Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel & Brendon in the HOH bed ..Dani says Ummm, yeah I really don’t want to hear about her bumpy va-jay-jay..

12:25am Porsche and Shelly are talking in the backyard talking about Keith and about their lives after Big Brother. Porsche tells Shelly all about Keith and his matchmaker lies again. Porsche tells Shelly that there is nothing more she can say and that everyone is going to make up their own minds anyways. Shelly says that the house has seen a great example of how behaving badly can hurt someone in Big Brother. Shelly says that what happens in the house can cause problems later in life. She says that you are in this house for ninety days, you are out there in real world for the rest of your life. Porsche says that it is beyond the money and that she wants a shot at something real after Big Brother. Porsche says that by looking bad in the Big Brother house may cause a director not to hire her. Porsche says that she fears she would be perceived tough to work with if she caused too many problems in the house.

Meanwhile, Cassi and Adam are also talking in the backyard. Cassi is trying to convince Adam to vote out Porsche. Cassi tells Adam that keeping Keith would be better because it would mean holding onto a big target on the newbie side once the golden key protection ends. Cassi says that she was told to her face that Brendon/Rachel and Jordan/Jeff will look out for each other. The conversation switches to Adam talking about when he met his current girlfriend. Adam tells Cassi that it’s important that a woman he dates have her own life. Adam tells Cassi about the beginning of their relationship of how they met.

12:40am Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Dani are talking in the HOH about their past Big Brother . Jeff and Jordan tell Rachel and Dani about the competitions from their season. Dani says that she thinks she’s positive there won’t be endurance HOH competition until week four. Rachel tells her that in her season big brother 12, the endurance competition was week three. Jeff says that Russell was a f-ing animal in their endurance competition. Jeff talks about how Russell was able to sit up there on that tiny stool for four hours and that the circulation to his legs was completely cut off. The conversation switches to talking about Lawon. Dani says that she thinks Lawon is the sketchiest person in the house and that she thinks he lies a ton and is pissed that he hinted he would keep Keith. Kalia comes up to HOH and tells them she got razor rash from shaving in her private parts. Big Brother tells her to put her mic on. Kalia leaves to go get it. After she leaves Dani says Ummm, yeah I really don’t want to hear about her bumpy va-jay-jay. Rachel says that they should be nice to her though. Jeff asks do you guys want to talk to her while she’s up here? Dani says yeah. They agree that they want to talk game with her when she comes back. Kalia comes back up to the HOH after grabbing her mic. Rachel then asks her who are she is voting out this week? Kalia says that she doesn’t care who goes home.

12:45am Lawon and Brendon are in the lounge room talking about the votes this week. They are talking about Keith and Porsche being nominated and about who they think might go home. Lawon tells Brendon that he’s with them (Jeff/Jordan, Brendon/Rachel, Dani). Brendon tells Lawon that they will call him up to HOH to talk about the vote to get his opinion about who to vote out. Brendon says that they don’t see and know everything and that they aren’t omnipotent and that they need input. Brendon tells Lawon that they kept their word and that Lawon was safe for the first week. The conversation ends and Dominic heads out into the backyard.

Lawon and Dominic are hanging out by the hammock talking. Dominic says that the house will likely vote in majority form when a consensus is reached and that he wants it to happen that way. Lawon agrees and then tells Dominic that, if the house wants to keep Keith, he’ll have to swallow his pride and vote Porsche out. Lawon says that he wants Keith voted out. Dominic tells Lawon he is with him. Lawon says that he is done with Keith. Lawon explains that if the house wants to keep Keith and vote out Porsche everyone is f-ing me, and I didn’t even want them too! Dominic says that Keith is a dumbass. Lawon says that Keith is a tough competitor, but that later, he’s gone if the house decides to vote out Porsche. Dominic says that he thinks Keith will do it all again and spread more rumors. Lawon says that Keith is a ticking time bomb. Dominic says that’s even better, he will be a bigger target on the newbie side after the duo portion ends. Dominic tells Lawon that Keith told him that he talked to Brendon about Lawon. Dominic says that he asked why he said that Keith and he said it was because Lawon was scheming. Dominic talks about Keith’s actions and that Brendon told Keith to call a house meeting to call out Lawon. Dominic says that he told Keith that he will personally slap him across the face if he did that. Dominic says that Brendon wanted that to happen since it would cause dissension on the newbie side. Dominic says that Keith was talked out of a house meeting, but then Keith did about as much damage anyway by going off on Lawon where other could hear it. Dominic asks Lawon why Keith did that. Lawon says he thinks he did it because he was scared. The conversation ends when Dani comes over to join them. Dani asks what they were talking. They tell her they were talking about life. Dominic says that he wishes he could talk to them without being miked for info instead of always being aware someone is watching. Dani asks him why.. to say dirty things. Dominic says no.

1:20am Up in the HOH room Kalia and Jordan are talking. Jordan tells Kalia about how she sees that Dominic and Cassi are always together. Jordan says that she likes Cassi but doesn’t talk game with her and that if Cassi is coming after them then. Jordan says that they will have to go after her. Kalia says that she saw Cassi counting on her fingers the other day like counting votes. Kalia says that she doesn’t talk game with Cassi or Shelly but that she thinks they are pretty close. They talk about if Kalia and Lawon were on the block the other houseguests would be too stupid to think Kalia would be the one to stay. Jordan and Kalia decide to head downstairs. Kalia says that when people ask her what she was doing up in the HOH she says that she always tell them that she will know all the words to the spice girls music because shes up there listening to it. Kalia heads into the havenot room by herself and starts talking to herself. She talks about how she wants to go up on the block for eviction with Lawon so that she can get the golden key. Kalia says that she will ask about being put up on the block. Kalia says that Jeff and Jordan can’t win shit and then says that she wants to tell everyone to get the more power players out first. Kalia says that the people with golden keys can’t play but they can still vote. Kalia says that she wants to tell people she can’t do this and she wants to go home and that this isn’t the game for her, and that she wants to go up. Kalia thinks that this is the perfect plan and that she can’t wait to see Lawons face when he walks out that door…

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2am Up in the HOH bathroom Brendon and Rachel are talking. Brendon says that he think Cassi is the mastermind behind Dominic and Lawon. Rachel agrees. Brendon says that they are the worst game talkers he has ever played with and that they are even worse than last year because at least the kept their mouths shut. Brendon says they all talk all the time. Rachel says that Dani is only outside talking to Dominic and Lawon to make them not talk about game and to find out more about them. Meanwhile outside on the backyard couches Jeff and Cassi are talking. Jeff says that he wants to get past the golden key stage of the game. Cassi says that she wants to keep her morals and integrity and she says that she wants her and Shelly to stay as long as they can. Jeff says the game can’t really start until the key stuff is over with. Cassi tells Jeff that she doesn’t want to be like Britney how she made it to the end only to be dumped by the brigade. Cassi tells Jeff that it would be hard to go to the end with him and Jordan, Rachel and Brendon for obvious reasons. Jeff says that the duos twist throws things off which makes the game hard. Cassi says that she knows she would never past final three with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff says he can’t look ahead that far but that he wants to play with the strongest players. Cassi says it’s a complicated game. Jeff says that this season is and that’s why he wants to roll with the strong players. Cassi says if she were to win she would be pushed to put him and Jordan up. Cassi says that she adores Shelly but if it gets to that point where she has to have them be with people they can trust. Cassi says that she wants her and Shelly to get to the final 10 and that’s her goal. Jeff tells Cassi that teaming up with Dani is an advantage because she can team up with anyone.
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2:50am Shelly, Jeff, Kalia and Cassi are sitting on the backyard couches while Lawon and Dominic are sitting by the hot tub. LaWon asks Jeff about his past experience with slop. Jeff says he lost a lot of weight on slop and that he went down to 176lbs. Jeff talks about being put on slop during his first season. Jeff says he was only on slop for 8 days during his season, then he thinks it could have been 2 weeks. Jeff tells them that eventually they stop doing the have, have nots. They talk about rotating slop assignments so no one is on slop for too long.

3am Kalia and Lawon are now talking about being in the big brother house. Kalia talks about how boring it is and how she doesn’t want to play drinking games every night. Kalia says this is not f-ing summer camp, were adults. Kalia says she is a person who needs to take time to herself in the game to be alone. Lawon and Kalia agree that they are fine regardless of which side of the house wins HOH next week. Kalia tells Lawon to forget the golden key we can just walk into the fifth week. Kalia says that she thinks that with any scenario they are fine. Kalia says that her plan of looking weak is working, and that they can keep on thinking that. They laugh about throwing competitions. Kalia says that she would rather bust her ass in the havenot competitions. Kalia says that she thinks the newbies need to get together, minus Porsche and Keith and make sure they are all on the same page with votes for this week. Kalia says that she doesn’t want the newbie’s votes to be all over the place because it will expose cracks in the newbie alliance and they need to appear united in front of the vets. Kalia says that she thinks Porsche is a dummy and she says the only reason she is on this show is in the hopes that it will get a cooking show then she says that she doesn’t even cook. Lawon and Kalia say that the old school has their back and the new school has their back.


3:35am – 4:30am Cassie, Dominic, Dani and LaWon are out in the backyard on the couches talking and laughing about the I have never game they played a couple nights ago. Meanwhile up in hte HOH room Brendon and Rachel are having S**. Dominic wonders who will be the first person to show up naked on the internet live feeds. They all say that they think it will be Keith. Dominic asks who they think the second person will be. Lawon says that he thinks it will be Adam. They all laugh. Lawon says that he thinks they have probably already caught his butt a few times. Dani and Cassie decide to go inside to get ready for bed. In the bathroom, Cassie whispers to Dani that her and Shelly are on board. Cassie tells Dani that she does not want to end up like Britney and be a sitting duck. Dani asks Cassie what she is thinking about voting for Thursday. Cassie tells her she doesn’t like Porsche and that she’s been up Rachel’s ass. Cassie says that Porsche is young, immature and dumb. Cassi says that she also says she doesn’t like Keith and that he doesn’t deserve to go far in the game but she thinks that after Keith isn’t safe anymore with the golden key he will have a target on his back so it would be good to keep him around. The conversation ends and Dani heads to bed. Lawon and Dominic come into the bathroom. Lawon says that he thinks the three of them have a chance at winning America’s favorite houseguest. Dominic says that he thinks Jordan will win it because America loves her. Dominic says the only votes he will get are from 15 year old girls. They finish up in the bathroom and head to bed…

7:45am All the houseguests are still sleeping..


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I would love to see a Dani + Cassi + Dominic final 3, with Jordan, Jeff, and Lawon being 4th, 5th, and 6th in some arrangement!


I’ve always been a Jeff fan but, as far as winning the game I haven’t really picked a favorite….as long as its not Brendon or Rachel I would be content with whoever wins…… of now anyway lol

Rachel Won. How’s that feelin?


I agree. They are the only HGs that are playing the game and deserve to stay.
And at this point, who hasn’t seen Brenchel having sex?!? Production should be sick right now


Dani says Ummm, yeah I really don’t want to hear about her bumpy va-jay-jay..

Dani and channeling Brittney, WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Oh I miss snarky brit. Was thinking about her while trying to watch BBAD. She was cruel, but so funny


Brits words were cruel but I think she is a natural comedian.

Jay L

If only Dom and Cassi did not talk so much of their scheming that everyone in the house realizes what they are doing. Goddamn.
Without the vets, I think they would have easily been final 2. But now, I am pretty sure one of those two are leaving next week if anybody but them wins the HOH.


i hope next week a newbie gets hoh just so either rachel or brendon can leave, theyres so gross


During the Duos if they get ot on the block and one of them wins POV, do both of them come off??


This Duo/Golden Key idea gets dumber by the minute. Now I see why getting out JJ 1st is kinda good


yes they both come off the block


I love Cassi. She is amazing. When she was talking to Jeff last night, she reminded me of how he used to sit on the couch with Casey, Jordan and everybody else on season 11. Again I hate Brenden and Roachface, they make me sick. I really hate this seasons plot, it’s stupid and unfair. Think of how it must feel to have 6 (or 5 people at this point) who have played the game before. Then the way the alliances are drawn its the unfit against the fit. So people on the newbie alliance feel like they have to jump ship. Even though Kalia, Lawon, Shelly and Porshe (she makes me sick, she just jumped ship to be friends with the vets, since shes already friends with a previous BB cast member…stupid b*!#$.) have the numbers to give themselves a fair shot they are too stupid, and possibly to starstruck to pay attention. I don’t care if everyone else is there to kiss ass , I truly think Cassi (like she says) deserves a fair shot to win… Oh! and Dom too.!!! I love him as well.


I like Brendon & Rachel but what is that white stuff on Rachel’s face in that pic?


I was assuming that it was an after sex pic, but the time stamps didn’t match up.


It’s zit cream…..just like last year….she needs a good dermatologist BADLY!


Rachel and Brendon didn’t waste much time having sex on camera did they?
Last season it was Rachel and Jesse hittin’ it the Rachel and Brendon (when he could get it “going”)
I don’t understand how ppl can do that knowing there are all those cameras and ppl watching…..every move……
their families must be so proud!

Rachel is such a dirty pig


SoBored: other than the whiney cry-baby hypocritical crap they ran on the houseguests, the other annoying BS with Brenchel is the on-cam sex scenes. Moreso last year when they were complete strangers. I don’t care to see them slobbering all over each other again this season. The crying/power-tripping and slobbering/spewing is too much.
I want to see some strategic gaming with the HGs! Can’t wait!
Go Team J/J!


BTW Simon, not sure if you are aware, but the comments that are still awaiting moderation are showing up in the recent comments list. Just realized when I tried to click through to a comment but it didn’t show up.


I didn’t know that thanks for telling me.. I’ll try and fix it tonight


that pansyass mommas boy dom needstogohome


was that sex shown on the after show or superpass? oh my