Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff: “what we have to do right now is split up Dom and Cassi.. get rid of Dom”

Brendon Villegas Big Brother 13

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4:25pm Hammock Brendon and rachel

Brendon is scolding Rachel for getting too close to Por and defending her. Rachel says that Por told her everything about Cassi and what she is trying to do. Brendon warns Rachel that Por is trouble, she’s not smart nor is she looking out for them. Rachel disagrees she thinks that after the golden key is over her and por will be very close and Por will be a valuable friend in the game. Brendon thinks that Por will be the reason they get evicted. Rachel tells him that Cassi is basically the worst person in the house. She is a disgusting manipulator that is trying to get everyone against us. Rachel: “This isn’t personal it’s very strategic.. I have done nothing but try to be Cassi’s friend.. I’m Cassi’s biggest threat that is why she’s coming after me.. She’s a BLANK” Brendon tells her she need to reign in this BLANK with Cassi because when rachel fights her in front of everyone else it messes up her game play. Rachel doesn’t think there is anything wrong with sticking up for a friend. Brendon thinks there is because all this fighting that Rachel is doing will cause to much negative attention. Rachel now warns that Cassi is getting close to Jeff/Jordan and all the rest of the guys in the house, Cassi wants to get rid of the girls so she runs things. Rachel believes that Cassi manipulated Dominic and Keith to do what she wanted them to do. Rachel: “When Cassi doesn’t get her way she pouts.. if cassi wins HOH she’ll put us up or backdoor us”

Jeff joins them, tells them that Cassi is up there talking to Jordan. Rachel: “Ohh so is she crying to jordan right now” Jeff: “no she’s not crying it was a decent conversation… dude not one single person BLANKsuspect that it was Shelly that flipped.. they all think it’s Adam and Kalia”. they have a little chuckle.. Jeff: “Nobody trusts Adam so if we do get rid of DOm then they all will be gunning for him” Brendon: “Por and Cassi are ready to explode it’s not if but when and i’ve been telling Rachel to stay out of it”. they starts rehashing the Have nots COmp saying that production was a bit pissed at what happened.

Brendon asks Jeff if he thinks cassi will keep her word. Jeff thinks that everyone is telling him what he wants to hear. Rachel: “Cassi is going to be good at quizzes” Brendon: “Yeah she could be” Jeff: “it doesn’t matter we have the numbers now” Brendon tells them it’s time to start studying for quizzes they are in “quiz territory now” Jeff thinks that there number one priority will be to split up Cassi and Dom. Rachel wonders what will happen if Lawon wins. Jeff: “If Lawon wins we’re BLANK”


4:55pm Dom cracking Dani’s back (dani might be the only chance for dom to stay)


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DOM… showing me why you’re underrated. getting Dani and Cassie in his pocket.. good game. Now! If he someone worked his magic with Shelly he is sitting pretty. Just don’t turn into Jessie. But I don’t see that happening.


Huh?! What show are YOU watching mate?!! Dom has done nothing but put a big fat X on his back. Cassi is ready to cut him loose at the earliest given moment. Cassi had Dom in her pocket. “The regulators” might be the greatest alliance of all time cos they might all be sent packing one after the other. LOL. What a kjoke. Dani is feeding the vets everything Dom says. She’s manipulating this puppy dog to the tee. Dom is going home this week unless he wins the POV. He pulled a Brian and is out. He has no clue. He falls into a long line of people who thot they were smarter than they really were. Bye Bye Dom. He’ll be sitting pretty all right…right beside Julie!

BB King

I once compared the reguators to the bra-gade. I was wrong. The bra-gade are a lot smarter. Every single Newbie should have formed a side alliance with the one of the Vets and still keep the newbie alliance intact just like the bra-gade did.


Cassi said to JJ that she would vote Dom out and I believed her (not sure I believe Dom would kick her out as he told JJ). And Dani is on a mission to get Dom in HER pocket to find out what’s going out before hte Repeats take him out next vote.


Every single thing s Rachel hates about Cassi she has done herself and much worst, 4 season Rachel is by far the biggest Hypocrite.


so if say adam and fez (dom) go up and they play for POV and say adam wins does dom get pov power as well?


Yup. Dom would come off the block too. I wish they would throw it to Cassi to protect them both and send Kalia home.


That would be best for them (if Cassi and Shelly get to play the POV). Problem is Shelly might not try to hard for it, she’s in the vets pocket.

And if it did happen, I think they would eliminate Lawon over Kalia.

Dr. Will Rocks

Come on Dom!


I’v noticed that when Rachel talks shit about cassi shes basically talking about herself.
“when Cassi doesn’t get her way she pouts.” “Cassi wants to get rid of the girls so she runs things”

I would hate to be stuck in a house with girls like Rachel and Porsha…I feel bad for Cassi.


All the girls are annoying including Cassi. The only ones of worth are Shelly and Jordan tho the Jessica Simpson act is getting old. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shelly goes a long way. I can see Cassi and Shelly teaming with J/J and taking out Brenchel & Dani in the top 10.


You are spot on!


Cassi’s a self-centered princess who’s only here to get her name out – I am convinced of that. All she talks about is her image, her image, and her image. She said today it’s for her dad. BS. You don’t play this game to seem like a good girl to your “dad”. She probably won’t win, but this is a good way to get fame and since she is a model, this can only help her.

Rachel is jealous of Cassi’s looks. No doubt. She better not blow up or do anything stupid for the Repeats’ sake.

Porscha is immature and kinda stupid, so I’m not surprised she isn’t popular in the house.

Jordan is still her sweet self and Dani is also a sweetheart. Dani’s really smart, for sure. Jordan seems like world’s #1 ditz, but there is more to her than it appears.

At least that’s how I see it.


i agree, why in the world do people like cassi – you don’t have to hate her but there is no reason to really like her either — she is not that nice or that good at the game….jordan and shelly seem nice but that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying…and say what you want about rachel but if cassi had tried to be nice to her, rachel would be glad to be her friend (which prob would have been a better game strategy for cassi btw)….i am sure that the fact that she is pretty doesn’t help but the reason the girls hate Cassi is bc girls are not going to like/be nice to another girl who overtly dismisses them or shows she has no interest in getting to know them – that is a way of letting people know you think you are better, they are beneath you….and cassi knows what she is doing


“i am sure that the fact that she is pretty doesn’t help but the reason the girls hate Cassi is bc girls are not going to like/be nice to another girl who overtly dismisses them or shows she has no interest in getting to know them – that is a way of letting people know you think you are better, they are beneath you….and cassi knows what she is doing”

That is exactly how I see Cassi. Thank you for putting it in those words.


i see a showmance between dom and dani !


Which newbies are in relationships and which would be open to a showmance? Have they talked about home in the live feeds? We know Shelly is married and Keith’s godly purpose was quantity banging white chicks, and we saw Adam kissing somebody goodbye (wife or girlfriend?) and Cassi’s BF is a country singer. What about the others?


Cassi doesn’t have a boyfriend her ex was a country singer, Dom was hurt by the last girl he was with that he’s known since he was like nine, Kalia has a guy she’s been seeing for a little while, besides that I don’t think that there is any other stories that I heard/read..


uhm you can see some interviews from each the newbies on youtube, where they answers all those questions. Dom and Cassi are both single, but Cassi has no intentions of having a showmance. that’s all i remember


Yo Simon I’ve been stuck in the real world and finally just got caught up to the action, my question is: Is Dani playing Dom like a fiddle or is she starting to crush on him?

I’m thinking she has to like him at least a little, if not she is doing one impressive acting job.


Dom already told Cassi he has a crush on her and she told JJ today that he asked her if she wants to go on a date or something like that. Cassi’s not into him… she likes “men”.

Kinda seems like Dani might be feeling something for him when they’re together, but when Dani’s talking game with her group, she’s all business.


I think Dani is the most attractive girl there but I think what I like best about her is her witty personality


i think Dom prefers Cassi but he wouldn’t mind Dani as a default, to me it seems the other way around, that Dani is not really attracted to him but intimating that she is and reeling him in can only help her game…she’s not stupid, she knows that she has no partner and no real ally in this game and she needs to start getting one – and Dom is the most likely choice


Simon I think Dani is gonna grow on you, maybe, lol like a fungus


Wait Cassi said she’s into ‘men’??!?!??? If she really said that would change how I perceive her… atleast lie dammit that really isn’t cool. She’s not even ALL THAT!


she said shes into big guys, muscle guys.


No, no. Not that she sleeps around. I genuinely think she is a respectable girl in that sense. I just meant she’s looking for a relationshop with a more adult, more accomplished, man – not for a high school kind of relationship that she would have with Dominic.


When did Dom tell Cassi this?


all i know is that last night on BBAD shelly tells cassi that she thinks Dom has a real actual crush on her, and Cassi said she really wasnt sure or didnt think so until a few days when he asked her on a date when they get out the house, shelly asks if she ever would go out with him and cassi says “noooo” which she then quickly explains means that she needs a big, strong, alpha male type (which you know Dom isn’t)….i have no idea what transpired today but it sounds like Cassi also told JJ that Dom asked her out


She and he were talking by themselves yesterday and he told her he has a high school crush on her. They both joked around it and all, but he meant it.


I’ve been watching the same show. my logic is; Dom is not in a bad position. A.) Somehow I believe Dani is for Dom. She’s praised him for being a strong player and she’s slowly gravitating to him. Cassi is close to Dom and I don’t see her choosing Adam overall Dom at all for the vets. Of course she will tell Jeff what he want to here as Jeff said everyone would do. She is smart. Adam doesn’t give Cassi any reason to vote against Dom. This is all about Dani, Shelly and Cassie. Dom needs all three. lawon and kalia will keep Dom. If the newbies don’t see the vets using them to vote Dom off I don’t see any of the newbies win. They will be picked off until the weakest ones are left…


Damn I just wish CBS can throw the newbies a bone and give the newbies a chance to find out who flipped.. they’re in a consensus kalia is one. But I want to see the drama aftermath. But cbs wont. But you know Julie will come up with a slick question for Shelly that will cause her to slip up possibly. Shelly has been cool so far though.


Simon, i have been hearing rumors that Keith was sequestered and might reenter the game. Any truth to this?


I did find it interesting that Julie did not tell or question Keith as to who voted hm out. Maybe they are going to let someone back in the game since Dick left.


As expected ADAM & DOMINIC nominated

Drama is looming


I’m surprised that Brendon is not “cracking” Dani’s back. I watch After Dark on Showtime and I always see Brendon and Dani laughing together and smiling. They are close and really flirty. I can’t wait to see how the triangle of Brendon, Dani, and Rachel pans out. Something seems fishy to me. Hopefully it’s just game play on Dani’s part to be nice and flirty because I don’t understand the appeal of Brendon. (Hince why he’s with Rachel. They are made for eachother! 🙁 )


Really can’t stand Rachel shes totally jealous of Cassi! Cassi is sweet & seems genuine! I can’t believe Jeff & Jordan are able to stand Rachel! Jordan seems like shes starting to back away from her. & I hope so because I love JJ! They are great! Jeff has always had a sense of humor but this season he cracks me up!




I have no idea why people hate Dom after watching bbad last night he clearly is one of the the most game conscious players we’ve had the pleasure of watching in awhile I mean despite if you don’t like him we are losing a really good player early so all those happy to see him ago I don’t want to see one person complaining about this season being boring later when one side runs everything. Also simon I’m officially throwing a nomination for Porsche to be called Pontiac for the future and pics


and since porches is pontiac then dom is fez (from that 70’s show), kikla is oprah, cassi could be a shetland pony and lawlan is wayne brady. LOL I agree dom does seem to have some sense when it comes to the game but he is so phony and immature otherwise.


I love Daniele but don’t like Dominic, he seems kinda immature and childish


The arrogance of the veterans is really annoying. I don’t know who is in the control room on showtime after dark, but they need to stop putting the cameras on Brendan and Rachel during their arguments. I can’t take it!


so doms next unless he wins POV ha goodbye dom don’t let the door hit your fake ass on the way out!!!


Rachel thinks that she is really close to Porche, obviously, she hasn’t learned her lesson. Last year Britney played her and Brenden like a fiddle. You would think that she would be more careful in forming friendships with other females. But, noooooo, she wants to defend Porche at all costs. Just waiting for Porche to really stab her in the back. and then maybe she will learn her lesson. Brenden is a total douche.


That intruder they call “Shelly” demoralized Dom, The intruder is about to do the same to Adam after he realize he was bamboozled. The intruder is currently working on Cassi’s fate. She will not rest until everyone is devoured. I’m surprised she haven’t turned into a cannibal and just ate her competition!!!


Rachel is so naive and very childish. Cassie is gorgeous and nice so – instant target of Rachel’s. Jealousy and insecurity while you are in a relationship will only go so far….


All Cassi does is talk about herself. She is on my last nerve! She talks over everyone and can’t even pretend to act interested in what others are saying. Self centred girl

brianna nicole