Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel Wants Cassi Out “She’s Playing Both Side” Translated “your prettier than me”

11:08pm Hammock Cassi and Lawon Lawon is telling her that a bit ago Kieth came up to him and asked him for his vote. I told him you BLANK me dog you BLANK me.

Lawon thinks the house is going to be split.. Lawon: “We gotta think about how we play the game and by we i’m thinking you,me and dom”

Lawon says that in the minds of the vets he’s voting to evict Keith. Lawon is worried that Keith might jump ship or if he wins power he’ll put lawon up. Cassi doesn’t think so he’s with them more then with the vets. sHe also thinks they can talk to him more whereas with Porsche they know she’s with Rachel.

Lawon says that Keith has said some crazy BLANK to him, he was calling him names.

Cassi by keeping him here it keeps him down the road to get a really strong couple out of here
no body trusts him in this house
if Rachel and brendon come in and say why did you vote to keep him.. they will all say we all gave lawon our word. lawon: “And they do know I gave him my word to vote for him to stay”

cassi adds that after the week of keith the vets are not going to want to work with him. Especially after they say all the things he brought up to you and how he self destructed like that. Cassi doesn’t want Lawon to get the wrong impression she can’t stand the guy when Keith talking with them making jokes it so hard for her to laugh and enjoy his conversations.

lawon: “from the get go he BLANK me he told them every thing we talked about… he BLANK me.. he told them everything we talked about”
Cassi: “I trust dom”
Lason: “I trust dom to”

Dom joins them and Cassi leaves to get Lawons sweater. Dom: “What are we talking about serious stuff” Lawon says they were talking about the game, and fills him in that if he votes to keep keith then he’s telling everyone he’s sticking to his word. Dom says that’s a perfect idea because you’ve been saying that since the beginning. Lawon says if Keith sticks around he’s not going to make any deal with him or talk to him. Dom agrees whats to just keep Kieth around so they can use him.


Kalia comes and the game talk ends. Dom asks Lawon what he likes to do for fun, Lawon I like to dance, he says he gets his hair cut every week. Kalia leaves and Cassi returns they start chit chatting about their lives.

11:08pm Backyard couch Dani, Rachel and brendon Dani is telling that the vets are smarter than the newbs they’ll win the comps. Dani tells them if they put up Jeff and Jordan their plan will be to back door Brendon/rachel. Brendon says that doesn’t make sense what would they do that. DAni: “The likely hood of you getting a chance of playing in the POV and then winning the POV is less if your not nominates” Brendon: “There Dumb if they try that” Rachel is upset she thinks that she’ll be the target to go home. Dani: “It’s pretty obvious that is what they have planned”. Kalia arrives and game talk ends…

11:30pm Storage Room Jordan and Rachel Rachel is telling her that Porsche was in the have nots with Keith, cassi, and Dom and she heard Cassi say that when the time comes one of them better have the balls to put Jeff/Jordan up. Rachel: “Obviously Cassi is full of BLANK she’s gotta go She’s gotta go next week” Jordan: ‘Do you think Dom told Cassi that” Rachel says no dom has nothing he follows Cassi around like a puppy. Jordan thinks that maybe Dom is better than cassi so they should get him out. Rachel: “No Once Keith’s gone.. he’s gone this week we have to get rid of Cassi” She explains that with Cassi gone Dom will have no body and will be lost. Jordan: “yeah that’s true” Rachel says if cassi stays she’ll try and make friends with one of us. Jordan says she think Rachel is right the real target is Rachel not her or brendon. (Rachel is crazy mad at Cassi now)

11:54pm Hoh Shelly and rachel Shelly tells Rachel that Cassi said to Lawon “you gotta keep Keith so we can use him to get hose people out” Rachel says it doesn’t matter becasue we have the votes. Shelly says she’s worried about her partner cassi she’s seeing and hearing things she doesn’t like. Shelly adds “Cassi wants to keep Keith .. OK I’m fine with that because physically he’s strong but mentally not quite grasping the game”.

Rachel agrees Shelly says that she’ll vote for the house the only reason she can see lawon would vote to keep Keith is because he gave him his word” Shelly explains why Cassi is is trying to break up the “power couples” because in the final 5 there is no way anyone can beat the 2 power couples. (yup that pretty much sums it up) Shelly: “I’ll fight for you till the end for you 5 “. Rachel says that Cassi is going to be upset when she finds out that the vets know shes playing both sides. Rachel: “Cassi is not realizing that just cause your a fan doesn’t mean your good”. Shelly tells her she’ll tell them if she hears anything more they hug.

12:14am Fortune Room JJ and Rachel Rachel is telling Jeff that cassi was heard saying that she hopes the newbs can have the balls to take one of the repeats (vets) out. Rachel says that Adam is playing both sides.. Jeffs suggests they head to the HOH.

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Awwww I feel so freaking bad for Jeff/Jordan Brendon/Rachel and Danele.By the way where is Dick??? Well hmm I guess where going to have to wait Wednesday and Tuesdays show witch is bad:( And I just wan’t to watch all of the episodes the same day but we can’t::( IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He just asked where is Dick. DRINK!


You feel bad? why because the other side that thought they came into this game with an even chance at winning got their BLANK shattered by the return of people that know this game in and out, giving them an extremely unfair advantage? Oh forgot about that? Brenchel will get exactly what’s coming to them they are not different people than last year, they are the same Evil Ho and the Dumbass that blindly follows the Ho. Jeff and Jordan? Jeff was an idiot the entire time in season 11 going against his own team, that makes him disloyal even if he knew what they were up to he never tried to play both sides, he had the chance to WIN the game after that power handed to him, and he handed it to Jordon, and the ONLY reason she won because of a lie someone else told(I just hope he made Jordumb give him 250k in gifts or whatever because without him she wouldn’t have won BLANK), so that leave Dani the ONLY “VET” of the BB house who hopefully is playing the wannabe Vet. The couples need to get broken to make this game FAIR again.


so many people are offering up so much information to other people in the house this season…no one seems to have picked up on the fact that keeping your trap shut (on certain issues) with certain people is a good thing.


There is a short article on about why Dick left. It doesn’t really go into too much info, but it’s more than whats been out there.

Jordan K.

Haven’t been on here too much cuz of the feeds but my opinion on the hgs:
Cassi and Dom are playing the game a little too soon… they seem like they could go home.
Porshe can’t be trusted… I hope they get rid of her soon…
Keith is socially awkward and all that… he’s going home I’m sure
Lawon and Shelly seem genuine but idk where they wanna go or what they wanna do so we’ll see
Kalia annoys the BLANK out of me!! Always talking about using the restroom and her vaginal rashes…
Oh and Brendon and Rach had sex last night.


Some things never change. Rachel is starting to feel threatened by the girls that are prettier than her, which are most of them. LOL. I was never a fan of JJ, but they are quite enjoyable this season, and they make Brendon and Rachel look even douchier in contrast. Hopefully the house doesn`t take Porsche out. I don`t like her, but I would love to see her safe with a gold key and taunting Rachel into epic cat fights from the safety zone. I can`t believe the newbs are now thinking of keeping Keith. Do they not see that giving him a free pass for 4 weeks is dangerous! He is strong physically and he will stir the pot if he knows he is safe and my bet is that he will turn on them once he is back in the game. He already showed he can`t be trusted. Porsche is full of drama, but nowhere near as dangerous as Keith to the newbs. They have to realize that whoever they keep is out of the game for 4 weeks, so by keeping Porsche they prevent her from winning HOH and have someone with a big target on her back once she can compete again. I anticipate that Dani would align with Porsche and the other golden key winners on the side to set up for part 2 of the game. I hope Brendon gets sent home next week. I really can`t stand him. At least Rachel makes me laugh (at her, not with her) but every time the needle dick princess talks I want to throw up in my mouth. They are so fake, and Brendon is the more pathetic of the two. Never thought I`d say it, but I think I am pulling for Dani this time around. She isn`t stupid enough to take BR and JJ to the end and now that she is safe she has a lot of power to distance herself from the vets. She won`t be getting any blood on her hands until halfway through the game. I think Cassi and Dom need to cool it a bit or they will be out, their main sin is being more attractive than Rachel and Brendon. They still want to be the stars of the show, but they are has beens now (in my opinion they were never anything but douchebags looking for fame and fortune).


Oh Boy George & Brenda, have you learned ANYTHING from last year?? Oh course not! I can’t wait until the power shifts & they’re in the hot spot! Let the drama begin!

And I’m confused on who is going home…. Keith or VW?


Is Shelly really offering herself as a sacrifice(that’s what she would be to The 1 Vet Dani and the 4 Pretend Vets JJ RB) I hope she is playing both sides like everybody else on the Newb side is.

Brenchel is playing the same game they played last year, use that to your advantage tSocial game wins BB and Brenchel has NO social game.


Rachel is mad jealous of Cassi and Porsche, she mad while they are beautiful, she looks like the drunken offspring of Boy George, not being mean at all her resemblance to him is almost spot on.

Every female last season that looked better than her and she targeted them, or failed to get them to stay on her side. Jealously is the way to beat Rachel, as long as she is the pathetic ho the world know she is she can never win this game.


if a newbie win HoH they need to put up rachel and brendon,then take one off with the veto and send the other one home.


Well looks like we can enjoy another season Rachel targeting anyone prettier than her….oh wait that is almost everyone! I think I like Cassi and Dom for newbs and I don’t want to see them go. It’ll be interesting to see Dani without her dad, she needs to get out of her alliance with brenchel though or soon she’ll be rachels target. Cassi and Dom need to get smart and take out brenchel. As long as Rachel’s here no girl is safe. Go Dani the only real vet!