Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dominic says he has a pit bull that weighs 110lbs.. Dani says wait, you weigh less than your dog!?!

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12pm Shelly and Cassi are in the backyard sitting on the couch and talking. Cassi tells Shelly that she’s not going to be ugly to Rachel before she leaves. Shelly tells Cassi that is because you’re classy. Cassi starts talking about Rachel. Cassi says that Rachel didn’t have any couth or sensitivity to other people’s feelings. Cassi says that it may or may not have come out of my mouth that I’d like to be in a locked room with her for ten minutes.

Adam Dominic and Cassi on now on the backyard couches talking. Dominic tries to cheer Cassi up. Dominic tells her that her family will be so proud of her. Dominic tells Cassi that she got a raw deal in the house. Dominic says that girls are still being catty. Dominic tells Cassi that she got a shitty deal but anyone who looks at this game and how you played couldn’t say one bad thing about your character, right Adam? Adam says yeah. Dominic tells her that she touched a lot of people in the house, in a good way! Cassi starts crying to Adam and Dominic that Rachel is mean because she wants to win so she can buy a dress and have a nice wedding while Cassi has a brother in prison and no job and no car because she wrecked hers. Adam says that the vets have it better because they are not ruled by their emotions. Cassi starts to get mad at Dominic because he is basically encouraging her not to fight for votes. Dominic tells Cassi that people around the house are saying there is no way she’s going to stay. Even though Kalia has influenced her to fight for votes. Cassi walked away from Dominic and says that nobody has her back and that she is ready to go. Adam and Cassi are now talking. Adam tells her that if Shelly says to go with her, he will vote for her. Cassi says that if she would of won HOH this week she would of put Brendon and Rachel up on the block for eviction. Shelly comes out and joins them on the couch.

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1:30am Rachel and Brendon are in bed and whispering. Brendon tells her that he knows that Jeff & Jordan aren’t dumb and that they know that the vet duos need to stay together. Brendon says that he doesn’t think they should doubt Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says that no matter what we have to win HOH this week, or were in trouble, our whole alliance is in trouble. Brendon that we’re going to win this HOH, if you don’t I will. Rachel says taht she talked to Lawon and Lawon said he would try to win HoH because he thinks he’s going up. Rachel says that Lawon says he would put up Adam and Dominic but Rachel says that she doesn’t believe him. Rachel says that she thinks Adam and maybe even Dominic would put up one of the veteran couples. Brendon asks if Dominic would. Rachel says that she doesn’t know but she thinks Dominic could be mad about Cassi leaving. Rachel says that she thinks Dominic might put up Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says that they need Dani to remind Dominic that it’s in his best interest to work with them. Rachel agrees and says again that they need to win HoH or they’re in trouble, their whole alliance is in trouble. Meanwhile, Dani and Dom in the kitchen, Jeff and Jordan in the HOH getting into bed, and Adam, Lawon, Cassie, Shelly, and Kalia are in the backyard. Jeff comes downstairs to get water. Dominic asks him why he is wearing pajama jeans! Dominic tells him they are cool. Jeff says that they are made out of bamboo, Dominic is impressed and wants to feel them. Jeff tells Dominic about how environmentally sound it is to use bamboo to make products. Jeff then goes back up to the HOH room.

1:40am Up in the HOH room, Jeff an Jordan are in bed talking. Jeff says that he is already so bored in the house. Jordan says that she remembers that they used to be given play-doh and other things to keep them busy. Jeff farts. Jordan yells JEFF! Jeff tells her that they aren’t smelly. They talk about how they are both bummed that they won’t have their late nights talks alone anymore when her HOH reign is over. Jordan tells Jeff about Rachel telling her that the five vets are strong, solid together to the final five. Jordan tells Jeff that she told Rachel that if her and Brendon turned on them and back doored them she is going to be really mad about that. Jordan says that Rachel or Kalia, she can’t remember exactly who told her but one of them told her Lawon really wants to win HOH this week. Jeff says yeah and put us up! Jordan says that Kalia told her not to trust Lawon. Jordan says that Kalia also told her that Lawon thinks that him and Kalia are going to skate through to the end and they are both in a great position. Jeff says yeah I’m puttin him up! Jordan says that she thinks people are starting to get nervous now. Jeff agrees. Jordan says that she trusts Adam more than Dominic. Jeff says him too. They talk about how they both think that Dani will side with them over Brendon and Rachel. Jordan says that she thinks Dani is the type that will backstab you whenever. Jeff says yeah but later. Jordan says that she thinks Dani has kind of been forgotten about because she can’t play right now because she has a golden key. They complain about how the HOH TV is broken. Jordan says that she thinks it is best to get rid of Dominic because of how close him and Dani seem. Jeff and Jordan start talking about their diary room sessions. Jeff tells Jordan that production has asked him to say things that just don’t sound like something he would say. Jeff says that he doesn’t say it.

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Jordan asks Jeff if he was upset or mad at her today because she felt like he wasn’t speaking to her even though they spent the whole day together. Jeff tells Jordan that isn’t the case and that he talks to her five times as much as he even looks at anyone else in the face. Jordan tells Jeff to make sure he says his prayers about Thursdays HOH competition. Jordan says that she is worried about being put on the block next week. Jeff says that both Dominic and Adam told them they wouldn’t put her and Jeff up if they won HOH. Jordan says that she doesn’t trust that they won’t and tells Jeff he is good at competitions and needs to win then they can see his pics. Jeff and Jordan both go to sleep…

2:30am Dominic is talking to Cassi and Lawon about how the regulators alliance and that he thinks it will go down in Big Brother history as the worst alliance ever. Lawon leaves and Dominic asks Cassi if she thinks he really likes Dani. Cassi says, no and that she thinks he just likes to flirt. Dominic, Dani and Kalia talking about what pics Dominic would get if he wins HOH. Dominic says his mom will send baby pics or pics of when he was like five. Dominic says that she will also send one of his dog. Dani asks what kind of dog does he has. Dominic says a pit bull that weighs 110lbs. Dani says wait, you weigh less than your dog!? They all laugh. Dani and Kalia start whispering about who is cuter between Jeff and Brendon. Kalia says Jeff. Dani says that she didn’t get the hype during his season about Jeff but that now she sees it. Kalia tells Dani that Dr. Will’s brother is one of her best friends.

4am – 5:30am Dominic, Dani, Lawon, and Kalia are in the bedroom talking about random stories. Dominic and Dani are the only ones awake now. Dominic says that he thinks if Shelly wins HOH then he would put up Brendon and Rachel. Dani says that Shelly wouldn’t put up Brendon and Rachel. Dominic asks Dani when Brendon and Rachel changed their mind and decided they didn’t want Dominic out. Dani tells him when she convinced them not to get rid of him. Dominic says that he thinks that Dani will be loyal to the vets and wouldn’t betray them. They are now looking over at the memory wall. Dani is points to houseguests and describes scenarios. Dani tells Dominic that she doesn’t have any intentions of putting up the vet anytime soon. Dani tells Dominic that if he put up Jeff and Jordan nobody would be mad. Dominic says that he thinks if you send Jeff to jury then you will lose Jordan’s vote. Dani says that Jordan wants it to be another Season 11 and she wants people who she likes and are nice to make it far in the game. Dani mentions keeping Porsche around. Dominic says that he doesn’t understand why Dani would want to keep Porsche over Shelly or Adam once the duos break up. Dominic says that he thinks that as soon as Cassi leaves Adam and Shelly will buddy up. Dominic says that he doesn’t trust Adam. Dominic says that Cassi, Adam and Shelly are the smoking alliance. Dominic tells Dani that Rachel loves him right now. Dani tells Dominic to keep doing what he is doing. Dominic says that he thinks that will make him more of a target for Jeff. Dominic says that Jeff is not dumb. Dani says that Jeff’s not the smartest person. Dominic says that he thinks as soon as Jeff goes out the door Kalia will run to Jordan.

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5:45am Dominic says that he doesn’t think Dani fully trust him yet. Dominic says that she will when Cassi leaves. Dominic says that he hates to admit it but who do I have to play with, and says I’m stuck with you. They both laugh. Dominic says that he thinks that Dani will take Kalia a lot farther than she would take him. Dominic says that he wants to work with her and she can trust him especially now that Cassi will be gone. Dani says that this season is so weird, it’s only week two and it seems like they have been fast forwarding in the house because of the duos situation and once the duos break up it’ll be like a rewind. Dominic asks Dani if she would rather keep Brendon and Rachel over Jeff and Jordan. Dani says that she trusts Brendon and Rachel and they trust her more than they trust anyone else in the house. They decide it’s time to go to bed. All the houseguests are now asleep…

6:15am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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I’m totally team dani and Dom. Danielle is super smart she knows what’s going on in the house and how everyone is super paranoid. She is teaching Dom to observe what is really going on around him. It’s like Morpheus teaching Neo. Dom has realized he is in the matrix!


I keep reading that Dom is playing the game too much, too early. I still think Dani is sitting in a great position, but I could see Dominic shooting himself in the foot and becoming the Ronnie of this season. Sure, he won’t lock himself in a room for 10 hours crying if he’s targeted by the entire house, but it could still mean the end of his time in the house unless he can scapegoat or red herring the blame/attention on someone else.


I think if Brendon/Rachel win HOH Dani will talk them into putting up Lawon/Kalia with intent to backdoor JJ. Dom is a ok unless Jeff wins HOH. Dani I’d definitely running the show on both vet/newbs side.


Kalia totally cannot play chess- she plays it like checkers. But guess that’s her code for game talk.


Dani doesn’t want JJ out before BR because of trust. She wants them out cause as long as BR is around people won’t be looking to get her out. Who ever is left when couples split will be smart to get rid of Dani first chance they get. Screw getting rid of Por, no one has a chance of winning with Dani around.


She might also think that she can win votes over br but not jj.


Cassi needs to STOP…this is getting annoying. Rachel is not the only one who votes – she should think about why noone else wants to vote for her either. It is classic displacement to put all the blame on Rachel simply bc she feels like whining. PLEASE STOP. she sounds ridiculous it’s a GAME.


Newbies are scared to go against Roachel– if they do, they’re a target…


Crissy, I agree it’s annoying but she probably figures if Rachel tells them to vote out Shelly, the sheeple will. She’s feeling desperate.

I thought I was going to go crazy with Rachel’s voice a second season (and I am) but I cannot STAND Dani’s Orange County whiny cracky voice. And if I hear her “Best friend….” one more time I’m going to hurl. Please, God, let her be booted soon!

Could not believe how Por left that large end of salmon because it wasn’t big enough. Everyone else took pieces that were 2 – 3″ wide and she took a third of the second salmon. Wow – does she think cameras aren’t picking up on that? What a pig!


yep the regulators isn’t a very successful alliance and is the worst in history, with the exception of the nerd herd


I noticed that too with Peterbilt.


Anyway we can get a tally on how many cigs Shelly and/or Cassi smoke per day? I’d be real interested to see a final count

Anyone else notice that Escalade is always in the kitchen? i mean she should sleep in there. Do we have a screenshot of her working out?


Shelly smokes the most followed by Cassi then Adam and finally Jeff.

Cassi and Jeff’s smoking habits increase and decrease based on their stress levels whereas Shelly and Adam just smoke a consistent rate.

Not sure who escalade is, Pinto or Kalia? Pinto pseudo works out but eats a lot and it’s noticeable. Kalia almost never works out and pretty much eats 24/7 both are going to burst. Pinto probably dieted a lot coming into the house so she’s probably just growing back into her normal weight and it shows with Kalia being heaver from the get go I don’t think as many people will notice her gaining 10…15..lbs


Lmao 😀


Can you post a before and now pic of Pinto?


Simon you should put a before and after shot of those girls who constantly stuff their faces it would be funny to see how much weight they gained in just 2 weeks


I’ve noticed Porsche’s gain as well. At first I thought I was just imagining it, that maybe her soft lounge pants were just unflattering at times. Now it’s pretty obvious. She’s still small, still a slim girl so no one should call her fat. But she has definitely gained in the butt/hip region. She now has a muffin top and pants are pretty tight. I’m sure she will realize soon and make changes. Hope so anyway…


Saddlebags too; she probably can’t fit into anything other than those pink sweats and tht bad blue tutu she wore on the live show… That garment was hideous!!!


They’re not even through one month yet and it seems like Por is already wearing nothing but track suits – probably because nothing else fits. If this continues even those won’t fit in another three weeks. Maybe she needs a week of slop or something.

Geeze, Cassi wears a beret so Rachhog wears one. Cassie wears a beret with her hair to the side, so Rachhog wears a beret with her hair to the side. Someone needs to tell her she can copy Cassi for the rest of her life and it’s not going to improve anything.


rachhog lol… How long does everyone think it will be until Rachel goes crazy again?


I give it 10 days max. She’s happy and sweet now that she got her way and Cassie is leaving but she’ll develop a new target as soon as the door is closed and if everyone else disagrees she’ll go mental.

The only hottie left in the house is Dani and since it seems like Dani likes to flirt with the boys I’m guessing she’ll be an upcoming target. I can hear it now, “Breeeeeeendon, something is going on with Dani. I think Dom has poisoned her and she’s plotting to back door us. She needs to go!” Note how she started out just talking to everyone about Cassi and didn’t flip her lid until she saw nobody was buying her b.s. What a manipulator.

The problem with J/J is they think others are going to be as honorable as they are. Being naive may cost them.


Just as soon as she can drink again!

chick from louisiana

She’s on the verge. Brendon may drive her crazy before the house does. He’s driving me crazy with the hour long lectures and pesky little fights.

chick from louisiana

LOL, not only the track suits, but the same PINK one. She must have some other colors. I noticed the beret “rachdog” was kicking too. She is such a dumbass. The world can tell how much she wishes she was Cassi.

chick from louisiana

Woops, that was supposed to be “rachhog” not rachdog, lol


to the user named Brooklyn Not sure if you read the comments or just try to spam on them but please stop NONE of your comments will ever make it pass me so give up you’re wasting my time and your own.

I will not let comments through that are advertising another site that a) has nothing to do with Big Brother (That includes your dish TV site you seem to be promoting) or b) is not a true big brother fan site producing unique or valuable content.

There’s a lot of BB sites out there that try to cash in on the feed sales. Dawg and I work around the clock on this site (I’m serious we do) and I’m not going to have this blog polluted with free ads to sites looking for a quick buck by spamming or manipulating google search results etc etc.


so glad you called them out out it! One of the (many) good things about this site is that it is COMPLETELY BB related! YOU are HYSTERICAL b.t.w.! LOL… I scroll through the responses looking for what you are going to say! GREAT JOB!


LMFAO Porsche = Pinto Kahlia – Escalade those vehicle pics would go nicely with them.

Cassi should go home and live her life knowing that Rachel is broke she can’t go back to her luxurious life of getting big tips by rich men *wink wink* “for serving them drinks” *wink wink* “, because Brenda won’t let her, They came back to BB for the money(this came out of brenda’s mouth while they ere arguing) they get for playing, they know they cant win it all, not enough people will be in the jury who likes them.

Brenchel has the best game in competitions but the worst social game, this will never change. They honestly have a better chance at Amazing Race, they would do much better than the idiot Duo Jeff and Jordon.


I don’t get that Brenchel are so great at competitions. Why did Rachel win the first HOH? Because Dani and Dick made a deal. Why did they do that? Because they aren’t stupid. The only season I can remember where first HOH won was season 3. It’s a bad move to be HOH so early. You get first blood on your hands. Last year, Rachel won 2 competitions and Brendon won a couple of POVs and one HOH. In her season, Dani won more competitions than both put together. And anyways, winning competitions make you a bigger target. Look at Dr. Will. He never won a competition, but he won the whole thing because nobody saw him as a threat. Brendon and Rachel always complain about being targets, but they create that target themselves and their arrogance and thirst to win make the target bigger. They are bad winners, rubbing it in everyone’s face, and they are very bad losers. Remember when Brendon threw the ball at Jeff and Jordan? Remember how Rachel went off on Kathy for being excited that she beat Rachel, when Rachel picked her because she thought Kathy couldn’t beat her?

Dani is by far the most accomplished player on the vets side.


I’m actually with you on Brenchel not being that impressive in comps, barley above average, I was just referring to them compared to most of the house…


Does anyone else notice how totally annoyed brenden is getting of rachel..I mean turn off her mike when she’s eating jellybeans.ughh rachel chews like a cow and cassie telling everyone to check the feeds and she’s not lying is such a liar. I can’t wait for cassie the liar drama queen to leave and rachel too. These two morons really need to leave so we can start playing the game without the cattiness. They both make me sick ughhh!!




OMG!!! YES Chrissy I agree with you 100% Cassi needs to STOP…she is annoying. Rachel is not the only one who votes – andI’m also sick ofJordan saying I’m sorry everytime she sees cassiits a Game and cassiyou have none.

The Watcher

I can’t help but wonder how much more exciting these first two weeks would have been had ED not had to leave. For me personally, that was a downer on the season and I am trying not to let it ruin the season for me as a whole, but it definitely took alot of the initial excitment out of this season when ED left.

That being said, I like Dani sooo much more this season that season 8. I didn’t warm to her until towards the end of that season. I am liking her game from day 1 this year. I was soo team ED/Dani, now I am team Dani.

Team Dani!!

Well I love this season so far…haha here are some comments about some of the houseguests. Dani: she has some big shoes to fill. Her dad was a genius and now that he’s gone, she needs to run the game, for Evil Dick. Dominic: omg luv him!!! He is a great contestant and needs to get together with dani!! He’s a strong competitor and once brendan and Rachel are gone, he will rule the house with dani. right now he might not be playing the best, but once brenchel is gone, he will rock!!! Rachel: must I say anything? Shes an arrogant, selfish, whiny, catty, dumb, and useless woman who will “hide” in a shrub and cry her eyes on just when someone tells her the truth. Brendan: I feel bad for the guy, yes he is whiny and weak but I feel bad for any guy stuck with Rachel.


Kalia and Dani hiding things in the house now how Dumb do they look and Kalia is Dani LAPDOG!!!


Kalia eats the most but its very obvious!!