Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Brendon and Jeff discover skid marked underwear.. Dani laughs, and then asks how do you not know you left that in there?!!

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12:15am Jeff and Brendon find the dirty pair of underwear in the candy room. Earlier Jeff and Dani put chocolate in the boxers to trick everyone. Brendon says that he thinks the underwear is Dominic’s because he said that he was having stomach issues. Brendon then brings Dani into the room to show her the dirty drawers. Dani laughs and then asks how do you not know you left that in there?!! Brendon says that he doesn’t want to call him out on it in front of everybody. They decide to put the dirty underwear in the HaveNot room next to Dominic’s bed. Not long after Cassi finds the underwear and confronts Dominic. Cassi didn’t know it was a prank. All the houseguests that knew it was a prank were laughing.

2:20am Cassi tells Jeff that Dominic is willing to cut a deal to keep you safe if they put them Brendon and Rachel up on the block. Cassi tells Jeff that it would be incredible, a game changer. They are afraid that everybody would flip on them. Cassi tells Jeff that Dominic and Adam said everybody would love it. Jeff tells Cassi that they will talk and then leaves to head up to the HOH room. Up in the HOH room Jeff gedts ready to go to bed. Jeff tells Jordan that he was talking to Cassi and how she brought up that Dominic might not use the POV. Jordan says that Dominic is going to use it. Jordan says if Dominic didn’t use the POV they could vote out Adam. Jeff says that he would vote out Dominic if he didn’t use the POV.

2:50am Jordan and Jeff are still up in the HOH room talking. Jeff says that Cassi is really working them to keep her. Jeff tells Jordan that Cassi needs to go and keeping her would be a dumb move. Jordan says that putting up Kalia and Lawon, with Lawon going, would be a stupid move. Jordan says Dani in the final four would also make her nervous. They talk about how they couldn’t trust Dani because she is working both sides. Jeff points out that Dani is in the best position in the house. Jeff says that it would be the dumbest move in Big Brother history if Dominic lets Cassi talk him out of using the veto. Jordan and Jeff are laughing at how pissed Rachel was when she was playing pool with Cassi. Jeff says Rachel’s emotions are making him nervous. Jordan says she felt bad when Rachel cried in front of her because she talked about Rachel in the diary room. Jordan laughs and says that if Dick was there he would be stirring it up and Jeff says he would love it.

3am In the kitchen Dominic and Cassi are talking. Cassi tells Dominic that she talked to Jeff about back dooring Brendon and Rachel. Dominic tries to explain to Cassi that wouldn’t happen. Dominic counts the votes if he didn’t use the veto, but says that realistically he couldn’t count on those votes after the lies from last week about the votes for Keith. Dominic tries to get Cassi to campaign against Shelly. Cassi says that she won’t campaign against Shelly. Dominic tries to get her to agree to have him campaign for her. Dominic says that he doesn’t want Cassi to regret not campaigning later. Dominic says that at least she would made two new friends after, and she joked Shelly and Adam. Dominic says that he would miss Cassi and not to cry in front of him because he would cry too and he doesn’t want America to see him cry. They leave the kitchen and go to the hot tub. Dominic tries to explain to Cassi that it was not just personal issues or Cassi getting in a fight with Porsche why she might be evicted. Cassi says that Jordan said the girls in her alliance wanted Cassi out. And that Dani had said it wasn’t petty girl stuff on her part, which Cassi took to confirm that it was petty reasons. Dominic says that personal issues and fights may have something to do with it, but the main reason was that Cassi was a strong competitor, compared to the other remaining newbies.

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Dominic says that Lawon would be the next to go next week. Cassi asks if Dominic had started making deals, because he needed to. Dominic says that he started talking to Dani because she needs him, and to others, about a deal. Dominic says that people have been up his ass since he won veto. Like Rachel calling him brother now. Dominic says that he likes Rachel, hanging out with her, chit-chat, but on a game level does he trust her? Dominic says that he doesn’t know if he trust Brendon? Dominic says that he doesn’t trust Jeff and Jordan and then says that they put him up. Cassi says that she doesn’t want Brendon and Rachel to win because everyone is afraid to put them up. Dominic says that they won’t win. Dominic says that he thinks the order of eviction will be Lawon, then Porsche.. Right then Big Brother cuts the feeds.

4am Dominic, Cassi and Lawon are talking. Dominic talks about how he is dying to know how the votes went and that will be the first thing he checks when he gets out of the big brother house. Cassi says that she’ll find out soon. Cassi says that her Dad will have the DVR of the episodes. Lawon says he knew the game changed week one and that it shows who the weak and strong players are. Lawon says that they are BLANK. Dominic says he is target number one. Cassi asks if Dominic would put Brendon and Rachel up if he wins HOH in the next couple of weeks. Dominic says that he will have to. Cassi asks them that if they want to go to Jeff and Jordan about back dooring Brendon and Rachel. Cassi says that she will talk to them in the morning. Cassi says that Brendon would go home first and that Rachel wouldn’t be as scary. Cassi says that Jeff and Jordan are scared to do it because the rest of the house would gang up on them. Cassi says that Jeff and Jordan said they didn’t want her to go and are doing it so they don’t lose their alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Cassi says that it makes sense. Cassi says that if a couple people went to Jeff and Jordan it might happen. Dominic says that it won’t happen. Dominic tells Cassi that Jeff and Jordan will always want Brendon and Rachel around as they are a bigger target than them. Dominic says that it would not be a good move for them if Dominic or Lawon win HOH and half of Brendon and Rachel are out, obviously Jeff and Jordan would go up. Dominic says that he doesn’t want to crush Cassi’s hope but that is why they won’t do it. Cassi says that she would keep her word and go after Brendon and Rachel. Cassi says she wouldn’t put them up and then says that she wouldd put up Porsche and then Kalia.

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Cassi says that how Rachel is coming after her. Cassi says that nobody would want to send Shelly home. Cassi says putting Lawon and Kalia up hasn’t even been discussed. Cassi says that it’s a done deal, it would be her and Shelly. Dominic says that if Kalia and Lawon went up Lawon would be fine. Cassi says that she isn’t so sure. Lawon says he isn’t sure as Kalia hangs around them. Lawon says that when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Lawon says he has to assume she is playing as a couple though. Dominic says that he needs Adam to do something in the game. Dominic tells Lawon that he doesn’t think he is going up. Dominic jokes about not using the veto again and then says sorry and tells them that he will be using it. Dominic tells them that they don’t want him to tell what he is doing because it will spoil it for the live feeders.

4:40am Dominic tells Cassie not to blow up during the Power of Veto ceremony. Cassi says that she won’t. Dominic asks her if she will blow up when she is leaving. Cassi says she hopes Rachel doesn’t try and hug her while she’s leaving. Dominic tells Cassi that he better be the last person she hugs before she exits. Cassi says that she wants to say to Rachel just as she walks out the door ..try coming back for a season 3 because she knows Rachel was coming back in the hope of changing America’s opinion of her and she wants to insinuate that she hasn’t changed at all. They talk about whether or not there is an America’s Player this season. Dominic says that he doesn’t think they would do that this year because there have already been so many twists. They talk about the possibility of Keith’s twin coming back in Keith’s place. Cassi says that’s creepy! Cassi tells them that if she got to come back in the house she would rock the house! Cassi says you never know, Big Brother. Dominic says that one thing is for sure, this eviction is going to be an emotional one. Lawon comments that doing his goodbye to her will be emotional. Dominic starts talking about Keith and says that Keith was so mad at him end towards the end. Dominic says that Keith is an idiot. Cassi talks about how Keith told her not to trust Dominic or Lawon. Cassi wonders how Keith even got on Big Brother. Lawon says that Keith has been on at least two other reality shows before coming on Big Brother. Dominic says good riddance! Cassi says that it is so embarrassing to be the person to go home right after Keith.
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5am – 5:30am Cassie tells Dominic and Lawon that she has a bad feeling that both of them will be sent home before Porsche gets sent home because she’s Brendon and Rachel’s puppet. Dominic says that being the ninth person out will totally suck because you have to spend so long in the jury house. Then Dominic says that he would want to be on the jury. Cassi asks them if they are ready for bed. They head inside the house. Dominic and Cassi talk about themselves and Cassi reveals that she is a full time model. Dominic says that he can’t believe he’s been taking every ones crap for being a model and this whole time she was one too! Cassi says that she doesn’t want to tell everyone else yet that she is full time model. Cassi says that she is done just about every magazine and says that her best spread is Marie-Claire. Dominic says that he wants to see her stuff. Dominic says that he understands why she didn’t want the girls to know. Dominic tells Cassi he really goes to school and is taking pre-med. Cassi laughs and says that he is a liar. Dominic says that he can’t take modeling to seriously and wants to be a paediatrician. Cassi and Dominic head to bed. All the houseguests are now asleep.

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but, I don’t think the Jeff will win America’s favorite player this year if GLAAD has anything to do with it. GLAAD is really upset over Jeff’s anti gay tirade the other night. CBS say that they are not responsible. See link:


Can you say freedom of speech. That was Jeff’s Opinion. I don’t see how its a big deal. There is movies out there that bashes gays.


GLAAD will get upset if anyone says anything remotly different to what they believe in…. How about this one GLAAD….. I am straight, but I do not have an annual parade to demonstrate to everyone that I am Straight….. Why should we be subjected to it? GLAAD is nothing but a group of people who will look for drama anywhere they can…. Kinda reminds me of R/B


totally agree


I can understand J/J’s position. They would love to keep Cassi but you have to keep the biggest targets in the house in B/R. I don’t know why Kalia/Lawon aren’t really an option tho?! Kalia’s been so far up Jordan’s ass, it’s sick. At least Cassi is trying now. She was just nice to look at before and was just kinda there. But let’s see if she can swing something. Doubtful tho.


in that case, why can’t shelly go home? i would rather they keep cassi and send shelly packing


Cos Shelley is planning on sticking with J/J as far as she can. Who know? I might even see a final 3 deal with them. The problem here is Dani & Brenchel know they HAVE to get rid of J/J quick. Cos there is no chance anyone will give them money over J/J simply cos ppl like them. Same goes for Shelley. The jury will give her money over anyone else. Let’s see what happens today. Maybe Cassi can pull something off and get B/R (doubtful but oh so wonderful) or get Kalia/Lawon put up. If I were Cassi, I would go to talk to J/J with Dom and come to an agreement to keep J/J safe or at least till B/R are gone.

Kathleen Brown

I agree


I was a hope that maybe JJ would put up BR but we all know better. Cassie is gonna leave but I hope there is a twist that brings her back. Because we all know the dairy room is gonna swash that thought of putting up BR they casted Br for a reason and I really doubt that they will allow BR to be back doored because BR is thier so called stars this season I fully believe that some of this show is rigged for high drama


How about sequester Cassi after Thurs and bring her back in a Pandora’s Rachel’s box?


That would be awesome! But I think bb has a mad crush on b&r and would not do anything to hurt their game.


I agree completely. It bugs me so much that Cbs think b/r are good tv. Clearly they don’t care what we think. I haven’t come across one person who loves them. Highly disappointed if Cbs Is going to go out of their way to keep b/r


I dun think they have a “crush” on B/R. They’re just good tv simply cos everyone hates them. You want to tune in to see their demise. Drama = ratings. As long as they have villains in the house or very polarizing figures, there’s always going to be something to moan, BLANK or cheer about depending on who you like. I think they hoped Evel would have tore Brenchel a new one this season…that would have been priceless really. But he had to leave which threw a spanner in the works. But judging from what’s been happening with Cassi this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow returned in some fashion if vote out this wk. Someone here suggested Pandora’s box. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this “couple” thing doesn’t completely end week 10 but remain in some weird fashion.


im pretty sure that CBS guaranteed the returning guests at least the first few weeks in the house or they wouldnt have agreed to return. I keep hoping that RAGAN will return somehow and that would completely freak Rachel OUT!


Ragan and Rachel are friends now…


Which makes absolutly no sence lol

Kathleen Brown



I don’t understand why they (HG’s) don’t want Rachel to cause DRAMA, but they keep saying they would love it if Dick was there causing DRAMA. Why do they care if she makes the target bigger on herself that’s what they should want. It’s the only reason to keep her in the house as most HG’s have stated.
I don’t love Rachel, but I don’t want her to be like Jordan or Dani either. I expect her to bring the CRAZY thats the only thing I like about her on the show. I wish they would evict Brendon first then Rachel will be free and pissed to do whatever she wants. I don’t think anyone would be telling Dick to calm down.


For someone who says that they don’t like drama did anyone else notice that this whole argument between Rachel and Cassi was created by Jordan and the things she said to Cassi about Rachel? Just saying