Big Brother 13: Jordan warns Adam if he accepts a deal with Dani, DK will make it to final 2 **Updated**

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4:23pm Bathroom Dani and Porsche Porsche is giving her a rundown of the day’s campaigning efforts. Porsche says that Kalia is doing the same type of campaigning but in her side. Dani says if Adam votes for Kalia to stay she doesn’t owe him anything but if he flips and votes her to stay she owes him her life.

Porsche brings up that it’s painfully obvious that Shelly is playing both sides. Dani knows but all that Shelly is doing is keeping herself save from both sides. Dani is sure Shelly will vote to Keep Dani

Porsche told Kalia last night if it’s Kalia and Porsche that survive it’s just the 2 of them.

4:30pm Shelly and Adam

adam wants to know what Dani is telling Prosche final 3 final 2… where does he really fit in..

Shelly understands everything but is thinking about the end game and winning the prize money. Shelly says Kalia and Porsche have been on slop if its endurance Shelly might be their only chance against Rachel.. Both Shlelky and Adam are convinced that it’s double eviction next week. (man it’ll be sweet when they find out its tomorrow.)
(earlier today shelly talked to Adam alot about the money and played scenarios out with him what he would do if he won it .. dream vacation, apartment, car that sort of thing. Now she’s pushing the argument that he will not win the money unless he makes a big move and counting on winning the next series of comps is too risky)

Porsche joins them and they start to talk about the season. Adam thinks it’s a great season thinks that fans are having a blast. Shelly doesn’t think so she thinks it’s been kinda boring. Adam points out that if it was boring there would be more twists. Porsche agrees she thinks there season is a lot of fun.

Porsche: “OK guys we have the power this week we decide who stays.. “.. rachel joins them..

4:33pm Rachel and Jordan walking Jordan saying she doesn’t want Shelly or Adam to win the HOH but she’s more nervous about Adam. Jordan: “I don’t want him to try any funny business” Rachel agrees that Adam can’t be trusted, She points out that Adam and Porsche have a deal and that makes her nervous.

4:54pm Lockdown called.. Shelly: “It’s not a all night lockdown” (which probably means they are going to setup a skill comp that they can compete in)

5:00pm HOH Adam and JJ He’s kissing both their asses.. Reassures them he’s not listening to anything Dani is saying and says Dani is getting very desperate. Adam says she’s offered him the same deal JJ offered him. Jordan is quick to reply with this zinger..
Jordan: “Why do a deal with her… so Dani and Kalia can make it to the final 2”
Adam: “Uhhh if Dani stays Kalia goes”
Jordan: “Oh yeah right Porsche and Dani then”
(Here’s a hint Adam how about Jeff and Jordan going to final 2… ask Jordan about that)

Adam says Dani’s offer make no logical sense he wants to get to the end with JJ and then can fight it out fair and square, “I beat you you beat me whatever… If I don’t start winning BLANK I don’t deserve a 1/2 million dollars”

Adam says he has no deal with Porsche and is worried that fighting so hard to keep Dani is suspicious and he now knows they don’t have his best interest in mind.

Adam starts raising his voice yelling that Dani is such a BLANK vampire she glamours people.. He thinks Dani is full of BLANK getting mad that jeff put her up when she tried to backdoor jeff early on.

Jeff: “She BLANK played stupid… ” Jeff adds that he’ll be happy when this week is over.

Adam hopes it’s not questions becuase they don’t need Kalia win, “We don’t need that BLANK ATTITUDE again”. Adam explains to them that Porsche will vote with the house.

(Adam is trying to wedge himself deep in with JJ because he’s nervous that Shelly is pushing so hard to keep Dani. Lets hope double eviction shakes the house up a bit)

5:30pm Shelly and Dani Dani saying that it’s not making any sense she feels liek they won’t be able to get Adam to budge. Shelly says she’s trying very hard but Adam is set on it.
Shelly: “I don’t know what else to say to him…”


5:40pm Shelly and Dani Dani: “You do realize that unless someone breaks JJ up next week they win this” Shelly knows she plans to backdoor jeff if she gets the HOH. Dani says there’s no point to backdoor him she needs to put Jeff and rachel up because next week only one person doesn’t play POV and Jeff always seems to be picked to play POV.

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202 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Jordan warns Adam if he accepts a deal with Dani, DK will make it to final 2 **Updated**

    1. If Shelly wasn’t playing both sides this week then the feeds would be boring and predictable.
      I am realizing that I really don’t like anyone but Jordan (how can you not like her) and anything, I mean anything, that changes things up is good.
      The double eviction should be awesome and I hope and pray that production does NOT get involved!!!

      1. Because her win is an embarassment to how big brother has been played up until her season. Most former HG’s and many past winners have said similiar statements. She’s not respected among her peers. She’s also getting to be quite catty. And truth be told, what started out as cute (her stupidity) is now annoying. And she’s comfortable with lying to her fans, in going along with this couple charade.

        1. BBXposed – bang on! She’s annoying to watch this season and making an ass out of herself. It’s actually sad to watch even her own pseudo boyfriend make a joke out of her.

        2. Her peers? Really? Wanna be famous losers (for lack of a better word) who can give up 3 months of their lives. There is no amount of money that would make me leave my family and friends for 3 months.
          Jordan is a sweetheart!

          1. I think Dani and Jeff will leave this week. If that’s the case, I may root for Jordan again because the rest of the house guests have all played pretty dumb.

            Except maybe Adam since he’s been playing both sides since the beginning. Adam can’t win anything though.

      2. Adam will go down as the biggest coward in Big Brother history. Never has one player said on a week to week basis “When I win this next HOH”…. and never win. He has showed that he is scared to death to make a big game move…. yet thinks Evil Dick will respect his game. Adam chose to try to ride the popularity of Jeff and Jordan, from a previous BB season, BB11, in hopes he would become loved by BB fans as they use to be. Congrats to Adam! He may now describe himself as “the Heavy Medal Coward” and as “Adam Scared to make a Power Move” and as “The Worst Player in BIG BROTHER HISTORY” Team Bacon Yo!!!!

        1. Wasn’t Nasty Natalie (Jesse’s crush) the Queen of saying what she would do every week when she won HOH…and never did? Adam has a few more weeks to go before he can dethrone that lovely little girl.

        2. Actually Adam is playing a pretty smart game by playing both sides from the beginning. I would not be surprised if he helps evict Jeff next. If he does, he’s a heck of a player. He would have helped evict almost all the strong players, leaving himself with the “floaters”

  1. Ha ha! We’re gonna fight it out fair and square. Yeah right, Adam. You barely won that POV, even though it was thrown to you. You have NO chance of separating J and J, you dunce. They don’t even trust the baconator. Man, it’s frustrating to watch this season.

    1. adam knows exactly whats up.he’s here to win.take out dani thursday.if porshe kalia wins takes out jeff.adam sticks with rachel to final 2 jeff ,brendon,jordan,porshe,kalia,dani,shelly vote for adam.adam is the real diabolic super genuis.everybody keeps saying jeff and jordan will make final 2 for sure but the odds of that is impossible.these newbies are stuuupid,lol especailly shelly geez she’s an idiot.adam for the win.

      1. NO!
        Jeff is a man of integrity and generous spirit.
        He is humble and sincere.
        You must be mistaken, otherwise why would so many worship him?


      1. I’d love to see Jeff send Adam packing. Jeff has said so many times how useless he is and Adam is just head over heels in love with him. And this nothing to do with him not flipping or whatever. Adam is a pussy.

  2. keep dani! she deserves to be there over most of the cast. jordan is probably the most useless player this season. once jeff is gone she has no chance.

      1. I think that Dani should not stay at Big Brother House. She deserve to go home, crying and moaning. Beside, Dani make fools to herself. She don’t deserve in finals. Beside, your responsible of backdooring Jeff and guess what revenge is sweet. It’s make Rachel happy as well. It’s suck doesn’t it.

          1. Dude, again I speak English. Keep this up and I will ignore you. I’m trying to be nice. I write my thoughts. Just chill out.

    1. jordon won her HOH legit, so she did something, so she deserves, just cuz dani has no social game and joins up with losers, doesnt mean she deserves to stay, zingbot is right, she is riding her ol man coat tails…..

      1. 2 of Jordan’s 3 HOH’s over the course of her time on BB were handed to her. The first by Jeff on Season 11 and the second by Jeff and Brendon this season. She’s endearing, but Jordan is useless as a Big Brother player.

      1. I was looking at it tonight and it all seemed so stupid. Surely CBS must know that this is the worst cast ever (but you still sort of want to see who will win since we have stuck it out this long).
        What was the robot saying about Kahlia and Shelly?
        Dani is gone.
        Final two: Shelly and Portia (I don’t care which one wins).
        Just don’t want Adam or Kahlia to win.
        Rachael, Jordan, & Jeff will be evicted.

      2. You are so right! Adam’s theory that there would be more twists if the BB house was boring? All the twists from the previous season
        combined in this season wouldn’t change a thing . . . . this is the most boring season ever! I wonder if they tried to get other players to come
        back and this is what they ended up with. Jeff and Jordan are dull, dull, dull. Rachel and Brendon aren’t offering anything we haven’t seen
        before. The new players are dumb, dumber and dumbest.

          1. wasn’t trying to affect you at all, just genuinely expressing my joy at the thought of jeff being evicted, as early as tonight! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!

            :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

            :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    1. Actually, Dani should get Adam, Shelly and Rachel all together sometime tomorrow before the live show begins and ask if they really trust that JJ ONLY has a final 3 deal with him or her and watch JJ squirm, since all 3 seem to trust that they are the only ones with that individual deal with JJ.

    1. Poor girl? Are you crazy? She is a mastermind. She’s running the show. She has both Keith and Lawon trusting her 100%. Her fake showmance with Dick is working perfectly. Plus she has turned the whole house against Cassi. She has had this game won ever since she backdoored Jeff and Jessie in the first two weeks (by winning back-to-back HOHs).

      1. Are you talking about Jordan????????????
        She DID NOT have a showmance with Dick. She has not really campaigned to get anyone out of the house….and she definitely did not campaign to get Cassie out.

        and after it is all said and done……who ever had a showmance with Dick?


        1. Haha am I the only one who got the joke? Sadness. I hate to see Dani go but she played her cards wrong trying to out shine her dad.

      2. I’m so done with the Jeff & Dani situation. I have moved on.
        I don’t even care anymore. Dani did her best, but she could not come back from what she did that 2nd or 3rd week. …but at least she tried.

        I’m focusing on Shelly & Portia at this point.

        After seeing the robot discuss JJ’s engagement proposal, & watching how JJ reacted to the topic;
        does anyone still think they are more than friends?

        Just curious.

    2. Jordan can’t even talk properly ummmmm uuuuuuuuhhhh. She’s too stupid to get her thoughts out. This is going to be like season 11 and another idiot will win. A part of me wants Jeff to win so he can finally dump the idiot.

      1. That “idiot” as you call her won final back-to-back (2 out of 3) competitions in her BB season. And, oh, by the way, she also won $500,000. Not bad for someone who can’t speak and is an idiot. She laughed all the way to the bank. Did you?

      2. Jordan may be dumb as a rock but she is nice. Of course, that could only be by the time she has figured out that what someone said should have ticked her off she can’t remember who said it. :)

  3. adam is a moron. for such a big fan he sure doesn’t understand the game at all. i’ll be happy to see him go. i’m really surprised nobody on dani’s end has brought up jeff’s $15k or jordan’s $500k yet.

    1. Agree!! Unfortunately Adumb wouldn’t be hear this even if it was yelled to him over megaphone. He’s too busy giving Jeff the b*** J** he so desperately is craving and, which Jordumb is clearly not giving him. Dani should get Rachel to tag team Adumb out so D could remind A of this point….. ya just know R would be more than willing to oblige.

  4. Who is Jordan think she is… She is one of the biggest floaters in the house… I don’t understand why Adam doesn’t see that Jeff is only looking out for him and Jordan and nobody else… Adam has his head so far up Jeff’s ass it is sickening… I hope Adam flips to the other side but I don’t see that happening

  5. It’s funny how Jeff’s fans say he didn’t backdoor Dani, because she had a chance to win veto, but even on tonight’s episode Jeff said he could BACKDOOR Dani. Hmmmmm. Sounds to me that’s just what he’s doing.
    BTW, can’t believe that Adam thinks that he’s going to final 3 with JJ. I wish Shelly would tell him that JJ had the same deal with her, or for Rachel to hear the same. Not that Rachel would vote to keep Dani.
    Watching the episodes on TV just makes me realize why I dislike the ones that I do.

      1. Made a comment that got screwed up for some reason. It came up as someone else saying it.
        Basically, what I said is that from watching the episode tonight you hear Jeff talking about BACKDOORING Dani. That’s for all of you who say he didn’t backdoor Dani, cuz she had a chance to win the veto.

        1. He’s wrong lol. Both Dani and Jeff are using the term backdoor wrong. You can only backdoor someone when they don’t get to play in the veto.

          Perfect example: Jase and the 6 finger plan. Back when you could still pick ppl to play for the veto (wasn’t random) an HOH (nakomis) put 2 of her friends up who picked 2 of their friends. Jase was running around all happy lol, little did he know that it was all a plan so he couldn’t play in the veto. So, one of the ppl won the veto, got one of the nominees off and BACKDOORED Jase. The whole point of a backdoor is because you’re scared the person you’re trying to backdoor will win the veto IF they play, so you hope they don’t get a shot at the veto. But since Dani did play, and lost. She had her shot at the veto so she didn’t get backdoored.

    1. No shit. The best thing Adam could do is tell JJR about Shelly and get her ass out right after Dani. He’s trying to improve his standing with the alliance obviously, but actions speak louder than words. I think that if they trusted him more he would last longer.

  6. Give up dani. You’re nothing but dicks daughter. Your biggest move of the game: getting your alliance to vote another member of your alliance! Brilliant! I actually feel sorry for Brendon that he has to put up with your ass in jury

  7. Does typing in my email make it faster/easier for you to post my comment, Simon? Also take me up on my poll question suggestions.

    Jordumb’s true intelligence is coming out haha.

    1. As much as I would like for that to happen, Adumb’s mind and lips are fixated on Jeff’s ass. He’s also eyeing Jeff’s balls, as he’s clearly left his (if he ever had any) back in Jersey. Farrah needs to Fed-Ex them to him ASAP!

    1. Jeff has no intention on bringing Rachel to final 3 deals he knows other house gets will get her out because of their hatred for her, so he won’t need to ever put her up Rachel will piss to many off she makes herself a target. He needs Rachel in the jury by someone else’ s hands to get her vote he’s not to stupid he’s thinking other like Brendon will vote for them too , he know has Porsche thanking him for saving her Kalia should be happy because she stays I say that good stacking in the jury don ‘t you

  8. +++ SIMON or ANYONE+++
    Please help me out! They are showing football tomorrow night and not BB until 2am! Does anyone know any sites I can watch it live on??? Thank you in advance!

    Please help me out! They are showing football tomorrow night and not BB until 2am! Does anyone know any sites I can watch it live on??? Thank you in advance!

    Please help me out! They are showing football tomorrow night and not BB until 2am! Does anyone know any sites I can watch it live on Thank you in advance!

  11. “If you vote for Dani to stay, it will DEFINETLY be DK in the final 2”-Jordan. Even though DK are on the block TOGETHER!! This is coming from the person who will most likey win BB AGAIN… Are you kidding me?? This is who Adam trusts his ENTIRE game with?? Adam: “I think the fans are having a blast” are you delusional?? WORST SEASON EVER!!

  12. What’s up with the lockdown? Is that how they do like luxury comps? I can’t remember any from before… Its mixed up with all other comps :/
    I hope it’s a DPOV comp LOLOLOL

  13. way to go jeff I want jeff to win now. I enjoyed watching him tonight. finally someone not afraid to play the game
    team Jeff (minus shelHE)

  14. Can’t wait until Dani is gone! And Rachel is doing perfectly. She kept her cool this week. Hope she wins the 1st of the 2 HOHs this Thurs and then Jeff wins the 2nd after that.

    I really want Rachel to win this. People gave her such crap, but I think she’s a great player now.

  15. I think they need stop asking for Adam’s vote and let Adam keep playing with Jeff’s balls. Dani needs to talk to Rachel at this point and just go all out and try negotiating for her vote. even if she don’t get Rachel’s vote, she atleast can leave and said she tried every option. Dani needs to blow up everybody’s cover at this point and let everyone destroy each other. there’s gonna be alot of DR sessions going on tonight.

  16. From watching tonights episode I realize that Jeff is an asshole and Jordan is an idiot shocker! Adams is so lame and should just evict himself

  17. has anyone else campaigned this hard for a vote? damn, reading the updates is getting painful. i understand that she wants to stay, but dani-central is exhausting. all this campaigning for her to stay is actually making me want her to go.

  18. lol woudlnt it be hilarious if dani and jeff went in the double eviction it would sink both the team dani and team jj fans.

    I was rooting for both of them at the start of the season but dani played horrible strategically the most dangerous pair was jj, and even after jj found out she was did she sucked up to them and went against br (made no sense what so over), after that she still could have played a great game if she went against the other (jj) and have both vet pairs broken up by the end of kalia hoh but what does she do she gives in to kalia stupidity and agrees to put up lawon instead of jj and send home a key number (that point it was over for dani).

    Now jeff even hasnt made stupid strategic moves but then again he hasnt done anything in the game until this point and now all of sudden he thinks hes the mastermind of this season. I really used to root for jeff on his season but I guess when theres bullies in the house (jessie, russell, jeff) you pick the lesser of all evils, this season jeff showed his true colors hes a big headed arrogant hypocrite oh I almost forgot hes a homophobe as well.

    Although I seriously doubt that cbs will let dani and jeff go home back to back because it will kill their ratings. they dont want dani to leave but at this pint theres no hope. But they can still rig the hoh comp to something in jordan favor (maybe another minigolf comp) to keep jeff save god forbid their golden boy got evicted after they put brendon in the house to try to help him out

    1. BB13 Fortune Teller is on Twitter



      Clues on how to open Pandora’s Box and SAVE DANI


    2. its funny how everyone likes to push all the drama off on bb prodution but it really all boils down to something very simple, selfishness. You can lecture, yell, debate or even try to mislead others into doing what you want them to do but in the end they use that uselless lump above their shoulders to make their own decisions thus landing us where we are, so stop complaining. If you dont like whats going on you can use that little rectangular thingy with all the buttons on it to change the chanel and watch something else.

  19. Goodness Adam!
    You’re really gonna go with Jordan on what she’s telling you? Her reasoning of the final 2 to prevent you from keeping Dani isn’t even a strong one. Like how would Jeff and Jordan being in final 2 be any better from Dani and Porsche being there? Adam is so frustrating! He’s losing his mind! Wouldn’t he rather have a final 3 deal with 1 vet and a newbie instead of 2 veterans that are obviously gonna screw him over soon? And plus, Jordan and Jeff have already won more money than anybody in the house combined. Send them packing.

  20. I would love to see Shelly win HOH and put up Jeff and Jordon then see Jeff get evicted. I would send Big Brother one weeks pay just to see that happen. God, that would be so funny.

  21. Dani is so pathetic…”I’m on slop, I’m on the block, I’m the only HG ever that has ever been on slop or on the block, wah wah wah wah wah wah, I want to be in this game more than anyone else” How do you even say that to another HG? That you want to be in the house more than he/she does?
    GET DANI OUT PLEASE! If I want to hear whining and crying ALL DAMN DAY, I’ll go to the nursery at the hospital.

    1. Pop room: Shelly is consoling Dani. She says, if I go, you know she is going to win. Shelly asks her is she talked to him again. Yes, I talked to him after, but jeff came. Dani starts to whisper, he thinks he can get a deal with Kalia. She is repeating all the stuff that has been said. Shelly says, I told him; you are putting them in front of all the money and Farah. Dani says, repeating all the stuff, I went up to Jordan when she was crying and told her it was going to be ok, I have went out of my way to make them feel safe, yeah right america’s sweethearts.
      She goes on to say, playing nice didn’t get me far. Tells her that last time she played a more deceptive game the last time. This time she played more social game and look where it got me. Talk of how she looked out for him. Saying he is blaming her from Lawon going home, when she was keeping him off the block. That was not my hoh, he thinks I was controlling her. Keeps repeating everything we have already heard. Shelly starts to help her pack. Shelly says, I wonder if there is something else that is going on, I don’t think so…I think I would know it. tells her she should quit. A lot can happen tonight. Dani: they will have him trapped up there. Dani they never campaign, they only go around telling everyone what is going to happen. She goes on to says, I am not going to be walking around all happy and cheery. I am mad, hungry, tired and sleeping on a rock. Shelly asks have you tried everything? I have tried everything, different angles. Shelly: if he isn’t listening he is playing from them.
      Dani start to teach her what to do. I know you are close to them, but if you win, you have to put up Jeff and Rachel. If you don’t. one wins, they can take the other down. Then you have to put one of your own up. It’s about numbers. If 2 are always on the block, you have the numbers. Shelly then American will have me. Dani: no they wont…maybe half and half…but America will see Jeff lying.
      Silence as the continue to roll her clothes. Shelly asks where is he. He is up there and keep talking to him. What is there possibly they could talk about. It is to keep him away from me. They have been playing hall monitor.
      Porsche comes in and says there are slop chips. Dani says she isn’t hungry. Dani starts the same record. Dani says, I have never had to pack. Not till the finale. Shelly says I know you are incredibly bummed out and upset, but don’t give up. Dani says, everyone, everyone on the show (talking about the staff & production) expects me to pulls this out, but I don’t see it happening. Shelly: there is nothing that will break them up…I asked him straight up will you put them up…he said not. Dani: I offered him the deal
      of a lifetime and he wouldn’t take it.  It doesn’t make sense. Dani says: for a person who loves this game so much? And he cant see it. They talk about Adam has this thing about making it to the fastforward and the don’t understand it.  Shelly: he is jeopardizing me. She repeats how can you put them in front
      of Farah. He doesn’t think they lied to him.
      Shelly goes to find something to help her pack. So things don’t knock around(???).
      (seriously…I think she really did bring her entrie wardrobe, and went and purchased 2nd wardrobe and brought that too)
      Both back in the room. Rachel walks in. asks Danielle if she needs help. No thank you.  She lays down and is staring at her pack. (yet she wonders why no one likes her). Shelly keeps coming in and out getting stuff to help her pack. Going to get the luggage. A lot of no talking now that Rachel is in the room.

  22. Here are my three wishes!!!!!
    1) dani goes home
    2) Adam tells JJR about shelly, so they no she is flipping and doesn’t vote to keep dani and blame it on Adam
    3) Rachel wins hoh puts up kalia and porsha and if one gets off puts up shelly or Adam!

  23. SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do j no if the game is playing tomorrow night!!!! I live in Georgia! My tv guide shows big brother still at normal time tomorrow!

      1. I would not let the Hgs practice, just throw them in there and let them figure out how the comp goes, another reason why BB comps are pure garbage,

    1. Nikki…google the Falcons (I presume) schedule to see if they have a home pre-season game tomorrow. CBS broadcasted the Jets here in NJ on Sunday, then BB followed immediately after. Go JETS. Go DANIi.

  24. LOL! Shelly is now going after Jeff on Thursday.

    Jeff needs help from Adam and Rachel. Or he is going home.

  25. What I find extremely funny is that Dani is so upset that she got backdoored. She acts like it’s the worst thing someone could do in BB house but yet she did it to Brendon just last week. What a hypocrite. I really was rooting for her or Jeff to win but not anymore. Hope she goes home tomorrow. And no newbie deserves to win. They all suck this year. Go Big Jeff!!!!

    1. I guess Jeff was happy abt the backdoor, that’s why he waited three weeks to get her back. Everyone agrees it was a game move that went bad. but Jeff decided to personalise the issue, and that’s why he cant be in the HOH room all relaxed. everything he talks abt is Dani jusitifying his actions to stupid Adam and Jordan. I guess Adam shade more than his weight. he must have shade some balls and brains too.

  26. Jordan has lost a bunch of wait, good for her. She looks awesome :)

    As for the rest of my comment, ehh, just the usual lol: Dani’s going home…great competitor….Adam’s right….Shelly will get caught…..JJ might follow.

  27. Adam’s best interest would be to vote Kalia out because that would leave Dani and Porche. Porche will be a lot easier to beat than JJ

  28. Adam is a pussy and is going to do whatever JJ tells him. And is Shelly really planing to backdoor Jeff or is she still playing both sides?

  29. I hope so bad jeff gets evicted tomorrow right behind Dani. I can’t stand him saying how much integrity he has, he’s full of shit! It would be a nice surprise for Dani! Does anyone think Adam is every going to do anything in the game but get a veto thrown to him?!! He’s boring, doesn’t win anything, and has his head so far up jeff’s ass that he won’t ever make a move! Grow a pair and get jeff out instead of just trying to get far!

  30. Best show ever…. Let’s just hope Adam keeps it together.

    Jeff’s veto speech and last DR?……..”awesome” lol

    1. The more I see the more I wish I could put a cap in everyone’s ass in the house including production( ga ha ha ) !!!!!!!!!!!! 13 seasons !!!!!!!!!!! Ya think they could make it bigger & better and real !!!!!!!!!!! CBS sucks ass !

  31. Am with u Jaydog. Great speech at veto meeting. Did u see Dani’s face? I thought she said if she gets nominated, there will be hell to pay. I didn’t hear her say a word except for “SHOCKER”!!!!!

  32. Am with u Jaydog. Great speech at veto meeting. Did u see Dani’s face? I thought she said if she gets nominated, there will be hell to pay. I didn’t hear her say a word except for “SHOCKER”!!!!!


    Check Twitter



    Clues to how to unlock Pandoras box and SAVE DANI!!

  34. There are many reason why Dani is leaving in big brother house:
    1)She is Catty
    2)She is spoiled little brat
    3)She hates every Houseguest for voting her out
    4)She make threats of Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Rachel, and Shelly
    5)She is horrible player
    6)Her bad attitude
    7)She is not Eval Dick
    8)She fight with Rachel all the time
    9)She makes fools to herself
    10)She cries like a baby
    There are many reason why Dani is irresponsible in big brother house
    1)She never give a word of going to final 4 deal
    2)She always make more mistake of wrong moves
    3)She convince Dom (PT) to going to final 4 deal with Brendon and Rachel
    4)Planning to backdoor Jeff earlier
    5)Backdoor Brendon as a replacement
    6)She help Kaila to put up Jeff and Rachel on the block
    7)Going to final 4 with Kaila, Porsche, Shelly, and Adam into final 5
    8)Continue to screw with Rachel, Jeff, and, Jordan
    9)Denied in everything of planning backdoor Jeff
    10)Kaila and Dom take the fall instead of her
    So, I can’t wait till Thursday and will be fireworks of Dani getting screwed. Life sucks doesn’t i

  35. The more this week goes on the bigger idiot I realize Adam is. Is he seriously thinking JJ will keep him in the final 3 hahahahaha good luck after Dani’s gone he is sure to be out in the double eviction. I really don’t get him at all. Adam is playing awful! better luck next time big brother at getting a real Big Brother fan that could actually be a player. I am starting to doubt he even watched Big Brother before if so he wouldn’t be making such a awful move. Also what is up with him not listening his side people such as Porche and Shelly. I get that he thinks Dani has ulterior motives but what the heck are their ulterior motives. I mean freaking Shelly has always been with JJ and she is flip flopping for a reason dummy. Seems like any fan of this show would know that Jeff is working him so hard. He should just self evict now lol. Everyone’s game makes sense to me except his. Heck even Shelly’s game makes sense and hers never does usually.

    1. You forgot about Jordumb! Even a broke clock is right twice a day. She could…possibly….maybe….win HOH. That and monkey girl Dani will fly out the BB front door when she is evicted. I want Shim Shelly out next!

  36. i’m a jj fan but damn there dumb,lol why havent they figured out that dani already has shellys vote thats why she’s pressing adam so much cmon guys think a little harder.

  37. Dani is putting way to much pressure on Adam. He doesn’t play like that. She needs to go back in the corner where she came from. She is acting alot like Rachel but worse!! JJ need to wake up and notice what Shelly has been up too as well, playing both sides! But that’s where there stupidity comes in and only think Adam has a deal with Porshe. I hope this Double eviction changes up the game!!!!

  38. I have a question for ANYONE:

    Does anyone know if Dick has made any mention of Dani’s “predicament” (and how she’s “dealing” with it) on his show? Could be amusing…..

  39. Whether you agree with Dani’s decisions in the past, she has been the only player who has shaken the house up and makes this season somewhat interesting. She plays to win and is fighting to stay in the house. I hate how Adam thinks he deserves to go final three with Jeff and Jordan. If Jordan or Rachel win HOH i’m pretty sure Adam will be gone. His best bet is to make a deal with Dani, vote to keep her and he may be safe.

  40. Hopefully at the top of thursdays show they will announce it’s double eviction….Adam might freak and flip. Adam is the worst character ever….nothing metal about him…that was just an act to get on the show. Once he saw Dick and jejo he turned into a groupie.

  41. Will there be two evictions on tomorrow’s show? I think Rachel will be HOH b/c she hasn’t won HOH in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to see Kalia or Porshe win HOH b/c I think Porshe as HOH will be the same as having Kalia – I don’t want to see Kalia doing any more happy dances, chomping on food in the HOH like a cow, or sleeping.

  42. Ok. This season sucks. And here is why in my eyes… 1st. Rachel is disgusting!!! Thank god for that loser branding to pick that piece of shit up.. Jeff thinks he is a bad ass but in the real world is life he is a tool. Shelly is white trash. Fat as kalia is a stereotypical n word. Useless piece of crap… Adam is a fat ass geek with no life and watches this show and knows it to well because he has no life….for god sakes look at him. He couldn’t get laid by a prostitute with $500 in his pocket. Porche is plain stupid. Jordan is has about much common sense as a fart in a bathroom a. This season sucks!!!!!!

  43. I love how Big Jeff tries to play it off as if he’s so clever with his speeches and DR sessions. You’re all aware that Big Brother scripts these parts, right? They’re so contrived and forced it’s intolerable at times (see Rachel’s DR sessions in particular).

    Big Jeff now has to rely on Rachel, Jordan and Adam to keep him safe? HA. I’d rather have Lawon fighting for me than Jordan, and Rachel was studying the Zingbot quotes completely wrong last night.

    Side note: Listening to Jeff and Jordan have an adult conversation, which is a rare occurrence, is laughable. That couple has the combined intelligence of a 10 year old child.

    Daniele’s smokin’ hot.

  44. Pure genius…

    Jordan: “Why do a deal with her… so Dani and Kalia can make it to the final 2?

    Jordan proves my point everyday, her victory is an embarrassment to the game. She doesn’t have a clue what is going on, never does. so useless.

  45. BTW Dani, Have fun with Juile Chen on Thursday. Awkward. Oh! Have fun in the Jury House. Shocker. :'(
    OH Kaila, Have fun as well with Juile Chen on Thursday. Awkward. Oh! Have fun in the Jury House. Sleeping of course. shockerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I bet you both will say to Brendon-Shocker. Brendon will be happy of Jeff screw Dani and Rachel screw Kaila. shockerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Later.

  46. for all you Dani haters, I look at Dani as having to sit on the golden key bs for weeks. If she had let JJBR win all the HOH’s and POV’s and just sat back to survive off of their winnings, you would have criticized her for not playing the game. Adam would have been picked off earlier along with all the newbies. IMO Dani saved the first half of the season by playing. She could have not competed and picked off the vets in the last F5, even against Brendon and Jeff.
    Give Dani some credit for playing.

  47. I think really has a plan and it may work! Like he told someone on feeds he’s not outing ShelHE for now he is going to hang on to that a bit! I think Adam wud get votes over Jeff and Jordan cuz they have already won money!! Kalia, Porshe and Shelly havent either SO stick with them and don’t rock the boat unt it is time!! I love JJ but am really starting to see Adam’s game play! If not Jeff, GO ADAM!!

  48. Lol can see this from a mile away. Kalia goes home dani sends Jeff home. House is fully taken over by estrogen and turns into the view.

  49. I never was a Shelly fan AT ALL, but at this point she is no more dishonest in her gameplaying than most in this house. That being said, I have to swallow and admit that Shelly works very hard at this game all day every day – it is almost exhausting! I really think she deserves to win this game more than anyone else! Sure, she hasn’t won a comp- but at this point it doesn’t matter. She has overcome the big hullabalu from last week with being confronted by JJ, Rachel, etc. and still she finds a way to get back in good with every member in this house (even Crazy Rachel) – UNBELIEVEABLE! I am Team Dani for sure, but if Dani doesn’t pull this off tomorrow (Adam remains an idiot who is only in this house to play houseboy to Jeff and Jordan) and winds up in the Jury house, then I think I am Team Shelly/Porsche to the final 2!

  50. Loved Rachel’s “Jackie O” at the close of tonight’s episode – those sunglasses were too much! She got a diiferent edit tonight! Less obnoxious, more “MISCHIEVIOUS”! Also liked JJ bit when they were making fun of Porcshe following Dani around! “Oh wait, gotta get a snack first!”

  51. Anyone else think this is like the most boring season of BB ever!? I mean nothing about it is interesting at all. I can normally find someone to root for every season, but this year they all suck. Maybe Dani, but not really. CBS should stop with all this “Let’s bring back ppl from previous seasons to get more ratings” BS. I just wanna watch some new house guests fight it out.

  52. Wow too the foolish fans who think big brother is all about competitions, your WRONG! Adam and Shelly have been playing a decent game themselves, but their game is a SOCIAL game. They don’t need to take people out themselves because that makes them targets, if you all think Adam is garbage and has played an awful game then how is he in the position to knock out a strong player in Danielle and not have to pay the price for it? I can’t wait for Danielle to be gone, she is annoying and is a total Bitch. Adam is right, from here on out, its all about competitions, so now his and Shelly’s social game won’t be as effective and if he doesn’t deliver by winning either the HOH or the POV then he will be sent home, but at least he’ll leave with his no regrets. He’s a better player than Danielle in the sense that he didn’t shit his pants (like Danielle did) at the chance of going against Jeff. Danielle played a horrible game and now she’ll suffer the consequences. Good Riddance!

  53. Didn’t Dani and Rachel have a deal to keep their alliance quite (before Twist with Brandon)?
    It might the only chance for Dani to keep that deal with Rachel. If Dani goes home, Rachel needs to win HOH otherwise she is on the block (I doubt Jordan will win).

  54. Jordan warns Adam if he accepts a deal with Dani, DP will make it to final 2

    Just like If Adam doesn’t accept the deal with Dani JJ will make it to final 2

    Funny how things stay the same huh Jordumb?

  55. OK who else has this figured out? With this game it’s a p.o.v. game. It is geared so jeff will win it! You have to have upper body strength. Here’s how i see it, a girl say Porsche win HOH she will put up Jeff and Rachael! Then it goes straight to POV comp and with this game Jeff will win hell he already has it down pat and he will take himself off the block!!! CBS needs to realize we r not dumb!!!! This year sucks and is so predictable it’s not funny . I have been a fan of bb fan since the beginning but i want to see someone make a bold move and for CBS to stay out of the comps and let it be played out so anyone can win. I’m sick of the same old same old on bb

  56. Wow this season is ridiculous! I seriously hope that Rachel wins! Adam is a complete idiot, Jordan is a dumb blonde, shelly is a lying man, kalia is a dunce, Porsche is wannabe dani, dani is a conniving bully, and Jeff is an asshole!!! It’s pretty sad that this season has become an epic fail!!!! I think we need to write to CBS and tell them how the show should be! Maybe it would be more interesting!

  57. After the vote tonight and hopefully the car wins HOH, she needs to put J & J on the block with the intention of voting for Jeff; next on the block should be J & R, with Rachel being voted out. Hopefully with the remaining bubbling idiots (newbies and one veteran) will vying for the final two.

  58. why are all these followers on jeffs dick i dont understand it ever since he was on the bb11 , amazing race and now bb13 he has been a an evil nasty bully who was hated by most commenters who watched and lets not leave out homophobe to a degree you wouldnt believe. yet you followers want to make him out to be the poster child of integrity, he is not and all of the hg lie including him and jordon so stop making him out to be better than the others, point blank, he has had good luck since he woke up on the second leg of this season and by bullying and basically having two complete spineless idiots (who by the way dont want to win bb) licking his ass and telling him how to win by turning on their own team which i thought this season was newbies vs vets well at this rate the vets win thanks to jeffs bullying and lack of integrity, let me define his lack of integrity, he has no intentions of taking any of them to the end. . they are idiots his only plan is to have he and jordon sit in those seats and will not tell his team his intentions he only plots all their demise. would you as a newbie go with them or dani , at least one newbie will be final 2, with jj there is no chance of that but you get to leave with jj blessings right the gods that they are. give me a f’ing break.

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