Big Brother 13: Shelly flips again “I would trust JJ with my Lfe” **UPDATED**

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9:02pm POrsche and Dani porsche: “Dude Adam has clearly lost his mind” Porsche explains that he’s acting super sketch his mannerisms and “Stuff” are out of wack. dani is sure Adam will do whatever JJ tell him to do. Dani: “And where does that get him final 3. Porsche wonders if they can get Shelly to tell him that she has a final 3 deal with JJ. Dani thinks it’s worth a shot.

dani thought Adam wanted Jordan out. Porsche says he did but not if he’s got a deal with JJ. Porsche mentions that Adam has been warning her about Dani. Dani: “Whats wrong with him I literally never lied to him ever”.

They start breaking down that perhaps Adam has had a deal with JJ for 2 weeks. Porsche thinks adam’s vote to keep rachel was Shelly’s doing. POrsche says if she wins Big Brother 13 she will take Dani out on a Caribbean Cruise. Dani accepts the deal. (team Porsche Yo includes Caribbean cruises sign me up 🙂 )

9:25pm Kitchen Rachel and Dani alone Dani gets up walks to the fridge grabs some juice and walks away rachel says to the camera “seriously.. f-en bitch”. Rachel makes a gun shape with her hand.

9:50pm Backyard Couch Shelly, Jordan, Kalia on the backyard couch chit chatting. Jeff, Adam and Rachel playing pool.

10:15pm Shelly and Jordan hottub Shelly says she’s been thinking about her final 3 deal and she’s pretty sure she can’t beat JJ in the end.

Jordan wonders if Dani has talked to her. Shelly says no she hasn’t talked to DAni much today. Shelly says that Dani is going around telling everyone they lied to her.. Jordan says no.

They head up to the HOH.

Shelly says that JJ swore to Dani that they would not back door her. Jordan I SWEAR we never said that. Shelly believes her.

Jordan says that her and Kalia have a final 2 deal and if she’s so willing to throw Kalia under the bus then who can trust her. Shelly brings up that Dani was talking about Kalia today. Jordan warns her that Dani is throwing everyone under the bus.

Shelly: “There’s a lot of lying going on int he house”
Jordan swears on god that her and Jeff never promised they wouldn’t put her up. Jordan is getting mad she says she’ll go down right now and tell Porsche. Shelly says don’t worry she knew right away when Dani said it it was a lie. Shelly: “Everything dani is saying is made up”.

Shelly mentions it’s so important for them to win HOH. Jordan thinks if Kalia and Porsche win HO they will target JJ. Shelly thinks it’ll be Rachel because all the girls Hate her so much. Shelly says she’s going to call out Dani because she is calling Jeff a hypocrite. Jordan asks if they should go talk to Porsche now. Shelly says no wait until tomorrow.

Jordan goes on and on that JJ will not turn on Shelly or Adam for Dani.
Shelly says she a little worried about Rachel.. Jordan reassure her that Rachel won’t put her up.
Shelly: “What is your and Jeff’s plan for Rachel.. If Rachel gets down in the money I’ll be pissed”
Jordan: ‘No no it’s me you Adam and Jeff.. It depends on HOH’s”
Shelly: “Adam and I have no chance to beat JJ in final 3… but I’m taking my chances”

Shelly says that JJ are unbeatable.. she shoots straights and tells them that everyone back home will give her shit for taking JJ to the final 3 because there is absolutely no way she will win.
Jordan: “Lets just go to final 5 and everyone can play it out then.. what do you think…”
Shelly: “I dunno”

Jordan is worried that Adam and Porsche have something.. Shelly says Adam and Porsche have some type of agreement.. she wants him out before they hit questions.

Shelly: “Dani told me a HUGE LIE today if she gets evicted than Jeff and Natalie will leave”
Jordan: “WHAT.. This is their job”
(Dani’s was joking that her friends that work for big brother will leave if she gets evicted)

Jordan: “I’m worried you are going to flip”
Shelly: “No no I just wanted to talk to you as a person.. I’m just worried I won’t win against you guys”
Jordan swears that if Jeff gets knocked out she’ll take Shelly.
Shelly: “I just hate that everyone lies.. I know it’s the game but it bothers me that people are tearing each other apart.. it’s not me” (Holy F yo Shelly is a piece of work yo seriously wow)
Jordan: “You’re still voting her out right… ”
Shelly: “Jordan YES”
Shelly: “I would trust JJ with my Lfe”

10:55pm Shelly saying that she has been trying to avoid Dani and rachel. Shelly brings up the reason she was on the couch earlier today with Dani. Dani was feeling like shit and she didn’t want to get up and leave. Shelly is really nervous that all of rachel’s drinking is going to cause a fight with Dani, Kalia or Porsche. Shelly doesn’t want all that Drama.

11:05pm Shelly tells her about how she convinced Kalia not to put up Porsche/lawon. Shelly says she’s been going into the other side making deals and that is how she’s been getting information. She called her self the “Trojan Horse” . Shelly defends her final 3 deal with Dani and Kalia. says she did it to manipulating them help their team.

11:15pm Shelly says that Adam is on her team and shouldn’t be going around saying that she can’t win competitions its not a nice thing for him to say. Shelly wonders if people watching the show think she’s a loser.. Jordan say no way you’ll win a comp sooner or later. Shelly: “It sucks to be a Enzo”

11:40pm playing games chit chat

11:46pm Hammock JJ Jordan recaps her conversation with Shelly.. Jordan focuses on Shelly being worried that she cannot beat JJ in the final 3. Jeff says Dani is spreading those ideas in her head.

Jeff: “Tell her fine lets cut her now”
Jordan: “No no it wasn’t like that”
Jeff: “Well what did she say”
Jordan: “she’s still good with us”
Jordan brings up that Dani has been going around telling people that JJ have lied to her because JJ swore they wouldn’t backdoor Dani. Jordan adds that Shelly told her she would trust JJ with her life so their still good with shelly.
Jordan is worried that Dani is going around telling people that they are liars. Jordan brings up that Shelly made a final 3 deal with Kalia and Dani 2 weeks ago.
Jordan: “She told me she did what she had to do what she had to do”
Jeff: “I never swore to Dani that I wouldn’t back dooer.. ”

Jeff is getting a bit pissed about Adam and Shelly, “They want me to knock out Brendon they want me to knock out Dani.. fck them they can do something”
Jordan agrees says they need to keep saving Rachel.
Jeff getting mad about Shelly and Adam, “You f-ing get me next time you talk to her.. they want people knocked out they should go f-ing do it”
Jeff swearing a lot about Shelly not winning anything in the house and cutting final 3 deals with other players. He doesn’t understand why it’s not ok for him to cut deals with Dani but Shelly can cut final 3 deals and say, “Ohh I did what I had to do”

Jeff talks about Shelly to Jrodan “Dude Get the fck out of here.. you worried about final 3.. How about you get to f-ing final 3 and stop riding me my back hurts… f-ing talking about final 3 go get f-ed.. people in this house don’t know their f-ing boundaries… She wants to know her place she’s at the f-ing back of the line” (LOL i wish shelly could hear this)

Jeff: “I wish we could of kept or final 5 deal then we wouldn’t have to deal with all these f-ing loser.. we should of f-ingkept Brendon.. it’s not sinking in their f-ing heads”

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Shelly can’t figure Shelly out.


+ 1

Shelly is giving me whiplash. I wish there was a feed for diary room sessions because then we can see what she really wants to do.


I think she’s smarter than all of us combined and TOTALLY CERTIFIABLE!!! Scary, scary, scary combination!!!


yep, and when she gets voted out she is going to go hanibal lecter on everyone.


This is how they can figure her lies, Adam goes along with Shelley ‘s plan but actually when voting comes she evict Dani. So Shelley will evict Kalia and the votes will be Dani – Jordan, Rachel and Adam, Kalia,- Shelley, & Porsche and Shelley is exposed to both alliance. Kalia will find out her lies and JJR will also find out her lies. Hoping for this scenario.


Super Like!


i am really looking forward to seeing what she is doing. i think she wants to get with jordan once someone else gets out jeff…


Shelly is covering all her bases. If Adam agrees to keep Dani then Shelly is onboard. But, if Shelly can’t convince him, then she wants to cover her butt with JJ. She is playing all sides and is clearly lying to everyone. I think she is going to work to keep Dani as plan A and plan B is to suck up to JJ.

I think Shelly is delusional. She keeps saying she appreciates honesty and integrity and she has none of that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if she lies, but if she can’t acknowledge that she is doing that in her DR sessions, then she has some sort of psychological issue (not as a zing, but seriously, how can she lie to herself so blatantly??).

This week depends on Adam, and I don’t think he will flip because he sees that Dani would be difficult to get out later, just like he thought with Brendon.


Looks like Shelly was playing with herself in the photo above talking to Jo in. The HOH room. The look on her face priceless

I hope Shelly is expose my Thursaday, and gets nom and evicted!

Poor Dani=( I wish there was a way to save her. Trying to have faith.


Nice recap of Shelly’s plans right now.

I also understand that you have to manipulate information in BB house but please don’t do it and claim you will NOT compromise your intrigity! If she says straight shooter one more time I may barf. I think her company will regret approving her leave of absence because of her behavior.


I agree, if he continues his play to get the power people out, Dani goes. His plan probably is; next week Jeff can’t play for HOH, so if Rachel doesn’t win, they (Jeff & Rachel) go up and another power person goes home. The flaw in his plan is there are too many people left, and he soon becomes the #1 target. All the women will want him out after Jeff & Rachel are gone. He thinks Porsche and he are solid, but solid with her, is a jellyfish, like her brain.


Seeing how naturally Shelly lies really worries me. Is this what business people are like? Do they have to lie like that to get by in business? I worry that this is what it has come down to in this world, people lie to get ahead. And i understand that in this game you have to lie a little, but Shelly takes deceiving people to a whole new level on BB. Seriously, who else lies in the DR.


OMG Christine………you are sooo right! Who lies in the DR?


Excellent analysis of Jeff’s personality! But I have to add that there is a possibility that he has being a spoiled brat all his life ( people telling him how good looking he is) and he look other people down. I never liked him that much last season, I knew there were ‘something’ strange with this guy, now we can see his true colors…


Yeah me neither. She’s got me so perplexed no wonder the whole house hasn’t caught up to her! Even we can’t, and we”re seeing everything lol.


I don’t think Shelly can figure herself out. She doesn’t even know wether or not what she is saying is truth or a lie.


the only thing is, she is lying to jordan about everything dani had said. dani said a lot more than they told her they wouldn’t get her out. what is up with that?


And Everyone says R is BiPolar! WTF


She’s covering her ass. I think she figured out Adam wasn’t going to flip and got really nervous when she saw him hanging with Rachel and Jeff after they’re talk. She’s abandoned the plan and is checking on JJ to see if Adam told them anything. She’s also throwing Adam under the bus a little.

Anonymous 2

Team Shelly is playing everyone. She is telling everybody what they want to hear and trying to make them think she is on their side. The only true side she is on is her own.


i am freaking confused. Shelley is messing with my mind!



I can figure her out. She is very good tactician and social gamer. She is not interested in final 3, she is interested in winning AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. She knew the jjbr alliance could get her far, but she now sees a few issues:

1- Adam is playing a very similiar game and is actually her main rival
2- Rachel is so hated in the jury that EVERYONE will want to take HER to a final 2
3- The perception in the house is that EVERYONE (except rachel) loves shelley, meaning NOBODY wants to take her to final 2
4- Given the 3 issues above she realizes that the likelihood of her going further than a final 5 is blocked, so she needs a new strategy. Keep Dani and ride the DKS alliance. Jeff cant compete next week and dani and porsche are the 2 strongest competitiors. Double evict JJ or JR and her path is clearer.
5- The problem is that she could not flip adam to keep dani
6- today is damage control b4 adam talks to jeff. She is pretending that she was being a trojan horse again.
7- WOW rachel is the only one who seems to have got her pegged correctly….


Simon was first! (Drink)


We all misjudged her, thinking that she was playing for JJ: SHELLY’S PLAYING FOR HERSELF! Regarding her DR sessions:
– either they’re edited to leave us in limbo and waste out time trying to figure her out or loving to hate her
– or she’s deliberately decided to keep her strategy in playing everyone, even the viewers

Simon, I remember you mentioning that she may be doing some kind of social experiment: she definitely is.


I can’t figure Shelly out either .. I just can’t believe Shelly is 41 years old.. my god she looks OLD AS HELL and torn up and worn out.. 41? dang she looks terrible!


We, all, misjudged Shelly: SHE’S PLAYING FOR HERSELF, not for JJ. She’s playing everyone, included the viewers.
– Either, her DR sessions are edited so that we spend our time trying to figure her out or loving to hate her
– or she’s decided to deliberately lie/pretend in the DR

Simon, I remember you writing that she might be doing some social experiment: she’s. Like someone else put it: she’s smarter than all of us combined. Certifiable? I now doubt it.


Shelly’s new name: Flipper. Old crusty jacked up leatherface Flipper.
I liked her for like 17 minutes today

Midwest Fan

I’ll give her credit for her worthwhile time on BB 13 – all 17 minutes of it.

Dawn Evans

Me too! I was like yes she is seeing that Dani staying is the best option. Now she’s uptairs talking to Jordan, selling out Dani. She is one of the best liars and manipulators Ive ever seen. If Dani goes there is no point in watching the feeds AT ALL. I do have hope that production will somehow save her but Shelly will save whatever to save her ass. Everyone says Dani’s the evil one but really it is Shelly.


at least she made the dani fanclub happy for an afternoon… its time for Triple S to play her position with JJ


Leather Face ? When I saw her tonight in the yellow outfit she reminded me off a 100 year old saddle that seen many a days of work and sun. Aged leather for skin ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!


Shifty Shelly. Shelly the Shape Shifter.


lol sherri love it


Jordan is a liar. TEAM DANI, YO!! And once Dani is gone, so am I. I’ll just read what’s going on here because the show is going to be completely boring. *sigh*

PS. Adam is such a big PUSSY!!! Worse player this season.


i like how in the beginning of the season when rachel walked in adam was like the metal part of me took over and i was like this is my house. metal…more like pussy barney side of him kissing butt.


Well Bye!


Take your own advice Troll

Shellie gay

Worst player ever


I second that. And third.


If Adam is the worst player ever, what does that make Lawon?


Oh damn you have a point.

Lawan may not count since he didn’t even know he was on BB… he can’t be expected to know when to play. As soon as he realized… He was READY TO START PLAYIN!!


lol, they’re just salty Dani’s probably leaving. I’d be the same if JJ got screwed (I was so pissed at Shelly, now I’m indifferent). Adam’s doing what’s best for him. Keeping Dani will get him out way faster than keeping Jeff.

If Jeff gets out in this double eviction week, he’ll finish in the same place as BB11? What’s with all these BB all stars getting out in the same weeks as their season? Kaysar, Janelle, James…weird!


There’s nothing weird about it. They’re just sticking to the script AG gave them.


do they try to rig comps sometimes, yeah. but scripts? idk lol…


I forgot he was on BB lawon

Rachel's shrink

Lawon got the magical power…of FAIL.


Nobody, but nobody was worse than Amber !


poop. Wishful thinking from this point on I suppose. Night peepz.
Team Dani and Porsche, Yo!


Ditto RC.
I’m out too 🙁
Night OBB

Midwest Fan

Night all.
I wish I had gone to bed earlier.
: /


Lol! It’s like waiting for Christmas, staying awake to open a present, and it’s underwear. :(.
Sad shit. yo.

Midwest Fan


Sooooooo true and a great AM Laugh.

Dawn Evans

No one would dare say Team Kalia! lol Her and Adam are the WORST!!!


Honestly if Dani leaves im done watching this show. She and Shelly are the ones making the show fun. Kalia needs to go she does nothing. Her HoH was a bust because she not a good strategic player and shes letting the wrong people get into her head.It will be funny 2 see her leave the house since shes sooo into believing shes staying. SO ggOO Team Dani.!!!.


FIRST. Shelly is spitting mad game this week. it’s gonna blow up in her face again and can’t wait to see it. Adam needs to tell Jj about it and tell Rachel so Rachel will go bat sheet crazy on shelly and rest of the house and get that target away from JJ


I totally second that motion.

Midwest Fan

SSS – ugh!
It appears the J/J cult is still together.
If so, there is NO HOPE for Big Brother 13.
Name Change – BIG BORE 13


LOL right. Suckaaaaaahz!

(go to bed steph. I just like OBB this late… It seems that all the wackos went to bed and now it’s just us matured intelligent folks left :). Love it)


Sorry, it’s not as exciting as 3 weeks of Kalia the clown, Porsche pig and Evil Dickless boring us in the HOH room every night.


Shelly’s literally insane… she was shootin’ straight with Dani. But watch BB use her footage of her swinging to the other side to give the Live Show an image that Dani has a chance


Why is Dawg always a poll option? I want simon to be an option on the next poll.


Dawg is a super floater!


Whoops not first. If dani leaves we still have Rachel to get some drama goin in the house. Rachel vs shelly. Rachel vs Kalia. I want it to happen!!


WTH!!! I wish these HG were not all so crazy!!! I am team Dani and would love for the votes to flip! Not just due to the fact I want her in the final but because it would be way better TV than to see Kalia stay!!!


people are so stupid in this game. everyone keeps thinking that Jordan is not a threat at all and they can get her out when ever they want but they keep forgetting that she WON THE GAME BEFORE WITH THAT SAME STRATEGY. these people are such morons -_- mostly Kalia


lol so true


Production needs to back the hell off. Dani a total cheater if she makes it through. Such BS that she’s “in” with production and they’re now feeding houseguests BS for her!

Dani does NOT deserve to win. And Shelly is a chronic liar.

Shellys Cig

stop being a big baby.. u act nutty






garbagepost99 now.


I think shelly is brewin Sumthin up


Shelly is a homophobe!!! She just to said to Jordan “This is GAY!” WOW… what a stupid old bitch!!!

PS: Why the hell would Shelly tell JORDAN that she doesn’t think she can beat JJ in the f3??? Now Jordan is gonna tell Jeff, and Shelly might be in trouble next week.. lmfao!


Thay doesn’t mean she’s a homophobe. What a ridiculous thing to say! That’s an expression lots of people use and just because she’s not wearing her rainbow belt and her I heart homos shirt today doesn’t mean she hates gays. Lighten up people!



shovel faces shrink

shelly said that clearly because she thinks if she makes it look like jj can beat her, then they will take her to the finals. i cant believe you guys would talk about my client like that. shes the smartest in the house……..NOT!!!!!
god she is such a flip floppy 2 faced liar. shelly doesnt even know what side shelly is on anymore. jordan isnt the brightest crayola in the box, but even she seen a little flipping going on.
good talk shelly. you have made jordan and everyone at home watching now dumber. you are awarded NO points, and may god have mercy on ur soul.


Rachel's Shrink

i hope adam tells jj about his convo with shelly.
that would seal the deal and get shelly kicked off the jeff train.


shelly is seriously crazy, no joke, man she believes her own lies, and yes old hag rachel deserves it more than you, i really not like shelly, OMG


I don’t know if Shelly is trying to cover all her bases… and the outfield and the dugout… or what lol. But she didn’t tell Jordan about what she has been talking about with Dani… so who knows what she is really thinking. She might just be trying to figure out her best option. It’s still 3 days til eviction… anything can happen!!!


Well it was nice to think that dani has a chance on staying…
Hoping for a bb miracle to save dani and this show from being boring…. God..

Sending u positive vibes dani…

Team Dani 4ever


is the whole “straight shooter” a joke? because i don’t think you guy’s know the actual meaning of that phrase.


what? no she’s not. a straight shooter is someone who is honest and forthright. Shelly is a lying, deceiving, hypocritical old hag.

Dawn Evans

Yes it’s a joke because she is such a freaking liar! I know you have to lie in BB but damn this “women” is crazy.


simon, post of the season, hands down! 🙂


Yes she shoots straight shit lol thanks for the updates!


I agree it used to make sense, even with the sarcasm but now I’m starting to wonder…




He just didn’t want Dani fired up before the POV and didn’t want drama before the ceremony. Did you think he would “take the knife Dani back stabbed him with three weeks ago and just hand it back to her so she could stab him again in a week?” It was strategy, not innocence lost LMAO


but jeff didnt promise or swear anything… jeff just said “no” when dani asked if he was gonna backdoor her.

that lie is pretty insignificant compared to the web of lies that dani and shelly have.

im watching adam closely. i think he will surprise us.


A true test? Haha CBS doesn’t care and neither do most of the viewers as is evident by the ratings

Team bb

Agreed!!! Adam is the worst player by far…possibly in bb history!! If I was his fam or his girlfriend I would bow my head in shame, he is practically handing the money to both jj….again! Pussy players if u ask me, n racheal is drinking? Trailer trash!! If brendon was around he would be pissed at her, I mean come on what’s more important? A healthy baby or playing the bb game?? Pretty selfish if u ask anyone!!


Adam needs to grow a pair…. Hes just pathetic…


True that!! I’m convinced hes secretly gay and has a mad crush on jeff! =/ Its pretty obvious by now lmao

get a grip

You shouldn’t listen to the mean girl alliance. Rachel had her period 3 weeks ago.


Maybe second. Lawon wins the crown.




Simon can you please block all the people that bitch and cry when things don’t go the way they want and say they are not watching anymore??? Lol because they are on here the following week again acting like big babies and get so mad when things don’t go the way they want! Lol wishful thinking! TEAM DANI!!!


Not Simon, but i am team dani. there are a lot of people that say they won’t watch if their fav doesn’t win. It really isn’t about their favs not winning, it’s about most being disgusted with the interferences and manipulations of production. Rigging contests, writing scripts out as to what a person is to say, etc. Most die hard fans just want to see a good season and let it play out as it’s supposed to without any predetermined winners. It’s really disheartening at times because you know for a fact that CBS has already to pick their favs to win and they will do anything in their power to ensure the win.


Amen to that! I agree 100%




Big Brother shouldn’t be allowing Rachel to Bully others like she does! Sometimes they are truly in real danger because she is mentally crazy! Rachel acts like a female prisoner for sure!


wow.. guess were not watching the same stuff! i’m seeing others bashin on rachel. think you have that backwards


Dani please don’t go 🙁 If you do I’ll be forced to root for Porsche. Sad but true


I don’t think Bubbles can hear u. Bye bye chimp


They showed the lie on the show yesterday. I was pointing it out to everyone, because it makes me crazy. Jeff says he is so honest, but he’s not. And he went to Dani to tell her he wasn’t putting her up or as a replacement nominee. Ugh. 🙁


dani wasnt honest w brendon when she was planning on backdooring her. dani lies out of her butthole all the time.

i guess for the dani lovers its ok when dani lies and manipulates but its not ok for others to do it to her.

wut a bunch of lame-os!


I second that. Dani lies all the time. As does everyone – EVERY season. What is with all you people having beef w\ Jeff\Dani\Shelly for lying? That’s basically what this game is about! The people who have been honest in this game are few and far between (and they rarely get far). Just like in business, people lie for money – this is the business of big brother… they are playing for money, not for friends. Get over it! In my books, those who lie\manipulate the most are the best players!


Do u think maybe shelly has no short term memory and can’t remember the 800 lies she has told?


How in hell is she getting away with her lies.?


Any type of Bulling like Rachel does should be an instant disqualifier for them to play! Next she’s going to be threatening to stalk them and their families outside the house if they don’t do Wat she wants etc… Bottom line when Rachel is making gun gestures with her hands to Dani that should be considered threatening beyond anything allowed in this game, bc Rachel has shown she is a psycho!




I’ve got to agree. Rachel’s been pretty cool this week but the other girls (except for Jordan) have been so rude and annoying. It’s like, you’ve voted out her boyfriend twice, she’s miserable (well not anymore), leave her the heck alone! It’s like they have this infatuation with her, they love to hate her. I really disliked her on BB12 and I’m still occasionally annoyed because I’m still pissed abt her ganging up on Cassi but I mean COME ON. They can’t talk about how mean and nasty Rachel is, then turn around and do the same thing but 100 times worse.

BTW, I think Rachel was just playing abt the pregnancy thing. I read somewhere that Shelly confronted her abt it and she said she was jk.


Making a ‘gun gesture’ at another HG is being ‘pretty cool’? Really?


i agree with you. Rachel might have been annoying but she is true to her words. Deals are made left and right and that is part of the game, however, Shelly’s going back and forth is going to backfire. I would love to see that Adam makes her believe that he is going with her plan and then evict Dani. Shelly will evict Kalia, Porsche will too. Rachel, Adam and Jordan evict Dani. Shelly is exposed on both sides. Kalia will see her lies and so are Jeff, Jordan and once again Rachel saw it all along. I cannot understand why no one gives Rachel credit and they are all out to get her. These girls get together to destroy her when she was the HOH, she never targeted them. Jeff put up Kalia, Porsche and Dani not Rachel. I really hope that Rachel can win it even just second place but I do think she deserves to win and my other pick is Jeff.


Hi Lovebrani. agreed, those girls are so mean and kept ostracizing and picking on Rachel. Rachel is emotional however, I have not seen her that cruel. These girls call Rachel all kind of names but they are the one stooping to that level. You know what, I hope that Rachel win this game. I hate it when a person is being picked on when they are all liars and cruel and lie more than Rachel.


Jeff is a much worse bully than Rachel.


Didn’t Dani do the same thing when she was HOH and Rachel went to the room to talk to her??



Shelly: “I just hate how much everybody lies. It bothers me.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Shelly, you’ve lied more than every houseguest from the 12 seasons combined.



shovel faces shrink



Shelly: “I would trust JJ with my Life”

Trusting idiots with your life? RISKY




I really want Shelly’s lies to blowup in her face, I’m sure that she’s flipped. Lying scumbag.


Simon (or anyone), I have a question. Do you know where Jordan’s head is REALLY at? Jordan swore to Shelly that if Jeff gets evicted, she wants to go to f2 with her.. And Shelly telling Jordan that Rachel lied and stuff (which we know it isn’t true, cause SHELLY is the one who lied), does Jordan really believe Shelly’s shit or does she know that Rachel was saying the truth? And with Shelly telling Jordan that she doesn’t think she can beat JJ in the f3.. I wonder what JJ is gonna do… Who would Jordan really pick between Shelly and Rachel for f3?


Just my 2 cents but I don’t think Jordan knows what she is going to do from one minute to the next.


i think jordan is buying everything shelly is selling, hook, line, and sinker


I’m in no way a Shelly supporter. That being said , she is not the VP of a big company because she’s an idiot. She playing the game. You cannot play BB without telling lies. It’s impossible. And we all saw it. OMG Jordan told a lie.


IK i was surprised to


I agree that you need to lie to win BB, but you should at least own up to those lies in the DR. There’s no reason for Shelly to be crying in there and saying that Rachel is lying when we know that Shelly is the one lying. If she was just playing the game, then she would at least own up to it in the DR. The fact that she is convinced that she’s been telling the truth shows that she might have some kind of psychological disorder.


Actually she did. She was linklend and she was a CEO of a smaller company too.

Rachel's shrink

Every fired sales person becomes the CEO of their own consulting company. We used to joke about it – “time to promote him…to the CEO of his own consulting company”.

Midwest Fan

Shelley was/is a VP of a Corporation.
Her photo and biography were online at the Corporation’s website.
Gone now.
No one knows why —- internet traffic from BB fans and/or Shelley’s
behavior on BB?????


Wow the Straight shooter is wackadoo hahah she needs to go. Hope she can save Dani and then gets found out by the house and becomes the next target. Shelly needs to go.


Is there another way to watch those shows? Is there maybe a Youtube account for them?


Shelly got the two confirmations tonight

1. that J&J are in it for themselves and doesn’t matter everyone else is number 3 to them unless one of them gets evicted………geez not rocket science, no need for OHD Brenda to figure out, just the ammo to try to sway Adam

2. that Rachel is there till final 5 and then it goes from there!

Always good to talk to the stupid one!


Dang Mel you’re BB smart! Lol how did I not see that positivity?
I seriously need to go to sleep….


Jun + jen + natalie equals Shelly (jun won and natalie got second place so it does work what shelly is doing)


Somebody PLEASE put a muzzle on Shelly… Her and Jordan have been kissing up to each other for almost an hour on BB after Dark… Shelly is soooo full of
herself!! The only thing Shelly knows how to do is talk BS and clean the BB house… otherwise she spends her time smoking!! She has won NOTHING…


Your right. The loser hasn’t done a damn thing but flap her gum’s. Her crypt keeper looking, lying ass. I am surprised she isn’t tripping over her slithering tongue. Her nose is so brown from being up JJ’s asses, I am shock she can breathe.


so since its double eviction how is there any hope for kalia or dani?


Double eviction doesn’t mean they both go home in the same eviction lol they evict then do the rest the same day I believe that’s how it went last year


on thurs nite, Jeff’s nominee will get evicted. then they will have another quick Hoh comp, quick nomination, quick pov,then eviction all in one hour. jeff is not allowed to participate in the HOH comp.

BB Never Missed an Episode

I get more of a kick reading ya’lls comments than I do reading the blog. So here is my take….for what it’s worth.
1. Some say that Jordan and Jeff lie and that they are hypocrites. You say that they shouldn’t have put Dani up on the block, because they had a deal with her. If I remember correctly, Dani made the deal with them and then told Kalia and Porche that she was putting Jeff up if she won the HOH. So that makes Dani no better than Jeff.
2. Some say that Shelly is a liar. Well, exactly who isn’t in this game? Dani has lied…so has Jeff, Rachel, Porsche and every other houseguest ever on BB.
3. Some say Adam is the worst player ever…really? Seems to me that he’s doing something right…he’s still there and many have gone before him.
4. Some say Jordan is dumb. She isn’t so much dumb as under-educated and extremely naive. This is a product of a deficient educational system and demographics. She is using her money to go to school and better herself. She could have blown it partying or traveling or whatever, but she bought a house for her family and used the rest for school. Get over the fact that she has won once. Good on her.
5. Pretty much everything everyone says about Rachel is true…so I won’t even touch that one. And she is almost tolerable when Brendan’s not in the house.
6. Some say that Dani is a great player. What has she done that is so great? She has miscalculated multiple times to her detriment. So what that she got Brendan out twice. She could have made it until final 3 or 4 if she had stuck to her original alliance instead of coming in 8th. (we’ll see though, she just might pull it out this week)
7. Kalia…can’t argue with much that is said about her either.
8. Porsche…despite what many argue, this is your dark horse. She flies so below the radar and makes herself appear so non-threatening….she is kinda like a Jordan, but this girl is wiley and manipulative in a quiet, deadly way. Those that think she is a dumb blonde just in it for the exposure are fooling yourself. She could very well land in the final 2.
9. Some want to use Shelly’s daughter as a basis for bashing her. So what…..noone with kids should ever be on the show? We all know that you can’t win it without a certain degree of lying and deception…so what is the point? It is a game for half a million dollars. You wouldn’t lie to people you barely know to win half a million dollars? I bet you would. These people aren’t family or friends….it isn’t a sacred trust…and they are ALL doing it. It’s not like it isn’t expected. Best thing the dad could do is keep the kid off the feeds.
10. To take on one or two players and bash them for what everyone else in the house is doing is humorous to me. They all lie….they all break deals…they all throw each other under the bus…they all do whatever it takes to win the money and better their lives (hopefully)…..and whoever makes it to the end will deserve to win, because they beat everyone else. That is the point of being the last one standing….however, you get there.


Your name might as well be “Jeff and Jordan forever <3 Love you America's sweethearts!"

BB Never Missed an Episode

Quite the comback… got me good. Quite frankly, I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Dani or Kalia. Kalia is just straight up annoying. I liked her a lot at first, but her hygiene habits are disgusting. As for Dani, I didn’t like her in her first season, so I can’t make myself like her now. She has one of the worst attitudes of anyone I have ever seen. She doesn’t like anyone unless they march to her drum. But seeing as how she treats her own father in front of everyone, I wouldn’t expect anything less. (Family issues should be kept within the family) Yes, I like Jeff and Jordan, and Porsche and Adam and sometimes, Shelly and Rachel.

Nick B

“family issues should be kept between the family”

Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what CBS wants.

Now who’s being naive?


what i don’t get about ppl not liking Shelly for that reason is… why would she straight up tell the other houseguests she’s lying? She’s using the mom thing as an advantage. All of the previous BB old moms are always honest and stuff so she’s using it to her advantage. Now, I haven’t watched the past sunday and tuesday BB shows on CBS so idk what she does in the DR, but if she doesn’t own up to it there either then I get it.


It’s not that she isn’t telling the other HG that she’s lying because that would obviously be stupid. It’s that in her DR sessions, she appears to be 100% convinced that she ISN’T lying when it’s clear that she is. If she admitted that she was lying, I would be Team Shelly to be honest because she’s playing a great game right now.

Aqua Bernie

But actually Shelly has admitted that she lied to Jordan. She told Jordan she was playing both sides to get infomation.


I have a theory on that. Perhaps her DR confessions are also performances to invisible extra HG. Shelly’s shootin straight to Big Brother (production). It makes a certain sense since we know production isn’t above meddling to keep the game interesting.

BB Never Missed an Episode

That is actually what I find funny about the whole Shelly thing. If these people in the house were at all as worldly as they like to think they are, they would know that the person protesting the loudest that they are being honest is usually the one telling the most lies. If she can play both sides of the house with her lies, which she has done pretty successfully (she’s even managed to get everyone to forget about the lies she got caught in earlier and has both sides talking to her again), more power to her. She is the sole provider for her family and from the looks of that house, she probably lost a lot of equity in the housing market. The money is just as important to her as everyone else. She’s a business woman and she is quite a manipulator. If the people in the house fall for it, their bad, not hers.

Which A-hole Will Win?

Best recap ever. Thanks for that 🙂

chief c

wow not only a voice of reason. But actual thought out sentences with insight and balance, i like it. i like it alot !!



1) Actions speak louder than words. Speculating on doing something isn’t the same as actually doing. Dani didn’t put Jeff up either time she was HoH and didn’t backdoor him either. As far as things go she kept her word regardless of the reasons

2) The problem that most people have with Shelly is that she seems to be lieing to herself and the Diary Room where there’s absolutely no need to keep up the facade. Plus no one likes a hypocrite, to lie is one thing, but the great lengths she raves on about holding the moral high ground is very off-putting

3) Adam’s playing for screen time, he’s not playing to win the game, which is why so many have very little use for him.

4) No, she’s dumb. In this modern day it’s not difficult to educate yourself to a certain degree. My father only went to the 6th grade and is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. If she’s ignorant it’s because she chooses to be. So she’s either dumb, lazy, or a combination of both.

5) Rachel is a prime example of someone who lets their emotions completely override their brains. And not in a good way

6) She is a great player, who made a very bad blunder. She’s good at comps, her social game is underrated considering she went from an alliance of one to actually having, an albeit weaker, alliance and even holding power for 3 days. I cut her some slack for the Brendan thing is I really think the twist completely screwed her over. And I personally detest those sorts of ‘twists’ I’d rather the game unfold organically.Just think how things might have went if there was no twist

7) Me either. Horrible player.

8) I like Porsche, out of all the remaining newbies she’s the only one I’d vote for in the final 2 (unless Shelly manages to flip the house, that’s a move that’s worth applause)

9)-10) Agreed, I’d rather discuss the game, not bash players pimples, family, bone structure, etc. That shit is truly irrelevant to my entertainment

BB Fan 5

4) No, she’s dumb. In this modern day it’s not difficult to educate yourself to a certain degree. My father only went to the 6th grade and is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. If she’s ignorant it’s because she chooses to be. So she’s either dumb, lazy, or a combination of both.

Jordan is not ignortant, nor is she uneducated. You dont need to graudate from college to be educated, as you have pointed out. If you dont like her thats fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But to call someone, lazy, dumb, ignorant, is a little excessive. A lot of the posts on here, mainly the personal attacks of Jordan, seem a lot like jealousy to me…


Jealousy? That’s a fairly weak argument. I won’t deny Jordan is super-sweet and nice and cute. I believe she’s more or less genuine. But at the very least she is ignorant, it’s been shown time and time again. Or perhaps you simply aren’t looking at what the definition of ignorant is.

ig·no·rant (gnr-nt)
1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.

Please explain how Jordan doesn’t exemplify that definition?


Well said..


Jordan: “Dominic spelled ‘standings’ and Brendon spelled ‘understanding’ … it’s basically the same word.”

In a competition where every letter counts, do you really think they’re the same, Jordan? Moron.


I think she was saying that BRD&Dom were forming an alliance when they were trying to back door Jeff and the word being basically the same was proof that there was a plan because they must have discussed it and came up with the basically the same word…just that Dom’s was the shorter version to throw Veto. Then BR saved Jeff by not using the Veto. That’s why JJ didn’t trust Dani and back doored her. I know it’s fun, but it think she had a point this time. ???


ADAM! Where are your balls, man?


In Jeff’s pocket.


Sometimes ya gotta love Rachel. She dont walk away from things lol. She woulda stood in that kitchen alone with Dani for hours LOL. LOVED IT


lol! ikr. with that dramatic squinting look in her eyes!


He just didn’t want Dani fired up before the POV and didn’t want drama before the ceremony. Did you think he would “take the knife Dani back stabbed him with three weeks ago and just hand it back to her so she could stab him again in a week?” It was strategy, not innocence lost LMAO


Regardless what his intentions were, he lied. Period.


If there was no lying this game would be a big snore. Dr. Will lied ALL THE TIME and he was an amazing player.
I want everyone to lie and cheat. I just don’t want them to repeatedly say “straight shooter” or cry when they don’t get their way.
I really don’t love anyone this season but Jeff is playing really well right now.


dani lies too.


who cares if he lied, dani lies and was planning to do the same thing to him, he just backdoored her first


u know whats funny? how some ppl say that S and A are attached to JJ’s ass, BUT dani lovers (not all of them, but the ones that cant see any wrong doing in dani’s behavior) are so totally cyber attached to dani’s shit hole.

i understand ppl have their favorites, but… to the point of blindness? so jeff didnt tell dani he was gonna backdoor her. well… dani didnt tell jeff she wanted to backdoor him. and dani didnt tell brendon she was gonna backdoor him. but i suppose that THAT was ok cause it was dani doing it, but god forbid its done to her. stop being such hypocrites!

isnt there a rule that you cant tell the nominated, they will be nominated?

i have to laugh at some of the people here. reading the idiotic comments of some of you is actually more entertaining than watching the live feeds!

keep em coming. entertain me!


The thing that gets me is that JJS take the pedestal for playing “with dignity”. They are hypocritical. Everyone lies to play the game. Dani lies in the game, but she doesn’t say that she’s a dignified player. She plays the game. As far as when BR talked with her, I don’t think she told them anything. When they asked her about backdooring him, she would say, “I don’t know.” Jeff just annoys me with his bully nature. And tonight when he was insinuating that he personally evicted Brendan and that they don’t need to ride him and expect him to do everything. You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s won three comps, right? He’s been in charge for one week, and that makes him the only one doing anything? I hope Dani can pull it off this week. Otherwise, I am afraid it’s going to be Jeff and Jordan in the final two. Dani’s right that they’re basically signing the check to them.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

I’m telling u, come Thursday when/if Dani gets evicted I am soooo done watching the show,lol..though I’m just a measly one person, they will NOT get my point in the ratings. I’ll come here and read up on what’s going on every now n then…then watch the finale..its gonna be super lam in the house with no Dani…and the fact that Jeff still holds the week 3 grudge against Dani shows how weak of a player he is in a way. Like eriously, ppl have done MUCH worse to ppl in the BB game and have come back and realigned and continue to play. Jeff and Jordan are super duper weak this season to me…and this comes from someone who was team Jeff/Jordan during their season. As Dani wud say “it just sucks soooo bad….OBVI!”

Nick B

I felt the same way after Matt left last season. I still kinda watched, but man what a boring season. Even Brit and Rachel’s return for 24 hours couldn’t save that waste for me.

shovel faces shrink

ok. did shelly just ask for some white paper because her green airplane wasnt flying right?? im sorry flipper! the color of the airplane is not going to change the way it flies.

shovel faces shrink

and another thing. jeff just said rachael read the instructions like 20 times. wait wait wait!!!!!!!! rachael can READ


Didn’t like Rachel much before but these women in the house make her look so much better.She is loyal and she fights hard in comps and her attacks are not personal they’re game related.

shovel faces shrink

damn, why is jordan soooooo gullable. at least jeff can see through shellys shit a little bit. hes trying to tell jordan but she aint listening.