Jordan. Two, she may be pregnant with her snobbish fiancee’ Brendon.


  49. Just a random thought but i think they should do a BB all stars (with audience voting who gets back in and stuff) but strictly for houseguests who never made it to Jury. I feel like it would be entertaining since all the fun ppl get picked off first. But, then again, they were evicted first for their horrible gameplay so scheming wise it might be boring. Just a thought. What do you guys think??


  51. If she’s 2 weeks late then she’s probably prego. You might be a few days late with stress but NOT 2 weeks late.

  52. was n a wreck years ago i didnt know I was pregnant took muscle relacers n pain pills and drank afterwardsmy son turned 10 sat hes fine they did xrays too. drs say that early in pregnancy its all or nothing. u loose it or its fine…..LAY OFF RACH SHELLY NEEDS TO GO IDONT CARE IF SHE IS FROM MY HOmE STATE

  53. I agree all these “girls” are so mean….when Rachel bash on someone it usually is based on the others gameplay, but the other girls are doing personal attacks!!! Man I can’t believe Shelly lets her daughter speak like that funny when the daughter grows older and tells Shelly to shut up! Hopefully Rachel can sue one of them because that’s called harassment and these girls are stupid enough to do it in front of cameras where there are PROOF! HAHA! Seriously I think Rachel should sue them! The girls have no sympathy whatsoever! At least Rachel regrets it a min. later but these girls are the definition of mean girls!

  54. Most exciting part of BBAD so far tonite was watching the grease bounce around in the hot pan on the stove! P wears the same sweats all the time. 2 colors. Must be getting to fat for her other clothes!

  55. Kalia thinks so highly of herself to believe she is a bigger threat then Dani and Porshe. That woman has the nerves? She doesn’t need a boob lift she needs to exercise more often and eat healthier.

    By the way all these people in house eat so much. They are always in the kitchen or have something in their mouths.

  56. Haven’t watched the show for a week and half. Just don’t like how they did this season.

    But I do follow your site simon. Great job!

    1. I haven’t been too much into this season either but I always check in with Simon and Dawg. The site is more entertaining every season but even more so this one. I remember last season everyone was saying the cast was ssooooo boring but atleast the guys were funny. There isn’t ever a joker on this year.

  57. I think for Big Brother 14 they should bring back the house guests from the very first season!!!! That would be something to watch!!!!

  58. Didn’t Rachel say the reason she was so emotional when Brendan was first evicted was because she was on her period???

  59. Rachel has told Jordan she is two weeks late, has been saying it for a week or so now. But she was on her period the last week of July, you can check the feeds or the updates. July 27-28 she was complaining about her period. Less than two weeks later, she says she’s two weeks late. Either she is really, really bad at math, or she’s making this story up. Rachel likes attention, and if she says she is pregnant, maybe this would influence jury members to vote for her, and her Big Brother baby. I don’t possibly see how she thinks she’s pregnant with those dates in mind.

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