Dom 2 Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff: “Dom you and Adam are going up” Nominations are TONIGHT!

Jeff Big Brother 13

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3:00pm HOH Dom, Jeff and Jordan Dom is saying they were never targeting JJ that brendon and Rachel were their targets. Dom explains to them that his entire side is BLANK and he feels like he doesn’t have anyone that will make it to after the pairs are over. Jeff offers him a deal that they will give him the golden key this week if he votes with them and guarantees that Dom’s crew does not put up JJ or BR. They ask him about his relationships with Cassi. Dom tells him to be honest he is very tight with Cassi and Lawon. Jeff says that he’s not thinking about the end game all he’s thinking is that him and Jordan do not want to be separated for the summer so they’re playing the game with that in mind. After the golden key twist is over they will start planning for the final push. Jeff reminds him that whoever doesn’t go home gets the key and he wants to make sure that person is with them. Dom asks what do the Repeats want from him votes? Jeff is getting a bit annoyed says he wants the newbs to not target BR/JJ. Jeff smiles says Dom and adam are going up that’s what is happening. Jordan says lawon and kalia are a waste to put up. Jeff: “Kalia and Lawon are the targets next week” Dom: “You mean Lawon is” Jeff tells him that no one is a waste to take out next week they will take out the person who is a threat to them and is not with them (it’s funny that jeff talks like he’s got the next HOH already locked in) Dom smiles “you guys are in full control here you siting back running things”. JEff: “no we’re up against the wall you guys have the numbers” Dom argues that they have BLANK their team is fractured. He points out that every newb will probably be coming up here cutting deals with JJ. Jeff says it doesn’t matter who comes up here to cut a deal jeff only wants to deal with certain people. Dom says he’s looking to at least stay int he game until the Couple are broken up then after that the game will change so much it’ll be like a new game.

Dom 2 Big Brother 13

Dom says Lawon thinks Kalia has flipped so he’ll be looking for a deal shelly and Cassi are very loyal to each other so if they go up they’ll probably just fight like heck for Veto… feeds cut

Dom tells them he can sway Cassi and Lawon’s vote and maybe Shelly’s bit the others he has nothing to do with them. He’s pissed at Adam and says he cannot work with him anymore. Jeff tells him the repeats want to pick off the players that are coming after them. Dom: “If your looking for those players then your looking at Cassi/Shelly and me and Adam to be perfectly honest” Dom: “I can understand why you would put up Cassi/Shelly because they are so close. Jordan tells them that she isn’t involved in the Rachel/POR Vs Cassi thing she thinks it’s stupid and she won’t put Cassi up just because the other girls “hate here” Dom says Cassi is willing to sway.

Jordan Big Brother 13

Jeff : “would you put up cassi”
Dom: “yeah of course I have no one right now I trust her but it’s all messed up right now” He tries to explain that he’s close to Cassi and Lawon but at this point he need to protect himself like 2 people in his group did yesterday by voting to evict Keith, “there’s no showmances here”. Dom: “how about this what if I threw the last HOH and you don’t put me up that way that last couple gets the last golden key” Jeff: “That’s a good option” Dom remind them that he never talks game to Shelly and as far as he knows she doesn’t trust anyone but Cassi.
Jordan: “i’m betting it’ll be a newer person that wins HOH next week”
Dom leaves.(No deal was hashed out bu they agree to keep talking).

Jordan: “I dunno he makes it sound like it’s Cassi” Jeff: “of course he’s going to say that” Jordan :”I don’t know who to put up…” Jordan is super worried that she’s going to get backdoored next week
Jeff: “They totally don’t think it’s shelly at all…. ” Jordan and Jeff both agree that Dom has the best grip of whats going on.. Jordan says that if Cassi leaves then Dom will pair up with Dani. Jordan: “I think Dom has to go” Jeff agrees. They start to wonder why Cassi hasn’t gone up to talk to them yet.

3:50pm Cassi, Jeff and Jordan
Jeff says that they are not going to put her up because of the BLANK with Rachel he just wants to know that if she puts up rachel and Brendon and they win POV then they will not back door JJ. Cassi says to her they’re are no teams any more. Cassi says if I tell you that i’m good you’re all good. Jeff says that she plays the same type of game that they do.
Cassi says that she would rather have JJ int he game then BR, “If I went to the finals with you all and I lost and an hold my head High then i’m all good” Jeff tells her that he’s not their target. cassi says she’s not going to lie to them her target is Brendon/Rachel and JJ are completely off her radar. Jeff says all he wants to do is make it to after the gold key so he’s looking for a guarantee. Jordan tells her that Dom and Adam are most likely going up. Cassi understands she likes Dom but can understand. Cassi: “Just between us I swear on my father that I will not talk about this outside this room and I hope you don’t say anything about my plans against Rachel because I haven’t even told Dom and LAwon that” Jeff agrees.

Jordan says she’s not happy with how Rachel and Por are acting and she feels that they are behaving the way they are because they are intimidated by Cassi’s looks. Jordan: “Let face it your beautiful and girls like that are insecure”

Cassi says to them that if they hear anything then just walk up to her and ask her Cassi is shooting straight with then she’ll work with them under no circumstances is JJ on her radar. She points out that no one in the house has the balls to put up Brendon and Rachel but she does and will.
They ask her who she will put up, Cassi says that after what is happened on thursday she wants to take out the 2 players that wronged her and those are Adam and Kalia she also wants to target Rachel because of all the BLANK she’s starting. Cassi adds that she’s willign to put aside rachel for Adam/Kalia if she can work something out with JJ.

Cassi tells her don’t say anything about it but I know you guys don’t like Brendon and Rachel but in this game it was a smart move for you.. You 2 are more like me, we’re good people. Jeff says that nominations are tonight, he gets up tells Cassi good talk and walks out.

Jordan asks her if she was crying. Cassi says she was crying in the DR because she misses her Dad so much. Being in this house with Rachel and Por is just like High school and that was nasty. Jordan tells her not to worry those girls are only acting that way because she’s so gorgeous. Jordan is glad Cassi is dealing with Rachel the way she is, Cassi is looking like the Mature intelligent one. Cassi says she wants to walk out this house and have her father tell her he’s proud of how she acted and how she acted like a lady.

Jordan tells her that a bunch of people are coming up to her saying they do not trust cassi and they need to put Cassi up. Jordan: “I’m not going to put you up because Rachel and Porsche are jealous your so pretty” Cassi tells her that she campaigned like crazy to keep Keith but that was week one and now everything has changed.

(I see the rift already forming between Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel/Dani)

Cassi 2 Big Brother 13

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BB King

Jordan is an idiot for defending Cassie. The moment Cassie gets HOH she will put but Rachel and Brendon and if these two win POV, guess who she is putting up? Jeff/Jordan. If Jeff/Jordan are smart they will not let this rift happen and keep the Vets intact.

BB King

Sorry I think I spelled Cassi wrong.


Too bad they are not smart, and neither is Brenchel


Nice shirt Jeff, good to see you’ve come to your senses…or perhaps the admin of this site is getting cheeky on us?


I think Lala is rubbing off on you =)


Omg,Simon! I totally fell for it! I was thinking, man Jeff heard he was getting bad press and was trying to save face! I’m such a dumb ass. Good one, Simon.


Ok now its getting good. But to be completely honest, I can’t stand kalia I just can’t. Before the newbies made the stupidest decision to keep porshe(I know Keith is annoying put would’ve put newbies in the best position.) I respect dom. If he makes it past this week, which he will, he’s my pick to win it.


A. I agree. I loathe Kalia. 100% can’t stand her. I hate the way she talks and the way she is. There aren’t any words I could assemble together to describe my hate for her. B. I wish I could be as sure as you Dom will survive this week. I really hope he does!


Rachel: says to Brenda that Cassi doesn’t deserve to be in the game. She pouts when she doesn’t get her way, she’s manipulative, etc. Rachel says “its not personal”.

Ummmm look in the mirror Ho, that’s YOU


J/J and dani are smart. theyre looking past the vet’s pact.
J/J may have shelly and now maybe cassi.
Dani may have dom.
B/R seem to have got POR. (but by weakness, not by strategy)

im LOVING these side alliances seeding now.


Simon said Dani is with B/R.


Lets hope its true about the rift. I like Dani, but I can’t stand Brendon and Rachel and until Jeff and Jordan separate themselves from Brendon and Rachel, I can’t like them in this game. I like JJ as people, just can’t stand them in this game currently. My feelings can change though if they indeed do split from B/R.

I like Dom and Adam both, I really hope they can win the POV. I like Cassi too, but I’d rather have Dom and Adam in the game then Cassi (she’ll likely be the one going home if Dom and Adam win POV)


Oh man. I cannot put into words how badly I want this rift to happen. I cannot stand Jeff’s attitude, but I will take it over Bitchdon and Rachel. I would love to see Don, Lawn, Adam, and Cassi team up and take them out, but I will settle for swapping out Adam with Jeff.


I think that Cassi is sincere with what she says. Also, I will say it again, it was very obvious that the girl’s (besides Jordan) are threatened with Cassi because she is very pretty. But based on what I see and read, she doesn’t prance around as if she is better than the next. I think she truly wants to be there and play the game. I just hope Jordan and Jeff see that and take out the other players. Would be funny if J/J backdoored Brendon and Rachel… though that is unlikely.


Would be cool if Cassidy hooked up with jj…..I love jj but them being aligned with br makes me sick……br are the worst players ever …..they are like a sore that won’t go away….


Dom will leave this week if J/J are smart. That way they get Cassi and also remove Dom’s potential partnership with Dani. Dani will only be loyal if she doesn’t have anyone else. J/J teaming with B/R is great for them. B/R are a massive target cos they’re just so brash & annoying. Having said that you have to give them credit…last season almost every time they needed to win, they did. Personally I can see a Shelly, Cassi, J/J final 4.


just from a strategic sense – the vets HAVE to get dom out to week, i really don’t see any other choice that won’t completely mess up their game….and everyone’s next target needs to be shelley – bc it seems like she might be able to win some comps, everyone likes her and she is playing both sides pretty seamlessly. if they’re smart – they will get her out soon

Day Yum Yum

You are so right about Shelley, Astrid. While I like her and she keeps a clean house for all, she is the biggest threat. She is playing both sides of the house pretty effortlessly. Also, she managed to get the Newbs to think Adam was the turn coat on the vote for Keith. Brilliant game play and who cares about Adam anyway as he is just gross and disgusting.


This may be off subject, but I can’t stand how Jordan won HOH. I know Jeff threw it because he wanted his girl to win, but I don’t understand Brendon throwing it. He wants Jeff and Jordan to do his dirty work so that he and Rachel fly under the radar. Such a puss move to me. Even though Jordan is the HOH, Jeff is the one making all the moves. That annoys me. Does Jordan not think? She has Jeff running her. I used to love Jeff and Jordan on their season, but now I loathe them as much as Brendon and Rachel.

Plus I can’t stand Brendon and Rachels bickering. CBS gives them and their problems too much air time!


why are you so ignorant? Jeff quit so he could compete in the next one, so did Brendon…. its called strategy… one must not need to try for every HOH. Jeff has a better mind on what to do, so he is simply giving Jordan great insight in what to do. Jordan is doing what Jeff tells her she should do B/C it is ALL smart. just b/c you like dom and that you hate the fact that she put him up….

Day Yum Yum

Rastin–you are the ignorant one!! Nichole is right, Jeff threw it for Jordan to win HOH. Obvi, it had nothing to do with him wanting HOH next week. If she would not have been in the winner’s circle you can bet your ass he would have given it his all for that HOH this week as he wants Dominic out as much as Jordan does and would gladly have done it himself if he could. You give Jeff too much credit as he is just not that smart to think that far ahead.

Day Yum Yum

Nichole, I totally agree. CBS is giving B/R so much screen time it is nauseating. I can’t stand the way they interact. It is so dysfunctional as Rachel is so emeshed with him. She must have said “I love you” 10 times before she would leave him alone until he said it back. The constant whining is another annoying thing. I also cannot stand what a hypocrite he is. He will not let her talk game with anyone else yet he does it freely without her being around. “Bookie?” How about “Kooky?”


Has anyone noticed how much Cassi resembles Kate Hudson?


I think she looks more like Olivia Wilde, though Kate Hudson makes sense too.


Looks more like Tila Tequila!