Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Is Straight Shooter Shooting Straight “we can flip the entire house on them… its the only chance to win”

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4:48pm DKP Havenots
Porsche starts joking about telling Rachel that one of the girls on the block are going to try and screw Brendon in the Jury Room (It’s really funny stuff.. 4:48 Cam 3-4) Porsche: “Umm how do you vote Rachel the sex expert or the girl you both asked to do a threesmeone with.. hmmm”

Prosche says she’s going to start dropping hints like, “I bet they have a lot of Alcohol in the Jury house… you know what can happen with Alcohol and 2 drinkers”
Dani: “that hurts my vagina just hearing you say that”
POrsche wonders why everyone thinks they can bully and intimidate her.. She mentions Jeff, Brendon and Rachel and how they have treated her.
Porsche: “I always thought he was intimidating but I see the girl he’s dating so he can’t be that intimidating on the outside”
Dani says Jeff is all show. Porsche mentions that Even Shelly has told her that she’s different now then week one.
Porsche brings up her speech “everyone always wants to know where I stand well right now I’m standing on the block”

5:09pm rachel and Jrodan Cameras flip to JR conversation. rachel is saying that she thinks the newbies will form together. How rachel sees it the Vets are still down numbers.. rachel: “OK big brother I said my bit” They go back to working out.
(Earlier Rachel was on the elliptical talking to Jordan basically saying Adam, Shelly, POrsche and Kalia are going to join up and start taking out the vets. Jordan isn’t interested in the conversation tells Rachel they need to talk later about it where no one can hear them)

5:20pm Backyard Couch Adam and Jeff

Jeff tells Adam he’s welcome to switch teams he has Kalia and POrsche. Adam says no thanks. (This super alliance has me laughing.. JJRSA )

Adam thinks that the reason why Dani tried to Backdoor Jeff was because she didn’t want to sit back and have a free ride with the golden key. Jeff: “I would of taken the free ride” Adam thinks that it was the right move at the wrong time. He adds that if it was JJ up in the HOH she would of came to them to backdoor Brendon. Jeff isn’t sure about that .. Adam is sure. Adam says she’s made 2 Big mistakes the first was the backdoor plan too early the second was counting Adams vote when Kalia was HOH and not even talking to Adam about it. Adam doesn’t think Dani will be able to get votes. Jeff thinks she’ll bad mouth JJR but not Kalia. Jeff adds that Dani had some big moves that were good ideas but they never followed through. Adam says that Dani controlled Kalia’s HOH, Jeff agrees. (Actually Shelly controlled Kalia’s HOH)

Adam tells Jeff his HOH was good he understands why he took Porsche off the block. Adam doesn’t understand why Jeff didn’t put Dani up in the first place. Jeff says he wanted to Backdoor Dani. (Dani had the veto ticket so couldn’t be backdoored, perhaps Jeff didn’t understand what the veto ticket did)

Straight Shooter walks out asks Adam where the 3 girls are. Adam says in the havenots sleeping. Shelly: “Good they won’t be yelling at us then”
They just chit chat for a bit.. Adam leaves shelly doesn’t stay for long gets up to get smokes.
5:49pm Shelly: “I love smoking now and then it’s fun”

5:51pm rachel and Jrodan
rachel: “Umm Jordan… I’m really worried about Adam”
Jordan: “WHY? he’s been hanging around Jeff
Rachel is worried about once Dani starts campaigning he could flip. Jordan doesn’t think he will flip that would be the stupidest move in the game. Jordan adds that Dani is going to start things up. Rachel says dani has nothing on Rachel so it won’t matter what she says. (JJRA have a line they say “She has nothing on me” at one point rachel and

5:55pm Backyard Couch Shelly saying she wants to keep Dani because there is no way for any of them will beat JJR in the finals. Shelly: “we can flip the entire house on them… Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2”

Shelly, Jeff and Jordan they looked me in the eye and we came to an agreement they would not put me up or backdoor me.. they swore up and down that they would not put me up.

Shelly has talked to Adam and run all the scenarios out and why now is the time to make a move.
Shelly is worried about the fast forward she thinks they will take her out. Shelly says to Dani that Kalia offered her a final 4 deal, Kalia really isn’t worried about going home.

Dani: “Next HOH it’s the entire house against rachel”
Shelly says that for her to get to final 2 and win she needs that couple broken up.

Dani goes on explaining that JJ swore up and down that they would not put her up this week and then look what happened. Shelly is shocked that they did that. Dani adds that Jeff goes around telling everyone how trustworthy he is when he’s not.

dani points out that rachel went around talking shit about everyone in the house and now she’s best friend to JJ. Shelly mentions that Rachel is still talking about other people but now it’s to JJ instead of Dani. Shelly brings up her talk with Adam and how he’s far from being convinced. Adam told her that he cannot trust Dani, Shelly doesn’t believe that she feels like she can trust dani now and has trusted her the past 2 weeks.
Dani: “If this can happen it’ll be the biggest game move.. it’ll be huge”
Shelly and Dani start talking about Kalia walking around like she’s staying this week. Dani poitns out that Kalia is getting a bit rude she asks Dani who she should go campiagn to. Dani: “Like what am i suppose to say.. she was planning out her plan if she won HOH in front of me”

Shelly again mentions the long talk with Adam and how he’s really stuck on not flipping yet. Shelly: “he doesn’t realize that JJR will get rid of him before questions.. They will it’s true”
Shelly doesn’t understand why JJ are so close to rachel. Dani: “they are trying to keep a bigger target than Jeff in front of them”..

Dani brings up that Jordan is always walking around saying how if they don’t stick together they’re side is going to get picked off. Dani laughs you all realize that JJBR have lost one player. Shelly Keeps saying that now is the time to change the house up. Shelly is convinced that if Dani goes this week Shelly will be gone next week.

(LOL is shelly shooting straight? this is too crazy to be true.. I’m almost leaning on she is shooting straight.. but I dunno straight shooter is crafty some of the shit she says is fishy.. )

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222 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Is Straight Shooter Shooting Straight “we can flip the entire house on them… its the only chance to win”

      1. True.
        Her photo and bio have been removed from the Corporate website.
        No one knows why ……….. outside traffic from BB watchers or something else?

    1. How much of a donation to the site would it take to ban people that say “FIRST”, or any other number regarding their position on the message board? One already has to sort through 150-200 posts. Why clog it up with stupid shit?

  1. Either way Simon, Adam is to chicken shit too flip on his masters JJ. He’s just a waste of space and an embarrassment to Big Brother. But if Dani does stay. Grenades YO!

    1. Yeah I don’t see this really panning out.. when you listen to Adam talk to jeff you start to figure out how extremely in love adam is with JJ.

      I can’t figure straight shooter out right now.. if she’s trying to lock in Dani’s JUry vote she’s sure risking exposing herself to JJ.. We’ll know tonight what Straight shooter is planning if She tells JJ everything that has gone down today.

        1. Oh shit, visuals! Visuals! ILL WILL, you’re giving me nasty visuals here dude! Though I’m LMAO at how true your statement is. Adam’s a spineless floater with no balls nor vision to see a great opportunity that’s staring him right in the face.

          1. Lol, why because Adam wont flip to the side where he would still be 4th in the pecking order?? Honestly Adam is a bigger target on the other team than he is on the current one…Perhaps their is too much Dani love and that is what’s blinding you from the actual…

      1. I say she’s doing both, setting up the jury votes and shootin straight. If you notice she hasn’t really promised Dani a vote, just rolling off the BS complimentary ego strokes, etc (really nice person, deserve to be here more than R, etc.) I think she’s also just rallying the troops for the next round to make sure she isn’t their target. Reminding Kalia and Porche how horrible RacHell is and that they need to get rid of Jeff. If either of them win then JR will go up. I say come Wed/Thurs she’ll fall back to the same rational used the JJ last week…Adams not changing his vote and she has to vote with the house. Dani’s gone but now only blames JJBA for her eviction.

    2. adam wont flip…hes not lame enough to think about using “grenades yo”….

      seriously, the brigade was LAME, “grenades” LAME…..and do I need to even say “SO LAST SEASON”

      1. Adam is playing it smart and safe. why would he put target on himself with this double eviction. Dani is the bigger threat between JJ.

        1. So absolutely not true. A duo that’s bond is immune to the manipulations of big brother is far more dangerous than a single competitor.

          Ask Dani and Dick.

  2. Didn’t shelly tell Jeff that it was for the best to put up dani… Shelly Adam that they need to vote out kaila… Shelly told kaila they need to keep nebies… If anyone talks to anyone she is done… If they don’t she is good… But I have no idea what she is really doing… Adam should def tell Jeff it would move him up the totem poll and let Jeff no who he can trust.. Adam would be dumb not to vote out dani for his game

  3. its the damn dr, they got into shellys head,lol ,like last year enzo was like damn the dr there brain washing me,thats what there doing to shelly and and adam right now to keep dani to make better tv,and it might be working.

    1. Yeah your right there is no way shelly came up with this, it has already been mentioned that production wants to keep dani. Messed up man CBS sucks

    2. I don’t even think the Fara can get Adam off Jeffs nuts let alone the DR. He wil be forever remembered as the biggest bitch in Big Brother history.

  4. What the hell was that comment Rachel made about ‘ok Big Brother I said my bit’? Doesn’t do a whole lot for the integrity of this supposedly completely random game.

    1. A lot of times if a player says something they didn’t catch a good shot of, but is relevant to the game and the plot they are creating, they’ll ask them to repeat it when they get the chance. The players are stupid if they don’t pick up that production is essentially telling them they are on to something. It’s like any other reality show, they will shape and influence, but it still comes down to a combination of winning the comps that count, and having a strong social game b/c at the end of the day, cbs can’t decide who is the toughest mentally for the comps to come or vote for the jurors. They may shape it, but good bb players know that and should use it to their advantage.

    2. Production always putting their two cents in, when Rachel came back in last season they told her what to do, unfortunately
      Ragan didn’t get the memo, so you had that embarrassing scene, thanks production. They want Dani to stay so Jeff will flipped out. Good for TV ratings. Heck when Jordan was going against Kevin and Nat she let it slip that production was helping her study. Production has always butted in, but this year has been the worst.

      1. Last year’s America’s favorite HG was Britney. Wasn’t she one of BR biggest enemies besides Reagan? How come America suddenly flipped & liked BR?

    3. Didn’t Brendon win the poll on this site? The haters of Brendon got split between Cassie and Dom. Unlike some of u on this site Dani has her haters too. CBS did not have to rig the vote.

  5. shelHE is beyond disgusting. he makes rach look like an angel. I think shelHE is gonna end up being the most hated man ever to walk onto BB. hope that bitch gets what he deserves. a swift kick in that saggy old man’s ass.

  6. dani is about to tell rachel what she will do to brendon if she is in the jury if rachel beats the hell out of dani for saying that I wouldn’t have a problem with it too childish

    1. For Dani and her alliances, they have spoken of how low Rachel is, their actions speaks louder for whatever they are doing to Rachel or will do is the lowest of them all. DKP disgusting women to resort to this kind of tactics. Hopes it backfired.

    2. WTF????? I think Gato may be on to something (see above), in which case, ……….. are you drinking with Aj??????

      Sober up and repeat!

  7. Shelly will never flipped and especially what Danielle done in the past. Including, Convince PT to Backdoor Jeff and backfired, Backstabbed Veterans that Dani suppose to vote w/ the Veterans instead go with the newbies (Floaters), helping Kaila to take out Rachel and Jeff as a bigger threat, and even take out a weaker floater like Lawon. Even you try to get a Sympathy of getting Shelly to be flipped. That Pathetic and stupid, you deserve to go home. For Kaila, your next to be in hit list. Rachel wins HOH (FF) and Jeff wins POV (FF). The nomination will stay the same and Kaila will go home. And for Porsche, better pray to stay this house because Rachel or Jordan will come after you. As you know it. For Adam, He will never flipped and join DKP. They are worst manipulators ever. They are sucked at it. And Rachel, even though I don’t like you. You are so calm and competitor mode. I want to see Rachel to win next week and take names in Honor of your fiance Brendon. He will be proud of you to accomplish that gold. So, JJASR, Kicks of Ass and Take out Kaila and Porsche. Both are Bigger threats.

    1. If you believe that Shelly doesn’t think she can win in a final 3 with JJ and is willing to prevent it from happening, then none of that matters as it all involves things Dani has done to them and other vets. She seems to have reached a point where she’s willing to split them so wtf would she care about Dani’s “betrayals?” Its not naive at all to think that Dani is gonna go after her before she goes after Rachel and given that Rachel will for sure go after Shelly especially with Dani gone it becomes a matter of self-preservation based on obvious and accurate targets. Shelly really ISN’T Dani’s main target. She’s not even number 2 and unlikely number 3. And unlike her working Kalia’s nominations, she’s not going back to them and laughing about how well its going.

      1. Again, Name. Did you write a fictional story or you just made it up? I give props to you and especially you look taking an IQ test. Well, first of all again Shelly will not flipped and especially she never turn her back on Jeff or Jordan. So, better write a fact story than a fictional because your fictional story is sucks. Secondly, Dani will lie to Shelly behind her back. Even, She will manipulate every single HGs. That why Dani will be evicted and so does Kaila. Rachel will wins HOH next week and Jeff wins POV Twice. After that Jeff will win HOH for the second time and put Porsche as a main target on the block as a target. So, better luck next time. BTW, write many fictional story because you make me laugh.

          1. Totally agreed more Nick B Name has a sarcasm and overblown. My points are much better. He needs realize that his sentence is much worst and I’m afraid he began his sarcasm. Trust me, NAME has no points at all. I’m telling a truth. Believe me. I’m honest person. Thank you Nick B.

      1. Actually, it was NAME idiotic sentence. I’m okay with mines. So, I don’t have to worry about it.

  8. Jeff: “I would of taken the free ride”

    Of course you would’ve

    Rachel says dani has nothing on Rachel so it won’t matter what she says.

    Really ho? so you wasn’t throwing JJ under the bus for 3 and a half weeks?

    dani points out that rachel went around talking shit about everyone in the house and now she’s best friend to JJ.


  9. This is what is happening. When CBS Brought back Breandon They thought the ratings were going to go high it did the opposite. They are just realizing that Dani is the Star this season. She is the only one willing and not afraid to make big moves…. that is why they are scared of her leaving

      1. wow. a backdoor.

        yep, never been done before.

        jeff is willing to remove the biggest target from the house just to have it placed on his. Not a smart move. At least Dani never wasted her HOH.

    1. Everybody hates you, naids. Go back to Canada where you belong. You don’t deserve citizenship. Your stupid comments like this about cbs is why nobody will ever talk to you.

    2. Wow. You could not be more wrong about the ratings. It is up 11% from last week and tHe ratings have been consistent and they r winning in their demographic. Look it up

        1. The ratings went up cuz of dani? Deluded theories. Again, this is her second season and BB always foes good. She foes not make the show.

    1. Actually Shelly just figured out that JJ will keep Rachel until at least final 3 so that they don’t automatically lose Rachel and Brendon’s vote (they’re spiteful people-is this news to you?)

      Shelly also realized that against Jeff, Jordan, or even Rachel in the final two, she losses, everytime.

      This is the only legitimate move she has to make if she wants to win. Whether the timing of this move is good is debatable. Whether or not sound logic was used in making it is not debatable.

    2. Just for the record, I stated days ago that if Jeff put Dani up he would be placing the biggest target on his back.

      Now, hours after nominating Dani, his closest allies are contemplating screwing him.

      Yeah, nominating Dani, smartest move ever!

  10. Does Straight Bullshitter have emphysema or throat cancer (from smoking 900 cigs a day)? Not trying to be humorous; it’s just that her voice is soooo deep…deeper than most guys. I always think a guy is talking on the feeds until I see her big head on the screen.

    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. If that wasn’t intended to be funny, then your funny comments must be hilarious! I agree with you, but you put in such a harsh way.

  11. shelly is so dumb, she wasnt gunna be the next one to go with jj on her side but since she has been conspiring against them she might be if they have power and find out during the double eviction.

  12. All that needs to happen now is for Kalia to realize Shelly has made the same deal with Dani that she’s making with her, OR Bacon needs to sack up and tell the rest of his alliance that they’ve got a mole (or what George Hamilton would look like if he was half catfish) that has flipped on them and they need to stop the inmates from revolting.

    1. From the begining she has said she was there to get them to final two. But this is also the same woman that said she hates liars more than anything and she’d rather someone just look her in the eyes and shoot her straight, because thats what she does. The only thing other than lies coming out of her mouth is smoke and unnatural hate for Rachel. I hope HER job is in jeopardy when she gets out.

      1. They have already taken her picture off the corporate site…what that means…idk. She works as a V.P. of Business Development at NBFog, Inc. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    2. shelly has so many angles going on she is going to eventually trip herself and fall flat on her face….hopefully soon.

  13. Ugh. I would be so ashamed of myself if I were straight shooter. She is a sneaky snake for sure. She is such a great example to her daughter.

  14. What exactly is the veto ticket? I thought it was just for her to play in the next veto comp. Does anyone know what it means?

  15. I think it would be so wrong if shelly pulls this off

    this whole “rachel doesnt deserve final 2” argument is STUPID. WHO CARES. sigh. I cant even read this because of shelly,, ill just wait till thursday, thanks shelly

  16. I SOOOOO badly want to believe Shelly….but she has always been shooting straight and its always to benefit JJ so I cannot be sure…

    ….im almost starting to believe this entire conversation isnt to make a big game move, but to try to secure Danis vote in the jury…


    Dani is right though, if Shelly can pull this off it will be the biggest game move of the season…..she needs to keep saying that since she cant win any comps…

    1. If it was just to secure Dani’s vote, then she wouldn’t actually go to Adam and propose they keep her. She’d keep her lie confined to Dani and just tell her she’s been talking up Adam and he’s just not going for it. She’s serious, and once she saw Adam wasn’t jumping behind her logic of keeping Dani, she immediately went to Kalia and made a deal to get out JJ. She’s hedging her bets, but she’s full on trying to go after Jeff. She knows keeping Dani will rattle him more and having Adam would help, but it looks like she’s going after Jeff one way or another. If not, we’re going to see one AWESOME piece of television when they call a house meeting and she gets outed.

      1. The key here is to get Porcha AND Shelly both working on Adam first. Next, ease in Dani so that Adam’s comfort level with making this gutsy move (which has A shitting his pants just thinking about ….. & looking for those balls of his that he forgot to pack) is established with PS, and then solidified with Dani. The trouble is, Adam probably feels that he needs another STRONGER guy around to a) be a bigger target in front of him and b) so that he won’t be the only guy, in what he may see as an all female alliance. For Dani’s sake, I hope Adam does go for it. He’s done shit up until now and he’s always said he wants a newbie to win, so this would be THE time to make some kind of a bold move. Otherwise, it’ll be vets (JJR) against newbies (SAP?) and the Vets’ track record at winning comps (minus Jordum) would put the vets (unless they had Dani) at a distinct disadvantage. Come on Adam, grow some balls ….. before Thursday!!

  17. OMG! Shelly is biggest liar in the entire house!!!! It would be a joke if her plan went through…..but then again, she’ll just kiss ass and lie to the next HOH and live another wk………..raisin face!!!

  18. Shelly is playing it up to see if Adam will flip so she can run and tel jj. Her way of getting him gone and welding her spot as 3rd with jj. Proving she is worthy over rach since she cant win comps.

    1. I totally agree. I believe she is psychotic and believes her own lies. As far as Rachel they all need to get off her back!! Really, what has she done to any of them? I cant stand Dani or Kalia. Dani is a cocky little back stabbing bitch using the newbies to further herself. And kalia just .likes to herself talk!!! Dani seems to think she is something special and. Im sure it has alot to do with the chip she has on her shoulder put there by her father. Dani needs to go and if she doesnt the show is fixed. Personally i hope Rachel makes it to the end. She killed it in competitions last time and this time. She needs to pick herself up and not let the rest of those bitches get to her and kick some ass. As far as Jeff i love him!!!! He tells it like it is. People shouldnt mistake that ass cocky or being an asshole and as far as back dooring Dani and telling her to her face that shes. Safe. Thats what she did to him so what goes round comes round and the only reason she didnt put jeff up the other two times is because she wanted to get back at Rachel and get Brenden out because. Of pt. Then when he came back she had to do it again because she felt stupid. Otherwise she would have put jeff up!!! Lets be honest

  19. I retweeted this out from bbchatter:

    One possible outcome of this “flip” is Shelly sells out Adam & Porsche to J&J tomorrow & goes for an F4 deal w/ JJR.

    1. I’m sure she’ll try to, but she’s digging the grave too deep. She has too many deals with too many people, and if even just one person mentions what she is doing in front of the wrong person, this house of cards falls on Shelly-fish.

    2. maybe, idk. But it’s looking like it’s going to backfire. It’s only a matter of time until Adam sells her out to Jeff.

      I was rooting for Shelly but if she relly is trying to flip the house, she’s going to end up going home. jeff isn’t as big of a threat than Dani who’s both mentally and physically strong and knows the bb game really well (maybe even as well as adam?). I get she’s saying they need Dani to take out jeff…but then who the heck is going to take out Dani?Jeff’s the lesser of the two “evils” in this case lol. Shelly’s not making any sense!

    3. I wondered that too for about half a second until I remembered she is a useless piece of garbage who doesn’t want to compete but wants to hide behind everyone else who is playing. She wants to keep Dani b/c Jeff cannot play in the next HOH so Shelly is selling her soul to D for protection for when D wins the HOH. She knows without protection she is up on the block if D leaves, if nothing else than at least as a pawn.
      I agree with Day By Day’s comment “one billion percent”

      1. I agree. I think she’s trying to get ADAM to flip.. so that HE becomes a target in the coming weeks. She obviously has to realize that there are less people to put on the block as pawns. She knows Rachel doesn’t like her.. so perhaps she thinks that Rachel will win this weeks HOH and wants to make sure that the target is definitely off her back and onto someone else’s.

        Lets say hypothetically Rachel does win HOH, Shelly knows that Rachel can’t really be controlled by JJ if Rachel were to win HOH, and she will likely nominate people on a personal level, so she’s trying to make sure she’s safe. Who do you think Rachel would nominate? I think it would definitely be Shelly and Adam, with Kalia/Dani (pending on who leaves) as a replacement nominee if someone was taken off the block.

        I think Shelly’s plan is actually to put the target on someone, other than herself, by trying to get Adam to flip (or at least say he will), so she can run back to JJR and prove how much of a “straight shooter” she is.

        Suppose that is what’s happening here, and then Rachel wins HOH, who do you think Rachel would nominate? I’d say Kalia/Dani and Adam, and then Porshe if someone won the veto. Therefore.. Shelly is safe another week with Rachel possibly trusting her, and she’ll have a possible jury vote with Dani/Kalia.

        That’s my take on it anyway.

  20. Part of me is beginning to think it’s just Ssshellys game. It’s her entertainment.
    She sees a no win scenario and has to test herself to see the what ifs…
    Remembering back to how proud she was of herself when she got Kalia to put up Lawon and then flipped it to save Rachels ass!!! It’s just how her mind works and I for one have loved every minute of it.
    I’m totally team Dani but if Shelly gets it done and not found out til Dani were safe I’d be all about team Shani!!!

    1. Exactly, and I’m sure Shelly-fish is shitting herself right now every time she sees Adam talking with JJR, because she knows Adam now holds her fate. One word from him, and not only does Dani leave, Kalia and maybe even Porche would flip to JJR just to get away from the shitstorm that will come down on Shelly-fish when she’s found out.

      1. IF Adam does a tattletale on Shelley to Jeff, Shelley will deny it and attempt to
        lie her way clear.
        She might be able to do it and then poor Adam would find himself far, far away from Jeff’s butt.

  21. I think Shelly has set herself up really nicely. If Adam flips, then she’s with Dani and Porsche. If Adam doesn’t flip, she can fall back on the newbie alliance. And she can even go back to JJ if she wants. Kalia and Dani won’t compare notes, and Adam is too close to Shelly to rat her out to Jeff, so she probably won’t get caught in her lies. She’s in a good no matter who gets evicted.

  22. He’ll flip.. that pitbull shelly will not take no for an answer.. I kind of love that about her. She has played an unreal social game thus far. Unfortunately she’s just been on the other side until now. Dani on comps, shelly gaming has final 2 all over it.. and as well as the straight shooter has gamed everyone, I’d give her my vote. The jury would have to admit that she gamed them, when they thought she was a Kathy like floater (drink)

    Team Dani Yo til the bitter end! If Porsche and Shooter get king floater Adam to flip, I’ll drink a while bottle of whisky in honor of the floaters..

    Yes I know that is 3 drinks.. ;o)

    1. If it was Dani and Shelly in the final, Shelly would only get 50k…No matter who Shelly is in the final with, she will only get 50k. No way she beats Dani…The only person she might have a shot against would be Porsche..

      1. Shelley might win the $50,000 and, also, win America’s Favorite.
        CBS gave her one heck of an endorsement with the televised interview of
        her family and friends.
        America’s Mom …………..

      2. A bolt of intelligence is going to hit Adam soon.
        J/J are a couple and there is no room for a threesome with them when
        it comes to BB Winnings. He understands that Rachel is expendable to J/J.
        AND, he is too.

        Adam has a reputation back home and he still had the opportunity to reclaim it
        while on BB. He needs to stop kissing Jeff’s butt and play for himself, which
        means voting against the J/J Team.

  23. This is gonna be a fun, drama filled week! I love it when they r scheming(is that spelled right?lol) and fightin for their bb lives!
    Im torn on whether i want em to keep dani or not. I really dislike kalia the most!

  24. Shelly is such a hypocrite… regardless of what
    a game move this is…JORDAN GAVE HER
    THE PHONE CALL TO HOME and have defended
    Shelly this whole game… and to turn on them NOW
    when they would have brought her to final 4 is
    so deceiving and awful. I wouldn’t care as much
    if she wasn’t so self-righteous in saying how every other
    player has no principles.

    1. final 4 is not a final 2 deal. If you only make it to final 4 you are still in the Jury. Why would Jeff and Jordan believe someone wouls leave their family for the whole summer just to let them win. When she did not even know that Jeff and Jordan would be there in the first place. Shelly had a reason to come on the show and it was not helping Jeff and Jordan win. She was always going to turn on them just a matter of time. She was just lulling them into a false sense of security.

  25. Shelly is just starting to be shelly and bring her game! Awesome! Go Dani n Shelly!!! Oh, and does Farrah know that her Adam is bisexual, because he sure does have a hard on for Jeff!!!

  26. I guess it all comes down to Adam. He is the deciding vote it’s either SP or JR and Adam will split the tie. If Adam votes with Jordan and Rachel then Shelly is screwed.

  27. Why do Shelly and Adam think they NEED Dani to go after JJR??? This is stupid. They can just take her out and still flip, they would have the numbers.. 4 newbs against 3 vets. If I were them, I’d stick to the plan of voting Dani out, and then I would wait and see who wins the next HoH. If K, P, S or A win HoH, then make a move and FLIP and go after JJR. But if Jordan or Rach win HoH (Jeff can’t play in next HoH), then stick with them while they have the power. It would be smarter for S and A to make it to the end with weaker players cuz they’d have a greater shot at winning comps and making f2 with Dani being gone.

    PS: I am NOT rooting for S, A and the newbies.. I actually want Rachel to win. And I want all the floaters + D + JJ to go home. Rachel FTW!!!

    1. Go Rachel….i think Rachel who has endure the most crap then anyone else in the house. she should win by default….Go Rachel!!!!

      1. I am a Rachel fan (well, the funny drama she brings), but Rachel endures what she does because she puts herself in those type positions and gives people reasons not to like her. I’m not saying that I agree with how she’s treated. but its her own doing. It’s the way she presents herself and how she treats people.

        The first time she won HOH, instead of just being normal, she got complete cocky and had to rub it in everyone’s faces that they DIDN’T win. She had the same cocky attitude with the “vets” because she felt she was above them all because she’s been on the show before, and she would continuously tell them that they had no clue what they were doing and that they were all shitty players who couldn’t win shiiit. That is pretty true, but there’s no reason to rub it in that they suck. How can one wonder why they aren’t liked when this is there everyday attitude.

        I think if she could drop the attitude, and just treat people a little better and not belittle them, then maybe she wouldn’t be too bad of a person.. but until she learns to treats others respectfully (including herself for that matter), she’ll never be respected.

    1. He is keeping his options open. The fact he didn’t run and tell Jeff immediately, tells you something.

  28. i hope adam flips cuz that is dani’s only shot of staying get rid of kalia cuz the only thing she did was get out lawon which was the dumbest thing so hopefully kalia goes home

  29. Shelly is flip flopper. She making me sick. Adam need to grow balls and stand up for himself for once. Three asshole girls need to stop talking shut about Racheal. She maybe a pain in the ass but at least her game is tight. I so hope Dani leaves. She will never be Evil dick !

    1. Adam is standing up. He was infatic in telling shelly he would be voting out Dani..He doesnt seem to be waffling from this.

    2. Lol, at all teh morons that think Adam is being dumb for not flipping this week. If he flips he is 4th on the newbs team. If he stays he is 4th on JJR team. Either way he’s 4th. Now who has the better players and the bigger targets?? You guessed it folks JJR, so it makes sense to stay with them this week.

      If anyone is playing a very dumb game right now it would be Shelly. It is going to get back to JJR that she flipped one way or the other within a week. They will eat her alive and she will fold like a lawn chair. If Rachel could break her then imagine what JJ would do to her. Just like Dani’s move to backdoor Jeff was too early so was this “big game” move by Shelly. She couldve easily said hey lets get rid of Dani this week and Jeff next. Then the newbs couldve run the show..

  30. this is what i think will happen… Jordon, Rachel, and Adam vote to evict dani and Porsche and Shelly will vote to evict Kaila than jj finds out tells Shelly shes there new target and shelly sits in the DR crying and accusing Rachel of turning jj against her

  31. We’re getting a lot of comments today. . If you are wondering why your comments are not displaying we’re just a bit back logged. We are working though approving them.

    If a nasty comments gets through don’t worry Just let me know and i’ll remove the offending post with hundreds of comments every hour I cannot keep up with it all but will try my best.

    Lots going on in the feeds Should be a wicked night.

  32. Adam is not interested in winning big brother. He is trying to build an image to make money after big brother. He will not piss off america and go against Jeff/Jordan.

    I have said it from day 1, Adam is fake and a poser. EvilDick called it on him last week on his show.

  33. Although i am really happy about what shells is trying to do, i think the timing nd the sudden change in though about JJ is fishy. I think CBS paid her off or some shit. #teamdani

    1. Why in the hell should he do that? if he doesn’t flip his vote then it doesn’t happen. If he tattles he just pissed off nearly half the house for very little gain to himself. Adam’s all about floating and not making waves.

  34. Who is Shelly to say that Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the final two? Shelly doesn’t deserve to even be in jury. She’s playing the cheapest game.

  35. Please let shelly flip the house bb gods if they dont do it now the rest of the seasons going to be all about the vets, seriously if I wanted to watch them play again I could easily watch YouTube, come on newbies let the games begin!!!!

    1. You make no sense! If Shelly has her way then they would be getting rid of a Newbie and keep a Vet. If they get rid of Dani then they will have more newbies than Vets….Shake yourself!

  36. I hope this gets posted. It’s almost like I’m blocked — why I dunno.

    Adam will NOT flip and that is the end of that story. AND IT’S NOT becuase he’s JUST a Jeff ass kisser. It’s because he IS loyal. To see it any other way speaks more about the person seeing that way than Adam himself. Jordan WILL vote like Jeff says and Rachel WILL vote out the person that evicted her man twice. WHY is there even conversation about this?

    Also, Shelly wants a jury vote and you’re crazy if you think she REALLY intends to keep Dani. That’d be just ONE more HUGE adversary she had to down later on in the game to advance her OWN game. You take the fish on the line.


    People buy into such shit. Dani is GONE. She gone!!

    1. Isn’t Adam’s First and Strongest Alliance – NEWBIES?
      Right now, he is afraid.
      Weak, weak, weak ………….
      He needs to step up and play BB.
      Where is the Metalhead BB Gamer?

  37. They need to work the angle that Adam will only get Jeff alone if they are both in jury house. “Only then can your love come to fruition Adam.”

  38. Shelley is going to be caught. These girls are stupid, still picking on Rachel. Rachel did not target any of them when she won HOH and they are working to get rid of her. I cannot understand why these hate obsession with Rachel. Dani still cannot forget Dominick and still avenging his eviction. Hoping that JJR find out what Shelley is doing.

  39. Kalia, Porsche, Shelly worst alliance ever ……and Shelly is gonna be crying in the have not room in a few days when it gets revealed that she has been spearheading this plan….she will swear up and down and want to quit like last time, a 25 year old girl (Dani) manipulated a 40 year old woman into thinking that JJ like Rachel more and they where using her she must be really insecure deep down

  40. I think that there’s been an alliance pretty much from the beginning between ASP. Porshe didnt have to talk game with Jeff, AS did it for her. Of course, Porshe kept AS up to speed with BR news. If Adam blows this for a bromance, he deserves to be banned from all things BB.

  41. its funny how everyone wants dani to stay so bad, but the fact remains that she played a bad game and will pay the price.

  42. i liked Shelly up until now. Yes I’m a JJ fan so it would suck for Shelly to turn on them, but I liked Shelly cuz even though she did play the whole house she was loyal to one group so I saw her sticking to her word in a way, even though she told tons of lies. I am really hoping once we hear her diary room session we find out she was just trying to get a jury vote/stay off other people’s radar and isn’t actually turning on JJ.

  43. its funny how everyone wants dani to stay so bad, but the fact remains that she played a bad game and now is paying the price.

  44. I think Shelly is just up to her old tricks again. Act like you are on Dani’s side, choose your words carefully by never actually saying you absolutely will vote one way or the other and build up their esteem as a good BB player. In other words LIE LIE LIE

    I wish Shelly would go – she is WAY worse than Rachel when it comes to lieing and catty comments. At least Rachel has calmed down and is behaving normal. Good to see this side of her and she is actually pretty nice and fun.

    Anyone else listen on live feeds to convo between Adam and Jeff about why he didn’t put Dani up at nominations? Adam was really interested in Jeff’s thought process – I wonder if Adam will use that same process if he wins HOH in the double eviction this Thursday….hmmmm

  45. Shelly is doing what shelly does best..playing both sides. She tells K that the newbies need to stick together and tells dani that she wants to keep her. She is playing for a jury vote. if either go she can now blame adam for their demise.

  46. Wow, i never thought I’d find myself rooting for RACHEL lmao, but she needs to win this HOH! And I wouldn’t mind seeing her make offhand comments to Shelly after she does.

    Jeff needs to keep his cool if he finds out about Shelly’s schemes. I’m scared that if he finds out, he’ll blow up on her and cause Adam to swing to keep Dani.

    I’ve said this before, but I think Shelly’s a Daniele #2 if she is really trying to go through with this. Just as Dani was, she is:
    -desperate to come up with a game changer
    -WAS in the best position in the house
    -probably bored lol.

    And to all the ppl that say Dani needs to stay because she’ll keep the show entertaining: isn’t that the same logic behind JJ fans wanting Jordan to win BB11 (because she is adorable to watch her comments and actions)?

    Just saying…

    1. If the feeds are true, then Adam is (in love) with Jeff.
      He will choose Jeff over shelly.

      He likes Shelly because he feels Shelly loves Jeff too.

      1. I don’t think it’s just that. But also because IT’S A HORRIBLE MOVE lol. If they don’t get Dani out now, they may never get a chance to take her out again.

  47. really getting sick of the cattiness between p/k/d are we in 8th grade again time for ppl to get a life and play the game without hiding shit and sabotageing ppls food get on with it and grow up…just my opinion..

    1. me and you both! so immature, everything is Rachel’s fault. I don’t think they can go any lower and they do. it’s so f’ing ridiculous at this point.

    2. Well, then you must be tired of Rachel’s cattiness as well because she’s been the queen of it. Not sure why people have a short memory just because she’s being more sedate this week. Rachel opened Porshe’s beer and ended up getting in a fight with Brendon who was disgusted by her behavior. That was just last week. She and Porshe were talking about putting something in Dani’s food when they were in an alliance so she would me affected during the HOH comp. So if they are in the 8th grade than Rachel has to be in the 1st. She’s just sitting in the corner this week because she has no power and because she doesn’t want any confrontation with Jeff.

  48. Shelly: “we can flip the entire house on them… Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2? seriously this old hag has to be insane, so rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the final two but u do apparently, tell me what u did snake shelly other than lie and lie, and on top of that u didn’t even win a comp.. get over ur self women..

  49. I’m not going to get my hopes up about the BB just to be let down. The BB house via the feeds were acting like they (might) keep Brenden. They had the votes to do it, but look what happened. I bet production told Shelly to act like so that Dani’s fans can have some hope.

    I think it is over for Dani.

    When that happens, I will only watch bb on Thursdays and it is not just because I like Dani so much. I mean what do the rest of the guests (besides sort of Jeff) have to offer?
    Portia & Shelly might suprise everybody and play hard….but if Dani is evicted…and I started yawning on Sunday…that’s it…I’ll see what happens on Thursdays;
    and then tune in for the season final.

    They are boring…and the current cast has even said that this is the most boring season of house guests. …they should know.

  50. Dogs are loyal, but Adam doesn’t equate with a canine.

    And Simon — I didn’t read the “reason why” comments are coming in slowly until AFTER I had not seen the usual quick return of recent comments.

    Your site rocks. No problems here.

    I’m going to make a suggestion, and you can kill me for it at anytime. Hire more help. Your site is exploding.

    I’ve been here for three years. This site gets much more hits than three years ago.

    I can help too What’s my starting salary? Need a resume?


    1. No problem yo..

      I forgot that there was like 3 pages of comments on that post already… so chances are people don’t get around to reading them all lol.. Heck we got one post with 400+ comments that might be a record :)

  51. WOW i thought dani was hard to read last week but shelly is on a different level. She asks jeff to put up dani and now she is convincing people to keep dani… WTF? this is gonna blow up in her man face when jeffs pet Adam tells him everything.

  52. “so chances are people don’t get around to reading them all lol.”

    You’d BE surprised. We read A LOT!!\

    Very serious about that resume. AND YES — I have a job already. People with jobs are more hire-able. LOL!!

  53. I havent read all the comments that close so far tonight as its almost my bed time…

    But anyone else notice that production keeps calling anyone into the DR who is on the outside of the Shelly “keep Dani” plan that is anywhere near them??

    I think they are behind it, well not DOING it…but behind the idea and trying to keep it going…

    …..on a side note I think anyone else who goes back into the Big Brother house after this needs to be wary of ANYONE who uses the term 100%, or 1000% as a sign that something is up!

  54. Who would have thought it! The only one playing the game is shelley. Brilliant game move. Her only problem is if adam rats her out. The fact he hasnt already may indicate he is seriously considering her offer of a PADS alliance. If she cant change adams vote she is seriously screwed the next week. Another thought: rachel has pretty good instincts. Everytime she is the only one to sniff out shelley treachery. The problrm is that no one believes her.

  55. I hope Adam takes his head out of Adam’s butt long enough to realize that they need Dani inorder to win comps to get JJR out.
    Out of KPSA they have won a combined 1.5 comps (A was handed his so that really only leaves K as the only earned one).
    Dani has won 2 HOH’s + she and Dick threw the first one so she would have won that and she would have won the POV Adam won if she hadn’t thrown it.
    So Dani in theory has 4 combined HOH and POVs to the 1.5 that KPSA have. This also includes that fact that she couldn’t play in comps for the first 3 weeks. So I hope Adam realizes this and turns on JJ.

  56. For everyone who’s bashing Adam for not going along with this little scheme…remember who’s pitching it….the “straight shooter”….Adam probably realizes on some level that there’s a damn good chance Shelly is setting him up….All I’m going to say is that this is going to be an interesting HOH this week with the double eviction going on, especially since Jeff can’t participate.

  57. I don’t know why Jeff didn’t sit down and talk to Kalia and Porsche prior to the Veto Ceremony and offer them the same deal “I will take you off the block and give you another week in the house to play if you don’t put me (Jeff) and Jordon up next week”, then who ever made the deal, he would remove them, still allowing him to put Dani up regardless. You have to think one step ahead in this game. It would of guaranteed him and Jordon safety for another week, well not totally guaranteed them safety, it would depend on who they believed more. And I don’t think if any of the newbies make it to the end they would get any votes. The vets would vote for a vet who played the game instead of a floater (drink) who floated through the game!

  58. Adam is really making me facepalm right now. I thought he’d be all over this.

    Also, I’m using a PS3 and I am not being able to watch the Dick At Nite videos on his site. Is there another site to watch them on? Are they on Youtube perhaps?

  59. Lying son of a bitch Jeff???? Really???? What lies has he told besides the one to Dani.???which shes getting back what she gave to him for no reason. Dani is a whiney spoiled little the world owes me vindictive bitch!!!!!!!!! Dont worry Adam wont flip and when itcomes time for the vote schizo shelly will probably vote her out. I pray this is the case. Then what will the her little minnie mes do. They will be flopping like fish out of water

  60. Lying son of a bitch Jeff???? Really???? What lies has he told besides the one to Dani.???which shes getting back what she gave to him for no reason. Dani is a whiney spoiled little the world owes me vindictive bitch!!!!!!!!! Dont worry Adam wont flip and when itcomes time for the vote schizo shelly will probably vote her out. I pray this is the case. Then what will the her little minnie mes do. They will be flopping like fish out of water.

  61. Man, I’m dying to know what’s going on right now, if Shelly is still skating on ice, or if the house of cards is starting to crumble. I need a serious update fix.

  62. Oh so now Shelly is acting like she’s playing the game? I hope all her trash talk blows up in her face!! Shelly is the ultimate floater!! She needs to thank JJ for dragging her flat ass this far!!

  63. I wont be watching BB if shelly convinces the house to keep dani

    I just cant handle the childish bragging from dani…she EARNED an eviction…this is almost pissing me off

  64. (Dani had the veto ticket so couldn’t be backdoored, perhaps Jeff didn’t understand what the veto ticket did)

    I think that he meant that he didn’t want her to KNOW that she was his target in case she did win the veto. He’s using backdoor in the sense of putting her as a veto replacement, but not as she didn’t get to play in the veto then gets put up. It was somewhat risky since if Dani did win she could have easily taken down Kalia and caused some problems, but it was a gamble that worked out… for now anyway.

    As for Shelly, this change is SO sudden and SO drastic I’m not sure it’s for real yet. Plus, she’s been playing to Dani and Kalia, covering both bases so she would have whoever stays on her side which suggests it’s just for show. Unless Dani really did get into Shelly’s head telling her that JJ were obviously going to take Rachel to the final 3 because they know they could beat her in the votes. Simon’s right though, we’ll know tonight when Shelly gets some alone time with JJ and she does or does not tell them what she’s been up to. If Shelly really has flipped, it will be interesting to see if she can manipulate Adam into flipping too since he’s once again the key to flipping the house.

  65. dear Adam- Remember that episode of Beverly Hills 90210 in season two called Summer Storm when Donna and David have to reenact Romeo and Juliet well, you are Juliet, Jeff is your Romeo and while I’m all for man on man love, Adam you are Juliet. You get what I’m saying here. You are Juliet.

    when this season is over and you go home, I’m sure you’ll come here to read about how cool we thought you were and you’ll be so excited to find out how many fans you have. Sadly, my dear boy, you will come to find out that you had 1 maybe 2 fans.One of those fans were me. I had such high hopes for you. I thought you would be funny, and a no shit taking kind of guy. I thought you would fight through competitions and dominate. I waited for you Adam. I made my signs with crayola crayons with Team Adam – Team Bacon on them. I sent positive vibes to California in hopes you would get them so you would find the strength within yourself to fight the veterans and become what I believed and so many others believed – rockers rule. Oh Adam, you did me so wrong!!!

  66. Thinkk about it shelly is playing a good game…she got lawon out if they got out rachel out….brendon will be still in the house now…the odds would of been against her…she wouldnt had no chance winning

  67. Lying son of a bitch Jeff???? Really???? What lies has he told besides the one to Dani.???which shes getting back what she gave to him for no reason. Dani is a whiney spoiled little the world owes me vindictive wench!! Dont worry Adam wont flip and when itcomes time for the vote schizo shelly will probably vote her out. I pray this is the case. Then what will the her little minnie mes do. They will be flopping like fish out of water.

  68. Only time Shelly is ever talking about flipping the house is with Dani. She needs to start working Adam, but she needs to work him slowly and not try and be to aggressive. If Shelly can pull this off she may not be the useless.

  69. hey guys. where do things stand as of now?
    is shelly really turning on jeff and jordan? i hope she does. she will never win against any one of those idiots.

  70. Wow, Shelly will flipped with Dani. Please, just like Dani put you on the block. Don’t trust Dani because she will backstabbed you. Beside, She is a spoiled little brat and need to go. If I was Shelly she will stay with Jeff and Jordan than turn against them.

  71. Adam is thinking about it, he hasn’t told Jeff about shelly’s plan and he had some interesting question he asked jeff. if Dani had won the POV and taken Kalia off then wat? who would jeff have replaced her with. Jeff Dodged it but i think it stuck out. I don’t think its over for Dani yet she needs to work Adam.

  72. Regarding Shelly…..why bother exposing yourself to AKP to turn on JJ knowing that it will get back to JJ at some point if her plan fails next week. I think she is 100% serious and trying to make a move that she believes could help her win the 500K….It’s high risk high reward and I’m cheering for that crazy lying bitch.

    No matter what side you are on you have to admit Shelly has made what should have been a ho hum eviction into a really exciting eviction. AND they don’t even know it’s double eviction…Thursday is could be totally insane

    1. Ya shelly is making shit exciting.. I never ever thought shelly would entertain the idea of flipping the house. I’m still not sure what is going to go on.

  73. Adam will never flip. He is not an idiot. He is a big fan of BB and knows that JJ are more likely to remain loyal to him then DPS. It would be a smart move for the DPS camp, but he wouldn’t benefit at all. Adam is all about whats best for him and he knows Daniele is not trustworthy, Shelly what and ungrateful SNAKE!. Jordan gave you a phone call to your family. She is dark and all dried up!

    1. Seriously? Where has Dani not been straight up?(other than week 3 trying to backdoor Jeff) JJ on the other hand have told lies (Telling Dani she was not going up a few times & bailing on Brendon and their alliance for Shelly)

  74. If Adam flips doesnt that make him even more of a floater?? Something this site is railing him for??…This is my first year on this site and all I can see is people that root for 1 specific player get on everyone else that is not on their team and love every move that helps their player. Shelly and Adam backing Dani only helps Dani, not sure how anyone can say different which is why people that like Dani are for this and are calling Adam names. JJ fans do the ssame and BR fans did the same…This board is a micorcosim of the show or the other way around…

  75. It’s true shelly’s has no picture on her company’s website. But can anyone prove it was there prior to BB? And I mean prove.

    1. Yes.
      I saw her photo and biography on the Corporation’s website during Shelley’s
      BB venture and all of her information was recently removed. It is GONE.
      No one knows why.
      Internet traffic from BB fans and/or Shelley’s behavior on BB ????????

  76. I still think Dani is going home. but I’m trying to figure out what is Shelly doing.

    Maybe Shelly knows that Dani is going to JH, but she feels that Portia or Kahlia might win the next HOH; so then she is planting seeds that she is on Dani’s side so that P or K won’t put her on the block.
    Also, when Dani is gone…the newbie’s probably will overthrow the vets…only 3 vets left and 4 newbies.

    Hey, maybe this was the slick little plan from the beginning. If the newbies are planning to overthrow the vets like ya know “animal farm” then I’ll get a bowl of popcorn and keep watching.
    Dani wanted to lead the newbies, but she messed it up…and there might be a new sheriff in town; her name is straight shooter.

    …still feel Dani did an awesome job coming back from the flames she got herself in.

    1. If shelly is shooting straight and has flipped than anything can happen… hopefully tonight theres some game talk with Shelly and Adam or Shelly and Jordan

  77. honestly some of the ppl commenting on here need to realise this is a game and ppl are playing to win its not biff jeff show god forbid anyone plot against him (roll eyes). Anayways adam is stoo stupid to reliase that this is the only move he can at this point if he doesnt make this move shelly can screw him big time by voting to keep dani and blame the other vote on adam since jjr already dont trust him and think hes fishy.

  78. Straight Shooter! Shoot Adam that good good shit u be shootin and make him flip!!! Now if Shelly cud accomplish this task for me, I will love her for the rest of the game!lol come on Shelly! Do it for me boo!

  79. SSSSHELLOSER has lost her mind. Thats three! First Daniac the maniac, then ROACHel, now SSSShellshocker. WHAT A CRACKED OUT CAST!

  80. So after watching big Brother live last night I really would like to see JJ and Shelly in the final 3 Shelley and JJ should go to the end out of all of them in the house if not then maybe Adam what do u guys think who do you want to win ?

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