Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam: “Even if they come to me for a deal I’ll still put their A$$es UP” BIAM

9:15pm Havenots room Lawon and Adam Adam tells Lawon that there a big shake up coming in the house he explains that Jeff told confronted Dom about Dom wanting to put Jeff and Jordan up. Adam then says that Jeff pretty much told him they didn’t need his vote to have the person they want to go home go home. Adam is worried that he’ll be their next target that Him and DOm will go up but Dom will be able to weasel his way the votes. Keith walks in and Adam asks him to tell Lawon about what he heard. Keith rehashes the conversation he over heard earlier today between Jeff and Dom where Dom was telling Jeff what would he have to do to not go up. Jeff told confronted him on saying he’ll put JJ up but Dom denied it. Keith is sure that Cassi and Dom are making deals with the repeats. Lawon kinda shrugs it off tells them it’s a shame what is happening. Adam tells Keith he wants to see the Repeats go down even if they offer him a deal if he gets HOH he’ll put their asses up anyways (ADAM IS THE MAN)

9:35pm HOH Brendon and Rachel Brendon remind rachel that she’s spending too much time around POrsche that PORSche is pulling down her social game. Rachel says she knows her alliance is with Jeff, Jordan and Dani not Porsche. Rachel says she’s not sure about Shelly anymore, Because Shelly said she gave Keith her word she wouldn’t vote her out. Brendon isn’t worried he says one of them 2 either Shelly or Kalia is going to stick by their word and vote out Keith, “Kalia would be dumb to note vote out Kieth she’s on the bottom of their totem poll” (Every time Brendon calls someone dumb drink, every time he says something dumb drink twice you should be drunk in minutes). Brendon reminds Rachel he told Shelly and Kalia to tell them (Newbs) that they were voting for Keith. Rachel knows that but Dani also said that Shelly gave Kieth her word from early in the game that she would save him. Brendon says after the votes are in and POrsche goes home we’ll Call Shelly out in front of everyone “BooM”. Brendon is getting a bit agitated and talking really fast, loud and pacing around. He tells her they need to figure out how to “stack these things” (talking about some type of elimination comp as he feeds the fish)

10:00pm Head Of Household Room: Rachel and Jordan Rachel is pissed at Cassi she says that cassi never talks to dani or us and all of a sudden Cassi is pulling Dani away to talk in the fortune room. Rachel brings up all the crap Cassi is saying about Porsche how she didn’t want to be in the group photo because POR was in it. Jordan thinks Cassi is trying to Split up the power couples.

10:05pm Head Of Household Room “Repeats” minus daniele There deconstructing the HOH game and trying to figure out how it will be played. They are thinking its an elimination type comp. They agree that Dom will be the most nervous if he goes first then Adam will be nervous. Rachel says its so awesome that they get to pick the order they play in. They go over Shelly not voting to keep Por and how it’s not a big deal because they have Kalia. They proceed to go over all the comps and strategies to win them. while this goes on the other 2 cameras are on Dani and Dom where Dominic is basically trying to get a 3 way team with Dani and Cassi. They seem receptive to his plan, Cassi more than Daniele.

10:12pm Hot Tub Dominic and Danielle Dom asks Dani where her vote is going. Dani says she voting with the house there’s no reason not to so early in the game and frankly it doesn’t matter who stays or who goes out of Porsche and Kieth. Dani says from everyone I talk to and she doesn’t mean just the repeats the vote is going with Keith to evict. Dom says he can’t stand Porsche and would like her gone but on the other hand he cans’t stand Keith after the blow up he did. Dom tells her he isn’t sure yet he can trust her. She tell him he’s being a “Sketch Ball” but says that the people she talks to IE him and likes being around IE him are not the people she’s targeting. Dani asks him who he would put up if he wins the HOH, Dom won’t tell her because he know she will go to the repeats. Dani says she talks to them but doesn’t tell them everything. Dom asks her to give him one good reason why Splitting the 2 repeats pairs up isn’t a bad idea.
Dom explains to her that Jeff/Jordan, rachel/Brendon are going to the end together that’s a solid block of 4 you need to take out. Dani says to look at it a different way that’s 4 votes in the jury house if your friends with them. She thinks if you wrong Rachel she will run berserk in the Jury house destroying all your votes but if you play nice to them and have other people take them out

then you’ll have votes locked in. Dom points out that you’ll need to make it to the end and it there standing with you you’re at the bottom of the totem poll with no partner. Dom whoever sides with them is at the bottom, me, Kalia anyone will be number 5 in priority. Dani says whoever goes over to his side will be on the bottom of that totem poll. Dom tells her he’s not thinking about the newb side or the repeat side he’s thinking have 3 people and run up the centre. HE tells her his side is a mess they have no loyalty and they’res too much in fighting. The only people truly loyal to each other right now are JJ and BR. dani asks if by other person he means Cassi, “Oh my god your such a loser.. you mean cassi don’t you”. Dom kinda says no but doesn’t is awkward for a second then asks her what does she think. Dani tell him theres nothing she can do right now all she has is a vote until after the golden key twist. Dom tells her he’s not asking for her to do something he’s asking her advice. Dani tells him him he’s trying to figure out whats in her head. Dom gets called into the sotrage room to change his microphone batteries (Very convincing argument from both could this be the making of a Dom / Dani alliance).

10:52pm Hottub Rachel, Dom, Lawon and Dani Rachel is talking about the prom dress Dani will wear when she goes to prom with Dom.

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Simon do you think the vets have got the vote they need to evict Keith? (Only need one from the newbs for a tie) I still can’t figure out who is getting evicted!


Hard to tell for sure, but my gut tells me the vets have Kalia and probably Shelly.


This Dani + Dom alliance is getting exciting. Looks like both of them have good gameplay, and them together is a force to be reckoned with.
I actually enjoyed Dani in BB8. She was a very strong competitor as well as game player, and I’m excited to see her destroy the house again.


I wanna see her fight w/ Boy George!


Pretty sure I heard Cassi mention Steamboat. Was that on purpose as a joke???


You are correct. Somebody did mention Steamboat. One of the girls did, I just didn’t catch who it was since Hunchback immediately started talking about Coachella and then Jeff chimed in with Lollapalooza.

I hope they don’t go on the Steamboat rant like last year’s Brigade.


Somehow I missed it. The girls keep referring to Dom as P.T. What is that short for?


P. T.= Part time model. Lol


I hope keith goes home. The guy is a lose cannon. He doesn´t think the game, just thinks that all the others are with him, and the ones that are not, need to be kicked out fast. WTF was that on the have not bedroom? and he doesn´t know that Porsche was taking the Veto just to lose… At least she was moving the pieces around, he was laughing and making jokes for the ones on the sidelines. And Dom needs to wake up. All the ones that tryed to take absolute control of the game at the starting point… have been kicked out on the first weeks. And he didn´t do anything on the competition. He looks like to be a athletic guy but he was one of the first to drop out. So kick keith out and scare the hell out of those “regulators”.


Keith is going home. No doubt in my mind. But the damage has been done with the newbies. He planted the seed of doubt in the group and they have all been cracking. They really are dumb. They could’ve stuck together and eliminated the Oldies.

Uncle Cool

I am hoping for a Dani/Dom alliance.