Adam Poch Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam: “What do you have to wrap dog sh!t in to make you forget you’re eating dog sh!t” Jeff: “Bacon” Adam: “Skunk”

Brendon Big Brother 13

6:39pm HOH Repeats minus Dani They are talking about their discussion with Cassi and Dom. Jeff and Jordan rehash their conversations saying that all Dom and Cassi did was tell them exactly what they want to hear. They start trying to figure out how they are going to get Adam to throw the competition. Jeff says he’s going to work on Adam starting tonight.

They try to figure out what to do with Pro and decide that they’re safe if she wins HOH after the couple split and if the newbs win HOH they can talk the newbs into putting her up. Jeff: “We have the numbers we can evict whoever we want” (I liked Jeff better when he was not cocky ass)

Brendon to Rachel: “You need to separate Por friendship from the game” Rachel says she will only tell por what she needs to know and they can plant seeds in por so that the information reaches the other side.
Jordan instructs Rachel to go up to Cassi and tell her she’s sorry for anything that was said and that she wants to squash everything between them. Jordan suggests that she ask Casi if she wants to work with her. Brendon says no just say your sorry and squash it be nice.. Jeff: “Squash it end it tonight”

Adam Poch Big Brother 13

6:56pm HOH Adam and Jordan Jordan tells Adam that they all think that he’s the one that flipped the vote. Jordan says that Dom is throwing them under the bus left and right. Jordan says they have the vote to save him and if he throws the comp then he’ll get a golden key. Adam says he’ll do what he can He knows that they are all gunning for him so if the repeats can guarantee he’s safe then he’ll throw it.

Adam: “I talked to Dani earlier today but She doesn’t talk game to anyone because she can’t do anything”

7:10pm Kitchen Adam, Jeff, Kalia and Brendon Adam asks them what do you have to wrap dog shit in to make you forget you’re eating dog shit. Jeff: “Bacon” Adam: “Skunk”. Shelly joins the somehow she brings up Cipro being the strongest antibiotic and how it will even kill anthraz. Adam yells out in a metal voice “CIPRO KILLS ANTHRAXS”

7:01pm Havenots Cassi and Dom Dom says he’s running out of ideas about how to survive in this game. Cassi says he shouldn’t go to them for a deal and let them come to him. She points out that they don’t know the deal Adam has with them maybe they should figure that out first. Dom says the one thing he has going for him is that people like him more than Adam in the house. Dom is feeling pretty discouraged about the whole game, he’s worried that even if he does survive they might not be anyone left for him to be close to after the couple split. Cassi tells him not to count on Kalia’s vote she’s working with the repeats. Cassi tells him she hopes her and Shelly get picked then they will pull DOM and ADAM off the block and Kalia/lawon will go up. Dom points out that then they lose Lawon. Cassi heads outside for a smoke.

Jordan Big Brother 13

7:10pm Dani and Jordan HOH Jordan is telling her that Dom is the target and the reason why is he’s didn’t give them straight answers when they called him up earlier today and Jordan has a gut feeling that he and Cassi are in it to the end. Dani disagrees she thinks Cassi is much more dangerous than DOm she’s pretty sure Dom is completely lost in the game and has no idea what to do. Dani continues saying that Cassi is a liar she’s been responsible for a lot of the shit in the house (Not true) . Jrodan brings up that she swore on her father that she wouldn’t put JJ up. Dani calls bullshit says that there is no doubt in her mind that if Cassi wins HOH she will put BR up and if BR wins POV she will backdoor JJ. Jordan:” You don’t want me to get rid of Dom” Dani: “Honest to god Jordan I really don’t care they all have to go obviously I would rather keep dom cause he’s fun to hang around” Jordan says her gut is telling her Dom that’s why she went with him. Dani says she’s on board with whatever Jordan wants. Dani will flirt with Dom to get him to do what she wants but doesn’t care how the vote goes. Jordan tells Dani they will take Cassi out next week then Lawon the following week dani agrees that is a good plan.

Shelly  Big Brother 13

7:25pm Backyard Couch Shelly and Cassi Shelly is saying that she’s completely disgusted with rachel she can’t stand her and wondes who brought her up. She mentions how rachel lays around with exposing her crotch and ass. Cassi says she went up to JJ and told them that after the couple are split she’s going after Rachel. Cassi adds that no one in the house will do that and JJ know they need to break BR up if they want to make a run for the final. Shelly tells her she’s proud that Cassi went up there by herself. Shelly says if they win the next HOH they have to take Kalia out, “I know I shouldn’t say this but I Absolutely CANNOT stand that women” Cassi says she thinks JJ wants to take them to final 4. Shelly says she thinks that is what is going to happen all they have to do is win a couple comps along the way. Shelly tells her they should all get together and agree once the couple twist is to take out Por, “Have a free week and send her home” Shelly: “did you here her say she was the hot girl this season?.. Who says that”

7:32 Storage room Rachel and Brendon Apparently dani is sad because she feels that the summer is no fun for her because her dad left and she’s lost her partner in the game. Rachel thinks she’s feeling insecure that she the first to go when they hit final 5. Rachel: “You know THEY will break us up before we hit final 5” Brendon: “SHYYYYYY” feeds switch (hmmm… scripted reality)

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I would enjoy that match up


Yep, Dom would be aligned with Rachel and Brendon. Hmm. Interesting would Dom choose Cassi or Dani?


Sounds about right!!


Possible but i think either Lawon or Kalia will be with the JeJo alliance


Man I’m seriously starting to get annoyed by Cassi: ” I know I shouldn’t say this (and exactly why shouldn’t you Cassi?) but I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand that woman” What the hell?!?!???! You’ve spoken to Kalia for a grand total of 10 minutes at mos and most of the time you were in HOH lockdown… GET REAL!


Anyways if that is the match-up there is little chance that Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Cassi can beat known HOH powerhouses..


even thought im gay i like to f rachel


im pretty sure that was actually said by shelly. but i could be wrong


Retract Cassi name from the last statement and add Shelly then…


I’m down with that. I liked jj before but I questioned their sanity teaming with BR.


No mine. Jeff & Jordan & Dani & Shelly & Breden & Rachael vs. Dom & Adam & Lawdom? & Kaila then after couples
i think jj and br will work for maybe one or two more weeks then they will split.. thinking they have to break each other off… It would be smart for jj to get rid of br but not the same for br getting rid of jj. I think dom then cassie are out… then shelly is getting sneaky so i think they need to think about getting her after the keys. keep lawon and kaila then jj needs to get out rachael then brenden then adam then shelly then final four jj vs. Lawon and Kaila 🙂


I can’t possibly believe CBS will allow the vets to win every comp and have decisions go their way everytime. As someone pulling for the newbies, CBS is really forcing me to say f it. The vets should just battle it out. Seems to me that’s what everyone starting to want. But I still am pushing for dom even though fat ass Adam will obviously throw this comp. Then cassi goes next week. Oh someone at CBS needs to bring back ‘coup de ta’.


if it wasn’t for the treachery by Shelly and Kalia, that wouldn’t have happened. I agree, the vets don’t deserve to win, that had there chance already. I was pissed when they arrived. Unless it was an All-Star show they shouldn’t have been there. The newbies were screwed over. Shelly and Kalia put the nail in the coffin!!! AArrg…

Karen S

Okay first of all… it’s Doxicycline that kills anthax.. not cipro. Cipro is good for bad ear infections etc.. Doxi, is what they use usually for bronchitis etc.. but just so happens to work for anthrax. There was a run on it after 911.. people were trying to stock pile it.
My prediction Simon.. Dom will leave this week. No matter what’s being drummed up right now. Adam will not look as threatening.. and if Dani keeps hanging with Dom.. they will know she’s setting it up for after the couples break. If Dom stays.. it could be Dani, Porsche, lying Shelly, and Dom. Vs. JJ/ BR. I think that would actually be a good game. I know Adam is trying to recover from being honest.. and he will probably stay. Can someone please pass him a note and tell him, it’s okay to lie… and he needs to do a better social game. I am rooting for him! I don’t want him to be a Casey or Chicken George. ugh~ In real life.. I think Adam and I could be really good friends. I approach everything the same way.. either you hate me or you love me.. but I am at least honest. : )


Well first, you spelled it wrong, its Doxycycline and Cipro WAS the only medication people were stock piling after 9/11 NOT Doxycycline. You should do your research first before posting or just leave that part out of your comment. The drug Cipro was found to work greater, doxycycline was used but not as effective and the same with good old fasion penicillin. The protocol for anthrax at any hospital, fire department, ambulance service, and even the military is Cipro for anyone that has not received the Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed. Just thought I would help you out so the facts are straight.

lotus 53

Thanks for the info but you lose points for unnecessary meaness.

Karen S

Nothappening.. here in the midwest they were stock piling Doxy.. and so I didn’t spell it perfectly.. doesn’t make it not so. And it was the best as far as CNN and all other news were concerned that it was the drug of choice for treating Anthrax. Even if I gave you dates and times this was released.. I don’t expect you to listen.. just be a troll and go bout your business. ta da~

Day Yum Yum



did cassi really say she wants/wanted to take out J/J? if so when?


Why did bb let Rachel pick the order of the miniature golf game? I wonder if the rules to a game are loose and change depending on whose the hoh. (Sorry I finally was able to see Thursdays episode. )


I was pissed about that. So not cool. They will keep winning if they get to pick the order.