Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan tells a story about how when she was five she pooped in her pants on a school bus..

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11:40pm Jordan, Rachel, Kalia and Dani are up in the HoH room talking. Jordan and Rachel are talking about how nervous they are about tomorrows HOH competition. Dani tries on the ant costume. Dani and Kalia try to predicting what the HOH competition will be. Jordan goes into the HOH bathroom and finds the chocolate brownie Dani put in the toilet. Kalia gives it away that it was a brownie. Dani tell Kalia that she is ruining everything. Dani, Jordan, Rachel and Kalia all laugh about how they will leave it there for Jeff to find. Jordan starts telling a story about when she was five and pooped in her pants on a school bus. Jordan says that she cried when she got off. They all laugh. Jordan tells them that she will take slop if she needs to tomorrow… and then says besides it will help her lose weight. They talk about what Julie Chen will ask Jodan on the live show tomorrow. Rachel says that she thinks Julie will make a joke and ask about alliances. Jordan says she’s not good at answering questions, and says that she goes off on tangents. They tell her not to worry that Julie won’t let her get off track. Rachel talks about her interview last year. Jordan says that she is worried that she will look like an idiot and ramble. Kalia tell her not to be nervous. Jordan starts talking about how her and Jeff have to talk after the show to figure out what’s going on in their relationship and figure out who will move where.
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12:30am Brendon and Rachel are in the backyard on the hammock. They are studying for the HOH competition. They try to remember the order of when the houseguests fell out of the first HOH competition. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room, Kalia, Jordan, Dani Porsche and Shelly are talking. They are all talking about Dominic as they watch him dance on the spy screen. They are all laughing at him dancing. Dani says that she is ready for him to pull a Britney Spears. Porsche says that Dominic is tall ..and that 6’3″ is like the perfect height. Kalia says yeah, but he looks so tall because he’s skinny. Shelly says that she just want to know how he makes his feet do that… Shelly then decides to go to bed. The others in the HOH room laugh as they watch Dominic now dancing with oven mitts on. When Shelly comes through the kitchen she complements Dominic on his dancing and lets him know he’s being watched by the HOH group. Kalia says that she hasn’t been called to diary room yet. Dani jokes and says she hasn’t been called because production hates her. Dani says that maybe if she didn’t sing or obstruct your microphone so much, they would call you in more. Kalia says that Adam is always in the diary room. Dani says that she thinks Adam will be America’s favourite. Porsche says Dani will be America’s favourite. Dani says no definitely not … let’s be real!! Kalia says that it’s not because I don’t like Dani but she won’t be America’s favourite because of the way they portray her. They all agree that it’s impossible to tell who America’s favourite will be. Jordan sasy that she thinks it will be Dominic. Jordan says that she is ready to go to bed. All the others leave the HOH room.

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12:40am Rachel and Brendon are still in the hammock studying. They start to argue about what to study. Brendon asks Rachel what she wants to go over. Rachel tell Brendon that she wants him to stop being so impatient with her. Brendon says that he wants to study the amount of gumballs chewed. Rachel says that she thinks that won’t be asked. Brendon then asks why they doing this then? Brendon asks Rachel what do she wants to go over? Rachel tells Brendon that he is being so ridiculous and impatient. Brendon says that he is trying to go over everything. Rachel tells him to study by himself and that she will study by herself. Brendon then asks her what she wants to go over, tell me what to go over. Rachel tells Brendon normal things not like how many gumballs were up on the board, they aren’t going to ask that they are going to ask how many gumballs were in your jars. Brendon says okay. Rachel punches Brendon in the stomach under the blanket. Rachel says that she is so tired of him, and then says this is ridiculous. Brendon says Oh my god stop! ..why are you getting mad that I want to study everything?!

2am Kalia and Dani are in the bedroom talking about Dominic while he was outside. Dani says that she is not to be attracted to Dominic. Dani says that she would never do anything physical with Dominic. Dani says that she thinks Dominic seems too young. Dani asks can you imagine dating a guy who lives at home and has never done his own laundry? Kalia says that Dominic is cute in the way that Zac Efron is cute. Dani says that Zac Efron is hot, she would do something physical with Zac Efron but not Dominic. Kalia says that Dominic is a good flirt. Kalia says that she saw Dominic playing with Dani’s hair. Dani says thats when they were upstairs playing checkers. Dani says that she likes hanging out with Dominic and flirting with him. Dani says that she will keep in touch and hang out with him after the show but that she would not date him. Kalia says that she thinks the longer Dominic and Dani stay in the house, …Dani might grow to like Dominic more. Porsche comes and tells them that Adam, Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon are all outside.

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3:10am – 4:45am Dani, Dominic, Lawon, and Kalia are in the bedroom talking about what they are going to wear for the live show tomorrow. Dani tells them about her sheer black dress she wants to wear but not for tomorrows show. Kalia says that Cassi is going to wear black and that Jordan is going wearing a coral colored dress. Dani taht says she might wear her pink dress. Kalia says that she hopes one of the nominees will give a really good speech tomorrow drop a bomb. Dominic asks them if they hear people talking behind the walls or is it just him? Dani tells him its people talking behind the walls. Big Brother cuts the live feeds and when they return. Dominic is asking Kalia how many times has shes flashed her chest so far in the house? Kalia tells him probably only five or six times. Dani says that she always changes under the covers. Dominic asks have you seen her bed it’s so nasty. Dani says then don’t get in there! They all are getting into bed now. Dani tells Kalia she just saw her boob. Dominic says well thats eight times you’ve flashed now! They start talking about where in the HOH room they want to sleep tomorrow when they are on HOH lockdown. Dominic and Dani tell Kalia to entertain them. Dominic says that Kalia is running out of material. Dani says dance monkey dance! They talking about the HOH competition tomorrow. Dani says that its probably questions because the backyard is still open, but that she doesn’t know what the questions will be. All the houseguests finally settle into bed and go to sleep…

6:15am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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If I was in a relationship and faught over stupid stuff all the time I would not be planning a wedding. Gets some individual and couples counseling and become emotionally healthy people and then plan a wedding or realize that you are not right for each other.


When Allison Grodner was five she ate a school bus. The cartoon show just made them look so delicious, and they didn’t even need to shrink it for it to fit in her mouth.


And if ‘my man’ disrespected me by jacking off to someone on the internet he would not be my man anymore!


Oh, your man does it behind your back all the time. You just don’t know about it.


I haven’t seen any comments about yesterday’s show!!!! I thought Roachel crying in the bushes was flat out HYSTERICAL !!!!


Lmaoo Rachael Can Go Cry Her Ass In The Bushes With Her Pimply Ass Face, She’s Just Jealous Of Cassi Because Cassi Is Way Pretter Then Her And She Doesnt Want Brendon To Leave Her Plastic Self For The Model Which Is Cassi # Enough Said # TEAM JORDAN&JEFF


To be fair: Cassi has plastic too.

To be even more fair: Cassi is still hotter and I couldn’t imagine her with a Breanderthal type.


I think that saying Rachel has to worry about Brendon leaving her for Cassie is actually an insult to Cassie. Why in the world would she even consider dating him. Jordan’s comment was plain stupid.


i agree….maybe rachel is jealous of cassi’s beauty, but seriously, do you think it has anything to do with brendon when there has been zero indication of that, if anything i would be more concerned about dani whom all the guys (including Jeff, JORDAN) seems to have taken to – and we already know brendon has commented on Dani’s “bustiness” which as a gf would not make me happy

if you think about it, jordan makes the dumbest comments, she seems nice but she is so plain dumb that it scares me….i know jeff is not the smartest guy but he seems average (if not just slightly below) and I can’t for the life of me figure out what draws him to her and then keeps him there…seriously maybe someone can explain to me how these two make any sense, what do they have in common, they have no chemistry….it’s almost like jeff just wants a child around so he can keep the upperhand


I don’t see chemistry between Jeff & Jordan either…I never have. He is very short and snippy with her…and she doesn’t even seem to notice! She doesn’t seem to have much self-esteem and he picks up on that.


I remember Branda telling Boy George that they have a better relationship than J&J because they are more affectionate….BARF!

I think that J&J try to separate their chemistry from the game. Not everyone needs hugs & kisses or terms of endearment to know they are loved. And I don’t think Jordan is too keen on PDA.


no, i mean i am not saying at all that B/R have a better relationship than JJ bc their relationship is dysfunctional – but I can see that they are attracted to each other and very caught up in one another (for better or worse) and they do have some things in common – but most of all they are both CRAZY – so it’s irrational but it makes sense – and

as for Jeff and Jordan – there is nothing to say, good or bad, their relationship seems flat and boring and nonexistent…what could they even talk about?? remember one night jordan was like “hee hee JEFF isn’t Kalia so funny, i mean, doesn’t Kalia remind you of my sister…hee hee” and he is like “ummm no”…end of the conversation.


I think Jordan just probably knows how to handle Jeff and knows what she can tolerate. I don’t see their chemistry either. But some people are in not in a relationship for chemistry it’s more about a commitment. I also don’t see how Jordan has low self-esteem she just seems to be a simple girl and there is not much to figure out with her. I think her accent makes her appear dumber sounding than what she actually may be sometimes. But that’s from watch BBAD. I don’t watch the live feeds.


That moment made the whole season for me, it was hilarious.


To quote Lana from the TV show Archer: “eeee-YUP-puh!” I also enjoyed the part where Jordan said she would be great but was the first person out like usual, and then even Jeff told her not to try again because she was doing awful.


Rachel could not have been any more childish than to have stomped off into the bushes!!! That was priceless!


That was THE best moment of the season. “I know. That’s why I’m hiding in the bushes.” Um, it’s not hiding if everyone sees where you went and can hear you fighting with *your man*.

How so very Rachel of her when these two idiots went to the HOH so Rachhog could apologize and then ends her oh-so-sincere (cough) apology with the comment, “So we have to get along, Jeff”, as though HE had ANYTHING to do with what happened. He was just being loyal and sticking up for Jordan. She totally missed the point. What needs to happen is SHE needs to keep her effing mouth closed.

What a dumb (cuss). That remark she made to Jeff was just one more passive-aggressive bullshit moment from her.


I couldn’t stop laughing, and then Jeff’s comments made the moment priceless!

“feed her ego, stroke her red hair, bedazzle whatever she’s wearing…”

Glad to see Jeff isn’t catering to productions blatantly pupeteering this year



He has his own channel “The DominicPhillip”




The dance of the 25-year-old virgin is oddly humorous.


He needs to move out of his mothers house and get a life!!!!


Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel tells a story about how when she was twenty-five she pooped in her T-back on a stripper pole..


LMAO!!!! And how much you wanna bet that’s probably actually happened?


Too funny!


I was talking with a group of my friends last night and during the conversation, Jeff’s Harry Potter meltdown come up. The majority of us felt that his “knee-jerk” reaction was morethan likely set-off by a childhood memory. Many of us feel that Jeff has a PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) moment! It wouldn’t surprise us that when Jeff was a young kiid, he may have been molested! It is either that or , YES he is an asshole. I have heard stories about PTSD from both men and women who have suffered some form of trauma during their childhood be it physical, emotional or sexual.! I am not defending his behavior, just trying to understand where it was coming from.


LOL, That is so ridiculous!!


What is the HOH Lockdown?


All houseguests are locked inside the HOH room while the production team readys the house for the live show.


Sounds like tonight’s HOH Comp is going to be an endurance challenge. We (those of us without the feeds) know who’ll win HOH until Sunday! However, thanks to Simon & Dawg, we’ll know as soon as the challenge ends. Play by play. If it is an endurance, it will end with the last 2 standing (either Brenda & Jeff, Brenda & “Elmo” Dominic, or Jeff & Dominic making a deal!


Nah, HoH is going to be related to the questions that were on the CBS website this week. Endurance maybe next week after the Final 10 is set and the pair twist is done.


I am so pissed CBS flash player wouldn’t work for me even after I downloaded it. I want to help/play!! Dang technology.


does anyone know if the questions are still on the website? bc I can’t find them – which prob means they took them down? Or can anyone tell me some examples of what they were??


My answers:
#4 – Which HouseGuest should spend the entire summer wearing a bikini?
Rachel but only if it was chilly out

#20 Which HouseGuest is most likely to save someone from a burning building?
Rachel but only if its something of hers


#23 _ Which houseguest was voted, by their graduating high school class has “Most Likely To Wash Ashore?” Rachel with a deathgrip on a ward of 50s.


Question #21: When you put your ear up to a sea shell, why can you hear Allison Grodner eating?


thanks for posting this!!! i can’t believe they asked the question about who will gain the most weight – directed right at porsche!!! that’s kindof mean – i hope they dont ask that but you know they will!


That’s not impatience, she don’t understand how annoying she is, if I was around anybody that annoying I’d have to restrain myself from punching them in the face, man or women.


I pooped my shorts before at Camp I was 9, I had to take a shit and I couldn’t make it to the cabin so I shat while walking and pushed it to the dirt , and wiped when I got back to the cabin. Luckily I was alone LOL


My husband watched BBAD with me last night and said that he was convinced Porsche/Porshe is actually a clonelike organism replicated in the BB/CBS laboratories over the last year, using DNA material from Rachel’s chin-pimple pus.




I found it funny when Rachel says to Brendon in the Candy room “She only has the HOH because we gave it to her” – I find this funny because Brendon gave it to her, along with Jeff… not Rachel……Also if we think back to Rachel’s HOH, Dani gave it to her that week too…. Rotten Rachel isnt the competitor she likes to think she is…. she had some luck last year, but this year, other then mouthing off, and trying to boss everyone around, she has had none.


oooh come on Mike you know damn right Rachel is really good at competitions so stop saying they give it to her TEAM RACHEL


what has she done this season? she had an HOH handed to her, thats it…


We will never know if Brendon would have done well if he hadn’t thrown it. Looking at last year’s competitions he was good at things that need physical strength, but sucked at things that needed hand/eye coordination. He is a clutz, a big uncoordinated clutz. When he threw it, I was thinking that it was a save face move. Jordan had it, so he didn’t need to try and look bad if he failed and got beaten by a girl. Jeff threw it. He’s a golfer, and probably would have won if he wanted to. I still don’t see how they are the best competitors. Rachel is good at quizzes and Brendon is good at strength. Together they only won 5 competitions last year. Rachel got 2 HOH. One she won fair and square. The second was a tie breaker guess a number. It came down to luck more than skill. Brendon won a couple of POVs and an HOH. One of those wins was because the brigade threw it, the one where he took all the punishments and the brigade took the prizes. They did it because they wanted to back door Matt. Now Dani is different. She has won more competitions in one season than any other player. Even more than Janelle. Wait until the couples thing is over and you will see Dani kill BR in competitions, especially when she needs to win.


I agree… Dani is the real competitor in the house….. BR are crap…. Dani already GAVE Rachel an HOH…. But she will brag how she is such a great competitor blah blah blah…. She talks shit about the floaters, however its a game…. she cant say how it should be played…. Jordon won BB, and floated….. Rachel was “the competitor” (self proclaimed) and lost….She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. End of story lol


you can’t in good conscience say that Rachel is not a good competitor – she has such a bad social game that her comp results are the only reason she makes it as far as she does and that she is considered a threat….even in that banana competition – everyone was going down – but she, Dick and Dani were still strong – that is not a coincedence – and her record last year speaks for itself…..


gay will support anything Brenchel does.. I thought this was known??


Yep, she’s a control freak who thinks she and Brendan are responsible for everything that works in their favor. That’s why she melts down when she doesn’t come out on top. Forget couples counseling – both of these idiots need to be in regular therapy to work on their own personal issues before they even think of getting married.


Hey Brooklyn, STOP SPAMMING THE SITE your Comments will never get through our moderators or spam filters no matter how you reword your ads for the dish network. .


HAHA you tell em Simon!!!


Yeah! Dish Network Sucks too!!


Jeff has a D.U.I. charge against him from, Dupage County, IL. Real great guy!


Yes, driving drunk is not the smartest thing to do, but WHO CARES!!! BFD!