Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan’s Worried about Dom “He talks about Backdooring alot”


3:00pm Jeff Jordan pool time A bit of game talk they both are feeling at a disadvantage in the game. Jeff tells Jordan that the word in the house is that if the newbs win HOH Jordan and Jeff are up on the block. Jordan “WHAAAAAT… Brendon and Rachel are better choice” Jeff doesn’t think it means anything he thinks they need to get a small group on their side because right now they don’t have a group. Jeff wants to pull in Shelly and Cassi. Jeff says he’s been thinking of group lately and if you put adam/dom, adam goes home. Kalia/lawon lawon goes home. His plan is if the newbs win HOH get them to put kalia and lawon up with the thought that everyone is taking kalia out then take lawon out instead. Jordan says she worried about Dom he talks about backdooring alot. Jeff says he’s going to start taking it easy for a bit he thinks they’ve all scared the newbs too much.

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3:10pm Adam comes out does a impersonation of Jerry BLANK it was funny

Lawon Big Brother 13

2:55pm Purple Room Lawon and Adam Adam is telling him how annoying Keith has become saying he doesn’t trust Keith at all. Adam points out Keith’s recent flip floping and his constant questions “Do I Get your Vote… Do I get Your Vote” Adam says when a person who is constantly asking you that it means they don’t trust you. Lawon says that he knows for a fact that Keith is out there throwing lawon under the bus and trying to get lawon ass on the block. Lawon says he’s still going to vote to keep Keith because early in the game he made a deal with Keith and he’s going to stick behind his word because that’s what he does. Adam mentions that it won’t matter either way because Keith has too many vote against him. Keith says he’s playing a very mental game he thinks people underestimate him but they shouldn’t “My Mental Game is OFF the HOOK…. And physically I’m good to..” Lawon tells him he’s cool with adam and then bump hands Adam tells lawon that he’s glad he’s met him because it reminds him that there’s still good people out there.

Shelly Big Brother 13

3:00pm Have Nots Keith Shelly
Keith saying Lawon got between me and porsche and he’s going to call him out. He wanted to do it in private but is now thinking about hauling them in front and Brendon and Rachel. Shelly smiles thinks its a great idea. Keith adds that he’s talked to Cassi and Dom and they both think it’s a bad idea, they think it’ll put a even larger target on his back. HE’s gone to Porsche and she’s not completely against it she thinks it’ll jeopardize her. Shelly is telling him he needs to not get to angry and down he’s gotta use his charm, his looks and his great personality.

3:25pm Backyard Lawon and shelly Lawon is explaining to Shelly why he is going to vote for Keith to stay. Shelly says she’s not sure if Keith is the target it could change.. Lawon doesn’t think so. Shelly reminds him that the POV hasn’t been used. Lawon is shocked he Completely forgot about the POV. Shelly thinks Lawon has nothing to worry about, if he goes up with kalia then hr’ll get the golden key… but he’s gotta behave until after the POV is used. LAwon is excited to hear this from Shelly. CAssi joins them. Lawon asks her if there’s much talk around the house about him. Cassi is starting to think Rachel will use the Veto because Porsche and Keith have become such pains and have basically turned into everyone’s target. Lawon asks if she has any ideas who would go up.. he’s still worried it could be him and kalia. Cassi isn’t sure she thinks it might be DOM, she adds that her and Dom are not in an alliance like so many people think. Lawon leaves. Cassi whispers to Shelly the vets want her and Shelly to talk with them tonight about something. Cassi is happy says it very good for them. Lawon comes back they start talking about Keith’s GIANT BOMB he’s been talking about droping on everyone. Cassi says she knows what it is he’s going to tell everyone he’s a human resource manager and not a matchmaker. Lawon “OH MY GOD is that his bomb?” they all think it’s pretty funny. They start joking about their expressions will be like if they get put up on the block, LAwon “WHAAAAAT… we’ll i never”. Cassi follows the same lines.

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3:55pm POol Chit chat

Porsche Big Brother 13

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More bikini, more bikini, more bikini yo!


Lawon and Shelly talk on the porch.  Lawon says that whatever he is, he is a time bomb but he told him that he gave him his word so he is going to do it, but Adam said that he didn’t know what he is going to do.  He also told him that he is done with it. Shelly says that it is too soon.  Maybe they will put someone else up.  Lawon says ohhhhhh, they can change it.  Shelly says that it is pointless to say what you are going to do because we have one more scenario before we know who they are going to choose.  They can take them off and then there are others.  I am not going to talk and then find out that they are pulled and I am up and then they don’t vote for me.  Lawon says to rewind that again.
Shelly tells him about how it works.  That you have to behave, one wrong turn and you can go up.  I would not go tell a bunch of people that I am here or there, it is not final and he is wigging out.  It isn’t even final.  He should be campaigning to get his own self off.  Lawon seems clueless.  She tells him that the last thing he wants to do is to draw attention to himself now.  After that, do what you want and you have a week to clean it all up.  She says she is not going to put herself out there.  Lawon says that basically me and Kalia can be put up.  They have all the power and they can change the nominations.
Shelly says that he is not a target.  Let’s face it.  Nobody is going to vote you out. Nobody, 99-1.  Dude if you and Kalia are up, you are good for three more weeks.  If you go up, know that it won’t be you.  It could be the best thing ever to happen to you.  You need to be playing that route if it goes that way. 
He says there is a lot going on today.  Cassie says that she didn’t realize that people were going around talking.  Lawon says what do you think.  Cassie says that she should have stayed in bed.  Cassie says that his job is human resources and that is the bomb.  Shelly says that he is not a matchmaker?  Lawon guffaws and says that is it?  Lawon says he is done.  Shelly says that she didn’t know that.  Lawon says that he told her that he was trying to flip him under the bus.  He is so glad that he sat with them.  Lawon says not to talk in front of him.  He says that if it is Kalia and him.  Cassie says that she hopes that if it is, it is him and Kalia because we would all know where the votes would fall.  Lawon says that Kalia told him that she didn’t have the stamina to make it all the way through that, so she would go.  Cassie says that with her and Shelly, they are both liked and it would not be so clear. 
Shelly tells Cassie that Jeff wanted her to tell Cassie that he wasn’t ignoring her. He got caught by Keith and he wanted to talk to both of them in the HOH with Brendon and Rachel and him and Jordan later.
Lawon is still digesting the fact that there is a veto ceremony and it is not done. Lawon says that is the  bomb.  Shelly says that there is no bad scenario for him this week.  The scenario is about ten times worse for Cassie and me.  Lawon says that Keith threw him under the bus.  Cassie says that he is a time bomb and Lawon repeats it.  Cassie says that if he stays, it is good for us.  Shelly says you keep as many people in front of them as possible to keep yourself safe. 
Lawon says it would be good to put him up because it would be good for the show.  Lawon says everybody getting tipsy.  Lawon says that Kalia is hot.  We walked past the room and he was talking about her to Rachel.  Cassie says that she would fire her up.  Shelly says that she would light that fuse right away.  Lawon says that she was upset that black people should stick together. Lawon says that he wants to upset her..  Lawon says that he can see that now and she said that she couldn’t handle it being in this house all summer.
Lawon wants to know why you wouldn’t want to use the veto the first time?  It makes for a good show.  He says that they say, “We choose to use the veto.  It is strategic.  It is Lawon and Kalia, and we have placed you on the block and he would give a show.  He has Shelly and Cassie in stitches in his big show for doing that.  Shelly says she would pay him a quarter if he does it.  He says that it would be priceless.  Shelly says that she would love to go into his DR’s to see how crazy he is.  Cassie says she is not crazy and Lawon says that he is all over the place in there and they tell him that he is crazy.  Shelly says that she doesn’t want to empower Porsche by letting her think that she might come off.


Is it bad that I want Keith to go home this week mostly because it increases our chances of seeing Porche’s boobs at some point?




Fake tits don’t excite me, would rather want to see a girl with a stuffed bra…

PGA Player

Did Dick make his announcement yet on why he left the show?


ED is in talks with VH1 and Dr. Drew to be a cast member for next season’s Celebrity Rehab! The call came in Thursday Night when Dani dropped a dime on his ass! Explains alot about her distancing herself from “the stench.” If ED is having a problem with drugs, I hope he gets the help he needs! At his age, using drugs (recreationally) isn’t sexy anymore! Never was!