Big Brother 13: Rachel Thinks Kalia will throw the Next HOH, Jeff: “Dude cmon she’s not that dumb” Rachel: “Yes she is”

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3:25pm HOH Jeff and Jordan Jordan says she talked to Rachel and instructed her not to bug Dani if Dani goes up. Jordan explained to her that if Rachel starts messing with Dani and Causing fights other people in the house might what her gone. Jeff mentions when Porsche was trimming his hair she told him she didn’t want to be on the block because she doesn’t want to have to pack her stuff. Jordan and Jeff laugh.. Jordan: “who says that?”. Jeff adds that she told him she would put up Rachel and Shelly. Jordan kind of agrees, says they all hate Rachel.

Jeff says if he does pull pull the trigger and take Dani out it’s going to be a long 4 days.. Jeff has warned Adam if Dani says anything to him to go tell Jeff right away because Jeff hasn’t said any shit about anyone. Jrodan also told Shelly that Dani is going to try every angle. Jeff mentions dani was talking to Adam and tellign him the same shit she was telling JJ except for she changed the names. Jeff: “Dude She’s offering everyone the same deal dude”

Rachel comes up asks him what he’s going to do… Jeff says he has thought about it still won’t know until tomorrow. Rachel warns that Porsche has Adam and Dani… Rachel doesn’t trust Kalia at all but she personally thinks she the weaker of the 2 girls on the block. Rachel recommends they put Dani up she’s by far the bigger threat. rachel adds with Dani gone Kalia and Porsche will be lost.. rachel rpushes hard for Jeff to put Dani up she’s convinced that if Dani goes home POrsche and Kalia will not be friends and they can work with both of them. (LOL Rachel pitches the idea of a JJSARKP alliance) . Rachel goes on in depth about What will happen if Dani goes and how they can get Adam to influence Prosche and Kalia will just be a lost soul.
Jeff: “Yeah that’s the same thing I was thinking…” Jordan adds that Jeff will make the right decision that will benefit them 3. Jeff tells rachel not to worry there good in this game. Rachel thinks they can convince Kalia to take out porsche if she wins HOH this week.. Jordan is pretty sure if Dani is gone Porsche will be buddies with them again claiming they have an alliance from week 2. rachel laughs.. Rachel says she doesn’t feel safe with anyone in the house, she feels like she the number one target..

Rachel starts pushing that the Adam/Shelly alliance is real and a huge threat.. she points out that Adam is very close to Porsche/kalia/dani so there’s a threat with Adam making a move. Jordan agrees says that she knows adam will turn on them. rachel thinks that Adam has done shit in this game if he wants to have a chance to win it he needs to make a big move and she thinks there’s no bigger move than taking out Jeff. Jeff doesn’t think Adam and Shelly will do anything big this season. Rachel warns that Adam/Shelly are going to start trying to play the game and come double eviction they will make a power move. Jeff doesn’t think so he doubts SA will do shit, He mentions if Adam lucks out and wins HOH during the double eviction he would stupid not to put Jeff up.

Jeff points out that SA have done next to nothing in comps all season.. Adam will be flustered and collapse under pressure. Rachel disagrees.

Rachel thinks they can talk kalia into throwing the next HOH. Jeff: “Cmon now I don’t think they’re that dumb”

4:00pm HOH turns to the POV comp puzzle

4:02pm Backyard COuch Adam, DKP Chit chat 4000

4:07pm Trivia for Dani’s bday party
5:00pm Still Trivia

(The house is going to look totally different after Thursday .. My new prediction is Dani is going up only a miracle or twist will save her. Is it the end for Team Dani? probably πŸ™ but house alliances shift daily and you never know Kalia could go insane and find herself going home)

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This will be fun. Kaila throwing HOH competition. I want to see it. Oh yeah! Rachel wins HOH. Kaila and Porsche on the block. Rachel, do me a favor, let Jeff play POV. Keep the nomination a same.

Shellys Cig

dude leave jeff alone!


Watching Jeff leave the house minutes after Dani will be even more fun. I REALLY can’t wait to hear all of the Jeff fans crying after gloating about Daniele leaving, only to see their man (although I’d hardly consider him a real man) walk back into a world where he realizes he isn’t the king.

Shellys Cig

Jeff isn’t in love with Jordan, Jeffs in love with Jeff..what a bastard


And Captainwedgiearchnemesis is in love with Jeff too

Midwest Fan



Yeah will see. Kaila and Dani will leave the Big Brother House. This will be fun. That why Rachel will take out Kaila. All DKP is totally finished.


But your unnatural obsession with Jeff will endure throughout all of time. Ewwww


you seem soooo sure


How are you constantly the first to comment? Do you just sit on your computer all day and hit Refresh over and over?


Hahaha. Roach is going to take over DKP if Dani is evicted. Roach is going to nominate Jeff and ShelHe.
Adam + DK or P will nominate Jeff and Roach

You better hope Jordumb (no chance unless CBS hands it to her, which they will) or ShelHe (hasn’t won anything up to this point) win HOH or Big Jeff is going to the Jury house.

Jenn M.

who the hell is Roach? It is so dumb these corny nicknames you people make up. HAHA


I want a brownie!

The Meow Meow

Wow.. Thank you CBS for these dick heads.. An alliance that includes EVERYONE in the house… Nobody would be going to the mattresses just chilling and hanging out.


That was only Rachaels dumb ass idea.Duh.


How can you have an alliance that includes everyone left???? Did jeff take that comment seriously?

The Meow Meow

I didn’t say it was gonna happen I was just pointing out the moronic ideas that this year’s cast has in their heads…


Skankzilla is pushing so hard for Dani to go so she has a better chance to turn on JJ and get Jeff out, then Jordumb will be lost and even floating won’t save her…..


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Jury House’s first five guests were all Vets! BAM! That would teach them!


That would be pretty awesome. I’m actually hoping for that outcome now!


Simon, you could be right you’ve been on point with your predictions, it would be funny as hell if it happened that way…LOL


I sure hope so…I’ll miss Dani but what can we do! LOL


LMAO Simon, then they send Rachel packing and the only ones left are the floaters and Straight Shooter….

The jury then refuses to VOTE !!!!


jeff wont go home if he sends dani out, i thought you were smarter than that. however, if he keeps things the same i could totaly see him going home. The key is the double eviction they think is coming next week.


hey simon since it is double eviction this week do you think everyone will be playing in the veto competition because I heard rachel say something last night about how she doesn’t think this week will be double eviction because they would not have time to pick the veto players. Usually during double eviction everyone plays because there is six players but there will be seven players.


Simon what does the bomb picture mean?


But that’s a bomb not a grenade πŸ™‚
With all due respect, lol


Ahhhhhh. Youre so cultured πŸ™‚


That’s what happened to Jeff last time. He got sent home on double eviction night.


but he had more compitent players trying to get him out, if he gets dani out now the dramatically increases his chances this season. but he doesnt know its a double this week, and from what ive seen he thinks he has another week.


What would really be insane is if Jeff goes home and Dani stays.


You know….in “Jordumb’s” season,she won HOH shortly after Jeff was evicted and she won the season.She isn’t as dumb as people say.She may not be book smart,or the most competetive,but she knows the game.I think either her or Jeff will win this thing.You going to call her dumb after that?Personally I think she one smart chick.She knows exactly whats going on.And when she absolutely needs to win,she does.


Natalie won the HOH after Jeff’s eviction


lol yes she will be dumb even if she does happen to win this season. I think it would be terrible for BB is she won again. This game would be cosidered a joke.


She only won the 2nd HOH because there was nobody left who were any good at comps and only 2 other people playing, 3 shitty competitors, at least 1 are bound to win something, those wins ain’t have shit to do with her being smarter, she fell into her last 2 HOHs because the other 2 left in the game sucked more than her, so she still Jordumb.

Lastly let’s not forget the fact that Natalie’s actions on the show was the ONLY reason Jordan won.


In their season, Jeff was evicted after making a big move and Jordan, instead of being lost, won the game.


Umm voting out Russel was NOT a big move and neither was what he did when he was handed the CDT.


Your hatred for JJ (which seems completely irrational and based on nothing) blinds you to the facts. I understand people not liking certain players. I DON’T understand people refusing to give players their due credit and explaining away their achievements with excuses for everything. So childish.

Shellys Cig

big brother production will not let dani go so soon, there’s going be a twist or they pay off the douchebag jeff


Yeah, he always seems to be the winner of cash and prizes. Big Jeff would be a tough negotiator, “Take it or you’re dead to me…”.


Rachel is Kalia will really throw the hoh. I’m getting tired of SA they need to to the jury house fast.


Honestly after the Brendon BS production better give Dani one of Lawon’s superpowers and keep her for at least one more week!! Lol isn’t it time for a Diamond POV or Coup d’etat?? If Dani goes home, I’m done for the season cause the only ppl left are “floaters” and weak minded newbs haha this season is almost as bad as BB12 and BB9


BB13 is done without Dani. This will be a show for old people


I agree…

new name

i most definitely agree with you, no dani…..crap show.


Rachel right, Jeff has a chance to backdoor Dani. That way, Kaila and Porsche are totally lost and nowhere to go. KP would definitely be worthless and confuse. Happy B-day Dani, hopefully you got deserve. Some payback for backstabbing, backdooring, and even pushing to get rid of power couples. Better yet, Kaila and Porsche will probably can’t stand each other like clueless. Porsche will play of Cher Horowitz and Kaila will play of Dionne Davenport. I can’t wait to see Dani and Kaila face.


If Daniele gets evicted (which she probably will), I’m done with this season. Jeff’s an arrogant bully, Rachel’s a psychotic bitch, Jordan’s a hypocritical floater, Shelly’s a lying snake, and Adam’s a useless loser. Kalia and Porsche are the least dispicable people in the house, but they will fall apart without Daniele. So, there really isn’t anyone worth rooting for. Worst season of Big Brother EVER.


I’m done too. I wont be interested anymore. I might catch the live show on Thursdays every now and then and the finale.




A JJSARKP alliance!!!! I recall Jordan hinting at something similar, that after Dani goes they could evict kalia and bring porsche into the fold.The game would just end then right? No more evictions since they’re all on the same side? Right?

please note, the above is sarcasm


I wish dani would stoop to rachael’s level and tell her that instead of poking fun at me getting evicted, you need to worry about me coming between you and your man.

JJ fan

I think that would be awesome! I want someone to put that thought in R’s head…she will be screwed up til she leaves!She’ll prob want to leave!Once a cheater…..


Based on the previous seasons of BB that had the Diamond POV and Coup d’Γ‰tat were issued the week of the double eviction, so will it be announced tomight for America to vote, always possible since that is what has happened in the past and it is a face saver for CBS to have it happen tonight since when either is used, the HOH gets to compete in the next HOH comp and after the uproar screw up over Brenda being America’s (CBS’S) choice, wouldn’t surprise me in the least!


thats why you are ill will instead of intillectual will




by intillectual did you mean intellectual? did you go to the same school as Jordan? next time you try to get douchebaggy on the internet you better spellcheck yourself. asshat.


lol, typos happen. but i find it funny to read replys that have no argument to my point. what i was trying to type was dingleberry.


AhahahAaA. Bam.


…assuming you meant ‘douchebaggery’?? LOL Way to correct someone on their typos!


Seeing as “douchebaggery” is not even a word neither LOL OK, I just wanted to play along… carry on LMFAO


I just spell checked “asshat”, and “douchebaggy”, and it came up “WTF?”


I want Jordan out of there. I can’t believe they let her go this far in the game knowing she’s won before. Smh. Mind boggling.


Me too!


Does anyone have a link to watch the show tonight? Damn pre-season football!


Thanks Simon. Love your site. You and Dawg rock!


I am sorry but I think it will be so (much more) boring if Dani does in fact leave on Thursday. Regardless of who you want to win, she is definitely entertaining and has the personality that makes insignificant events substantially more fun to watch. The majority of the other houseguests simply do not hold the same allure. Also, I know people adore Adam @ this site, but the guy is driving me batshit crazy! He’s so desperate for any attention whatsoever, any possible sliver of camera time – it’s absolutely grating on my last nerve. Perhaps I’d feel differently if he’d actually get a spine and express an opinion about something for himself without running it by Jeff first. Or winning something – on his own. Blech! Enough already with the absurd desperation. It’s too much. Seriously. Stop.


I am sorry but I think it will be so (much more) boring if Dani does in fact leave on Thursday. Regardless of who you want to win, she is definitely entertaining and has the personality that makes insignificant events substantially more fun to watch. The majority of the other houseguests simply do not hold the same allure. Also, I know people adore Adam @ this site, but the guy is driving me frigging crazy! He’s so desperate for any attention whatsoever, any possible sliver of camera time – it’s absolutely grating on my last nerve. Perhaps I’d feel differently if he’d actually get a spine and express an opinion about something for himself without running it by Jeff first. Or winning something – on his own. Blech! Enough already with the absurd desperation. It’s too much. Seriously. Stop.


Porsche is NOT the biggest floater, it’s 100% Adam. Adam kisses EVERY HOH ass, Porsche doesn’t kiss ass.


On the other spoiler a Dani basher said that Dani was throwing Kahlia under the bus and what a way to treat her best friend.

I just want to say that if anyone ever thought that Dani and Kahlia were best friends then they have not been paying attention.

DKP came together for the same reason there was christmas cartoon about the island of misfit toys. Those 3 never communicated to each other that they wanted to be in an alliance. It basically happened by default. ….now during the default phase, K was playing both sides & running to tell Jordan everything the newbies said…but then B & K got in a big argument…so when Dani won HOH, K clung to her.

If Dani is getting rid of K at this point—; then if that is true it really is about time. We knew it had to happen at some point. Dani only made a real alliance with Dom….everyone after that was out of sheer need. This does not mean that Dani does not like Kahalia….but Dani wants to win…and she knows that she has to convince Jeff why she should stay….although she may be the 2nd person to go to the Jury House.


Oops! Went up twice. Sorry!

Casual Observer

Reiteration from previous update.

It appears that it would be a perfect time for the “newbies” to strike up alliance. With Jeff evicting potentially Dani, the likelihood of a newbie winning HOH is greater, since Jeff can not play. Then the “newbies” target should be either Jeff or Rachel, with Jordan as the pawn in either scenario. If Jeff wins POV then Rachel gets evicted. If Rachel wins POV then Jeff gets evicted. If Jordan or a “newbie” wins POV then the strongest competitor should go, which appears to be Jeff.

Then the “newbies” should target the remaining two veterans. Rachel first and then the ultimate manipulator of the game, Jordan.

Say what you want about AKPS, however, the four of them are still in the game. And potentially could well end up as the final four.


Jeff should roll up a sock and stuff it in her mouth.


Your posts suggest a realy anger towards women. Are you just a twatwaffle or do you have mommy issues?


Kahlia is going to use as an excuse for not winning HOH the fact that she has a breathing problem. She realized this last night when she tried to inhale 2 buckets of slop!


New Twist! no HoH Comp…Jeff is told 2 put 2 more people up!! oh Hell yeah!!! Go Jeff Go!!!


I hope all you narrow minded, Team-Dani whiners (“the show will so boring if production doesn’t save Dani”) will also quite posting on this blog when you stop watching BB because your only reason for living (Dani) has been evicted. And again, it is really sad that you all have deluded yourselves in to expecting a “Special Power” or “Special Twist” to save Dani like poor Lawon was convinced he would come back into the house with Special Powers.


well said


OMG!!!!!!! Rachel just said her period is TWO WEEKS LATE! You know what that means…


dom’s going to be a young daddy?


did you mean Brenden is going to be a daddy & not Dom.


I don’t think Production wants Dani, Jeff, or Jordan to leave right now.

will know on Thursday.


lol, i was being sarcastic


Ohhh really??? Well maybe shes pregnant and BB will evict her πŸ™‚ But this bitch is in no position to be a mother LOL


0.o Oh No our worst nightmare a Brenchel Mutation, call the Ghost Busters, we must isolate the virus and destroy it before it grows into a Psychopathic NeanderTALL.


Psychopathic Alcoholic NeanderTALL.**


Porsche wants to hook up with Jeff so bad…


Dani is not entertaining. Her stupid decisions have help make the show entertaining, but her personality is dry and boring. She is full of herself. Didn’t you guys watched both times she was HOH how she rolled her eyes at everyone except KP. She thought she was BB gift.

Now, if BB comes up with some twist to save Dani then the integrity of the game will be in question?

Its time for Dani to go. Evil Dick predicted that her game decisions were stupid and made too early and that she would only last a couple of more weeks. He was correct!


The integrity of the game has been in question for years now, not just this season. But way to pay attention. Life with blinders on, how interesting that must be.


lol, most everyone in the us lives life with blinders on which im certain doesnt exclude you.


I been watching BB sing season 10, and after watching seasons 11-12 it has lost all credibility of being truly “Unexpected and Unpredictable” … I only watch for the drama and I like to talk shit about those on the show who deserve it.

Still waiting palatially to see a huge physical fight where someone gets dragged out by the police, we would see that if they give them hard liquor.


simon, do you think Production is trying to help Dani win the season? I ask because JJ have said more than once now that The Box (DR?) has requested that they talk with Dani before making any final decisions. Jeff also said last night that Production acts like they love Dani and Jordan agreed that she got that impression from Production as well (and then the feeds immediately cut, of course). Seems kinda bias of them. I like Dani a lot but hearing this kind of stuff makes me want to see her leave the house just to shove it up Production’s ass.
Another thing…why isn’t Dani acting worried or stressed? She seems pretty calm and collected even though it’s fairly obvious that she is going to get backdoored.


Production is more of thinking of ratings. In BB11 it was one sided so they threw in the cou d’Γ©tat.


Dani needs to go home!


This sucks….so boring…. now that Dumber&dumber are in power BB has been really boring… If dani go homes, or should I say when are leaves Thursday, I hope Jordum goes home…. She is so dumb and boring!


Team JJSARKP will be a beast yo! Nobody will be able to stop them!!!!


Yeah, that’ll make for some good TV. NOT This season is doomed to end in a rather boring fashion. Much like it started.


A Real Super Alliance

A Pathological Liar
A Professional Ass Kisser
A Psycho
An idiot
2 monster eaters
A Douche bag

Truly Diabolically Predictably Boringly Unstoppable. < Their Alliance name.


LOL I love how angry you get about BB. Time for some meds….or another hobby!! LOL


Seeing as not one of my posts even suggests “anger towards anybody”, “sarcasm”? Yea, “brutally honest”? HELL YEA.. I tend to type what I want on blogs, if I go overboard Simon or Dawg will let me know. Meds? I think the people so caught up on what others type online are who really need the meds.


Just an obversation. By your own description, you still qualify for the meds.LOL

FWIW, I don’t think these comments are really being monitored that closely. If they were, I think some of your posts would not be published. It sucks when someone says something nasty or offensive and tries to excuse it with sarcasm. Sarcasm is supposed to be funny.


Personally, I think Porsche and Dani should make Ratchel believe that whoever is gonna leave is going to make the moves on Brendon in the JH … Ratchel will go batshit, possibly assaulting one of them and gets booted from the house for assault … then maybe CBS will null/void this week’s eviction.
Just a thought going through my head on how to keep Dani lol


Woooooooooooooooooow do u people have like no life!!! u sit here fighting with eachother over everything!! it’s a TV SHOW!!!! im addicted to big brother but even i dont sit here and fight with other fans!!!!!!!!! Everyone has there own oppinion and can say what ever they want but dont say negative things about theres!!!!!! Good luck to ALL big brother 13 contestants and may ur negative fans leave u alone!!


Jeff this is the time to get rid of Dani, don’t mess it up get her sexy little butt out. Kalia and porsche will be like lost souls. Use that POV and we can all wave bye bye to Dani on Thursday….


I don’t want to see Dani go, but if she is back doored then she is defintely doomed. thus far this season the house has voted together. Besides the first week, i do believe.


If Donato gets evicted does anyone even watch out the season??? Big Brother producers made some terrible moves from a ratings standpoint… bringing back Brendon??? HOH competitions that were heavily weighted for Jeff to win??? I think I’m done after tonights episode… and Rachel is so damn ugly. yikes!!!