Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia says everything I do is calculated and that people don’t need to know I’m making bowel movements but .. I tell people that so they don’t think I’m up here talking..

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11:15am – 11:45am Shelly, Brendon, Keith, and Rachel are in the kitchen talking about christmas movies and renting movies online. All the other houseguests are still sleeping. Keith says that his all time favourite christmas movie was The Christmas Story. They all say yeah! They continue talking about TV shows, cartoons and other random things. Dani wakes up and comes into the kitchen and complains about being so tired. Dominic gets up and soon after Lawon, Jordan, Jeff, and Porsche get up as well. Brendon makes so tea from the mix and Rachel watches him dump sugar into it and tells him its already sweetened. Brendon says oh really?! Sorry diabetics! I’ve made a sweet tooth concentrate …just add water. Porsche asks if everyone woke up at the first bell. Jeff says only the cool kids. Jeff then asks Brendon what great things he accomplished this morning… did you finish building a pyramid?

11:50am Keith asks Shelly if she has heard anything about who people are voting for this Thrusday. Shelly says that as far as she knows its the way we thought ..Porsche. Keith says that the one person he doesnt trust is Dominic …I think he is wheeling and dealing. Keith says that the way the numbers look ..I am safe. Shelly says yeah… just don’t cause any drama and you’ll be safe. Shelly gets up and heads inside.

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12pm Keith and Shelly are out by the pool suntanning. Keith asked where everyone else was. Shelly told him that they are coming but that some of them are just getting up now. Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Brendon, and Porsche are in the kitchen eating and talking about random things.

Brendon and Kalia are up in the HOH room talking now. Kalia tells Brendon her plan of trying to get her and Lawon put up on the block this week so that Lawon will get voted out and she will have a golden key to help vote the way they want. She tells Brendon that she knows she has the votes to stay between her and Lawon. Brendon tells her that Lawon keeps talking in circles. They talk about how Lawon is trying to play both sides. Brendon says that they are going to let Keith think that he is staying and that she should let Lawon think Keith is staying too. Kalia says that two people had told her not to trust Lawon and then after the confrontation happened it made Lawon look even worse. Kalia says that she thinks they want to vote out Keith. Brendon says oh no they want him gone. Brendon says that Dominic and Cassi want to keep Keith over Porsche. Brendon says we need them to think Keith is going to stay. They are going to try and play that they aren’t sure what they are going to do and then the day of they are going to… Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

When the live feeds come back Brendon and Kalia are still talking. Brendon says that the Cassi, Dominic, Lawon, Porsche and Keith are all sill stock on the old vs new. Kalia says that she has already started setting up her plan by telling people that she misses her boyfriend and stuff. Brandon says already knows that Adam does not want to win HOH at this point. Brendon says the oldies were livid when Dick left because it messed up their numbers, but now they have it figured out. Brendon says that he thinks Adam isn’t trying, and he trust Shelly will not BLANK them over. Brendon says that if they put up Jeff/Jordan him/Rachel ….they are done …and they are scared of that. Kalia says that we can still have the numbers week five … not to sound arrogant but the are still playing week one … while we are steps ahead. Kalia says that she doesn’t understand Cassi’s gameplay. Kalia tells Brendon that she believes that Porsche will vote with the veterans. Brendon says that he will never trusted Porsche. Kalia says that she knows that the newbie’s still trust her because if they are talking and she walks up ..they keep talking. Kalia says that everything she does is calculated and that people dont need to know that I’m making bowel movements or nothing but .. I tell people that so that they don’t think I’m up here talking. Lawon comes in Kalia quickly stands up and nervously says that she was stinking up the bathroom. Brendon says yeah she was stinking it up ..I was just waiting for her to come out.

12:35pm – 12:45pm Rachel comes up to the HOH room and Brendon tells her that he had a good conversation with Kalia. He says that Lawon interrupted them but that they pretended like she was going to the bathroom. Rachel starts changing right in front of the camera …and Brendon yells at her to go into the bathroom and change we dont need any more pictures of your boobs all over the internet. Rachel says my boobs arent all over the internet! Rachel then reluctantly gets under the covers and changes. Brendon then tells her about Kalia’s plan to pretend she wants to go how to get her and Lawon put up on the block so that Lawon gets sent home.
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Oh the irony of Brenda warning Boy George not to flash the camera! Brenda musta learned his lesson!!!


Brendon yells at her to go into the bathroom and change we don’t need any more pictures of your boobs all over the internet.

Yea nobody want’s to see Boy George’s body anyways everything she got we’ve already seen… well we know Brittney saw her snatch before the show even started so she does this on the outside too it wasn’t intentional for the show. Low self esteem, The only way she get men is if she offering herself to them.


Brendon is such and arrogant BLANK! One week in the HOH and he is talking like he invented the game! Reality check, Brendon. You didn`t even make final 5 last year, and big reason was your arrogance and the power trips when you were HOH and the whining and poor sport as soon as you weren`t in power. I guess they didn`t learn from their mistakes last year. Fine by me, I would like to see the fake showmance split up next week. I might be able to bear watching Rachel on her own but both together make me want to hurl.


So I take it you find Rachel and Porsche attractive! How long did it take you type this comment? Obviously you had to type it wiith your foot since your hands were busy! I bet you drooled all over yourself while “toeing in” this comment1 There are other blogs more suited to disgustung statements such as this – post them there!