Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dominic tells Rachel he has to work with them because he can’t trust the newbies..

7:15am – 9am Jordan wakes up and goes down to the downstairs bathroom to grab some stuff and then heads back to the HOH bed. 8am Shelly wakes up and heads to the kitchen to make coffee. 8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Dominic and Rachel are in the storage room. Dominic tells her that he has to work with them because he can’t trust the newbies. Rachel asked Dominic if he talked to Dani. Dominic says that he has. Rachel says that she needs to talk to Jeff. Adam comes into the storage room and breaks up their conversation. Adam, Shelly, Lawon, Brendon, Dominic Porsche and Rachel are in the kitchen talking about 9/11. They talk about how crazy it would have been to be part of big brother 2 and in the house when it happened. The conversation changes to talking about basketball, and .

9:20am Lawon heads back into the have not room to sleep. Kalia, Cassi and Shelly are all in the havenot room laying down. They are moaning about how uncomfortable the Big Brother House is. Cassi comments that the people watching the live feeds have no idea how much the have not room sucks.  Adam, Brendon and Porsche are in the kitchen. Adam and Brendon are talking about ivy league schools. Porsche leaves the kitchen and Adam and Brendon are the only house guests awake in the kitchen talking about 90210 and Star wars. Shelly gets called to the diary room.

9:50am Adam and Brendon continue to talk about movies and actors. Shelly comes back in and says give me something to do …anything .. competition, clean… anything.. Adam tells her there are dishes in the sink that are dirty. Brendon and Shelly whisper by the sink about the havenot competition and how they should try and balance it out who is a havenot. Brendon says maybe they should split up people to make it more fair for others. They talk about how its too early to compete for food and say that it must be happening later. Shelly then leaves and says that she wants to make sure Lawon knows we need to split up for today. Lawon agrees its more fair to split up everyone. Brendon says that it might even be individual. Lawon says that he just wants a fair shot. Lawon thanks Brendon to be willing to split up the teams. Lawon says cool, I’m down with that. Brendon says its more for your benefit. Shelly and Dominic start pulling off the bed sheets to wash them.

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does he like the new 90210? I wonder if he likes teddy lol

Dark Horse

I wonder if he watches Tori’s shows on Oxygen

Dark Horse

Funny how Shelly said she is no one’s mother and people better clean up after themselves…all she has done thus far is CLEAN! LOL

Dark Horse

Above – should have been a regular comment, not a reply – sorry!


During Brenchel’s first tenure in the house, last season, Rachel controlled their relationship and Brendon was more submissive. This season it is reversed and Brendon seems less enchanted with Rachel than before. I predict a breakup somewhere down the line for this couple.


I think it would be funny if after week 4 Enzo comes back into the house as a new houseguest….gra-nade


mad grenades yo!

I really didnt like enzo as a player but if he came back for this season I’d be pretty excited.

chick from louisiana

LOl, like the name.

Dark Horse

I agree…the look on their faces would be reward to me.


By The Way – Thanks for these reports. I have the live feeds, however I check on here through out the day while at work to see what is going on…. GREAT JOB!!!

Jordan K.

Dum Dum AKA Dominic needs to go. His cocky “momma’s boy” doesn’t work for me for me. He an ass. I tried liking him but i can’t. The newbies are playing the game like lost puppies


I SOOOOO agree. Get rid of DOM!


I agree dumbonic is very immature and a know it all when in truth he’s fake and annoying. goodbye fez


Oh we are so tired of Dom, too…..get rid of him or else! Danielle better be careful, also….I love Shelly!


What I don’t like about him is that constant smirk on his face. Just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.


Is Dani feeding everything she hears from the newbs back to the vets???


oh goodness, i wonder what brendon had to say about ivy league schools? i went to one so i hope he didn’t spew nonsense or say something offensive

Jake K.

This proves why the Vets are Vets. The golfing was easily going to go to Jordan or Jeff since they killed that in there season. They already swayed Kalia and Shelly as we saw last night. (I don’t know about anyone else, but that Kalia vote shocked me!) And now Dominic is going to them? This game is going to go to Daniele, Jeff, or Jordan. Of course the newbies will get power a few times and take them out, but I feel like the other three are going to carry swayed newbies, take them out, and go on to win.

And I don’t say htis negatively especially since Jeff is one of my favorites of all time. I would love to see him win! 😀


the second keith said to Kalia that he only dates white women, i knew that he could cure cancer and she still wouldn’t vote for him….his rejection of black women is basically him rejecting her and no woman wants to be rejected or forgive the man who does it to her – i think that is plays on our deepest and most basic insecurities, there really is no recovering from it

keith messed up in his game by first following the wrong impulse and picking porsche as his partner and sealed his fate with his comments to kalia – his game ended before it started, poor guy


White women are more easy to get along with than Black women. True Story. Black women always be on some whiny bullshit, they push their men tawards white women and they blame us for it instead of looking in the mirror. Love black women to the utmost high but they are a pain in the ass, not to mention black women today are not as strong as they were 20-30 years ago all they do is complain when they can’t get their way easily.


Yeah she got so offended by that! I agree with everything you said 100%
Now as for Kathy, I mean Shelly., I don’t see her playing the two sides being benficial in the long run. She’ll make it way farther than Kahlua yes (praying for a miracle this week), but how faw down on the vets totem poll are they? Can’t wait till it gets out that see was the second flipped vote. Cassi and Lawon are going to freak.


I totally disagree…..Kalia, I believe, voted Keith out because he was a loose cannon, dug her name through the mud, and was not beneficial as Porche to her game. If you watched the feeds, she clearly told Lawon she was not attracted to Keith. I am a black female, and I think not only is Keith ugly, but his speaking voice is horrendous. Black women do not have a problem with black guys dating white women for the most part, it is just sometimes, they have a a prejudice, bias, or stereotype against black women (For example, they lump all black women in the same pot as negative and all white women as being positive). If anything, she was more offended by his comments about black schools that really riled her. .


LOL, I see what you did there. Keith was ridiculous. Throwing people under the bus, wack strategy and panting after Porsche was the dumbest game he could play. Good riddance to him.


kalia is all strategy, shes a big time player and look for her to make a run at the the title.


Another floater or should I say FWB Floater with Benefits winning BB just like Jordan did in season 11 when she won because of a lie another HG told? Nah I’d rather See Brenda Rachel, or Dani win, at least they win shit.


I was so looking forward to a great season of BB….I do not know what is worse, the inflated egos of Brenchel and JJ or the silly moves of the rookies. And how do Shelly and Kalia think that it will never come out that they were the votes to keep Porche. Rest assured, in time, this information will be used against them by the veterans as leverage to futher their own selves in the game. I cannot believe the rooks are crumbling…..they still have the power to do some damage. Ahhhh….I so wasted my money of the feeds if this is what the summer has in store!

Dark Horse

I know I feel the same…While seeing what rookie’s enter the house I thought to myself…Is is possible to hate big brother already?…then I figured
if you can’t beat em join em…it’s what’s getting me through the season now…


Why do you bother commenting , or even watching if its such a waste of money? If you dont like it change the channel, and cancel your superpass… Just sayin’


Every year the first 3-4 weeks are a bit depressing. remember last year at this point Rachel had just won the HOH, Her and Kristen were best friends and Brendon’s douchieness was at a all time high. We all couldn’t stand the fake showmance of brenchel and most of us were cursing the season myself included.

During Season 11 week 2 Ronnie the Rat had just won the HOH and everyone thought the season was going to be owned by Jessie’s crew. Since they ended up winning the first 3 HOH’s Everyone was pissed because Jessies crew was running the house like the cocky jerks they are.

So anything can happen in the first 3 weeks and the eventual outcome may be very different. Nobody but the die hard Brenchel/JJ fans want to see them just sitting around picking off the newbs week after week. Ratings will TANK if that happens. Everyone right now is thinking the newbs are done for and they are if this trend continues but it won’t. The repeats will probably win another HOH then the power will shift and the game will get more interesting.

CBS wants to see battling they want to see cat fights, drama , scheming, sex, nip slips all that… this it why i’m optimistic that bb13 will turn out to be more balanced in the weeks to come.

I’m optimistic to this season becoming one of the most explosive it’s just a bit predictable and sad right now but Heck BB ALWAYS is the first couple weeks.


Oh and I forgot everyone loves the underdog not the cocky winning team that sites around all day talking about how smart they are.. it’ll all play out to be exciting.


I agree Simon. I think once we get rid of the duos in a couple of weeks and one of the newbies wins hoh look for them to put up Jeff and Rachel. They are by far the best two in the house (If you go by their respective seasons). Rachel proves that she can win any competition. She will have a huge target on her once the newbies get a chance. The newbies are still “star struck”. If they can pull it together Shelly, Dom and Adam can run the house. I am not a fan of Dom but Adam is kinda growing on me. The way Shelly is playing right now she is golden. She is playing the veterans perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her turn on the veterans as soon as she has a chance.

BTW: Thanks for all your hard work with all the updates. You guys rock.


Thanks Doug, Shelly so far is the surprise of the season i’m looking forward to seeing how her game pans out

Dark Horse

Yes your right we are in a depressing stage right now…a few more comps and the season will get more interesting [I hope].
I remember Rachel’s HOH win where she started buggin on Kristen….”Floaters grab a life-vest…KRISTEN!”
too bad we don’t have a ‘Britney’ this season to entertain us with Rachel impressions…

Dark Horse

I do not have the feeds nor do I watch after dark so Britney was hella funny to me…
When your stuck in a house for 3 months 24/7 I guess you do what you need to get by…
Brendon/Rachel impressions sounds kinda fun[ny]…


Brit was hilarious IMO, However she was very cruel like a lot of people were that season.


Some of it was funny. But as you said, a lot of it was plain cruel and had nothing to do with the game. Just showed how venomous Britney can be. She looked sweet, but was just the opposite of that.


Thing is that I have no problem with fights or going for each other’s throat – and you definitely need a thick skin to play this game – but at least make it about the game. The way Brit and the 3 bozos treated Rachel and Brendon was 100% personal, 0% game. It was literally every night, all night. I enjoy watching the contestants get along (at least to the extent where it doesn’t become strictly personal) and have a good time at night where everyone is drunk and playing some goofy drinking game. I also enjoy serious strategy talk at night like we are seeing from the Repeats now, instead of getting so personal and so nasty just for the sake of getting personal and nasty. Didn’t it occur to Britney that Rachel has parents and people who love her and it probably hurts to hear how disgusting she looks and that she’s a prostitute, literally every single night? That’s not cool at all and it is petty and immature.

Also, it was plain boring. I mean, how many times can a person listen to the same shit being said about someone time and time and time again. Rachel this, Rachel that. I thought it was a wasted season last year.

You should get the feeds just to listen to the Repeats talk game… it is really interesting. They are taking the Newbs apart piece by piece. Like now Dom is begging JJ to work with him, while their plan is to put up Adam and Dom, each feeling they are safe and for show only – but Adam is already said to be going next.


Crap. I meant Dom is going next. I don’t know what it is with me today.


Yes, Britney was a beotch, but that’s why I loved her. I liked her witty, yet snarky ways. Her DR’S were funny too.


I la la love Britney last season. The things she said were effin funny even if they were mean! I also liked Matt!! This is a game and smack talk and lies are part of the game.


I laughed so hard last year.. probably the most of any season of BB. I know a lot of things said were mean but it’s BB.


That’s hilarious. So now all except for Cassi and Lawon have offered to work with the repeats?


Why does it seem like all the newbs are trying to play both sides? Are they really that stupid?

PGA Player

Brendon needs to be on Tool Academy. If that marriage really takes place, I guarantee he wil abuse her. He is a textbook insecure control freak. He’l try to run every aspect of her life.

Grace Mitchell

Sorry – – don’t like shelly at all – she needs to go. She plays her own partner and then professes to be a good, honest mom. Bull to that. She needs to go. Game or not, she has no integrity. I am sorry to see Dominic go if he does – he seems like a good kid. Jordan drives me nuts – does that girl have a brain? Rachel and Brenden need to go too. Jeff is pretty smart but I am pulling for Danielle.