Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Cassi says the Newbs are all scared shitless of the repeats “we have the numbers this should be easy” *Updated*

7:10pm Havenots Keith, Shelly and Cassi Keith is filling them in on what he knows about the house. He’s sure he’s going home so whatever he has to saw is just to help them out. He starts of by telling them that if the repeats win HOH then Shelly and Cassi are going up. Keith: “Cassi.. i’m sorry hun but they want you to go home”. Cassi knows they are in danger but wonders why they would go after her and not DOM, Keith flat out says Doms is making deals with them or at least is trying to. Cassi asks about Kalia and Lawon, Keith says theres no way the repeats will waste their HOH on Kalia and lawon those 2 are not a threat to them. He point out that Kalia has been up in their face for the past week and all she does is sleep and eat.

If one of you new players win they are going to try to get yo to put up Kalia and LAwon and take Lawon out. He warns them that Dom is making deals with the repeats. He rehashes hearing Dom talking to Jeff and asking Jeff what he has to do to be safe and make jeff trust him that he’s not going to be put up. This is after Jeff told him that he thought Dom and Adam will be targets of the repeats. Keith: “He (dom) showed us his cards with that.. he could of just said if that’s what the way you feel than so be it” Shelly tells cassi that she heard some of it to. Keith continues to warn them that it’s a waste of time to make deals with those people at this stage it’s only week one the only thing they can do is keep winning HOH or POV. Adam joins them

adam joins them HI guys. They ask him were Dom is he says he upstairs playing chess with Kalia. Adam is telling them they are in lock down for 30 hours they may let them out for a bit. Shelly says no they won’t if theres a game out there and they’re working on it nobody is going out.
Keith: “Shelly .. Cassi you gotta win it and when you do you gotta put somebody up… I sure wish I was not on the block” Kieth says the hard thing for the next HOH is to put up a repeat the wasy route is to put up Kalia and Lawon this week then a repeat the following week (LOL that’s if you can win back to back HOH) Adam says no way they cannot get rid of a newb cause that will kill their number advantage. Keith: “Exactly you need to take out one of them (repeats) but will anyone have the guts to do it” they count their numbers Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel and porsche SIX. Keith tells them that Porsche hasn’t packed her bags yet she so confident that she’ll be staying and rightfully so.

Dani comes in BUZZ KILL game talk ends.
Dani: “its like so weird during my season they would tell us what was going on”
Adam: “its big brother they can do whatever they want
Daani: “Well obviously ”
Adam: “Big brother can you please be nice to me”

Cassi leaves and Keith tells them all that Cassi and Dom are siding with the repeats. Dani isn’t sure that is happening she thinks that Keith has the votes right now and he shouldn’t worry. feeds cut

Big Brother 13 Cassi Dom

7:40pm Havenots Cassi and Dom Dom is asking her what is wrong she looks devastated. Cassi says that the newbs are so stupid they are all so scared to stick up against the repeats we have the numbers this should be easy. Dom: “if you me shelly and lawon win HOH one of them are going up if Adam wins I’m sure I can get inside his head to put them up” Production tells them that the lockdown is over. cassi saying that porsche is getting under her skin. Dom agrees says he hates POrsche… feeds cut

8:04pm backyard Keith and Dom in the hottub. Cassi, lawon, Dani, rachel, Porsche on the couch the rest are practicing. They couch bunch is looking round the backyard trying to figure out what has been changed. Shelly points out a bunch of the cameras have been moved and some have been added. My man Adam starts working out he fills 2 jugs with water and starts pacing back and forth while curling the jugs. Adam says this is what he did in the hotel with bags of pop cans. Jeff blurts out you drank the pop? Adam says no he filled the bags with pop and curled them.. there was nothing else to do in the hotel room.

Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly

Big Brother 13 Adam Poch

8:30pm Shelly and Porsche on the couch Shelly is commenting that Kalia is pretty much hogging the golf game. Shelly: “I thought we’re only doing 10 shots she’s done 16 now” Porsche tells her to go say something. Shelly says no if it doesn’t bother the other people it doesn’t bother me.

Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly

8:50pm Dani, Cassi and Rachel They’re laughing about how Cassi says pineapple. Jeff is in the bathroom, he was taking a shower and they heard him Hock a loogie while in there. They look outside and notice Adam still workign out with whatever he can find since production took away their weights for the HOH comp setup. Cassi: “Good for him for losing all that weight” Rachel: “Yeah and being so committed to keeping it off” Dani: “Oh my god I can’t believe they took our weights” Rachel: “All dani does is complains OH my God I have the golden key it so sucks.. Oh my god they took my weights… Oh my god theres no food..” dani: “No I don’t”. (Keep your eyes on these 2 cause the tensions building it still may take a couple more weeks but sooner or later I’ll bet a bottle of Canadian beer these 2 are going to fight)

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Cassi is thinking good, now all she gotta do is think that putting JJ up on the block is a bad idea, putting BR up on the block guarantees that one of the vets will go home…………………


I got a new name for Brenchel

The Hooch and The Douche


haha approved


Im gonna apply for bb14 wish me luck everyone


And Rachel spent ALL of last season complaining that everyone was out to get her and her man. Newsflash: Of course they were out to get you; they wanted half a million dollars, just like you did!

Not that Dani doesn’t complain a lot, cause she definitely does.


So The Repeats way of thinking is everything that would be a smart move for the newbs is stupid????? HAHAHA

PLEASE BB have a totally different game this week, one that the newbs will win so shake this shit up.


Dani playing both sides, she just put some knowlede on Dom, he gonna go after brenchel which is the smartest thing to do and if NeanderTALL or his Hoochie wins POV then JJ goes up and one of them goes out……….


Is it just me….Keith, when he opens up his mouth, makes me want to shoot myself in the head!!!! His lack of grammar & common sense should have been a strike against him in getting a spot in this game where talking is eesential. Not to mention his atrocious eating mannerisms….ughhhhh.


yeahhh…how did this guy get past the interviews and psych evals??


No, it’s not just you. When Keith opens his mouth it’s super irritating. He is one of those people who thinks they are smarter than what they actually are. He looked like a real idiot on Wednesday’s broadcast. And I would definitely give him a STFU card along with Brendon. Who I now dislike more than I did Rachel last year.

cynicalsteph’s almost like them being together has made him more like her. Brenden was the voice of sanity last year in their relationship…..he is soooo cocky and sure of himself now. Her need for attention has also worn off on him.


Voice of sanity….? Seriously?

Tony J

I love Keith, I hope he wins haha

Day Yum Yum

So agree-he is putrid and just all around disgusting in every way!

Day Yum Yum

Also, Keith wants Dani so bad! He mentiones now that ED is gone, he can go after her! If ED would see him hit on her, he would kick his ass literally and would not even care about being arrested or evicted! When ED found out Dani was dating Ollie, he almost murdered him–and yes it was because he is black–that is how ED is–prejudice!! Don’t hate on me just speaking the truth–live with it folks!


Oh, I remember Keith saying that ,but I didn’t know that’s was why. I didn’t know she dated Ollie, guess it didn’t work out between him and nympho April. I didn’t like Ollie when he was in the house during his season. His personality irritated me. But maybe he is okay outside the house without cameras in a fish bowl. But the if ED is prejudice I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. He’s a good character for the show and I wish he would have stayed this season for entertainment purposes. I think he is good TV because his unapologetic personality .But other than that I’m not impressed or personally enamored with him. But I think casting really should work harder on finding more people like that and placing them in the house. People who are somewhat polarizing or who don’t mind speaking their mind. Like when Evil Dick and Jameka were on opposite ends of the spectrum.


Ways to improve the Big Brother house:
1). The newbies get some back bone and stop worrying about the vets
2). The vets get put in their place and stop acting like cocky jerks
3). Rachel and Dani finally have some blow up
4). Brendon gets a testicle implant because the dude needs some balls!


Oh, you can see that there will be a Dani/Rachel argument in the future. I’m still waiting to see Dani and Cassi team up. Those two would be great. I am just hoping that Porsche will be the one to go, just to see Rachel fold… but I am not holding my breath.


Is it just me or is Dick going home the best thing to happen to dani……I mean everyone loves her..shes obviously playing both sides and talking to everyone..and if i were her Id pull a dan from season 10 and throw comps till about final 6 when she will need to win….

Oh Ya!

If Cassie and Dani were to team up that would be the perfect storm. They would be the femme fatales to put Janelle’s legacy to rest and rival Will, Boogie, and even ED’s. Dani’s approach to building relationships is going to get her far in this game. Love Cassie though. She is smart, loyal, and beautiful.

Booty Booty

I agree Simon. Dani is pushing Rachels’ buttons. And I can’t count how many times she says to Brendon (with Rachel standing right there) that he should reconsider marrying her. She is pushing Rachel because she wants her to blow up and she is good at coming between her and her man! Told my boss my iPad is sitting on my desk cause I can’t let a little thing like work get in the way of my BB!


Have I not being saying Dani is a big whiner? That’s all she did during BB8. But she’s nothing like that Big Red and The Hunchback. Those two think they are smarter than Einstein and know everything about the game. Everybody else should bow down now.