Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Brendon Scolds Rachel “I’m your best friend you don’t need another best friend in this house”

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3:20pm HOH Rachel, Jeff, Dani, Jordan and Brendon Brendon tells Rachel that she’s been listening to everyones sob stories and she needs to keep a clear head. Jeff adds that everyone will give the HOH their Sob story, You’re going to hear 11 sobs stories and you’ll hear mine if i’m up on the block next. Jeff is convinced that keeping porsche until it’s just the 5 of them is a good idea because then they can get her out easy it’ll be like a free week for them.
Brendon tells them that Keith is the real leader of the other side right now but he’s kept quiet because he’s on the block, Brendon: “If you would of put Cassi you would see that KEith would be the one running things”. Jeff: “Damn something in here gives me gas”
Rachel says they are the 2 strongest couples in the house, Dani: “what do you mean… hahah” Rachel: “me brendon Jeff and Jordan are the strongest” (Camera zooms to Dani… doesn’t appear happy with this and rightfully so) Dani… “Ohh”.

They start talking about Dom and Adam, Brendon thinks that Adam is going to try and float through and not try any of the physical stuff whereas Dom is going to try and win the physical comps. Dani tells them that most of the game is mental comps there really isn’t that many physical comps, she thinks he will dominate the quizzes. Jeff tells them that Adam is saying he’s going to throw the HOH comp. Brendon: “Oh yeah for sure this week but we’re talking about next week” Jeff: “Umm i’m worried about this week” Jordan: “So am I” Rachel: “I’m worried about getting backdoored”
Rachel: “do you think they are smart enough to put up there own then back door us”
Dani: “How many times is she going to ask that question?”
Brendon: “ugh I dunno maybe 10 more times until she gets it…. I dunno I think Cassi and Dom are working together”
(Seriously rachel and Dani are going to cut each other you just wait)

They find some “turtle” juice in the HOH drawer and decide to plastic bag it as evidence for the trial tonight.

3:40pm HOH POrsche and Brendon POrsche is asking for advice about what she should say to the other. Brendon tells her that Cassi is trying to get the house against Porsche. Brendon says they are not going to campaign for you we’re just going to vote for you”

Brendon tells her to go to all the people on the fence and tell them that Kieth is a stronger player and would be more dangerous in the long term, he also adds that Keith has blown up already so people may not want him around. He also suggests that she should talk to every person before Thursday because if you wait until Thursday you won’t have time with this many people in the house. He explains to her how hectic Thursdays are before the live Show.
Brendon: “My biggest concern is Cassi is trying to cause a bit of animosity”
Brendon: “I was sure Shelly would be voting to keep you (Porsche) but Cassi is trying to flip that, that’s why you need to start to campaign”.
Porsche explains what she’ll say to them: “do you want to see Keith getting stronger and to learn.. right now it’s easy to get him out”
Porsche asks what he thinks about lawon, Brendon doesn’t have a clue where lawons head is at ,”he’s all over the place”.
Brendon warns her to stop looking so confident becuase she knows she has the repeats votes the other side might pick it up as being smug.
Brendon thinks it’s a no brainer to vote Keith out and if POrsche just sticks to the facts she’ll have no problem getting the votes. He again warns her not to tell anyone she has the repeat votes, not to talk about the golden key and to start talking to every person and logically tell them the cons of Keeping Dani.

4:05pm Fortune Room Porsche and Jordan Porsche is filling Jordan in on what she’s going to pitch to the other houseguests to lock down a couple votes. Jordan doesn’t think Porsche has to worry about anything.. Porsche pretty much repeats her conversation she had with brendon. Jordan tries to convince her not to worry. Porsche tells her that the Newbbs will take out B/R not J/J.

4:10pm HOh Brendon getting mad and Rachel for doubting Dani (this is worth watching if you have the feeds July 12th, 2011 Cam 1-4 4:10pm Brendon is the biggest douche in BB history I feel sorry for Rachel to be in a relationship with him. Lets hope CBS gives rachel a box of Wine so we can have a battle tonight)
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Brendon: “you’re playing this game too emotional.. You’re doing it again”
Rachel is doubting Dani’s loyalty she’s worried that Dani will flip because nobody wants to be number 5 with JJ and BR. She is really liking POrsche and thinks they can be good friends outside the house.
Brendon: “you’re just as bad as those people down there you’re thinking too far in the future.. Focus at the game at hand and Don’t ever doubt that girl (Dani)”
Rachel: “I wasn’t doubting her I am just worried about final 5”
Brendon: “she’s (dani) the only person other than me I would want you to trust, I completely trust her and so should you”
Rachel: “You think they are really going to get Jeff over Jordan?”
Bendon: “are you kidding me… seriously are you kidding me their going after Jeff, they would be idiots not to keep Jordan… Dani is going to have a huge target on her back so I need you to be close… and stop doubting her”
Rachel: “I’m not doubting”
Brendon: “I need you to be clear about her because god forbid if I get evicted she’s all you have”.

Brendon: “I like POrsche she’s a nice girl but she’s a stupid girl when it comes to this game and social encounters… her game play is very bad”
Rachel: “I like POrsche.. I like really like her i’m going to be friend with her on the outside I don’t want her to go home week 5”
Brendon: “so you like her more than dani?”
Rachel: “no ”
Brendon: “good because dani has a better social game and she’s very good at the physical comps”
Brendon: “you’re playing a horrible social game and it’s clouding your judgment.. doing the same thing you did last year”
Brendon: “I like everyone in the house but they are all horrible at playing this game; Porsche, Keith, CAssi, LAwon they are all stupid… I’m having fun with them but their all dumb at this game”…”Just think of this that your fiance is risking his Phd for you so think of that when you make these stupid decisions and comment”
Brendon: “All you are doing is throwing away 1/2 mil for a friendship that means nothing.. I’m your best friend you don’t need another best friend in this house”
Brendon: “I’m playing a great social game here and I need you to pick it up Your social game…it isn’t great because of the struggle you have to differentiate game play with personal feelings.”

Brendon finish’s off by reminding her that she never watched big brother 12 she doesn’t know the full extent that Brit and “the rest of them” talked about her. He says you are friends with no one from BB12 and the same will happen with BB13 because people do not want to be friends after this experience. Rachel meekly replies that she’s friends with Ragan, Brendon isn’t sure he’s tells her that they never really see Ragan much.

Brendon leaves to go down stairs rachel goes to sleep..

4:41pm Fortune room Porsche and Kalia Porsche is starting to work on Kalia using the lines discussed with her conversation with Brendon. (My headphones don’t play Kalia’s voice so who knows what she says. 😉 )

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dear god Brendan is a control freak now I know why Rachel is like she is cause she has to deal with him all the time bossing her around.


“I like POrsche she’s a nice girl but she’s a stupid girl when it comes to this game and social encounters… her game play is very bad”

this guy is hilarious , almost everything he said is bad about the newbs he did last year and is still doing this year.


First I would like to see Kieth gone, then Brendon


Now he’s risking his PHD for this girl, OMFG what an idiot.


“Brendon: “I’m playing a great social game here and I need you to pick it up Your social game…”

Delusional again, just like last year.


Is Brendon serious? He should pay a visit to this site and read what everyone has to say about him here. Needledick needs to go. I honestly can stand rachel more then him. Im also really hoping for some drama between Dani and rachel soon. I feel it coming.


I can’t wait for the Rachel Dani drama either. Dani is a big whining cry baby when she doesn’t get her way. She’s just as bad as Rachel. Just look at whatever season she was in the house and you’ll see. She’s way too smug and once the Vegas showgirl gets liquored up, it’s gonna be game on.

Brendan is one of those creepy guys who manipulates his wife because of his own insecurities. If Rachel has any family watching this,they should tell her to RUN away from that psychopath


Dani starting for figure out she is on the outs of the couples, she need to start making moves to ensure she will not lose this game, to the 4 idiots


OMG I can’t believe I liked this guy last year. I must be an idiot lol

T that's Me!

I think he means:

Brendon: “Rach, I like Dani more than I like you and I can’t wait til you are voted out so we can partner up. She doesn’t get drunk and show her twat to everyone and make me look like a little bitch girl. And she had mad skill when it comes to playing BB cause people like her. They just think you’re an annoying bitch. And I am starting to agree with them!”



Brendon your social game is WEAK.

Uncle Cool

I would LOVE to see Dani flirt with Brendon openly in front of Rachel, give him high 5’s and hugs and stuff in competitions.

I don’t know if she could stomach that though. The guy is ten times worse than last season.


I’m sorry, but I really can’t stand these two. Brendan is a pompas ass (and kind of like a pedaphile) and Rachel is so nasty. She’s ugly inside and out. Game or no game….these two need professional help. Seriously.


why isnt dani making a move on brendon that what she does hobag unfaithful cheating bitch


who r u people gonna bag on when brenchel leave the house same shit as last year


Just watched the flashback. As much as I dislike BR, Brendon is dead on in his convo with Rachel.


Rachel is a trainwreck, but Brendon is one deluded dude! Dani has him totally sucked in! Brendon is one of the most socially inept people I have ever seen! I am enjoying watching Daniele stir the pot. She is totally planting landmines around Brenchel and I would love to see them go off. Brenchel have already been fighting since yesterday, and Dani is enjoying it. I think Dani is looking to get rid of Rachel and Jordan and team up with Brendon and Jeff plus a floater she can take to the end. It’s perfect. Brendon is easy to use and Jeff, well, he just isnt that smart. Dani is not as annoying this time round, and it makes me realize how hard it was for her to make relationships in the house in her season because Dick was such a big personality.


Rachel and Brendan are so easily manipulated since they think they are BB experts. Brendan has learned absolutely NOTHING since last year and Dani has always been sneaky so she’s doing exactly what she needs to do to get those two kooks tripped up. I still wanna see a Dani v Rachel blow up.


Chloe, astute comments as always. Yes, Rachel is self-deluded and the “Vegas” in her is hiding until she gets something better, a PhD husband for validation, a big reality check, a nod from anybody who thinks she has a future in self-promotion. She can’t leave her hair alone (sexual frustration is the banter) and she seems to be trying to be good, knowing there will be few men who will continue to pledge their love. Life is always easier when you are the one who is loved most. (If you are the one who wants the relationship most, you will put in more work.) “Love the one who loves you most and your life will be easy” is the adage. Brendon is easy to use as you say. On Jeff & Jordan, they are easy to look at and easy to understand where they are coming from. Maybe not so bright, but Jeff’s humor is charming and Jordan is simple and guileless and they don’t seem mean. Look at Rachel in five years to see the potential for cheating, addictions and the need to be in the spotlight, whereas nerdy Brendon simply wants a family and a career and a woman with big boobs.

T that's Me!

Oh, I almost forgot…..THANK YOU SIMON for giving me a cute shot of my darling Jeff as the first pic for this post!!!! Sorry Rockstar….I had to thank Simon! 😉


Dani is growing on me, she looks good, and she has potential to break up Brenchel not only in the game but permanently….


I agree that brendon is an insecure control freak…but my god, Rachel is paranoid about Daniel in the final 5??? That’s 8 weeks away. This is why it’s so hard for women to win this game. They can’t stay in an alliance for long b/c women get all petty and catty with each other and fight amongst themselves.


Wow! The way Brendon talks to Rachel actually makes me feel sorry for her. I never thought I’d say that.


woah, rachel’s still friends with ragan? were they ever friends last season? brendon’s being a douche now.


Maybe after Wednesday Evel Dick will start chatting about the season – since he’s officially gone. I’ve always been a fan of Dani (even when she was more whiny and inmature). I agree I CAN’T WAIT for Dani and Rachel to have a big fight – it will be epic! Rachel is disgusting and has not learned anything from last year or her stupid whipped boyfriend Brendon. Dani won’t be distracted this season since there’s no hot guy like Nick around. I’d love to see Dani win it all!


Of course Brendon likes Dani she has a great social game (which he does not). I fore see him cheating with Dani the second Rachel is out of the house. Rachel, as much as I dislike you, run away girl! It’s what’s best for you.


What’s turtle juice?


Yeah. Rachel was really paranoid about Dani’s impending traachery…..since Dani turned traitor a week or so later! give me a break……

And Classy Dani either wanted to go to the Jury house to hit on brendon, or have Kalia go there and tell him rachel was pregnent.

Simply cause she is a sick, sadisistic sociopath who only cares about herself.


Also Porchse should thank rachel for the 50,000 she got as runner up. not only did Rachel take her to f2, even though she knew it would be an easy win vs adam, she spent the first month plus in the house defending her left and right, and kept her from being evicted week one.

Of course porsche was greatful by stealing brendons duck, running to dani and then wishing she could force an abortion on rachel.

total class!


Lmao at Dani having a great Social game. The only one of the 5 vets that had one was jordon, and Rachel’s improved after Brendon was evicted the last time…….Jeff Brendon and Dani’s egos all got them evicted…..and dani’s ‘social’ game was so pathetic (lame showmance, piss off your alliance, make dumb eviction moves) was Rachel season 12 all over again!.