Porsche Rachel Bikini Big Brother 13

Big Brother Bikini – OBB Ultimate Bikini Captures Part One

These Screen captures were taken from the Live Feeds today. The Big Brother House guests are laying around the backyard catching some sun. Jordan, Rachel, Porsche, Daniele, and Cassi. Big brother Bikini pics are a OBB tradition and this year it’s easier than ever to get the screen captures.

12:10pm Cam 3 July 17

Porsche Rachel Bikini  Big Brother 13

12:10pm Cam 3 July 17

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1:57pm Dudes are showing up with their shirts off on the feeds

1:58pm Cassi

1:59pm Rachel sun bathing

2:00pm Porsche

2:05 Dani

July 16th

We have a new Image Gallery here’s how it works, Every minute we take a screen capture from all 4 cameras inside the Big Brother house then we dump them into a Daily Screen capture post. Voila a ton of Live feed Screen captures all time and Cam Stamped Live Feed Image Gallery

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157627183773858″]

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Okay, I’m only posting this question on this bikini post b/c it’s kind of related. For the record, I am not interested in chicks in bikinis. Lol! Simon/Dawg – Just wondering why whenever I click on the link for BB Nudes it says “Not Found.” Is it because no one has been caught on camera yet, because you guys are now posting daily screen shots, or has tit just been discontinued? (I’m not a perv, but I will admit it is funny to see who gets caught with the nip-slips and morning wood.) Lol Anyway, I’m just curious. Thanks. 😀


Ooops! Just noticed the typo. Shouldn’t be “tit just been discontinued”, should be “IT just been discontinued.” I’d say it was a Feudian typo, but I’m seriously not into girls! Lol 😉


Thank you for the reply, Simon. 🙂 I have heard (or rather, read) the players talking about taking efforts not to get caught “with thier pants down” (pun intended) so wasn’t sure if they had succeeded. Good for them! Bad for us. 🙁 (Lol)


Mad Grenades yo!

yo momma

This bettet not be who I think it is. Spanish doesn’t hide your identity.


Dani has the ugliest body. didn’t she use to have implants? their not that noticeable now, probably cause she doesn’t look anorexic anymore.