Big Brother 13 Spoilers – HOH Crew agrees Everyone is dumb but them, Simon: “Kalia Shut the f*ck up”

5:10pm HOH BRendon, Dani, Rachel, Kalia Kalia is relaying information to the HOH crew telling them that “them down there” (Dom, Adam, Cassi, Shelly, Lawon) are voting to keep Keith. Kalia: “Either those people down there are incredibly smart and acting dumb or they are incredibly dumb” Brendon: “There idiots down there”. Brendon brings up puppy dog style. Kalia: “Whats puppy dog style”
Brendon: “She (rachel) made it up”
Dani tries to explain your says “It’s doggie style put on your elbows.. I dunno this one (rachel) made it up”
Rachel starts showing them puppy dog style.. Brendon tells her to stop because her ass is in the air and that will end up on the internets.
Dani :”you had naked pics from last year”
Rachel: “NO”
Brendon: “I had a boner shot walking out to the bathroom”
Kalia: “This is what I’m going to do if we don’t win HOH.. I’m going to try and get them to put me up so we can remove Lawon”
Brendon doesn’t think that is a sound idea he tells them that sometimes the players that want to leave are kept around because they are weak players. Dani tells Kalia that they need her to play in the HOH so her having the gold key is good for her but bad for the team.
Kalia: “I think if I act I want to go home they’ll want to get rid of me.. then they put us up and we vote out Lawon”.

They start repeating how stupid the other side is.. most of the time they don’t even bother explaining their reasons why waste your breath they just flat out say it.
Brendon: “There are so stupid.. dumb… they can’t keep their mouths shut for 10 seconds”
Kalai: “20 seconds and their talking.. stupid ”
Rachel: “they are so dumb they’re telling us who they are going to take out.. can’t keep your mouth shut”
Brendon: “Dumb Dumb Dumb”
They start going over who they like.. basically no one.
Kalia: “I like Adam he’s a nice man but he’s getting on my nerves”
Brendon: “yeah..”

Jordan joins them and tells them POrsche told her that the newbs are trying to break up the couples because they are too powerful. Jordan says they will put Jeff Schroeder and Jordan up and try to backdoor Brendon or Rachel. Brendon: “there so stupid” Kalia: “DUMB” Rachel: “There not trying to break up the couples there trying to split up the vets (repeats)” Dani: “They’re trying to ruin your marriage rachel”

They start talking about how nice of a guy Keith is everyone agrees Keith is a straight up nice guy.
Rachel: “I think it’s weird that he’s been on 2 reality shows” (WTF seriously rachel)
Dani: “He was cast for bad girls club love games but didn’t go on, I watched that show it’s trashy about people having sex.. so why is he all being christian and going on a show like that”
Kalia: “he wants to be an actor and I told him that maybe he should stop doing reality shows because people won’t take him seriously… I told him he should take some acting some acting classes… he told me that he doesn’t believe in classes you wither have it or you don’t’… UMM HELLO i went to school for 4 years and studied theater I know what i’m talking about”
Rachel mentions that she thinks he’s cute Kalia doesn’t think so at all Brendon jokes says he’s going to go beat Keith up.

6:10pm Kitchen Jeff explaining to Dom about his season and how he was able to “Knock people out” by getting the wizard power and winning a couple comps. Dom acts like he doesn’t know anything. Jeff defends his reasons for getting Russel out. Jeff explains how Kevin got him out but how he had no other choice to take Russel out. Jeff: “JOrdan was telling me that after I left Kevin and Natalie thought they had the game in the bag.. but she took Kevin out and went to the end with Natalie”

Dom says he wishes he saw Dicks season to, he heard that he got the house in a uproar. Dick told Dom that he pulled Dani off the block while he was still on it but he still survived. Dom is wondering what they are doing outside (They are in lockdown) Jeff thinks they may be building HOH but it’s a bit early for that. Dom points out it’s 2 1/2 days.

Dom asks Jeff if he had won any prizes while on the show last, Jeff says he won a

Dom: “I dunno if it’s a good strategy or a bad stratgy”
Jeff explains If you take all the prizes its a easy reason for someone to tell you your going home cause you won all the prizes but on the flip side if something happens and you go out early at least you have something. Jeff heads up to HOH

7:02pm HOH Brendon, Dani, Jeff, Keith, Rachel Brendon is explaining the search for extraterrestrial life. all 4 cams

Big Brother 13 Jeff pics from the day

BB13 Cam3 July12 1pm


BB13 Cam 3 July12 1:10:40

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kalia!! urg. why does no one this season have a shut up button. keith, porsche, kalia, brendon…etc


Brendon is such an idiot!! I can’t believe that we have to suffer another season of him and Rachel’s laugh.


jef is a douche ..i see it even more now on the feeds


I totally enjoyed watching this. Dani was slyly taking the conversations places that would make Rachel do and say things to embarrass Brendon. Mission accomplished Dani! Wind those two up and they won’t disappoint. I’m sure Brendon will be lecturing her later tonight for telling everyone they have sex in the house.

When Jeff was in the kitchen with Dom, I was thinking that if Jeff was intelligent, and we know he isn’t, him and Jordan would be trying to form a foursome with Dom and Cassie. But it looks like Jeff thinks his best bet is to stay with Brenchel and Dani. As for Jordan, she looks like she doesn’t care one way or the other about anything.


Great post!


I agree. Jordan is probably the most boring player ever.


Chloe I like the way you think. I’ve been saying that all along that the vets would’ve done better form non-vet alliances. It’s stupid to align yourself with that Brendan Rachel trainwreck. I can’t wait until they implode. Neither Jeff nor Sookie (Jordan) are bright enough to do anything worth watching. Their strategy is to wait around until everybody else has fallen, then wake up and take the prize. I wish they woul do a double trouble elimination and get rid of Brendon,Rachel, Jeff and Sookie in one fell swoop.


I really like Dani this season what shes saying makes the conversations kind of funny! Jeff is kind of a douche this season I never watched the feeds from his season was he always like this?

Uncle Cool

Dani is a PLAYER. She is playing everyone with little comments and actions that will make houseguests, Rachel especially, explode.

When they kept saying ‘they’ were dumb, were they looking directly at Kalia?


Dani telling Rachel that the newbies are trying to “ruin her marriage”. BWAHAHAHAHA Dani is, IMO, playing a very smart game right now. Slowly planting the seeds in Rachel’s head, which is eventually going to cause her to go crazy on everyone and get booted. Go Dani!


My thoughts exactly! Dani pushes Rachel’s buttons, Rachel goes apeshit and becomes a target.


I’m really hoping that Cassi, Dom, Adam, or Lawon win HoH. I don’t know how much of this “We are so smart” and “they are so stupid” shit i can take from Brendon. He repets himself like 50 times a day, but it will just get worse if one of the newbies win. He then will start up with his excuses to why he lost. God it never ends with this guy.


Look at Kalia thinking she’s on the team, HAHAHA she’s the dumbest of the Newbs I knew she was going to find a way to scheme so she can float, she know she can’t do shit in the house she even said it herself. Brenda just repeats the same shit over and over.

They should call their alliance Dumb,Dumber,Dumbest,and Stupid.



really?! i think brendon is way worse than rachel. at least for this season. he’s such a control freak.


I think Brendon is just as big of a douche as last year. He became somewhat normal when Rachel left the house, but he was a giant turd when he and Rachel were together. I hate both of them.


Dani is my favorite so far. And it’s not “stupid” to go after the vets…I’d get rid of brendon next week, then Rachel falls apart and is useless… and then only Jeff can compete (I don’t even count jordan since she is dead weight). A newbie needs to win next to make this interesting.


What I don’t get about the Big Booty game, they are not aloud to sing, yet they can sing that annoying bullshit???


Thanks For the Pics of Jeff!!


Even better, Rachel gets put back in the house after they hook up lol.




simon, please add a comment to each headline. I totally did a spit take on the ‘kalia shut the f*ck up’!
I am pained to root for even my previous faves jj. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I’m rooting for cassi/dom still but they need to be more … friendly (?) to the vets? I think dom tries but i dont see cassi pulling her weight there.


Big booty makes me miss beer pong games of seasons past…production needs to give them more alcohol…didn’t they give them 6 cans of beer the other night? They have to do better than that.


Well I think it is not a smart idea to bet on Cassie/Dom. So many people were rooting for Hayden/Kristen last year. Although they aren’t my fav brenchel will be around for awhile. The newbs really don’t know what they are doing. Honestly out of this bunch shelly is the only one I would want to win.


You should have got a pic of Rachel with her ass in the air to post on the internet just to spite Brenda.

Uncle Cool

The image in my head is bad enough. I could not handle an actual picture of it.


I hate Rachael and Brendan more this year. I didnt think it was possible to hate them more but they managed too.

I used to love Jeff and Jordan but this year I could do w/out them

I wish Evil Dick was still in he game I believe things would be more interesting The Rachael being a drunk and Brendan whining (note to self – a hoe will always be a hoe and common sense you ether born w/ it or your not)

judy ann

I still & always well love jeff & Jordan. They have class, something Rachel & Brandan never has had ever. Rachel & Brandan leave a very bad taste in your mouth & they have not ever gained any respect for themselfs. They are just plain & simple two dogs in heat, & of course we all know Rachel only has what she has by working on her back. Go Jeff & Jordan. Even if you don’t when they both of you have class. America love’s J & J;

judy ann

Evil Dick left because he used his head. He new if he left that would put Dani into the top 10 for the ” Golden Key ” I really think he thought in threw in his head, & new if he left Dani goes to the top 10 easy. He walked out on purpose, so she get’s into the top 10.


The interesting thing is that Rachel is so dillusional that she believes she’s changing her image this season. Dream on Rachel! So glad to see people agree with me in this poll. She is the dumbest most annoying BB HG in history. Brendon also keeps telling her to stop playing an emotional game and in the same breath she says but Cassie doesn’t like me??Whaah! I need to vomit!

Keith over stayed his welcome IMHO. He walked in the door with too much pride and an explosive ego. He could have saved himself because people disliked Porche from the jump. At this point Brendon would probably vote her out to keep Rachels head in the game, but Keiths opportunity to save himself has come and gone. He knows it, why is he still belly aching?


I was initally a bit upset with Dani, because she tends to spread a lot of gossip and start stuff but at this point I think she’s playing the only game she can which is a mind game. Go girl!

judy ann

WOW, I,m beganing to really like ” Dani “. She has grown up & seem’s a much better person. I just might, I said might pick her to be the one to win. She did cry over her Father though, & her dad didn’t walk-he never came back from the D.R. so something happened. “(