Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon & Shelly talk about how lazy Kalia is, she asks for peoples food and then complains about it.. *Updated*

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8:30am Brendon and Shelly are out in the backyard sitting on the couch talking about who is good at what in the competitions and the game. Shelly tells Brendon that she has already been studying things in the house. They talk about how Lawon will know a lot of the personal questions about other hosueguests. Shelly says that Dominic is going around saying that once the couples are done ..he has got this game. Brendon asks so is he going around saying that? Shelly says yeah ..he really thinks he will go to the end once couples break up. They talk about how Dominic really wants to work with Dani. Shelly says that he really likes Cassi and was upset when he realized she was leaving. Brendon couldn’t believe how upset Dominic got. Shelly says that Cassi just thinks of him like a brother / sister relationship. Shelly and Brendon go inside for more coffee and then come back outside. Brendon laughs about how he made somthing to eat the other night and purposely added hot sause because he knew Kalia would ask for some. Brendon says that she asks and I was like awe yeah I did add hot sauce sorry. They both laugh. They talk about how she asks for some of everyones food when they are cooking and then complains when she doesn’t like it. Shelly and Brendon talk about how lazy Kalia is, she won’t cook or clean.

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8:40am – 9:15am Shelly and Brendon start talk about his schooling. Brendon talks about how he did research using the Xbox Kinect and hacking it to recognize patients and map their bodies. They continue talking about computer programming. Brendon says that anyone interested in science needs to know programming. Shelly tells Brendon that his is going to do really well and make a lot of money once he is finished his PhD. Brendon says that its not even about the money.. Shelly says yeah its about making a difference.. Brendon says that it took a long time to figure out what he wanted to do but that he his happy he finally figured it out. The conversation changes to talking about cancers.

9:20am – 10am Brendon and Shellys conversation ends, she heads inside grabs cleaning supplies and goes back into the backyard. She then starts cleaning the backyard windows and says that the smoke puts a film on them. Shelly continues to clean the Big Brother house inside and out. Brendon is in the kitchen making breakfast. All the other houseguests are still sleeping.. Shelly heads into the kitchen and Brendon and Shelly complain about how no one else cleans. They talk about how the garbage’s will overflow and still no one will touch then.

10:05am – 10:35am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Rachel is in the bathroom getting ready, Dominic heads to the storage room to change his batteries and then goes back to bed. Shelly and Brendon are in the kitchen talking about his niece. Brendon and Shelly talk about how the live feed people are probably sick of watching them clean and the others sleep. Brendon says that the live feeders probably enjoy our conversations ..we have some interesting conversations. They then talk about trivial pursuit and rubik’s cubes. Porsche joins them in the kitchen. They talk about how some houseguests stay up till early in the morning. Porsche says that if she had a reason to stay up she would, but there’s no alcohol and nothing to talk about.

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YO !! porsche’s ass is getting bigger !! i love it !! she has gained weight ….all the right places…..
oh and fat ass fat oprah…all she does is bitch and complain and…yep you guessed it…EAT !!


HAHA I was thinking the same thing last night!


I have no idea where to ask/post this question so I’m just going to try here. Can anyone tell me how Rachel ended up on slop? Did I miss something? Thanks!


It was part of the POV, it’ll air on tonights show




Mac truck (Kalia) has GOT to be THE laziest person EVER. She’s probably a writer so she can do it at her leisure and because it’s a job that requires her sitting on her ass all day. Can’t wait until she’s gone, too.

I find the ever hovering Shellycopter to be less annoying since I know it’s all game play with her. She takes it upon herself to clean up a lot in exchange for taking on cooking duty. I wish someone would tell Shelly to take a break and tell Mac to get off her fat ass and take a turn DOING something other than stuffing or running off her big mouth.

It really does suck that the whole dynamic of the house was changed with the people who have played before. It was really unfair of BB to do that to the newbies.

Am I the only one who thought Shelly was gay before she mentioned her husband? Girl has got a testosterone drenched voice and it’s for sure the lowest in the house.

Speaking of gay, did Jeff make his ignorant comment in front of Lawon?


You’re not alone with the gay thing with Shelly. Thought she’s too. With her video showing her cool outdoor sports!


not only do i agree with you about thinking that shelly is gay….but i still think she is gay !!! how bout that ??


Zzzzz and Dany – glad I wasn’t the only one!

Dany, you may be right. Maybe her *husbands* name is Barb.


Probably true too! These days, you don’t have to be straight to have a family. Lolz. I don’t mind her being one. It’s kinda cool.


I think Shelly’s voice is like that from all the smoking. Kinda makes me want to quit..


My best friend had that same “smokey vioce” eventually she went to a Dr. Then ended up having surgery which left her with a hole in her throat. I miss her very much.


Kalia is so disgusting and annoying and rude that I can’t believe it’s real….it has to be part of a strategy or something….i am not sure what kind of backwards, ineffective strategy but no rational, civil person could seriously act like this


Kalia won;t cook or clean? WOW, and I thought she couldn’t be more pathetic then her sleeping and up the HOH’s ass like there is candy up there.

I wouldn’t feed her, let the bitch starve, til she get her fatass up and cook for her damn self.

I hope her laziness is the excuse for putting her up, that would be hilarious”HOH: you know Kalia you sit around her all day sleeping, and when your not sleeping either your running your mouth, up an HOHs ass or your constantly eating, not your own food but other’s food and whining when you don’t like it. You never clean up after yourself, your completely useless other than your vote, time to go”


but not only that, what is more disgusting than asking people for the food off their plate and then eating right off it too! that, to me, is bilious behavior. and she says rudest, most inappopriate things to everyone – it’s like if someone pointed out to her how much she eats, how fat she is, how ugly she is, how dirty she is, but noone would ever do that bc it’s not nice – but she has no problem disrespecting other people

i am guessing be her sweatshirt she went to Spelman – which is an expensive and supposedly good school – but she is a walking advertisement against it and an obvious waste of $100,000 in tuition


In previous posts you keep saying B/R will backdoor JJ. Has B/R said that? Whenever they talk to Dom, they always bring up JJ as part of the alliance.


I haven’t heard them talk about it for awhile.. I think they BR are now wanting to stick to the plan and are trying to get out the newbs that are more loyal to JJ then BR.

If the circumstances present themselves I see both sides (JJ BR) pulling the trigger early. I’m really hoping for a shake up this Thursday but we might have to wait for another HOH before open war breaks out.

from what I can see Lawon is the target everyone is talking about but i’ve also heard Adam and Dom’s names included in the hit list.


Thanks for the info.


say whatever bad stuff you want about B/R but based on their gameplay until this point (including last year) – it’s not their style to backstab and make underhanded moves – they do what is best for them while being as honest and forthright as possible with people in the game – they are good game players they just are bad at the social part and they are a little too trusting at times bc they expect that same honesty in return and while they understand the potential for people to manipulate and lie to them, they also expect honesty in return which hurts them

that being said I would expect JJ to throw them under the bus way before they would ever do it to JJ – and I say this despite the fact that JJ has already talked about it and BR haven’t really

and i don’t know why Brendon says he is better at this game than Rachel – Rachel’s instincts (with the exception of trusting Britney towards the end last year) are much better – esp. in terms of competitions, the way the moves and alliances pan out , and with whom not to trust


I don’t think Shelly is gay… she’s just a backwoods country girl… whole different breed. And honestly, if I was stuck in a house with a bunch of complete idiots and had nothing to entertain me but their incessant babble, I’d probably spend my days cleaning too. It’s better than stuffing her face, like Porsche.


I agree. and also very athletic, when they were tossing balls into the buckets the other night on the SHO2 she had a nice basketball shot and follow through. So her athleticism makes her look and seem very butch, but look at her in a bikini and the style, very nice. She’d wear jeans and boots with her boobs showing before she’d wear a dress and look HOTTER!!!


Shelly needs to get paid extra for all the cleaning she is doing. Does anyone even help her? I saw Brenda, Jeff cleaning before on BBAD


I don’t have live feed but the only ones I have not seen helping out in the kitchen are Adam, Lawon and Kalia. Simon – can you let us know if Adam and Lawon have ever helped out? I’d be interested in how much they’re contributing.

And thanks for the great updates!!!


Adam helps out with cooking the other players like his food as for Lawon I think he just dresses crazy and makes some people laugh.


Well, Kalia probably has to sleep all day after running her mouth when she’s awake. She hardly listens before when someone is talking before she starts talking again. It literally drives me crazy watching on BBAD. I don’t have the feeds so I hope she doesn’t run her mouth the whole day. I actually dislike her personality as much as I do Rachel just for different reasons. Or maybe it’s the same reason, they are both self absorbed but it is evident in different areas.


is it based on physical or mental?


Kahlia got cast for the wrong show. I believe she was supposed to be put on the biggest loser. RATchel was supposed to be on celebrity rehab. Tired, ugly and zit faced cocktail waitress that believes she has an ounce of celebrity. Lastly Porsche after this will join celebrity fit club and take off the 30lbs she has put on in the BB kitchen




Yo JJ need to go they are threatening my boy Dom’s game and I can’t have that. Lawon or Adam need to win HOH Thursday and get rid of one of them. Team Dom Yo!


Ummmm ok?


“I liken it to going to the seediest hooker corner in your city and picking up the nastiest Ho, dressing her up in brand new fishnet stockings, skin tight sequined dress, and patent leather pumps, then releasing her into an elementary school, telling her she’s the new school librarian.”

BEST sum of of Rachel EVER


BEST sum up of Rachel EVER


I don’t think ANYONE in this house was taught how to eat properly! they all make me sick watching them eat. they smack, use their fingers, lick their fingers, put entirely too much food in their mouths, I could go on and on…..ITS JUST GROSS! On another note, why is everybody loving dani so much? her flirting reminds me of a 10 yr old mean boy. She has no idea how to flirt properly. She just acts like a jackass. Cant stand her! Lets see how good everyone thinks her gameplay is when she doesnt have the golden key power anymore.


That’s what I don’t get. Dani has had absolutely no gameplay other than aligning with the vets, flirting with Dom (which he initiated) and halfheartedly mingling with other newbies. Yet her gameplay is being praised. You might as well praise Porsche’s too for doing pretty much the same thing.

The golden key crap is a joke.


i know! and what about the fact that touch all the communal food with their bare, dirty hands (the jelly beans literally make me vomit) and could care less and they walk around that dirty floor with bare feet too – and Cassi and a few others admitted that they don’t wash their hands “sometimes” after using the bathroom – sometimes it is just too much….i could maybe understand if they were like 20 and i would chalk it up to be young and dumb….but dom is the youngest at 25 (i think) and it’s just nauseating to think about


I was wondering why she was twirling in the Jellybeans with that spoon, plus rachel touched them too… ill bet that is the most contaminated batch of jellybeans ever, they might actually get sick from it.


Did you notice that they stick their bare hands in the pickle jar…..I have seen Jeff, Adam and Rachel do this, and not a one of them washed their hands prior to reaching in! I like Cassie, but last night she said she had not showered for five days…..Have or Have Not, I would take a cold shower…..ewwwwwww. (But at least the kitchen is not as nasty as last year).


Porshe is the youngest she is 23


Hey Porsche, talk about game strategy you goof. Everyone in the house thinks you’re a pushover and you’re proving them all right.


the eating drives me crazy, but I have to say that it isn’t as bad as last season, OMG Enzo just about killed me!!! And on one of the pictures here the other day seeing the bottom of their bare feet almost black??? I can’t believe they dont see that? YUCK!!!

I do have to say watching BBAD when they play the games it has been fun watching. Some of those were hilarious!!!


I’m not sure if this was covered, but, the girls were discussing birth control a few nights ago. Every was stating what kind of birth control they were currently on. Kalia said she has the Merena. I also have the Merena and it was told to me by my doctor that it was only available to women who have had at least one child. I don’t remember Kalia mentioning anything about having a child. Maybe I missed it in her Bio.


i though it was Cassi who said she was on Merena – and that is why she doesn’t get monthly periods….i thought that Kalia said she was on some brand I never heard of before and i forget what she said about it… i wrong??


Cassi is the one who admitted to using Mirena, Kalia is on the pill.


Any prescription birth control availability is solely up to the doctor’s discretion. (I.e. the doctor can choose not to use it if the patient has not had a child.) Also, I’ve known plenty of women who are unmarried and not looking for babies anytime soon (if ever) and have it.


Some doctors will put in the Mirena even if you have not had a child. They have to measure first to make sure the uterus is large enough, otherwise there is a risk of it being expelled.


If they told Porch that they would be bringing out pies at 2am she would stay up…….I really have forgotten she’s even still on the show…she could leave for 5 hours and no one will notice


I remember last year Jordan packed on the lbs, she must have gained about 15 lbs when she played. She looks really cute this year. I hope they keep Porsche around long enough for her to gain 30 lbs or more.


Great post Thank you for sharing your views I really enjoyed reading that.

We share much the same thoughts about the houseguests. Glad this site keeps you a fan, it’s the same way for me


EriPaul, Spot on for Rachel! Brendon is more interesting around other people and during the day (from onlineBB recaps). During BBAD he turns into a nerdy showman, trying for America’s favorite with his silly skits, which are not his natural personality, but it falls flat as a pancake & becomes ridiculous and sad. When he says to Shelly that the live-feeders love their interesting conversations, it is true we like ANY interesting convos, not just the same banter repeated over and over. It points to a real distinction on those convos he has with Rachel.

At this point I’m not hoping for anybody, but I’m hoping B/R, Kalia & Datsun fall by the wayside. I like this round of commenters better than anybody on the cast! πŸ˜‰


hey eripaul why don’t you tell us what you really think of the houseguests? LOL kidding… I actually agree. Especially with the Rachel synopsis. I hope this season gets better soon.


Nope…just read all the bio’s I could find for Kalia….no mention of a child. So there’s more to her story.


Cassie is so obsessed with Rachel. If Rachel doesn’t bother her as much as she says, why the hell does she talk about her every other conversation. I think if she goes back and watched things she’ll be a little embarrassed about the way she acted while ragging on others. She’s a hypocritical b*tch.


If Cassi IS obsessed with Rachhog, I think it’s because Rachhog has been such a ‘c u next tuesday’ toward her. But the show I’ve been watching has Rachhog obsessed with and jealous of Cassi and Cassi is only commenting on the mean girl thing.


I’d be pissed if I were leaving the house solely because of Rachel’s insecurity too. Rachel being a condescending bitch (“you’re so pretty, you’ll have no problems outside this house”) and having her Breanderthal confront her certainly doesn’t help matters. Cassi was actually OK with Rachel until Rachel made the “pretty” comments last night.


Rachel has done anything her 2nd time around is prove without a shadow of doubt that she deserves to be talked about. She needs to acept her actions and CHANGE but I know that’s hard to do for a Ho


I think Mac truck said she had to remember to take her birth control, meaning it’s oral, and Cassi is on the Mirena iud. Having said that, docs sometimes prescribe something that is recommended for a specific group even if you’re not in that group, for other reasons. I wouldn’t automatically assume anyone who is using a Mirena had a child or was even pregnant. Not to mention the great numbers of doctors who have their heads up their asses anyway. Some of them don’t even read the instructions that come with meds, etc.


I would LOVE it if Simon or Dawg would post day 1 pictures of Porche next to now pictures of Porche….hahahaahaha!!!!


Great ideas i’ll see what I can do


Apples2apples – I happened to look for one a short while ago. It’s obvious Porkche and the linebacker have been packing it on like they’re getting ready for Monday night football, while Shelly and Adam really look like they’ve lost weight.


considering that she went to a fancy expensive private college and her parents pay her rent – i don’t think she needs a place to stay – so it makes even LESS sense as to why she is on this show —- maybe she needs new people to talk to bc she blew the eardrums out of the other people she knows!


I’m sorry but… Ive been watching BB for 3 seasons now but now I’m pissed! This whole couples theme… That’s fine BUT…the newbies VS the Veterans who were mostly dominant players. Last season, I felt a bit bad for Brenchel but now… Rachael is so obnoxious I can’t stand it!! What a frakkin bully! Porche, Lawon, Kalia are floaters… Tell me why Shelly gets to stay but Cassi doesn’t… I’m on these boards all day/night watch all 3shows/week and try to watch BBAD… Guess I missed why shelly is so much better in the house than Cassi.. Both Shelly and Cassi have what is called Integrity!! I’m not gonna watch anymore because obviously, this is rigged… ( your poll on who should win HOH next week)? WTF…. I never believed that the game was so rigged before this season. It makes my stomach turn just hearing how Brenchel is so frakkin “Entitled” to what the Frak- Ever! I always someone with the show watched the boards and moderated it back to the powers that be. I’m Done! I’m all for lying cheating in a game setting but, this is a blatant kick in the pants by production. Come on, I believe EvlDick had some shit going on at home but then again, it put Dani ( playing her best game cuz basically she’s free till othe golden key done) that’s not even really fair I think! Give it to someone! Please I k ow someone will call me names and say that Rachael is the best! What the Frak ever! I like in the house, Cassi, Jordan, (Jeff sometimes unless he’s telling Jordan what to do) love Adam and PT ( Dom) unfortunately, used to root for Brenchel but the whole I’m not HOH BUT You WiIl abide by what I want BS is getting ridiculous! Love is game if played with just a bit of Integrity… Guess I gotta move on. Thanks for the fun while it lasted Allison!


Tell us how you really feel…


Xbox Connect? LMAO its Xbox Kinect!!!!


Wow, for a free service being provided some of you spelling bee queens sure are critical.


same thing technically LOL Kinect just sounds better




Yes, good suggestion it’s about time we started up our drinking game for the season.. DRINK


Hey, BB Grandma, did you start the drinking game early? We miss you.

chick from louisiana

Ok, I agree with the whole vets vs newbies thing not being fair. And I’m not too crazy about the key thing either, but it’s only the second week. Eventually there will be no key, and the couples will have to be split. So, maybe give it a little bit of time before you write it off all together. At least that’s what I’m holding out for. I want someone to kick Rachel’s butt to the curb, I want to see how Dani can carry herself without a key to protect her, I want to see if Dom can actually win anything that isn’t thrown to him, and I really do see someone either coming in later or coming back. There has to be some more twists, because the key thing is almost over. At least I hope…..


I don’t really feel the ED thing was planned, things do happen. however, the questionnaire that BB asked us to fill out? Totally geared for Rachel so honestly I purposely did not answer her name when the answer was obvious. I can not stand Rachel, I didn’t like her last season at all and this season…nor do I like Brenda…those two I don’t give a year without some serious counseling. You can’t go into marriage trying to change someone.

I have always been a JJ fan and I like Cassie too…so I hope Cassie comes back and cleans house in a way and JJ at least on the jury.


If they had to do the couples thing the twist should have been that BB assigned the pairs so that returners were paired with newbs. Something like this would have been fun:

Brendon and Cassie
Rachel and Dom
Dani and Keith (imaging Keith coming on to Dani and her crushing him like a bug)
Jeff and Porsche
Jordan and Adam
Dick and Shelly
And that would have meant that another vet could have played with Lawan, maybe Brit or Kevin, and Kalia would have never entered the house. Would have been more fair and harder for the vets to control the game.


the HG’s should have chosen partners from a bag of names. that would have made more drama but the repeats would have balked at it.


On BBAD last night, the “vets” were guessing that the next HOH comp is going to be a quiz, at least that’s what I thought was going on. Having watch this show for many years, it is no secret that HOH comps are designed in favor of the HG that BB wants to win. If this is true, what HG – more than likely a “newbie” do you think could win if it is quiz? I think it wil be between Dom and Shelley! If its Dom, I feel “he won’t be able to handle the power that comes with this position. However, I think Shelley could use this power to change the game, that is if she “dfoesn’t throw it to either B/R! Just My Opinion!


I’m thinking Adam and Shelly might have the upper hand on the kind of quiz that’s coming. Did you see the questions on CBS site? It’s going to be based on answers given by the fans. Adam and Shelly are feed watchers and they used to come to sites like this, so they have an idea how fans react to different kinds of people. Hoping Rachel doesn’t win. She’s good at quizzes, but she is out to lunch about how people perceive her and Sir Needledick. At the finale last year the look on her face was classic when the fan fave winner was announced. She obviously expected her or Brendon to win and was visibly shocked when Brit won. Go Adam or Shelly and hopefully we will have an HOH willing to mix it up a bit!



I forgot about Adam! Its just that he doesn’t really get much “face” time on BBAD so he’s easily forgotten (at least in my mind!).I have a feeling Shelley will throw it because “she’s (foolishly thinkin’) sittin’ pretty within the house! (Rachel & Her exchange in the bathroom the last 1/2 hour = GAG REFLEX). It may go to Adam because he is an “onlinebigbrother” anything devotee! It will be Adam, Dom & Adam at the wire! If Adam gets it (hopefully) he has the balls to go after B/R! At least I hope!


You have it fo Shizzle!!! If they wanted the pairs… They should have mixed it all up/pissed Brenchel especially…( could u imagine Cassie and Brenden?) your not messin with MY MAN… Lol!! BTW… Is it just me or is Rachael trying to look/dress like Cassi


Shelly can’t play if she has the gold key


Sorry πŸ™ stupid ( not smart)phone! Anywhoo, why is Rachael dressing/trying to look like Cassi? Like I said before, last season, I rooted for Brenchel…I really don’t have much more to say but Rachael is low in self-confidence. I know in my life, been there/done that so I get it but…. If I were acting like Miss (thinks she’s Boss of the House) I’d be in huge trouble cuz. honey badger dont like
that…honey badger dont give a shit! Lol!!


If Brenchel wins this week… I dint even know what to say nicely on a public forum! I guess it will just confirm everything! Is everyone producing this show in their 20’s/early 30’s?? Seems so cuz this crap is what I remember from high school! ( I’m popular, your new, you’re prettier than me… I hate U… Oh, someone who will do anything I say porche, nothing against u as a person though,) Come on… For Real? I’m mid 30’s and and a critical care RN, the manipulation/rigging is what I fund insencing! Just my 2 cents because really, I look forward to BB every
Summer… Shame if I have to replace it with like deadliest catch or OCC… πŸ™


Just watching last nights BBAD ( I just can’t stay awake till 2AM CST) shelly Cassi and rachael… ” it’s just a game Cassi” Cassi leaves and rachael and shelly sitting there talking about all the “opportunities” Cassi will get… Rachael…”she’s so beautiful” shelly, were gonna see her on a bill board or magazine from this… I CANNOT WAIT TILL everyone finds out Cassie is a frakkin beautiful/gorgeous SUPERMODEL!!!! Can’t wait!!!! Cassi is genuine and that is what I’ve seen with her during these last few weeks.. And for Rachael to say… It’s JUST a GAME??? How frakkin ridiculous is that?


yeah supermodel get real nobody knew who the f she was before bb and nobody will care after she leaves


Thanks for the correction….maybe I heard them wrong. Even the commercials for Merena state patients should have had at least one child. Maybe some doctors will go ahead and stretch that chit out, who knows, I suppose anything is possible. I once had five tubes implanted under my arm/skin, I think it was called Norplant…omg…it was hell having them removed (ripped out is more like it) after 3yrs! It was suppose to last 5yrs, but there was some recall or something. What was I thinking?

Cali girl

I’ve noticed that Porsche getting bigger and Rachel trying to look like Cassie! I thought it was just me! And Brendon sounding like a soap actor when consoling Rachael…….can’t stand the sound of his voice.


you are correct.. with Cassi gone rachel thinks she’s the new “hot” girl in the house. I’m sticking to what Adam said a couple days ago to Shelly.. The season is very quiet but when the match is lite it’s going to be explosive, I can see some major drama coming hopefully this week but for sure by next week and it’ll be focused around Rachel. (I also think Por is going to start somthign once her key powers run out)


Jordan may have pooped her britches on the bus when she was a kid but I think I just pooped in my own shorts reading that Roach thinks she is the new hot girl. You are def correct, Simon, that she really believes that. But htf can she not realize that a naked mole rat is prettier than her…it eludes me. Sad that she made a call to evict someone based on looks and her own insecurity rather than gameplay. Sadder yet is that everyone obeyed her demands like drones.
I’d like to see a strong player really take this game by storm. Jeff’s head is in the right place but his powers of persuasion are lacking a bit.


How could the BB houseguest NOT know that Cassie is a model, I mean come on, she really stands out.. Jordan said to Shelly that Cassie will do alright in leaving BB. ” She’s sooo beautiful, she’ll have modeling jobs lined-up”. I think she’ll manage fine. Too bad she’s leaving for all the wrong reasons. I personally loved when Jordan told Rachel……how she was screwing herself, having it out for Cassie because she was jealous. Rachel, in the poor me fashion, tried to muster up some tears and spoke of how hard it was having America hate her. Having so many haters, she almost didn’t come back…lol…. ALMOST!


This is the worst cast EVER! I don’t like any of those dimwit’s, especially Dom & Dani, they both think they’re cute but are far from it. Adam, Kalia, Lawon, Shelly, Cassi are useless. Porsche is so freakin ugly it’s not even funny, no wonder Rachel likes her, ewww, they both look like pork belly ho’s. Jeff, Jordan and Brendon are so damn boring, why, why, why are they back?????


This is my first posting…..
First of all THANK YOU so much for such a great website. I sincerely appreciate all the hard work, the endless hours that go into the production of this well produced website.

I too THANK all the great postings the serious ones make me think and the funny ones make me laugh. The comments and the shared ideas are very thought provoking.

I think I would like to part of this fourm and submit my comments soon.

Wanted to give my Thanks to all.